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500N 13th Sep 2013 05:23

Yes, I heard that on the radio this morning.

How about Heard island :O

I still think those remote desert locations were good holding pens
should still be in use. Woomera would be good as it is a real hot hole.
Far better than some of the other soft centres they get housed in.
It's a pity we don't have a good large Island to the north we can
dump them on, and their lefty lawyers / supporters and just tell
them to sit tight for a while. Our own Guantanamo Bay :ok:

Maybe have a bunch of bananas wash ashore every so often.

7x7 13th Sep 2013 05:44

So, Julian Burnside isn't happy that the Greens have almost destroyed Tasmania. He now wants to finish the job by turning it into another Malmo. (For those not familiar with Malmo. It is a city in Sweden, large parts of which have become 'no go' areas for police and emergency services because it is dominated by Muslim immigrants who have turned it into what some would call a war zone.)

500N 13th Sep 2013 05:50

He must have money so offer him a big parcel of land
or an island and dump them all on him to look after.

If he is so against mandatory detention, let him create his
own bloody community with them.

PinkusDickus 13th Sep 2013 06:10

I see Julian Burnside has popped up to say that the whole of Tasmania should be given over to the country shoppers.
Macquarie Island is underpopulated and I'd be happy to see them given them given free range of that island, but definitely not Tassie. With that sort of plan the'll be coming in thousands instead of hundreds. Burnside wants the Illegal Immigrants nearby so he can get there with ease and coach them with their claim for asylum.

The harder it's made for him to get at them, the less chance they have of their claim being successful.

Do Muslims eat penguins and Mutton birds? :rolleyes:

500N 13th Sep 2013 06:19

Wasn't it Maquarie Island that the Gov't spent millions eradicating rabbits from ?

It was one of the Islands down south that had millions of them.

Dump the AS on the island, a few thousand at a time and tell them
that if they eradicate all the rabbits, they will be given residency.
That way they get fed, they solve a problem for the Gov't, save
millions of $$$$ and they get what they want.

Having caught rabbits by hand before, these FIT YOUNG
Iranians shouldn't have any problem :ok:

Maybe throw in a shelter or two like an Army hoochi.

500N 13th Sep 2013 06:26

Albo and Shorten.

This should be interesting, especially with the new voting system.

Haven't taken a whole lot of notice of Albo.

I think in the long run Shorten will make a good leader.
Has made some enemies though but I think he'll outlast them.

Andu 13th Sep 2013 07:01

I think in the long run Shorten will make a good leader
I think you'll choke on those words one day, 500N.

The only leadership qualities he's ever displayed to date is ... no, I'd better not go there. The truth isn't always a defence in Australian libel laws. I think I can get away with saying that in my opinion, he's a Grade A grub. Or given the nesting habits of a particular bird species, cuckoo might be a better word.

bosnich71 13th Sep 2013 07:16

500N ... Little Billy has certainly shown leadership of the "one eyed bed snake" variety. :O

7x7 13th Sep 2013 08:15

Graham Richardson, interviewed by Ray Hadley on 2GB about the upcoming Labor leadership vote, make the following comment:

“How do you get a credential list of voters……..what if they send in a crook list…..I tell you what mate that’s been done before……….”
Quick question, Graham, those 'crook lists', could they have also been used in Federal elections, like, (just two of many examples) ,the recently (and no recently) deceased voting? The residents of old peoples' homes postal voting the way they're 'advised' to do by helpful volunteers?

Captain Sand Dune 13th Sep 2013 10:26

What a week! Because we voted early, the Mrs and I travelled to Melbourne on Saturday the 7th and jumped on a flight to Hobart for an outstanding week’s break. Upon waking up on Sunday I found that the Dockers had defeated Geelong, Collingwood are out of the grand final, and the worst government in my living memory have been given a solid kick in the pants.:ok::ok::ok:
Congratulations to T.A. & Co. My advice is to hit the ground running and go hard early because you will get little or no honeymoon period from the Australian media. Expect your failings to be trumpeted from the rooftops and your successes to be left ignored. All I’ve seen on the ALPBC since last Saturdays are articles about the whys and wherefores of the ALP’s defeat. One reporter on ALPBC Radio spoke of Labour and non-Labour. Poor bloke couldn’t even bring himself to utter “Coalition” and “Liberal”!:hmm:
The long suffering Australian public will want swift action on illegal immigrants. I see the Indonesian government does not want us to turn the boats around. Hardly surprising really; they have already got the money from the illegal immigrants and they don’t want the trash they threw out returned. Gonna be a challenge for the Coalition! Saw something on that lightweight trashy program The Project with Julian Burnside wanting to send illegal immigrants to Tassie. Guess where J.B. doesn’t live then!:mad:
I’ll bet there were high fives all around at HQ ADF. I note that T.A. has made a point of showing some public respect for the ADF rather than using them for political opportunism or a punching bag when someone didn’t get the particular meal they wanted.:mad::mad:
Which brings me to the object of the love and fascination of the majority of the Australian media and a reasonable minority of deluded Australians. The health of our democratic process depends on a strong opposition. Right now, the ALP is anything but. As others have said the ALP needs to get back to basics – back to being a party for the working Australian rather than the self-serving organisation it has transformed into since Gough took over and set the ALP on the slippery slope.
Some serious culling and bloodletting is called for if the Australian public are to be convinced that the ALP has changed for the better. The first candidate would have to be Rudd. How can any future ALP leader feel secure in their post and get on with the job of leading, knowing that sitting on their back bench is a conniving megalomaniac with form? Furthermore, I am astounded that Shorten can seriously be considered a contender.:eek: Just confirm this was the same bloke who supported Gillard dirking Rudd, then supported Rudd returning the favour? Does this guy even know the meaning of the word “loyalty”? The ALP do not seem to have learnt much about the opinion of the Australian public.
The ALP needs to get back to what made it great, and quickly. It needs to get rid of those whose sole life experience consists of a university degree and being a union apparatchik, and get some candidates who have actually held a real job.
Finally I join with those who fear the wrath of CFI’s handbag. Let us not rise to the bait set by those who wish to carry on the Left’s great tradition of stifling any opinion other than their own.

