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500N 14th Sep 2013 06:38

Ken Borough

Boring ? Worth reading this because even the media have noticed it
was more than just a "set speech".

No Cookies | thetelegraph.com.au

"Never before in Australian politics has there been such a quiet transition to a new administration. Not a single news conference from the prime minister-elect. Hardly a peep from MPs who will be sworn in as ministers within days.

Abbott and his team ignored the hungry media beast's demands to be fed. Instead, they worked away quietly and methodically behind the scenes, preparing for an orderly and unhurried takeover of the levers of power. And the country got on perfectly well."

"It all fits with Abbott's promise of a steady, methodical, businesslike approach. Working rather than talking."

Plus the other items in the article point to someone who already
had a plan and is sticking to it instead of being run by the 24 hour media.
And by doing so, as it says in the article, shows exactly why Labor
was turfed out.

I think it is pleasant not having him on TV every night with a
30 second sound bite - which doesn't fix the economy !!!

Worrals in the wilds 14th Sep 2013 10:19

(go you Bunnies!)
I would have added 'and go Cowboys', but it wouldn't have made any difference. When the team they're playing is allowed to score a try off a seventh tackle and go on to win by two points, then skill doesn't come into it :mad:. The N in NRL stands for NSW not National, so let's stop pretending. :rolleyes:

I read Gillard's article and I'm glad she's had a crack at Rudd. He's going to be a Problem. :ouch:

500N 14th Sep 2013 11:09

No wonder this country is broke.
Bishop cancels first class tickets to New York

Incoming foreign minister Julie Bishop has already clashed with her department over luxury hotel accommodation on an upcoming trip to New York.

The minister-elect told Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade bureaucrats to slash the cost of the trip after they planned to book $1850-a-night rooms at a swish Manhattan hotel for an entourage of dozens.

"It is understood departmental bosses want to take a delegation of 23 public servants to the United Nations leaders' summit on September 19-20 along with two ministers and three of their staff"

But the incoming minister, who has yet to be sworn in, told her department she wanted to stay in an ordinary room and that they should ditch the idea of the suite and that, for future reference they should not book her in first-class on international flights. She sent the public servants back to their department to revise the cost of the trip.

Bishop cancels first class tickets to New York

Wonderworld 14th Sep 2013 11:38

She'll just get FOC upgs to F anyway most of the time on QF as she is Chairmans Lounge.

500N 15th Sep 2013 02:10

I see Abbott has launched an inquiry into the AWU and Julia Gillard !

Talk about keeping the screws turned on.

RJM 15th Sep 2013 02:18

More on accommodation. The prime ministerial residence in Canberra is being deloused (possums, not Rudd) and repainted, so Abbott has to stay somewhere else in Canberra for a while.

After a bit of discussion about securing hotel accommodation to the required level Abbott suggested he stay in one of the bedrooms at the police barracks.

Let's hope the common sense continues.

500N 15th Sep 2013 03:19

Maybe TA will surprise. I notice Labor had to score a political point
re the AFP Accom for TA by saying Gillard also used it at one point.

But, I see Labor can't keep mouths shut with MP's who backed Rudd
rejecting Julia's comments.

I think we will be seeing a lot more of this in the next 6 months
as she goes on her talk circuit !!!

Andu 15th Sep 2013 04:14

When 95% of ex-politicians and retired corporate big wheels speak on the speakers' circuit, the general population never heads a word of what they say. Why is that I don't think the same will apply for the ALPBC when JEG struts her stuff on that same speakers' circuit?

Looks like the *** mute switch will be getting another workout.

We might be saved the sound of that voice if VicPol charge the woman (which would hopefully keep her off the speakers' circuit, but maybe not). How long have they been investigating her now? Half the *** witnesses will have died from old age by the time they get her into court.

If they ever get her into court, which I very much doubt.

