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Captain Sand Dune 13th Oct 2013 04:17

Wee Willey becomes the new Messiah. T.A. will be pleased!
So the ALP wants the Australian public to accept the man who dirked Rudd and Gillard will make the watershed changes required to make it a viable opposition. The ALP will remain the dysfunctional rock show it was under Rudd and Gillard with Wee Willie at the helm. Shorten is tarred with the same brush; more interested in gaining and hanging on to power than meaningful reform. Looks like the ALP are destined for a few more years in opposition then!

500N 13th Oct 2013 05:27

Most of the media I read had Albo going to win Caucus,
yet Shorten won 2/3 rds.

My oh my, the media is out of touch.

500N 13th Oct 2013 05:31


We won't hear about it because the Journos are fat lazy pricks
who couldn't sniff out a good story if they tried unless it was
placed into the trough for them.

IMHO, TA has played a very smart game so far. As long as he
continues to govern and implements some good policies and
strategies that work, he'll do OK.

He doesn't need to change course 180 degrees, just implement
a few things that work.

Oh, and dismantle all the leftist towers of power that have
been set up under labor :O Kick them hard while they are
down so it takes them longer to get up :ok:

Willi B 13th Oct 2013 05:31

Hardly a ringing endorsement for 'Slick Willie'.

While he managed a Caucus vote of 63.95% , he could only muster 40.08% of the membership vote, thus scraping over the line with 52.02% of the overall vote.

In his own words

I haven't seen what she said, but let me say I support what it is that she's said."

500N 13th Oct 2013 05:34

This is the sensible, no nonesense approach of Abbott :ok:

Now, tell me that if Labor had been in Power and the situation reversed,
they wouldn't have made some song and dance out of this whole issue ?

Governor-General Quentin Bryce offered her resignation to Prime Minister Tony Abbott in anticipation of her son-in-law, Bill Shorten being elected Labor leader.

But Mr Abbott declined the offer and asked her to serve the remainder of her term, which ends next March.

In a statement, Mr Abbott said Mrs Bryce had offered to quit to avoid any perception of bias.

Mr Shorten is married to Mrs Bryce's daughter, Chloe.
But Mr Abbott said he had declined to accept Mrs Bryce’s resignation, given there was less than six months remaining in her term, and the coalition has a clear majority in the house of representatives.

''Due to the fact that she will retire in March next year and that the Government commands the House of Representatives with a significant margin, I have thanked her for her magnanimity but declined to accept her resignation, instead asking that she conclude her full term,'' Mr Abbott said.

"I am grateful that she has kindly agreed to my request,'' he said.

"The Governor-General is currently serving an extended term in office that she did not seek. Her agreement to stay on was a measure of her personal commitment to provide continuity at a time of political turbulence and she should be commended for her dedication to public service.''

‘‘Her Excellency... has served the people of Australia with distinction and has provided a gracious note to our constitutional arrangements through her widespread engagement with the community,’’ he said.

"I believe it is only fit and proper that she be permitted to conclude her term and be accorded the appropriate farewell that her exemplary service merits.''

Mrs Bryce’s term was originally due to expire in September, but in October 2012 then-prime minister Julia Gillard extended her term to avoid the messy situation of her term ending during an election campaign.

In 2010, following the election that delivered a hung parliament, Mrs Bryce sought advice from the then solicitor-general Stephen Gageler, SC about whether the marriage of her daughter to Mr Shorten created a conflict of interest.

Mr Gageler found no legal conflict of interest and said Mrs Bryce must be trusted to manage the perception of any conflict by prudently adhering to her constitutional responsibilities.

Andu 13th Oct 2013 07:03

I shall be avoiding the news tonight, particularly Channel 7. I don't think I could stomach the topic that will dominate, particularly if it's being delivered by Mark Riley.

Some female panelist on Paul Murray made an accurate observation, saying that the Labor leadership ballot resembled a high school class captain election. The fact that the choice of a very comfortable majority of the pardee members, Albersleazy, got rolled should do nothing to make them feel that they've been given a say in who gets to lead the pardee. Quite the opposite - the factions and the faceless men continue to rule and the whole month-long exercise has been an expensive waste of time and money.

And note that that is taxpayers' money, not ALP money, at least for getting the ALP parliamentarians to and from Canberra for the vote.

Another wonderful smoke and mirrors exercise of no substance or worth brought to you by the king of the un- and ill-considered thought bubble, Kevin *** Rudd.

SOPS 13th Oct 2013 07:21

So the members voted for one guy, but the other guy won? Perfect. This means the pardy will remain in complete disarray. Throw in The Milky Bar Kid doing his normal behind the scenes back stabbing, and Tony will have nothing to worry about. Labor will be so busy trying not to collapse on itself, it won't have time to annoy the Government.

Worrals in the wilds 13th Oct 2013 08:37

Nah, that will be Palmer's problem. :E

It's not like the Libs and the Nats are ever best friends forevah, even at the best of times. The Coalition might like to pretend they're too grown up for factional punch-ups, but in truth they're just as bad. What they are better at is keeping the catfights out of the media.

500N 13th Oct 2013 08:41

"What they are better at is keeping the catfights out of the media."

Perception is greater than reality !

We need a strong Labor to keep the Libs honest and keep things moving along
otherwise they will get complacent.

