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500N 8th Sep 2013 08:51

Had to laugh at this Murdoch quote:-

Australian born media mogul Rupert Murdoch also took to Twitter on Saturday night to offer his analysis of why the Labor party had been tossed from power.

"Aust election public sick of public sector workers and phony (sic) welfare scroungers sucking life out of economy. Others nations to follow in time,"

he wrote.

Re TA, look back 12 months or more, when TA was supposedly unelectable.
He has effectively transformed his image, negated most of the negatives
and also trumped Rudd / Labor on a few of their strengths. Not a bad effort.

I know a fair bit of this election was Rudd / Labor losing it and the natural
change cycle that goes on but I do think it was helped / propelled by TA
becoming more acceptable to the electorate.

At least we won't have the Agenda run by lefties for a while :ok:

Andu 8th Sep 2013 09:09

I'll be very interested to see what occurs, now that TA is PM, when the first AS boat 'gets into difficulties' as an RAN ship approaches it. I think it's a given that the AS boat will capsize; what happens after that will be the interesting bit.

500N 8th Sep 2013 09:25

TA has said he won't be publisizing the arrival of boats - which I think
might be a good thing.

I just hope in the medium term the Navy can be moved on from being
a Taxi service and onto proper Navy operations - I do not consider
AS as proper Navy work.

sisemen 8th Sep 2013 09:47

The left will never forgive Abbott for being the bloke who got rid of Rudd, got rid of Gillard and got rid of Rudd again.

Jack the giant slayer! Except that Krudd and Dullard weren't all that great.

dubbleyew eight 8th Sep 2013 09:54

you guys all seem to miss the big picture.
labor lost the election in stages after it killed the entire beef industry on the basis of a television program.
imagine killing the industry of the northern half of australia and not even believing that it mattered.
a succession of stupidities after that all just helped it to the end.

500N 8th Sep 2013 09:54

Another example of the Left living in fantasy land, blaming TA for it.

Hopefully, TA and the Gov't can put in place things that mean that
the left and their stupid mantra don't ever get the upper hand again.

One thing I really hope he does is a has a big clean out of the Public Service
of all the do gooders that do nothing but write BS rules and regs to hinder
everyone else, solely so they can "control" something because they are too
stupid to actually do anything productive.

Maybe he could ship a fair off to PNG camp to be with their beloved
Asylum Seekers and say, here, you want to mother them, go for it.

Or even put the expense of everything to do with AS back onto some
of these lefty orgs so that any money they do have is spent on policies
they want. Should tie them up for a while and leave little in the way of
money to do anything else.

500N 8th Sep 2013 09:58


That was just ONE, not the first fcuk up.

And you can blame the lefties for it, hence my views above,
tie them all up in knots and tie their money up so they don't
or can't do anything else but fight a rear guard action.

It works, people spend small amounts of $$$ to tie up orgs.

The Vic Gov't has effectively negated Laurie Levy and his anti duck
campaign by passing laws to stop them hindering any legal activities
and he hates it.

bosnich71 8th Sep 2013 10:07

Ken ...."standby for incoming" ... there's certainly been lots of bilious 'outgoing' from the Labour party and their mates over the past 6 years so you will no doubt receive a lot coming your way.
As you sow so shall you reap etc.etc.

Flying Binghi 8th Sep 2013 11:28

Control of the Senate ?...

500N must love this crew...

"..."We wouldn't stop him from getting rid of the carbon tax," he said.
"But when it comes to his big spending plans he may be in trouble, such as direct action on climate change and his paid parental leave - he won't be getting any support from us.

We would much rather have tax cuts .. a flat 20 per cent income tax rate and giving people the right to carry concealed weapons for their personal safety..."

Gun-loving Liberal Democrats pull off greatest election fluke | News.com.au


7x7 8th Sep 2013 11:35

Paul Murray reporting that Sarah TwoDads looks like holding on to her Senate seat.

(Sigh!) That means we will be forced to endure her tears when every boat arrives and its passengers are 'tortured' and 'subjected to cruel and unusual punishment' by the cruel Mistarabbit.

It would seem that the majority of potential Katter voters didn't like Crazybob's idea to preference Labor ahead of the Libs.