Willi B 15th Sep 2013 05:30

Tony Abbot's new Canberra digs resemble those provided for the British PM if the Cold War had turned hot - BBC - Wiltshire - Wiltshire's Underground City - Area 17: The PM's Quarters

bosnich71 15th Sep 2013 07:18

Luxury. For someone like Bliar that is !

sisemen 15th Sep 2013 07:19

I was in charge of fire and security for that lot way back in '76 as a newly commissioned flying officer.

Worrals in the wilds 15th Sep 2013 07:32

We might be saved the sound of that voice if VicPol charge the woman (which would hopefully keep her off the speakers' circuit, but maybe not). How long have they been investigating her now?
It hasn't slowed Chopper Reid down...if anything it just boosts ticket sales. :ooh::}

As for the accomodation, good luck to him. Shades of Ben Chifley et al at the Hotel Kurrajong, which seems to have private bathrooms these days, though at a very reasonable price for Canberra.

The Hotel Kurrajong is most famously associated with Ben Chifley who called the hotel his home away home as a Labor MP from 1928 to 1931 and again from 1940 to 1951. As prime minister from 1945 to 1949, he preferred to live at the hotel rather than move into the Lodge.
:: Welcome to Hotel kurrajong Canberra ::
Maybe the Lodge's incontinent 'possums have been in residence for a while? IIRC Howard wasn't crazy about the place either.

But, I see Labor can't keep mouths shut with MP's who backed Rudd rejecting Julia's comments.
I read her article and it was interesting, but it still came across as the classic 'I lost, but it so wasn't my fault' post electoral apocalypse political essay by a pollie who didn't make it. Of course Latham's turned his into a regular newspaper column, so at least she's just produced one.

She stayed quiet post defeat and throughout the election campaign. This was extremely gracious (particularly by modern ALP standards) so she's entitled to a spray.

However, I didn't find it terribly convincing; As was so typical of the last federal government under both leaders, it was very much lacking in personal accountability. Mind you so is Howard still, so I guess it's par for the course. You don't become PM (or any sort of pollie) by being wracked with self-doubt and personal insight.

500N 15th Sep 2013 07:40


Saw Bishop on Meet the Press. Those first class airfares
were going to be $32,000 !!!

Worrals in the wilds 15th Sep 2013 07:57

I'm not surprised. I was a public servant in a former life (largely during the Howard government's administration) and was constantly horrified by what the department paid for airfares, travel and accomodation. Even for fairly lowly people everything was beyond top price. Airlines and hotels alike sniffed the government dollar and adjusted their prices accordingly :ouch:.

For my first trip I offered to do it cheaper using internet travel sites (which was a fairly new concept at the time) and the bigwigs fell about laughing. 'Isn't Worrals sweet, she's so private sector' was the general response, as they cheerfully approved domestic fares and hotel rates (in very ordinary hotels :hmm:) that would have gotten me to London in style for a fortnight.

It's a rotten attitude that's been endemic within most public service departments whatever party is in power, and most pollies just trot along milking it more than Dairy Farmers. If the new government want to address that (and it continues as more than week 2 tokenism :hmm:) then good, because it's desperately needed.

RJM 15th Sep 2013 10:15

Agreed, Worrals. To my certain knowledge, unless told otherwise, underlings in MP's offices always book the most flexible class of fare - 'in case the Member has a change of plan' etc.

In practice, such changes are rare, but would you believe it, the fully flexible fares are not only the most expensive but carry the most frequent flyer points - which accrue to the member!

On it goes.

Andu 16th Sep 2013 04:26

Hey, how cool is this? The 'War in Oz' thread slipping onto page two - because nothing much is happening (well, apart from three new boats arriving over the last few days). If TA can keep government off page 1 before he's even been sworn in, it's certainly a change after the last six years.

I think Labor and the MSM will make the sparsity of females in the cabinet into as big a deal as they possibly can. There would appear to be not enough jobs for the boys, let along the girls.

500N 16th Sep 2013 04:48

I think it's more a case of not having senior enough ladies to move straight in
but yes, Labor will make a big deal out of it.

They only have so many females because of a quota system which
is not the way to promote them IMHO.

