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chuboy 11th Sep 2013 08:26

Originally Posted by sisemen (Post 8042447)
and that's what the left will never understand. CP is absolutely correct when she points out that ignorance = sore loser bigots.

The irony being that no one here seems to have any empathy for the views of the 'left'.

sisemen 11th Sep 2013 09:03

HID - is racism a normal part of your persona or do you only bring it out when you want to have a go at me?

heated ice detector 11th Sep 2013 09:42

Sorry sizes, I thought you had bigger shoulders,
Remember I am just an ignorant lefty sore looser.
Are you on your oz or pom passport at the moment?
Out of curiosity can you vote for Mr Cameron as well

Clare Prop 11th Sep 2013 09:44

Wow. It continues....and as each day goes by I am more and more shocked at the level of pure hatred some people show towards their fellow Australians.

A simple comment I made on fb about how at least in a democracy we could have an election without shooting each other produced so many vile comments from lefty people I'm beginning to think they if they DID have guns they would use them on anyone who didn't vote for "their side"...things like "People who voted Lib should be rounded up and shot" confirmed that.

And comments on how could I, a stupid pom who shouldn't even be here, even begin to understand what a terrible disaster this is for our country and I should be "sent home" because it is self employed, independent people like me who have ruined their chance of establishing The Ministry of Truth.

How incredibly ugly the Gillard/Rudd/Brown legacy is. These people are so brainwashed. How did it come to this? I am sad for all those who fought for our freedom, did they die so that people could have the freedom to live a life filled with hate?


Clare Prop 11th Sep 2013 09:47

hid, you are confirming this.

Is it any of your business who anyone else can vote for? Last I heard an election was a secret ballot.

Another freedom that some would love to take away from us.

boofta 11th Sep 2013 09:55

Sadder than their anger is that they believe money grows on trees.
I voted labor in my youth with the same zealous belief that they
would improve my lot, Someone has to pay, and its generally not
labor voting types. The spending spree is over, your nbn will now not
provide internet fast enough for your online gaming or fast porn
download. So lump it suckers and enjoy some tax relief if any of you
actually end up with a productive decent paying job outside of govt,
or dole circles.

Charlie Foxtrot India 11th Sep 2013 10:28

*rummages in handbag for yellow cards*

7x7 11th Sep 2013 11:37

Yeah gents and gentesses... we're drifting rapidly into red card territory, (possibly as planned by some - and you all know who), and risk seeing this thread, like the ones that preceded it, binned.

SOPS 11th Sep 2013 11:44

Keep it calm boys and girls. We got this far, lets not lose what we have at this stage of the precedings. Let the vocal minority ( for that is what they are) vent their spleens, don't bite back and let's keep our forum going. Regards SOPS.

Flying Binghi 11th Sep 2013 12:27

Trivia time...
Just hit 302,000 views this thread..:ooh:

Who'da thunk politics would be so interesting..;)

Solid Rust Twotter 11th Sep 2013 12:51

If Zuma carries on as he is, there should be a load of Saffer asylum seekers washing up on Cottesloe beach in leaky boats. Not to worry about the draughty barracks and lack of electrickery though. We call it camping and have learned how to cope with power outages, which are all too common here now.:}

bugged on the right 11th Sep 2013 13:31

I grew up in an area near Melbourne and was one of the few in my school class who wasn't the offspring of an immigrant. The families of these kids all wanted to be Aussies and put the effort into integration. About the only ones who found it difficult were the elderly who couldn't or wouldn't learn our language. They still watched the football and enjoyed a beer. These people were brought to our country to build our infrastructure and provide a workforce after the war and many had been in dreadful circumstances. They looked at their situation as a new start and I consider them to be warmly welcome.
What I take exception to are the criminals who were let in with no checks and who are permitted to remain, and those who come here bringing their former country's grievances with them.
Whatever the current state of affairs is, our country was founded upon Christian values and if immigrants don't like that then they are not warmly welcome. We do far too much to pander to their idiosyncracies.

500N 11th Sep 2013 15:27

I see "two heads" is up in arms over a photograph !

Sarah Hanson-Young sues magazine over photoshopped bikini pictures

"Australian Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young says ZOO magazine made her look incompetent and immature when they photo-shopped her head onto the body of a lingerie clad model."


Solid Rust Twotter 11th Sep 2013 15:35

Kind of pointless them doing that, don't you think Mr N?

She seems to save them the trouble every time she flaps her gums.:confused:

sisemen 11th Sep 2013 15:35

What does she mean that the magazine made her look immature and incompetent? I thought that was her natural look.

500N 11th Sep 2013 15:38

Well yes, agree.

I was going to put a comment about the photo in that article,
that she looks an incompetent fool in that photo provided but
deleted it because I keep copping flack on here.

500N 11th Sep 2013 16:09

Sorry, I just had to :O


Andu 11th Sep 2013 22:11

At the risk of causing SHY further offence, to me, that photograph is a clear case of the male dilemma commonly called "butter"*.

* Butter? As in, "Nice, bod; but 'er face..."

I really don't think anyone could do a better job making SHY look and sound like a fool than she does herself, every time she opens her mouth. I do think, however, that she's been taking elocution lessons lately. Her voice has dropped an octave and it isn't quite as annoying as it was in her squeaky days (or should that be 'daze'?).

500N 11th Sep 2013 22:16

"she's been taking elocution lessons lately."

Did you notice Joooooolllliiiiaaaa's voice change after Labor got elected ?
One of the most marked changes in voice I have seen (outside of actors).

500N 11th Sep 2013 23:06


Did the lady (his GF) have the child or not ?

And if so, has he or she ever surfaced ?
(not including the ABC sound recordist :O)

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