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500N 7th Sep 2013 23:33

Dead right.

Milne is a wannabe, fallen into the leadership by default instead
of by being a leader. Two Dads, well, she is everything I dislike
about that type.

The Captains pick got in. I hope he performs, it will be a slight
on her if she doesn't.

Like This - Do That 8th Sep 2013 00:09

From that most curious of provinces, north of the Tweed, PUP appears to have successfully put The Brick With Eyes into the Senate! Queensland, QUEENSLAND, HE PLAYED FOR NEW SOUTH WALES!!!! :D

parabellum 8th Sep 2013 00:24

I watched the results come in on Channel Nine and could not believe the number of negative remarks that were twittered when it became obvious that Labour had lost, about one in five only were positive comments.

This leads me to wonder, do only morons t w i t t e r on Ch9 during election results?:E

Worrals in the wilds 8th Sep 2013 00:31

Parabellum? Yes.

From that most curious of provinces, north of the Tweed, PUP appears to have successfully put The Brick With Eyes into the Senate! Queensland, QUEENSLAND, HE PLAYED FOR NEW SOUTH WALES!!!!
He played though. Actually I'm surprised at the level of support for Palmer,but he must have done something right.

Alfred E Neumann would be an improvement on Milne or TwoDads.
A hairy nosed wombat would be an improvement :}. They're moronic even by Green standards. If comrade SHY loses her seat it will be one of the few bright spots of the election.

alisoncc 8th Sep 2013 00:42

I will be running a book on how long before all the current crowing turns to whinging. Odds are pretty good for ten to twelve weeks, although there's a significant interest in six months.

Howard Hughes 8th Sep 2013 01:43

Depends on the date. In case you forgot the Murdoch press propelled Krudd the Dud into power in 2007.
Number one son was born the day before the 2007 election, have a Murdoch paper from that day extolling the virtues of Kevin 07. It would appear Mr Murdoch just like to be on a winner, doesn't really matter who they play for, just so long as he sells papers/digital subscriptions...

PUP appears to have successfully put The Brick With Eyes into the Senate! Queensland, QUEENSLAND, HE PLAYED FOR NEW SOUTH WALES!!!!
And we've been hopeless since he retired! ;)

Andu 8th Sep 2013 01:57

Odds are pretty good for ten to twelve weeks
alisoncc, I give myself two weeks tops.

Good to see that Bolt and his panelists this morning (including two Labor men, De Costa and Mundine) pointed out Rudd/Hawker's blatant attempt to re-write history with that 'curious' concession speech. I thought "my fellow Australians" in Goughspeak was a step too far.

Bolt and his panelists also pointed out Rudd's very poor taste crack about his Liberal opponent. The man remains what he's always been, a tool and a fake, and no amount of Labor-leaning revisionist "history" with gainsay that.

heated ice detector 8th Sep 2013 02:21

Abbotts not a tool, tools are useful,
I suppose those Libs were double voting again, can't trust them:E

RJM 8th Sep 2013 02:35

We're better off without Rudd even in the political system, although his type will always be there.

The truth will come out eventually about Rudd's scheming, frauds and lies.

Abbott, by contrast, is a decent bloke. Just the man for the job. Abbott’s biographers will find that, despite his degrees in law and economics, his years at Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship, and his years in a seminary, he has never aspired to be anything other than decent

Parliamentary maiden speeches must be the definition of gloss and optimism, but they do also indicate character. Even if you don't share Abbott's Christian faith, it's clear he's either a good man or a shameless liar.

When he made his maiden speech to Parliament on May 31, 1994, Abbott began: “On the corner of Castlereagh and Hunter streets in Sydney stands a monument to mark the site of the first Christian service in Australia. The preacher, the Reverend Richard Johnson, took as his text: ‘’What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits towards me?

“It is just a small stone obelisk hardly noticed by the thousands of passers-by and dwarfed by skyscrapers, yet its message of faith and hope is fundamental to our nation’s success and the key to Australia’s future.

“The congregation at that first service was poorer, sicker, and less trained than any conceivable group of modern Australians, yet there was nothing small about what they were to achieve. Our challenge, 200 years later, is to have hearts that are just as big. So at this opening of my time in parliament, I place on record my deep conviction that, nourished by the past and inspired by our great ideals, there is no limit to what Australia can achieve. Also, I want to record my deep conviction that our Australian story should fill our hearts with pride and our eyes with tears.

“It is a story of the dispossessed and the outcast, redeemed through the innate goodness of humanity - a society challenged by nature, tested by war, enlarged by other cultures and blessed by such peace, prosperity and tolerance that we are now the envy of the Earth.”

When Rudd made his maiden speech four years later, on November 11, 1998, he said bluntly: “Politics is about power."

It's early days yet, and politics is a practical rather than idealistic business, but I'm looking forward to better days ahead, and particularly to feeling more pride in my country and more respect for the people who manage it.

SOPS 8th Sep 2013 03:08

So at 11.00 am WST, does anyone have an update on the fate of Two Dads?

And in other news, it's just been reported here that 30 Iranian country shoppers have decided there is no place like home and have asked to return to Tehran.

Takan Inchovit 8th Sep 2013 03:41

Abbott, by contrast, is a decent bloke. Just the man for the job. Abbott’s biographers will find that, despite his degrees in law and economics, his years at Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship, and his years in a seminary, he has never aspired to be anything other than decent
Sadly, 'decent' could become an Achilles heel.

