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500N 27th Sep 2013 06:03

Now tell me that this would not get up Rudd's nose ?
Julie Bishop chairing the UN Security Council meeting, the one
Abbott and her opposed that Rudd pushed for and got, only to
have Julie Bishop sit in the chair :O

That would make Rudd's blood boil !

Worth a read.

Cool, calm and coiffed, Julie Bishop brings world's leaders to heel

Captain Sand Dune 27th Sep 2013 07:14

The following is from a recent edition of the RAAF News. I was going to post this in the military section, but I think you'll understand why I put it here when you read it.

Air Force is embarking on a two year trial of a targeted recruitment scheme that seeks to increase the number of female pilots in the service. The Graduate Pilot Scheme (GPS) is a temporary measure that aims to encourage women studying Bachelor of Aviation degrees to consider joining as pilots.
Deputy Director Air Force Diversity WGCDR xxx said women comprised less than 3 per cent of the Air Force’s pilot work force. “This is less than half the civilian aviation participation rate”, she said.
Since 2011, Air Force has recruited just two female direct entry pilots, compared with 70 males. In comparison, about half of aviation college students are females. “Given that women make up half the talent pool from which we recruit, we are clearly missing a significant opportunity to attract high quality people”, she said.
The GPS is a recruitment pathway designed to encourage higher numbers of women to apply for pilot training by:

• Targeting women who already demonstrate commitment to a career in aviation, yet are not considering an Air Force career;

• Setting a reduced return of service obligation of the greater of two years post conversion, or three years post 2FTS graduation;

• Awarding a Bachelor of Aviation degree on 2FTS aviation;

• Paying the accumulated university fee on award of the Bachelor of Aviation;

• Where possible, affording priority in being assigned to training courses to minimise time to graduation;

• Grouping women candidates together to provide mutual support; and

• Appointing a woman pilot mentor who will assist them through training and during their Air Force career.

The GPS is one of a range of recruitment schemes designed to increase the pool of women seeking to join the Air Force.

Q. Is Air Force discriminating against men?

A. The GPS is initially being trailed for women as a special temporary measure with a view to rolling it out to men if successful, as Air Force knows the best and brightest may now be choosing the Bachelor of Aviation funded pathway instead of air Force. Ongoing work on ADF conditions of service applicable to all service members will further support long term retention.

Q. Is Air Force lowering its recruitment and graduation standards?

A. No. There will be no reduction in recruitment standards associated with any measures to increase the participation of women in the Air Force. GPS is designed to increase the number of women entering the recruitment pool, so they can be selected on their own merits, in fair competition. All potential recruits through the GPS will be required to successfully complete extant Air Force pilot selection aptitude tests, medical components, flight screening and officer selection board.

Q. Why is Air Force changing the ROSO (return of service obligation) for GPS entrants?

A. The scheme incorporates a reduction in the ROSO for women who apply through the GPS. Research has shown that the length of ROSO associated with pilot training is a significant disincentive to women taking up a flying career in the Air Force. GPS removes this barrier. Air Force’s expectation is that, once women commence their careers, they will elect to stay beyond their initial ROSO. This aspect of the scheme will be closely monitored and adjusted as necessary to ensure Air Force can retain critical skills.

Q. Why is Air Force only targeting women?

A. Aside from the fact that women make up half our recruiting pool yet only comprise less than 3 percent of pilots, research consistently shows that organisations with a higher percentage of women in decision making roles markedly outperform organizations with fewer woman. Additionally, the growth in the Australian labour market is slowing. With an aging population, the number of young people entering the workforce will decline from 2025; already more people leave the workforce each year than enter it. This shrinking market and increasing competition from the aviation industry make it crucial that Air Force puts into place strategies that enable it to continually grow an effective and diverse pilot force.

sisemen 27th Sep 2013 08:11

Comments about "positive discrimination" regarding Air Force (and other military personnel) only make my blood boil so I'll refrain.

Meantime the really good news about returning the "illegals" to the Indons has actually reached us here in the UK!! Abbott - keeping quiet but carrying a big stick. That's what good leadership is.

Worrals in the wilds 27th Sep 2013 10:47

Is the reduced ROSO for both genders? If not it's a bit :hmm:. I;m guessing that the answer lies here, in which case it gets extremely :hmm::hmm::hmm:.

The GPS is initially being trailed for women as a special temporary measure with a view to rolling it out to men if successful...
A civilian employer could not offer this to one gender because it violates anti-discrimination legislation, but IIRC the ADF is still exempt. This whole scheme sounds very whiffy, rather tokenistic and a teeny bit desperate. :eek:

Nor are they addressing the fitness elephant in the room, which also applies to law enforcement and fire service agencies. Many women who'd like to apply for these sorts of jobs simply aren't fit enough. That doesn't mean the fitness test should be reduced (whatever the organization it's there for a reason) but it's a factor. Women have to be comparatively fitter than men to pass a fitness test, i.e. an average bloke can pass a test that only a fit woman can. That decreases the pool of potential female applicants.

Grouping women candidates together to provide mutual support;
One of these is a female...they're both still sharks. :}

The idea that women will automatically support other women in their workplace is highly dodgy, and I say that with over fifteen years of experience in male dominated industries. It's a fluff bunny HR concept dreamed up by people who are yet to enter the Real World.

While it's useful to have an accesible social network such as the various women in mining groups (and I know of an informal male nurses' association that performs the same function) grouping women together isn't always pretty. It sounds to me like you're on the Special Team, which probably wasn't the impression they were trying to convey.

