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RJM 1st Oct 2013 05:49

Labor's a bit like the businessman who says when you're going broke is the ideal time to lease a Rolls Royce.

Gillard spoke to a sold out audience at the Opera House last night (and will again in Melbourne Town Hall tonight) bullsh*tting about her glorious time as PM.

What a sickening hour of TV it was, broadcast on the ABC naturally. :yuk:

500N 1st Oct 2013 05:50

"Anyway, they've got a few years to think over their mistakes. Hopefully they'll use the time productively."

They need to admit the mistakes first instead of denying it.

Did you see The Age article ?

Acting Labor Leader DENIES Rudd undermined Gillard's PM Ship :rolleyes:

Flying Binghi 1st Oct 2013 06:03

(I put this in the climate thread though seeing the earlier reference to media influences thought it might be of interest here.)

I've managed to get me-self banned, for a while, from the forum run by weatherzone. What do they do ...

"Weatherzone is a product of The Weather Company, established in September 1998 initially in response to a demand from television broadcasters for more sophisticated weather programming.

The Weather Company is recognized as Australia’s leading commercial weather information provider to media and Internet organisations serving customers in industry, agriculture, government, recreation, education and consumer markets..."

Weather - Australia 7 day forecasts and weather radar - Weatherzone

Climate is big business. Money to be made by those in the climate 'industry'. Global warming sceptics are an 'inconvenience' to be removed.

Here's how yer get banned from the WXzone forum...

Commenting about a post from poster "Seabreeze" putting up a list of recent temperature 'records'...

My post, #1211722: Of all those 'records' the longest length of site history appears to be 47 years. If you do a Trove newspaper search and set the parameters from the earliest available to the most recent of 47 years ago you get a heck of a lot of reports/articles of extreme heat in Australia.

One needs to be very careful of these recent so-called 'record' temperatures.

Poster Seabreeze don't reply though Poster Ken Kato goes on to demonstrate either a lack of knowledge of Urban Heat Island (UHI), station siting and instrumental recording effects on temperature readings, or just wants to gloss over it...

via Ken Kato, #1211723: You'll have to excuse my rant here but to be honest, I get really irritated when some people always have to try and diminish the significance of some heat event by using quotation marks or the word, so-called.

I also find it really disappointing and sad we can't discuss the wonders of the weather or a heat event, no matter how significant, without implying/resorting to some anti climate change agenda. Whatever happened to being inquisitive and wanting to learn more about weather and climate?

One also needs to be very careful about taking figures and info from newspaper articles in the past as gospel. There's a good reason why the length of records for each station are there in the first place i.e. it gives info on how long there's been accurate instrumental records that meet certain requirements. Otherwise, we'd be using Joe Bloggs thermometer lying against a wall in the sun for records.

And finally, there's a whole stack of sites across QLD which have broken all time temp max records, many which go back to the early 1900's and late 1800's.

The extreme heat is what it is.

My post #1211728: Which be those Ken ??? The 'records' i commented on appear to only go back at most 47 years.

Ken Kato then ignores the 47 year station history comment by putting some of the same names up again...

via Ken Kato #1211732: Here's some of the sites from Thu during the peak of the heat which have longer records (their opening date is in brakets):
Barcaldine (1913) Clermont (1910) Dalby (1893) Goondiwindi (1891) Isiford (1913) Kingaroy (1947) Miles (1908) Mitchell (1907) Richmond (1893) Roma (1889) St George (1938) Stanthorpe (1938) Surat (1938) Taroom (1953) Toowoomba (1931)

The last time I checked, 12 sites broke their records on Wed and 30 sites on Thu, some by a couple of degrees or more. Area-wise, this is about the equivalent of almost one third of the state.

Unfortunately for poster Kato airports weren't all that common in the 1800's so i started with the obvious basics.

Also, the weatherzone forum owners didn't like the way things were developing so my posts and others reply/attack posts from here on were removed. WXzone does not allow any discussion that questions the global warming mantra.

My post #1211922: Hmmm... Ken, having a quick look-see at your list i note several stations there showing 'history' longer then those presented by Seabreeze.

Some examples:
(Station names only for brevity) Dalby airport, Goondiwindi airport, Toowoomba airport, Kingaroy airport.

Ken Kato, apart from Kingaroy i'm doubtful that there could have been met stations at the airport locations since the establishment dates you show. To clarify, Ken do these these towns listed have recording stations at both the airport and township ?

The abusive attack posts from others then start at me, the only sceptic in the 'discussion' at the time. here's one of my replies to a milder post...

Via Laurier Williams: Sadly, Ken, I have to agree. It is the reason I finally decided to leave the Weatherzone forum after watching its growth, and decline, from the beginning. (I am member number 11) The decision to ban all discussion on the number one issue confronting the meteorological and climatological community - global warming - due to the uncontrolled and vitriolic antics of a large number of members was the last straw.

While I still keep a watch on posts by a few selected and valued users, such as yourself, I prefer to give my limited time to a new forum where intelligent discussion supported by evidence and conducted in a polite and friendly manner are the norm.