Ken Borough 8th Sep 2013 04:54

Now that the Coalition has won office, I wonder what the right wing shock jocks and scribblers like Jones, Hadley, Price, Bolt, Akerman, Albechtson and fellow travellers will rail against? To whom will they now direct their bilious opinions? :yuk::yuk:

It would be so good to have a balanced and objective media that actually reports the news rather than one that forces its opinion and interpretation of the news. A good start would be to get rid of talk-back radio in all of its forms.

...standing by for incoming!

Andu 8th Sep 2013 05:24

Ken, have you ever listened to Hadley on 2GB since the Libs took over at State level in NSW? He (and the other presenters, including, I'm told, Jones - I wouldn't know, because I can't handle listening to him) have given them more than a hard time when they consider they aren't delivering the goods. That's what shock jocks do. It's what the regulars here will do if CFI (a big thank you from me too, CFI) and the site owners allow this or a similar thread to continue.

I for one am sure that Tony Abbott will do some things that I will disagree with, (or, if, as someone who doesn't lower himself to listen to commercial radio, you'd prefer "up with which I will disagree.")

Ken Borough 8th Sep 2013 05:37


I refuse to listen to those who SHOUT at me! So, I won't have the dubious pleasure of Hadley haranguing the NSW Govt except when I visit my friendly green-grocer.

I hope TA makes a good fist of his privilege as he now has plenty of good-will behind him. I think his biggest challenge will be to hose down some of the more right wing members of his flock. Apart from the xenophobic, I think most thinking Australians would like to see an even handed administration but they also realise that TA has some debts to acquit.

Love your use of English - it seems that you were learnt to talk and write proper! :ok:

500N 8th Sep 2013 05:42

TA and the other Liberals will know that they don't have that much of a lead that means they can walk over everybody and then Labor would win in 4 years.

If TA can fix the economy and people feel more secure, that will go a long way.

Capetonian 8th Sep 2013 06:55

The main election issues were ........... how to reduce the number of migrants arriving from Asia by boat.
......."Scrapping the carbon tax and stopping the boats are the two most urgent priorities," Mr Abbott said.

"Obviously, we will swiftly implement Operation Sovereign Borders and one component is a much more active programme of intercepting vessels and where possible turning them around - rather than escorting them to Christmas Island."
Good on the Aussies for electing a PM who is sensible, or as he will now be branded by some, racist, for wanting to concentrate on this. No country should be the receptacle for other countries' problems, and this is something the useless UN hot air shop should be dealing with and tackling at source.

Let's hope the rest of the world wakes up this soon. Meantime, I wish could emigrate to Oz!

500N 8th Sep 2013 07:02


I think you'd find that one hell of a lot of Aussie would not be called
racist if that was the case. Only die hard lefties want to molly coddle
AS and provide everything for free.

Even those who don't have a problem with AS in general realised
it all became too much and something needed to be done and will
now be done by TA and his team.

The days of all the BS are hopefully over and a more structured
system put in place.

As for the hot air UN, yes, well, don't expect anything to be done
soon if the past is anything to go by.

Re Labor, hopefully the last 6 year of instability will have them
reflecting like the Libs did for years after their instability.

onetrack 8th Sep 2013 07:23

I notice there has been hardly a mention of the 1.5% tax cut to businesses, as promised by Abbott.
Gina Rinehart and Twigg Forrest must be doing Toyota-style leaps, right about now!
With the new people in Govt, there's a hotline through to Canberra, mining concessions galore, and increased amounts of production from lesser-taxed mining! - "Woo-hoo! - here comes my next billion!!" :D:D

A lot of people who are falling about in worship of the incoming Govt, (who according to the disciples of the Coalition, are reputedly going to right all the "massive spending" problems of the previous Govt) - need to realise, that a substantial reduction in business tax means a major shortfall in tax receipts - that will have to be made up by ordinary PAYE workers. Look out for subtly increased taxation on all the so-called "middle class". :{

Notice how, in the ABS figures below. in the 6 years from 2006 to 2012, business pressure has seen the tax receipts from business reduce by 2% - while the tax receipts from individuals has increased by 2%.
This occurred in a period when in excess of 80% of businesses in Australia reported substantially increased profits! One would have expected increased tax receipts from business, during that period. :(

5506.0 - Taxation Revenue, Australia, 2011-12

This trend can only get worse, as the Coalition suddenly finds that "the books are really much worse than we thought, so we have to introduce these new taxes". Look for an increase in GST during the term of this Govt. :(

Australia might be "under new management" - however, there's little guarantee though, that the "clients" are going to get a better deal, despite the new management.
I have this horrible premonition that all the prices just went up in the shop, under this "new management".

Flying Binghi 8th Sep 2013 07:40

Meanwhile, over in Syria...

"Syria: Al-Qaeda seizes Christian village that still speaks ancient language of Christ, smashes statue of Mary, threatens villagers to convert to Islam.

A branch of al-Qaeda fighting in the Syrian civil war has seized one of the few remaining villages where the original language of Christ is still spoken, residents say. Fighting raged through the picturesque mountain village of Maaloula, near Damascus, on Thursday, as the regime launched a counter-attack against the rebels...."

Jihad Watch


RJM 8th Sep 2013 08:24

one track, the 1.5% tax cut was recommended to Labor by the Ken Henry tax review in 2011, but Labor ignored it basically because they needed very bit of tax income they could get. The 1.5% cut will reduce the $74 billion tax take to about $72 billion. It will also offset all of the 1.5% paid parental leave levy to be paid by the top 3200 tax paying companies.

The 1.5% cut comes with other measures aimed at increasing productivity in the non-mining sector. As Ken Henry said, the main beneficiaries of the tax cut will be workers.

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