A few moons ago I considered applying for the RAAF pilot entry scheme. The roadblocks were 1. ROSO 2. fitness 3. not getting a crack at the cool aircraft 4. having to move around a lot and 5. a bad rep for sexism. While 3 has been addressed as with 1 (unfairly so, because I'm sure it puts off a lot of potential male applicants) the others are still there, and the current plan does nothing to solve them. In fact if anything, it will make 5 worse. :(

Seriously...RAAF darlings? The 80s just called and want their affirmative action back. :E:}

SOPS 27th Sep 2013 10:55

So the plot thickens. Indonesia claims it did not have the capability to recue the latest boat that called for help.Really? And those on board say there're was nothing wrong with the boat, but they called Australia for help, hoping to be taken to Australia. Well what a surprise, we all new has been going on for ages, but Labor and the huggy fluffs refused to admit it. Keep 'rescuing' them and sending back to Jakarta:ok:

500N 27th Sep 2013 16:05


I can't find any ref to that in the newspapers.

Whatever happened to the best person for the job and
let the candidates / students fight it out.
I don't see any mention of the US which seems to be normal
for most things nowadays so they probably don't subscribe to it.

SOPS 27th Sep 2013 19:46


Australian authorities send asylum seekers back to Indonesia after interception at sea - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

500N 27th Sep 2013 20:07



That's interesting in that it quotes the boat sitting just outside
the 12 mile limit waiting for permission.

I am stunned that the Indos said they don't have the means
to look for a boat :rolleyes:

SOPS 27th Sep 2013 20:15

Wait there is more

Asylum seekers drown as boat capsizes off Java; Customs ship to offload separate rescued group - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

500N 27th Sep 2013 20:18

Tony Abbott to Indo

"You can't search for them or pick them up, not a problem,
we'll rescue them or pick them up and bring them back to
you and transfer them t one of your boats."

Problem solved !!!

Indonesia doesn't have to get off it's arse and do anything
and we get what we want.

BenThere 27th Sep 2013 20:27

Marvelous turn of events in Australia.

You don't have to take in the indigent, disloyal, future Labor voters, who would cost Australian taxpayers a few $1,000/month while undermining Australian society. In addition you have deterred the millions of such would be state dependents from taking what you have, forcing them to stay at home and improving their own lot there.


500N 27th Sep 2013 20:34

I do love the way everyone is up in arms over this
reporting once a week.

FFS, doesn't a minister or a staffer have better things to
do than front the media everytime a boat appears on the
horizon ?

The other thing, is it really that newsworthy or important ?

And why front the media anyway, why not just
list it on a web site once a week and email said
list to the media ?

Andu 27th Sep 2013 21:47

Does anyone think that Tony Abbott might have taken lessons in reducing his exposure to the media from the current CDF? How often do we see him fronting up to the cameras in comparison the man he replaced?

500N 27th Sep 2013 21:58

General Hurley has never been as media friendly as
Angus or General Cosgrove. I wouldn't be surprised
if Hurley learnt from his time in Somalia where I gather
from being trained by one of his company 2IC's
that the Bureaucrats in Canberra and media were a PITA.

In any case, the CDF shouldn't need to be in front of
the cameras, that's why you have a Defence Minister !!!

I'm starting to think TA has got the exposure about right
for the last few weeks, if he keeps this up it will be welcome
not having all of them in the news every night.

500N 27th Sep 2013 22:20

I'll say one thing.

A lot of the hype has gone out of the AS issue, even though
the media is till trying to beat it up as much as possible as it
was a good story for them. Unless something drastic happens
in the net few months, it will just become another story instead
of the lead all the time.

Just my HO.

Andu 27th Sep 2013 22:31

Stand by for heart-wrenching interviews from Java with tearful, photogenic female asylum seekers with equally photogenic children on their knees. Mark Riley is probably on his way to Jakarta already - but I bet he won't beat the ALPBC reporter and camera crew.

I see someone's beaten me to it on Pickering, but can you imagine one of those diminutive Customs officers telling three or four of those steroid-buffed monsters we saw on Michael Smith's site that they're being sent straight back to Java? Doesn't bear thinking about.

parabellum 28th Sep 2013 00:30

The idea that women will automatically support other women in their workplace is highly dodgy,
Think you are probably right there Worrals, there is a saying in the commercial pilot fraternity that, "Pilots will eat their own young" - a reference to getting ahead etc.

500N 28th Sep 2013 09:55


You were spot on re the bleeding heart story.

The age tonight.

Australia ignored boat rescue call, claims survivor

Survivors from a boat that sank off the south of Java said they had raised the alarm with Australian authorities, passing on their exact location at least 24 hours before their boat sank with the loss of an estimated 59 lives.

"‘‘And we wait two hours. We wait 24 hours, and we kept calling them: ‘We don’t have food, we don’t have water for three days, we have children, just rescue us.’ And nobody come. Sixty person dead now because of Australian government.’’"

Why would anyone get on a boat without food and water ?????
Kind of shows they were expecting to get rescued quickly.

Abbott is playing serious hard ball and it will cost a heap more lives
but I think the message will get through :ok:

Australia ignored boat rescue call, claims survivor

Takan Inchovit 28th Sep 2013 10:04

I think these idiots are coming to Australia just to join the labor party. :hmm:

EDIT: They all looked to be 'well fed' but I could see why they would be persecuted. :E

500N 28th Sep 2013 10:09


But taking kids that can't swim on rickety old boat in the ocean
shows little regard for their safety IMHO.

I love the way they can supposedly transmit their GPS location exactly
but a commercial boat can't find them, a boat that had no connection
to the Aust Gov't. I bet they sent the wrong location.

Here is a guess. I reckon these boats are not trying to make the crossing
but are trying to be picked up early so as to avoid the dangers of the
crossing, although in this instance it seems to have back fired.

Sunday's papers will be full of more bleeding heart stories
from this or that lefty organisation with the words
"human rights" spread throughout.

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