Captain Sand Dune 16th Sep 2013 07:45

As if on cue....

PM-elect Tony Abbott has named his new Cabinet - but he's copped criticism from Labor's Chris Bowen for the lack of women appointed.
Mr Bowen said it was a sad day in Australian politics, and said Australia has "gone backwards". Mr Bowen also indicated the Labor leadership result will be announced on October 13.
Mr Abbott said his new ministry is one of the most experienced in the Coalition's history and reflects some significant promotions.
Mr Abbott announced his Cabinet and outer ministry team in Canberra, nine days after the coalition's election win over Labor.
He faced criticism from the media earlier after only naming one woman, Julie Bishop in his Cabinet, with Sophie Mirabella and Bronwyn Bishop now out. NSW MP Bronwyn Bishop has already been announced as the next Speaker in the House of Representatives.
"I'm obviously disappointed there aren't more women in Cabinet," he said.
"Nevertheless there are some very good and talented women knocking on the door of the cabinet and there are lots of good and talented women knocking on the door of the ministry.
On the topic of women in Cabinet, Mr Abbott added: "You can expect to see as time goes by more women in both the Cabinet and the ministry."
"As times goes by" there could be expected to be more women in those roles, he also said.
Senator Mathias Cormann enters cabinet as Minister for Finance instead of Andrew Robb, who will become Minister for Trade and Investment.
In the outer minister, Senator Fiona Nash will be Assistant Minister for Health and Senator Michaelia Cash will be the Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection as well as Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women.
George Brandis QC will be the new Attorney-General and Phillip Ruddock will be the Chief Government Whip.
Nationals leader Warren Truss will be Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development.
He will be supported in the infrastructure portfolio by Liberal MP Jamie Briggs as Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development.
Senator Arthur Sinodinos joins the outer ministry as Assistant Treasurer, after being Mr Abbott's parliamentary secretary in opposition.
Steve Ciobo returns to the executive after an absence of three years as parliamentary secretary to the Treasurer, Joe Hockey. Paul Fletcher becomes parliamentary secretary for Communications, while Josh Frydenberg and Alan Tudge will be parliament secretaries to the prime minister.
Michael McCormack will be the parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Finance.
"This is the team to provide strong and stable government.
"This is one of the most experienced incoming ministries in our history."
Mr Abbott said the new government's task was to "calmly"
implement the commitments it made to the Australian people during the election campaign.
"You'll see there is enormous stability in this team but there has been as well some significant promotions," he added.
Queensland MP Warren Entsch would chair a special committee for development of northern Australia.
"Warren is the embodiment of northern Australia," Mr Abbott said.
Mr Abbott paid tribute to Sophie Mirabella, who is fighting for her political survival as vote counting continues in her Victorian seat of Indi.
"I hope Sophie does manage to claw back in fight for the seat of Indi," he said.
"But I certainly regret her (absence) from the ministry, she was an outstanding shadow minister for industry."
Mr Abbott, whose cabinet will be sworn in on Wednesday, also said there was no cloud over Senator Sinodinos, who did not get the Finance portfolio as had been widely expected.
"I want to absolutely scotch any suggestion that there is a cloud over Arthur Sinodinos. There is not," he said.
"I would not be appointing him to the incoming ministry if I thought there was a cloud over him.
Senator Sinodinos was a man of distinction and integrity who would make an outstanding contribution, Mr Abbott said.
No Mr Bowen, going backwards would be appointing people to a position purely on the basis of gender rather than on merit. That's one of the many reasons Labour got voted out.
Delusional to the last :rolleyes:

500N 16th Sep 2013 07:51

This focus on women gets up my nose.

I wonder if you asked everybody - both sexes - this question.

1. Do you want the best or 2nd or 3rd best person to be a minister.

I somehow doubt that the population of Australia wants people
in a job running a ministry based on gender alone. I know it has
happened in the past ................

Solid Rust Twotter 16th Sep 2013 08:03

Well, we know basing appointment on race and political expediency rather than on merit certainly doesn't work...:hmm:

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