Am I alone in thinking that Clive Palmer will go stir crazy sitting on the crossbenches where, in the Lower House at least, because of the numbers, he'll have little to no influence? His man (or men?) in the Senate might be a different matter, but in the Lower House, (to use a word most here will be familiar with, if in a different context) - zip!

Ken Borough 8th Sep 2013 12:38

Clive will amuse, bemuse and confuse us for the next 3 years if he wins the seat. Someone said last night during the election coverage that Parliament won't be a dull place when Clive 'lets go' with the benefit of Parliamentary Privilege. Newman and Murdoch won't be amused either!

SOPS 8th Sep 2013 13:18

First one, with 88 on board, just arrived. Time for action Tony.

RJM 8th Sep 2013 17:10

The Greens proved yet again that their 'integrity' is a sham. In my electorate, they preferences the Climate Sceptics Party ahead of Nick Xenophon. The reason is that Xenophon Is likely to take votes from the Greens.

With well less than a quota of first preference votes and getting into the Senate on preferences, SHY barely has a mandate to open her mouth in the Senate, let alone try to defy the will of the lower house.

500N 8th Sep 2013 18:28

Mandate, will of the lower house.

Yes, I think we will hear those words a few times as TA clearly has
a mandate to implement everything he stood on. It will be interesting
to see what happens with the Senate.

Takan Inchovit 8th Sep 2013 20:21

Julie Bishops interview Sunday, was asked along the lines if she would have any overseas appointments for the (Kevvy) seeing as Labor had appointed Libs in the past.
Her reply after a brief, cold, straight and icy stare, "Nothing springs to mind!" :D

500N 8th Sep 2013 20:31

She should have said New Zealand or Antartica :O

I don't think Kevin would go down well in a lot of countries.

Then again, China is probably one of the only one's he would want.

Worrals in the wilds 8th Sep 2013 21:51

TA has said he won't be publisizing the arrival of boats - which I think
might be a good thing.
Certainly for the Libs, particularly if they keep coming :suspect:. Labor also tried the 'Boats? What boats?' technique with a devastating lack of success. I assume the trusty boat-watch brigade will keep the reports coming, which is more than can be expected from the MSM :hmm:.

Bad luck about Hanson Young.

As for Palmer, my theory is that he never expected to get in and just ran to annoy the Qld LNP (the L part in particular). Just my hunch, but if he clears the line it should be interesting. I had a squizz at the counts of a few electorates I was interested in, and all reported a big swing to 'other'. That would be the PUP in almost all cases; certainly worth watching.

The other theory is that as his mining and property interests aren't travelling so well (anyone want a nickel mine, a slightly used renovator's delight?:E) he may be looking for a third career. So far, looking at the polls he seems to be pretty good at it.

MTOW 8th Sep 2013 21:58

My guess is that if Clive gets up and wins his seat, he'll outdo Bob Katter in the number of sitting days where he's absent, and I understand that will take some doing.

Is there a minimum number of days that a member must attend Parliament to maintain his seat?

MTOW 8th Sep 2013 22:14

Worrals, I wouldn't be too upset if news of new boat arrivals was kept low key so long as they were being either turned back or the country shoppers were sent back immediately. Where at first glance that might sound self-defeating, the people who matter - those waiting to catch the next boat - would learn about the returning boats PDQ. (Basically, what I'm saying is that I'm looking forward to a government that actually DOES something rather than one that daily TELLS us what it's GOING to do - and never does it.)

However, I don't think a low key publicity policy would work for one moment, for the Australian MSM, having magically re-discovered its collective investigative journalist gene, (after mysteriously losing it, at least for anything to do with government mismanagement, for the last six years), will have camera crews littering the south coast of Java chomping at the bit to film each and every heartbroken (and preferably photogenic) 'refugee' and get every heart-wrenching detail of his (or preferably her) tale of woe to fill our nightly news bulletins. (It might prove amusing to see them squeeze such a tale of woe from one of those steroided monsters we saw getting off the boats on the Michael Smith site.)

Abbott baaaaaad - the mantra for the A(L)B(P)C, which we are about to hear daily.

500N 8th Sep 2013 22:33

Gees, the media are getting stuck into Kevin's speech and tearing it to shreds
on the basis it was so far removed from reality.

I think we all suspected he would speak like he did.

22 minutes, longer than Abbott's victory speech :ugh::ugh:

The guy really is delusional.

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