Takan Inchovit 13th Sep 2013 10:40

The ALP needs to get back to what made it great, and quickly.
From my perspective, that sounds like me and my family. I worked damned hard and honestly to pay the mortgage and support a growing family (including Mrs Inch), the kids refuse to grow up and are totally immersed in their own so called problems, always in enough debt for mum and dad to bail them out and dont put anything aside for their own future.
Their schooling was under a Labor govt and its policies and influences. :*

Clare Prop 13th Sep 2013 10:56

Instead of Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Alannah McTiernan should put her hand up.

She's probably the only honest one among them.

SOPS 13th Sep 2013 12:10

Has anyone in the current Federal labor party actually ever had a proper job. And the same question goes for the watermelons. What has Sarah Two Dads ever actually done? The whole lot of them are a total waste of space, and are just swilling in the trough.

500N 13th Sep 2013 12:32


Job ? The Greens and Jobs do not go together.
A bit like when a "Greenie" has a go at me for being a hunter / shooter,
I only have to ask how many trees they have planted, how many nesting
boxes they have put up, how many introduced vermin have they got rid
of, how much habitat improvement they have done to stump them.
Most don't have a clue about the real world, on the ground Green issues.

Re two dads, I just looked it up. She was a bank teller for a couple of years.

"In 2004, Hanson-Young worked as a bank teller;[4] and, from the same year until she took parliamentary office in 2008, she worked for Amnesty International as Campaign Manager for South Australia and the Northern Territory.
As of 2006[update], she was studying for a postgraduate law degree.
Prior to her entry into politics, she also worked as media advisor to Mark Parnell (SA Greens) in the 2006 South Australian election and was a campaigner with Justice for Refugees (SA)."

You will love this. We have another Obama in the making !!!:O
"She has worked on several community projects in Orbost including the establishment of the Orbost Youth Centre."

SOPS 13th Sep 2013 12:46

I rest my case.

500N 13th Sep 2013 13:12

Since the Abbott thread seems to be dying, I'll post this here.

I made a comment before in the Abbott thread that yesterday it was commented
on that TA had not held a full media press conference since the election.

Today on the news I saw a bit of what Abbott said in his party room speech.

The media commented on the lack of hubris and then cut to what
Abbott said about "having won the electorates trust, we now had to
earn it and keep it" (or along those lines).

It seemed very level headed to me.

Ken Borough 13th Sep 2013 14:33

Abbott said about "having won the electorates trust, we now had to
earn it and keep it" (or along those lines)
Boring. This is the set speech that successful political leaders make to their troops. Speaking of troops, we saw TA on the nightly news at a meeting with the heads of the military. The night prior he was shown addressing the head honors of the public service. TA was, at best, wooden and, at worst, patronising. Perhaps we are seeing what the image makers think is Calm and Considered Tony rather than Rambo Tony but the swagger remains. So far, not a good look but he may improve as he learns to relax and feel comfortable in his skin.

Andu 13th Sep 2013 22:46

The Kevni thought bubble that all Pardee members get a say in who will be the Pardee leader has turned the process into an American-style Primary contest. This is exactly what would have happened if we'd gone for a popularly-elected Head of State - the richest (wo)man wins.

There might be an upside to this. Someone in the Labor Pardee might come to the conclusion that a computerised central database of members, updated and regularly scrutinised (but, of course, in the Labor Pardee, "by whom" would be the question), and even electronic voting for the Pardee leadership might be the way to go. Gee... as I see counting still taking place in half a dozen marginal electorates, with re-counts almost a certainty, I wonder where else something like that might work?

I saw some woman on Sky last night make a rather astute observation about the 1000 'missing' votes for Sophie Mirabella's rival being 'found' and added to the vote: can you image, she said, the screams of outrage from the Left if 1000 votes for Sophie Mirabella had magically been 'found'?

Flying Binghi 14th Sep 2013 05:08

Oh, dear..:)

I were thinkin it would be six years before they were viable again. Probably make it nine years...

"...Former prime minister Julia Gillard has hit out at the new rules that govern Labor leadership contests, describing them as "a clumsy attempt" for bad leaders to hold onto power..."

Julia Gillard slams Labor leadership rules as contest between Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese begins - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


tinpis 14th Sep 2013 06:18

Wonder if Russell bought Anthony a beer last night at the Bunnies game?
Anthony was looking wistfully in his direction...

(go you Bunnies!)

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