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parabellum 30th Oct 2013 22:27

Not sure if it moved the country to the right or just exposed the fact that the majority are to the right?

I foresee a drop in militant union membership now that, having lost power, both the ALP and the militant unions have had their teeth pulled and workers will find better things to do with their money. That the building unions are going to have even closer, not less, scrutiny is another move in the right direction.

500N 30th Oct 2013 22:46

I don't think Oz is right, I think they are generally centre and / or centre left.
But that is my HO only.

gupta 30th Oct 2013 23:17

One of the more important initiatives will be the re-formation of the Australian Building and Construction Commissioner or something very similar. Secondary boycotts and intimidation by the CFMEU are killing independent builders.

I still to this day struggle to understand the lack of action against the CFMEU thugs who were captured on camera smashing down the doors of Parliament House in 1996.

500N 30th Oct 2013 23:21

What about the time the Union thugs, either CFMEU or ETU
did "run through" of a business in Eastern Melbourne.

I didn't hear much after the initial flurry of media although
I might have missed it.

Look how long it took to get rid of the BLF if you want an
indication of how long it takes Gov't to act.

gupta 30th Oct 2013 23:30

But according to that august journal, the "Green Left Weekly"
the union bloke was

pulled in through the closed doors of the House and assaulted by police
even though he is clearly shown on camera ripping the door down from the outside

500N 30th Oct 2013 23:40

The Left.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story :O

Andu 31st Oct 2013 01:27

Maybe time for a bit of levity?

Did anyone else see the 'Choice' magazine awards a couple of nights ago? The MC/compere came out with an absolute corker that, from the lack of response from the audience proved that either

(a) the vast majority of the audience was offended, or

(b) no one listens to the "acknowledgement to the traditional owners" nonsense we hear at most public meetings these days.

What did he say? "I'd like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the Sydney foreshore - the Obeid family."

500N 31st Oct 2013 01:43

LOL, good on him.

Not sure why everyone needs to acknowledge the traditional owners all the time. Imagine if they did it in England, it would go on for 15 minutes.

FullOppositeRudder 31st Oct 2013 04:18

I've been to events here where it took that long - or it seemed like it at the time :sad:

I don't know why he have to go on and on about it. Surely once is enough.

Andu 31st Oct 2013 05:37

When he started with it, I groaned (as I always do when this meaningless rubbish is intoned at any public gathering), but I laughed aloud when I realised what he'd said. The silence from the audience was almost total. A couple of titters at the most.

As I said in my earlier post, I wouldn't be at all surprised if most of the audience missed what he actually said, as I think most people just switch off when the clot at the lectern goes into "the acknowledgement". For me, it is personified by Clover Moore, who herself personifies everything I detest about inner city leftie latte sippers.

500N 31st Oct 2013 05:42

"For me, it is personified by Clover Moore, who herself personifies everything I detest about inner city leftie latte sippers."

+ 1000


Not many people know who she is but she sure does personfy that set.

bosnich71 31st Oct 2013 06:58

500N .... a run through of business etc. .... the ETU wasn't one of the unions involved and the case did go to court.

500N 31st Oct 2013 07:01


Who was it then ?

I'll go and do a google.

bosnich71 31st Oct 2013 11:23

500N ... ref. the "run through".

this episode occurred in 2001 at the premises of Skilled Engineering and Johnson Tiles, in Melbourne, and was undertaken by members of a group inside the AMWU who operated under the name of 'Workers First'. This faction had won control of the Victorian branch of the union, something which did not go down well with the national leader at the time one Doug Cameron .... you will, no doubt, have heard of him. One of the leading lights of this group was Craig Johnstone who eventually served about 9 months of a 2 years and 9 months sentence. It is worth noting that at the original trial the sentence was completely suspended but this verdict was appealed by the State Labour government of the day probably with a bit of a push from the aforementioned Doug and the national A.L.P. who had no love of rogue elements in their cosy relationships. Do some research into who was in the union movement in 2001 / 2004 and you will note names that have blighted our lives over the past 6 years.
I personally know one of those involved, a good tradesman, family man,married with 2 children, a young man at the time, who was asked/told not to get involved by a son of mine. Unfortunately he did and very nearly got sent to jail over it. Suffice to say that he is still on the 'list', something which is supposedly illegal in Australia, and finds it difficult to get work and, I might add, has had no help whatsoever from the union hierarchy.
Leaving aside the inflammatory accounts in the media no one was injured in this,so called, attack by 'thugs' and it is worth noting that no manager, owner or whatever has ever been jailed by a Victorian court even though they have been found guilty of causing deaths of workers due to negligence. In fact there has never been an appeal, initiated by the Labour Party against what are seen by workers to be manifestly soft sentences for death by "misadventure".
On a personal note I have no time for the likes of Craig Johnstone, he was a shop steward at a company that I worked for and was only interested in Craig Johnstone. Having said that I would urge you not to believe all that is written in the media about "union thugs" etc. whilst they no doubt exist I can assure you that they also exist on the management side of affairs one such being a well known underworld identity who has dodged at least one charge of murder and who is treated by the media as if he is some sort of celebrity ....... and no, I don't mean the late Chopper Read.
With regard to my original statement that the E.T.U. was not involved... Dean Mighell was too savvy to ever get his members involved in such shenanigans and, let's not forget, he was the union leader who pulled his union funds from supporting the Federal labour party at the last election.

500N 31st Oct 2013 11:43


Thanks. That's it.

500N 31st Oct 2013 12:16


Yes, I know who Dean is. he is a shooter. And yes, he gave money to the Greens but when asked how he could do that being a shooter, he said it was with his ETU hat on which meant he did whatever was best for his workers !!!

I know the others you are talking about and yes, I agree they exist on both sides of the fence. As to ducking a murder conviction, considering who he shot, as far as I am concerned, who cares, he got rid of one of the worst pieces of filth in Melbourne.

bosnich71 31st Oct 2013 12:32

500 .... agree ref. the one in the restaurant but there are a lot of dodgy things that have gone on in the building game in Victoria and they are not all to do with workers being naughty either.

bosnich71 31st Oct 2013 12:41

500 ....... I've done an edit and now I'm off to bed.

Dark Knight 1st Nov 2013 00:26

re the `Welcome to Country' and `Acknowledgement to Traditional Owners' whenever at a function this happen either, I get up and pointedly walk out or use `their' technique stand with my back facing the speaker.

I will not be insulted in my OWN Country!

500N 1st Nov 2013 00:35

Some of these people should go up north and see what they think of whites.
It might change there mind !

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