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Dark Knight 12th Sep 2013 06:20

Prior to drawing up the plans for the NBN, mid flight on the back of an envelope, there was approximately 180,000kms of fibre optic cable throughout the nation.

In addition to this and the copper network there was a comprehensive cable network mainly through out the major cities and large cities/towns.

Technology improved the copper network to give a very significant improvement in speeds with cable providing up to 100 Mbps (I regularly achieve 80-Mbps even though it took 2 years to have cable connected).

In the `pit' in the street out the front of the house there is in the ground fibre optic, copper and cable with cable in the trees across the street.

The sensible objective should be to upgrade to full fibre optic over time whilst utilizing the current networks during the process which would provide continuous improvements in speed throughout the process.

heated ice detector 12th Sep 2013 10:21

Well CFI, without stating the obvious, a bit more rope than I think you are prepared to give x

500N 12th Sep 2013 11:26

I wonder if the local councils will start to move right as well.

I somehow doubt it but it would be nice.

Clare Prop 12th Sep 2013 12:19

Re, Shorten: If he thinks he can put Labor and Mandate in the same sentence he is more delusional than I thought. Is that really the best they can do?

As someone commented on a news site "At least he can't stab himself in the back"

If he appoints himself leader does this mean GG Barbie will resign due to a conflict of interest?

500N 12th Sep 2013 12:26

I didn't think much of what I heard of Shorten's speech.

Re "If he appoints himself leader does this mean GG Barbie will resign
due to a conflict of interest?"

Not while he is in opposition I would think.

And she doesn't have that long to go before a new GG is appointed.

Which is probably lucky as I think she has used up 20 years worth
of travel allowance in 5 years !!! :O

MTOW 12th Sep 2013 23:00

I hope they don't replace Barbie with a Goose.

heated ice detector 13th Sep 2013 00:14

Quentin Bryce,
In 1968, she became the first woman to be a faculty member of the law school where she had studied, and in 1978 she joined the new National Women's Advisory Council. This was followed by appointment to a number of positions, including the first Director of the Queensland Women's Information Service, the Queensland Director of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, and the Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner in 1988. Her services to the community saw her appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia in 1988, and a Companion of the Order of Australia and Dame of the Order of St John of Jerusalem in 2003. In 2011, Elizabeth II invested Bryce as a Commander of the Royal Victorian Order at Government House.
I wish I was half the Barbie that she is.
Be careful attacking this women, she can probably fight back...

bosnich71 13th Sep 2013 00:16

Also a hypocrite. ;)

parabellum 13th Sep 2013 00:49

Yet they lay it under the sea ?
Don't think you would be able to hang the marine fibre optic cable on trees and poles 500N!;)


500N 13th Sep 2013 00:54


That's a bit bigger than the one I have seen laid !

What amazes me was how they fix holes in the fibre optic
cable by splicing in a section and sealing it.

Andu 13th Sep 2013 01:27

Craig Emerson reporting that Kevin Rudd is ALREADY 'backgrounding' journalists (whatever the *** that means) on his return to the Labor leadership.

Any other politician than Rudd, I'd say "bullsh1t". However, with Rudd, I can believe it. I think I even predicted it here yesterday.

Will this man ever shut up? (Rudd, not Emerson.)

500N 13th Sep 2013 01:30

The Liberals have reported hearing the same.

SOPS 13th Sep 2013 02:06

Whoops....another one with 158 on board just arrived. It IS really action time Tony.

As far as Rudd goes, I'm sure he is working on how to get the leadership back. Inside his own head, he would still believe that he is the only one that can save the pardy and Australia.

500N 13th Sep 2013 02:16


I thin you'll find TA takes it slowly with this issue.

Secondly, remember when Rudd was first elected ?
Press conference, Press conference after media grab.

I heard on the Radio today that TA has not given a full media
briefing / interview since the election.

A contrast in styles.

SOPS 13th Sep 2013 02:26

Roger that, 500N.

SOPS 13th Sep 2013 04:35

I'm just watching Albanese speaking. The labor party is nothing short of delusional. It's like the last 6 years never happened.

500N 13th Sep 2013 04:46

I didn't realise until today that the Coalition had gone over 90 seats.

Coalition now 91 seats
Labor 54 seats

A few more to be decided most looking like going to the Coalition
but that is a real smack in the mouth for Labor.

Even they said less than 60 was a very bad result.
Well, they got it.

Labor needs a serious rethink on some of the loony left policies
they implemented.

Hopefully TA will be a good PM and serve a couple of terms and
keep the left out for 8 years so the country can get back on it's
feet before they come in and butcher it again.

SOPS 13th Sep 2013 05:02

500N, most of those really loony left ideas were courtesy of the Watermelons. They really should get themselves far far away from the Greens as quickly as possible, if they haven't already.

500N 13th Sep 2013 05:07


They are bum chums, they can't !
Oh, sorry, Uncle Brown eye Bob has left.

I don't think they will but that is my HO.

Unless the right of the party takes control which
I doubt because too many looney lefties in the
party machine to allow it to happen.

I really do hope TA brings in some policies and laws
that forever restrict the vocal minority (left) from
being to bring tings in in the future.

Maybe we need to spray them with some DTT, AO
or such like so they wither away and die.

SOPS 13th Sep 2013 05:16

Speaking of the loonie left, I see Julian Burnside has popped up to say that the whole of Tasmania should be given over to the country shoppers. Where do these people get it from??:ugh::ugh:

No problem, we will just give a whole Australian state away to whoever decides to rock up in a boat. Why don't we throw in the Harbour Bridge as well? They could earn money from tolls. Oh, to hell with it, give em the whole CBD.

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