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500N 17th Sep 2013 01:48

I wonder how long it will take that to hit the media ?
(Julia and Tim separate !)

MTOW 17th Sep 2013 01:56

It's a dead certainty that someone, (probably more than one), in the Abbott Cabinet will screw something up over the next few months or get caught doing what he shouldn't be doing, and even more of a certainty that Labar will scream blue bloody murder demanding that that minister resign. It remains to be seen whether Tony Abbott will replace that person(s) with the next most qualified parliamentarian - or a woman. I suspect it will be a woman.

What really gets to me is that I really don't think that the Emily's Listers, Ita Buttrose, the MSM and the Labar politicians are even aware of how crazy they are to demand guotas, especially after the succession of utter disasters we've seen over the last six years. Roxon, Wong, Ellis, GILLARD!!!... the list goes on.

MTOW 17th Sep 2013 01:58

I think it was an open secret around Canberra that the Tim and Jools show was strictly "for the duration" and would be wound up without ceremony as soon as the beard was no longer necessary.

bosnich71 17th Sep 2013 04:44

MTOW ...."Roxon, Wong, Ellis, G*****D etc. etc.
I realise that at one time Wong was b*****g those of male persuasion but surely now that she has 'transitioned' as it were, I wouldn't have thought that she would have wanted to be listed in the Quota. :confused:

500N 17th Sep 2013 06:28

"Deputy Chief of Army Angus Campbell will be named Tony Abbott's three-star military commander of border protection, with the job of co-ordinating the new government's tough asylum-seeker policies."

Good to see he got it. A No shyte person with lots of experience.

Two-star veteran Angus Campbell promoted to run border protection

heated ice detector 17th Sep 2013 06:34

Danger, Danger
unprovoked women attack.
Neo Libs up to there old tactics yet again!!
You know you don't have to throw rocks at them and drag them around by their hair.

parabellum 17th Sep 2013 06:56

HID - your memory must be failing you - only a few months ago we saw a strong, loud and totally unprovoked attack by the women of the ALP on Tony Abbott, it didn't work, in fact it backfired but, nevertheless, the attacks took place.

Gillard admitted she had a girlfriend at university, Wong makes no secret of her disposition, a spade is a spade is a spade.

500N 17th Sep 2013 06:59


Don't bite.

7x7 17th Sep 2013 08:15

From the Michael Smith site:

Date Illegals crew
8th Sept 88 2
9th. 57 2
12th. 74 2
13th. 158 ?
13th. 4 2
14th. 23 2
15th. 76 3
480 13 493

That's 480/493 since the election. I thought there'd been a 'business class' boat (not mentioned in that list) with only 4 pax and 2 crew as well.

sisemen 17th Sep 2013 08:16

Best leave him totally ignored - they hate being irrelevant.

Andu 17th Sep 2013 08:43

Sept 17th: Asylum seeker boat intercepted with 205 on board.

I16 17th Sep 2013 09:13

ABC & AC to the fore. My daughter told me today that Julie Bishop was worth about five women from the ALP and about eight from the greens
Julie Bishop is no 'token woman' - The Drum (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

500N 17th Sep 2013 09:50

I wouldn't like to cross Julie Bishop.

Re Angus Campbell, it wll be interesting to see if this is a final posting
for him or one that might lead to another 3 or maybe even 4 star posting.

What is interesting is he is reporting to the Immigration Minister, not the CDF !!! Should make for some interesting legal matters.

Andu 17th Sep 2013 10:05

It will depend on (a) whether her delivers and (b) [probably more importantly], whether he makes the politicians look good while he delivers.

I think most who were eligible for the slot would have looked upon it as a poisoned chalice. It's almost impossible to achieve (a) and at the same time, achieve (b). To stop the boats, it will have to get ugly, and my guess would be that the MSM (especially the ABC) are slavering at the very thought of the heart-wrenching stories and Australian heartless cruelty they'll be able to drag out on an almost weekly basis. You won't see a single steroid-buffed monstrosity, just young, photogenic, doe-eyed, pre-pubescent females.

I16 17th Sep 2013 10:12

just young per-pubescent females.
That should help the gene pool in Tasmania

500N 17th Sep 2013 10:12

They should put Christmas Island under military command,
then you can more easily restrict entry and who does what.

He's got the depth and breadth of experience, both civvy and mil.

SOPS 17th Sep 2013 10:12

Well, it seems like the country shoppers are still flocking, should that be floating?, in. The first thing I hope Tony instructs the our brave boys and girls in the Navy NOT TO DO, is not to go to the aid of any boat that sends a "help me" message before it has even left the Indonesian shoreline.

The second thing I hope he does, is to say it loud and clear, you WON'T get Australain citizenship under any circumstances, your family can't follow you, and if you have no passport, you get no welfare.

Over to you Prime Minister Abbott.

heated ice detector 17th Sep 2013 10:36

Julie Bishop has defended her efforts to deny compensation to WA asbestos victims in her role as a corporate lawyer in the 1980s.

Read more: Julie Bishop defends bid to stop asbestos compo | News.com.au

I am sure she is an absolutely gorgeous person, worth at least 5 asbestos victims,

500N 17th Sep 2013 10:42


I know WA is a long way away from everywhere but please,
do keep up with the times unless you are a bit backward.

Article dated
"December 03, 2007 12:00AM"


heated ice detector 17th Sep 2013 10:45

And when was juliar etc etc a lawyer?

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