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Andu 11th Oct 2013 22:10

Regarding the Sri Lankan (Tamil) country shoppers: I read somewhere yesterday , possibly on the Piers Ackerman site, that one of the captains of these boats is said to have done the trip nine (!) times. He says he's a passenger, volunteers to go home, takes the $3000 and then skippers the next boat out.

Now I find this a little hard to believe, (you'd think there'd be fingerprinting or some sort of ID checking done on these 'volunteer returnees'), but the fact that someone's alleging it gives some idea of what a dog's breakfast the whole sorry exercise was under Labor.

Nine times $3000 would allow a very comfortable life in Sri Lanka.

sisemen 12th Oct 2013 08:27

Shut the office in Canberra of the UNHCR, send those oxygen thieves back to where ever they are from
I think you'll find that all the staff of that office are lefty time-servers who have probably had an Aussie passport since birth.

Nice to be back (both in Oz and from my ban as a result of pulling a thread in Cabin Crew!)

SOPS 12th Oct 2013 08:31

WB Sisemen. I realise they are probably Australian, so just do part one of the plan. Close the office.

500N 12th Oct 2013 08:58

And if you can't close the office, just fcking ignore them,
don't take phone calls from them, don't meet with them,
don't give them access to anything, just send "them to
coventry" as we used to say in the UK.

They will soon get the message that the rules have changed.

Solid Rust Twotter 12th Oct 2013 09:08

Banned again Sisemen?:ooh:

That was quick. What was it this time?

500N 12th Oct 2013 09:18

The story of the Italian AS drowings came on the news tonight,
the second boat and of course they mentioned the first one from
last week.

My GF said WTF are they suddenly putting these stories on our news ?

I said that since our AS problem had quietened down and no
great numbers of arrivals, boat sinkings or drownings, then
they need something else to maintain the "guilt" factor.

Anyone else noticed it ?

(When I met my GF she was a lefty thinking person but have
converted her to a right thinking person. Still got a way to go
but we are getting there :O. That's one teacher converted :ok:).

SOPS 12th Oct 2013 09:48

I know it's in the UK, but it goes to show, it's ok for the Greenies when it's suits them. It's just not ok for the rest of us.

Climate change ministry spends 300,000 on DOMESTIC flights in the UK as coalition row erupts over green energy policies | Mail Online

Worrals in the wilds 12th Oct 2013 10:54

The report might have been critical of a moderator's actions of a previous post.
You'd think he'd have known better. :}

500N 12th Oct 2013 10:54

Watch out, the 5th column is also about, again.
Rats in the ranks as they say !

To identify, look for the "white flag" ;)

Solid Rust Twotter 12th Oct 2013 12:29

It is understood that Sisemen may well have penned a letter to Internet Brands

Did he scream "Banzai!" before hitting send?:ooh:

500N 12th Oct 2013 19:59


Yes, exactly.

Running off to the mods being one of the most low acts that
seems to occur on here from time to time.

Andu 12th Oct 2013 20:36

...an act that, from my experience here, usually comes from - (to borrow a common phrase) - "out of left field".

500N 12th Oct 2013 20:41


Or an act that "comes from the gutter" :O

Takan Inchovit 12th Oct 2013 22:04

Or an act that "comes from th e gutter"
Oi, I resemble that remark!

I see Mr Slippa is miffed about 'double standards' regarding expense claims. :hmm: The kitchen pots and kettles are getting a good rattling.

500N 12th Oct 2013 22:16


It wasn't directed at you :O

Similar name to a very senior person related to flying
on an Aircraft carrier ;)

Add that to the white flag for his location and you will
work out which part of Europe he is from !

Scum buckets all of them.

500N 12th Oct 2013 22:17

God the papers are boring nowadays.

Used to be 3 - 5 pages of Politics crap in them,
now maybe one or two articles !!!

Worrals in the wilds 13th Oct 2013 00:31

Post election and no footy. :zzz:

They're trying to drum up some bikie-related hysteria up here, but as most of the bikies left town a fortnight ago (allegedly :suspect:) it hasn't created as much exciting cops vs. bikies news footage as the boy wonder AG hoped for.

500N 13th Oct 2013 00:34

Yes, we are having our own Bikie media front page weeks.

Although the bikies here are doing it on their own without
much help from the Police.

IMHO, this is the underworld wars all over again.

When they conducted the business behind the scenes or off the beaten track,
"tolerated" would be one way to describe it but in the past year, once these
shootings etc started occurring in broad daylight in main streets with
semi auto weapons and hand thrown bombs, well, only one way for it to go.

Self inflicted and if they can't see that, they are blind.

Clare Prop 13th Oct 2013 03:55

The poor old Journos are having to actually look for stories without Julia/Kevin to "feed the chooks" every day.

They're not doing very well, the news is either really boring, stuff going on half a world away that they are desperately trying to make relevant (boats sinking in the Med) or endlessly recycling the "what went wrong" Labor propaganda.

Thank you Tony, it's such a relief.

chuboy 13th Oct 2013 04:04

Yep, goodness knows if there's any bad news about the new Abbott government we certainly don't want to hear it :rolleyes:

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