My post #1211923: Laurier Williams, after developments elsewhere i'm starting to wonder if there weren't a few 'false flag' posters here. The so-called sceptical 'side' has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to valid discussion points and have no need to be "uncontrolled and vitriolic".

Wondering why WXzone would want to silence debate i'm guessing exciting armageddon weather hysteria sells. Fact checked boring weather don't sell..:hmm:


Jeps 1st Oct 2013 06:59

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
Listening to an Indon MP on Sky and it only confirms what we all knew, they ain't pulling there own weight. Freely admits the people that arrive in Indonesia with the intention to then board boats and enter Australian waters illegally are given a Visa to enter Indonesia by Indonesia!

Claims that during the Howard era there was a lack of trust by Australia. Well to be frank, I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw the entire Indonesian archipelago.

bosnich71 1st Oct 2013 07:34

Long,long ago I used to do ground handling of corporates one of which was an Indonesian aircraft. First time I went on board I found the pilot sprawled in a seat with his feet up on the table and smoking a fag. All well and good but the clincher was that he was wearing Cowboy boots !
I'd worked for a couple of cowboy outfits in my time but I'm buggered if I'd fly with one. :=

500N 1st Oct 2013 07:40

It wasn't that long ago that we had F-111's ready to go :O

SOPS 1st Oct 2013 08:02

Gillard's 'murderous rage' at sexist attacks - The West Australian

If it makes you feel any better Juliar, the sight of you, and the thought of all your poorly thought out policies and the effect they had on my country, fills me with muderous rage.

RJM 1st Oct 2013 09:44

It's pathetic isn't it. Slowly, slowly, Gillard is recasting her removal from office as the culmination of a long, sexist campaign against her.

A clever ploy - the charge of sexism works for both the Liberal Opposition and Gillard's own internal Opposition.

It's a 'sexier' story for the media too than boring old administrative incompetence.

The joke is that the last thing the Opposition wanted was to see Gillard go before the September election, and Gillard knows it. But, a brazen liar to the last, she bullsh*ts on. No doubt her book will build on the misogyny story.

Gillard will end up in the Labor pantheon at the right hand of Labor's über-hero Whitlam. In fact it will be the worst Labor PM in living memory next to the second worst - take your pick.

Why anyone takes the slightest notice of this dropkick is beyond me.

Tough luck Binghi. The truth will prevail.

1DC 1st Oct 2013 09:49

I thought Ms. Gillard was being investigated for illegal activities when she was a lawyer. Has that fallen by the wayside?

RJM 1st Oct 2013 09:51

I bloody well hope not.

SOPS 1st Oct 2013 09:55

Things have gone a bit quiet on that front. And what is happening to our mate, Craig Thompson?

Takan Inchovit 1st Oct 2013 10:15

They're all quietly learning how to do 'selfies'. God help us when they unleash.

500N 1st Oct 2013 21:32

I wonder if Abbott set up the AS policy that so offended the Indos
solely so as part of his negotiating strategy he could "ditch" the
parts that they don't like.

From the Age article
"The PM has softened his tone towards Indonesia
possibly paving the way to ditch his controversial
boats turn-back policy."

We all know Asians do not like "losing face", Abbott gets what he wants
- the Indos to do more - and they still look good because they get Abbott
to ditch something they dislike a lot.

Any thoughts ?

John Eacott 1st Oct 2013 22:00

The responses to the Daily Mail article are far more telling than the article itself.

And most of them appear to originate from the UK!

Andu 2nd Oct 2013 00:00

The responses to the Daily Mail article are the best entertainment I've had in weeks.

SOPS 2nd Oct 2013 07:05

Priceless, just priceless. Get the message Juliar? You can't re-write history. You were a completely incompetent liar. End of story.

500N 2nd Oct 2013 07:07


What is going to be funny is that both Rudd and Gillard are going to
be trying to re write history.

It is going to be funny if BOTH release books in the next year or two !!! :O

Blame sexism when incompetence is the truth.

7x7 2nd Oct 2013 07:18

Get the message Juliar? You can't re-write history.
I wish you were right SOPS, but sadly, I fear you're not. She's doing exactly that as we speak, with the willing, even eager complicity of the True Believers we saw at both venues in Sydney and Melbourne. And guess what? 90% or more of school teachers and liberal arts university lecturers are among the ranks of those True Believers.

Twenty (or "twenny" in Juliaspeak) years from now, she'll be up there alongside Gough Whitlam in every school and university text book as a Labar Deity who wus done wrong by those dreadful misogynists.

sisemen 2nd Oct 2013 07:44

....unless there's a successful prosecution for her shenanigans as an allegedly corrupt lawyer.

Nervous SLF 2nd Oct 2013 08:32

Schapelle Corby
I read that her parole is getting closer after winning crucial approval from the Justice Ministry office in Bali.A spokesman for the office on Wednesday confirmed the 36-year-old's parole application had been approved and would be immediately forwarded to Jakarta for further consideration.
"From the hearing yesterday, we have issued a recommendation which is approving Corby to receive her parole," Justice Ministry

office spokesman Made Badra said in Bali on Wednesday.

Corby wins parole approval in Bali

( Hope it's ok to post in here but I couldn't find a thread about her in the past using the search bit )

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