Just my HO.

parabellum 13th Oct 2013 10:58

We need, so they say, a strong opposition. How can the current ALP. who have proved themselves to be quite useless and are now led by a professional union man who has hardly, if ever, held a productive job be considered a 'strong opposition'? They will block every move attempted by the government in an attempt to bring the government down and regain power for themselves, that is all they can be relied on to do. They do not know the meaning of the phrase, 'Constructive opposition'.

Andu 13th Oct 2013 10:59

If history is anything to go by, I think we can almost guarantee that the Libs will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory over the next 12 months. There'll be some who just won't be able to help themselves.

I've said it before, but I think Tony Abbott's greatest feat has been the way he kept the those Libs with the hari kiri gene foremost away from their katanas right up to the election - and, (wedding and other rorts notwithstanding), for three weeks afterwards.

It will be interesting to see how long he can continue that now that they've got their feet under the government benches. Maybe they won't really feel they're there until parliament actually opens. Then the fun will begin.

Clare Prop 13th Oct 2013 11:14

Isn't Shorten just a male version of Gillard? They seem to have a fairly similar background personally and professionally.

SOPS 13th Oct 2013 11:29

That's what I was thinking Clare. Once again it seems they have elected a leader that has never had a real job, never lived in the real world for one day of their life. Anyway, that's what they want, that's what they get.

Andu, I'm really hoping TA can keep those you speak of under control, and we don't see the defeat from the jaws of victory scenario.

Worrals in the wilds 13th Oct 2013 11:33

...who have proved themselves to be quite useless and are now led by a professional union man who has hardly, if ever, held a productive job be considered a 'strong opposition'?
True, but what other choices do they have? That's the product. I'm a loud proponent of the 'do your time on the job, be a delegate, go pro then run for politics' school of Labor advancement but truth be told, often by the time that's all happened the candidate is too old / dissillusioned / has too many skeletons in the cupboard to want to run.

There are occasional alternatives; people who've had a career prior to becoming an ALP MP. Peter Garrett is one of them. Hardly an outstanding success as an MP, and one of the cited reasons was his inability to understand the machine. Not because he's stupid (he isn't) but because he hadn't spent twenty years learning the system :uhoh:.

A while ago Barnaby Joyce made the point that the people (or more the media IMO) want 'honest' politicians, but they won't forgive a single slip up, and you can't usually have both in the same person. The ALP now has the career pollie calling the shots, and IMO he was the best choice. Albo has his fans, but having followed his career as transport minister :uhoh: and Rudd cheerleader :uhoh::uhoh::uhoh: I'm pleased to see him come second in a two horse race, even if he was the leftie choice.

bosnich71 13th Oct 2013 20:44

Hardly think that Mr. Garrett should be listed as someone having a "career" prior to his elevation to our national parliament. :=

500N 13th Oct 2013 20:55

As much as I didn't agree with what he said in his songs,
Mr Garrett probably did a fair bit more than most pollies,
especially Mr Shorten.

And he and his band were no one hit wonder either,
did it over many years, nationally and internationally,
very well respected, an intelligent human who could
more than hold his own in any discussion / argument
with virtually anyone.

Worrals in the wilds 13th Oct 2013 21:00

Hardly think that Mr. Garrett should be listed as someone having a "career" prior to his elevation to our national parliament.
Garrett was a professional muscician; one of the most successful in the country. Being a musician is as much of a career as being a pilot.

Andu 13th Oct 2013 22:01

I think that when the pink batts and the school halls stories come out fully into the light of day, (if they ever do), Peter Garrett's reputation will be considerably enhanced. I have no inside information on this, just an opinion, but I think, in copping the blame, he took a hit for the Pardee - a big hit - and if I'm even halfway right, the slimeball Rudd won't go out of his way in the slightest to correct the public perception.

Power is an aphrodisiac, or so the old saying goes, so it will be interesting to see if the new Leader of the Opposition can keep his zipper up while anywhere but at home. History would suggest that the laws of gravity, possibly assisted, might apply.

If the Libs don't put an attack dog - much as they once used the younger Tony Abbott - to work on dredging up every piece of dirt they can find involving Shorten and Gillard over the AWU and Slater & Gordon, they've gone soft. The only reason I can see for them leaving Shorten in place at the head of the Labor Pardee would be what I'd call 'the Hitler reason'. In WW2, the Allies decided not to try to assassinate Hitler because they reasoned that in place as Fuehrer, he was doing far more damage to the German war effort than any of his likely replacements would.

But that's no reason not to dredge up every bit of dirt they can find from his professional life. I think Abbott would be inclined to tell his attack dogs to steer away from Shorten's personal life. Pickering and such people will have that covered.

bosnich71 13th Oct 2013 22:57

I was under the impression that Garrett had retired from politics. If he was the innocent party in the pink batts affair and took a hit for the good of the Labour Party then he now has no reason not to give us all the truth of the matter. However having seen him on T.V. this morning getting stuck into Abbott and the Liberals about 'climate' perhaps he is intending to return to his former 'career' and to begin inflicting his political views on us all via his 'songs' once again and sees no reason to rock the boat as it were.
I'm glad that pilots have a career as it gives those of us, mere mortals, who only exist to mend aeronautical machinery a career path as well. :)

Worrals in the wilds 13th Oct 2013 23:08

... so it will be interesting to see if the new Leader of the Opposition can keep his zipper up while anywhere but at home.
An ALP leader? I guess there's a first time for everything. :E:}

Bosnich, you may be correct about a return to the music industry; Garrett certainly talked a lot more politics as a muso than as a pollie.

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