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bosnich71 7th Sep 2013 13:04

Kodachrome ..... Oh dear it didn't take long did it?
You obviously haven't been paying attention for the past 6 years. :=

Worrals in the wilds 7th Sep 2013 13:11

Well I, for one, am looking forward to our third world infrastructure...
Nah don't be rude, the Bruce is a great highway. Who needs emergency stopping lanes, divided motorway and overtaking lanes that give enough space to overtake without accelerating to 140 kmph (not that anyone would do that :E)? That's for European/Yank wimps! Us big tough Queenslanders should be grateful that the main artery for the second biggest state is sealed, what a bunch of wimps for demanding anything better! It's a big country ya know....sit down, keep driving and don't make a single error of judgement, or your family will be buying one of those little crosses that pepper the trip north/south :(.

Anyone would think the joint was trying to attract tourists or something. :uhoh::}

EDIT: gotta say, now the battle's lost and won... I didn't like the partisan headlines in the Courier Mail, and I won't be buying it again. I realise papers take an editorial POV and I have no problem with that, within reason. However, I primarily buy a paper for the news, not the editorial. IMO the Courier stepped well past the marker points of fair comment in the last election. They can keep doing that with other people's $1.20, but they won't get mine.

Flying Binghi 7th Sep 2013 13:19

Woman smoking during Beattie interview. Bizarre...


Clare Prop 7th Sep 2013 13:22

Have a look at the infrastructure at our commonwealth airports after Keating's bright idea to flog off the leases so property developers could use them as land banks and turn the bush around them into concrete jungles with a stroke of Garrett's pen.

And remember how Gillard pork barrelled Mellissa Parke's electorate, which includes Jandakot Airport, with 10mil for a practice area for the Fremantle Dockers....more than the airport was sold off for....when an airport her beloved Albo is landlord for that could really benefit from 10 mil rather than squeezing it out of the tenants is just across the freeway.


At least Gillard knew when she was beaten and was graceful in defeat instead of making a speech that would have been more suitable for The Oscars. :yuk:

SOPS 7th Sep 2013 13:37

Any boats on the way tonight?

RJM 7th Sep 2013 13:57

The woman is smoking, but what is it? A tipped cigar? She's not drawing back. She might be a once in a blue moon cigar smoker. In which case she should remove the label.

SOPS 7th Sep 2013 14:18

First tip Tony, sack the whole ABC staff, the interview they are doing with Julie Bishop at the moment is so so left wing, it's like watching Pravda International.

SOPS 7th Sep 2013 14:51

And get rid of this 457 person commenter , sack the lot of them

dubbleyew eight 7th Sep 2013 14:55

the cigarette in the beatty video is an electronic cigarette.

RJM 7th Sep 2013 16:00

Thank you. Never heard of one! Google...

Kodachrome 7th Sep 2013 16:24

First tip Tony, sack the whole ABC staff, the interview they are doing with Julie Bishop at the moment is so so left wing, it's like watching Pravda International.
I suppose you think News Ltd is unbiased and impartial.

sisemen 7th Sep 2013 17:56

Depends on the date. In case you forgot the Murdoch press propelled Krudd the Dud into power in 2007. But don't let facts get in the way of your current deep depression kods

radeng 7th Sep 2013 18:52

What happened to juoolya and what comment has she made?

BenThere 7th Sep 2013 20:57

Sorry I'm a little bit late, but I want to congratulate Australians for this election.

You were voting for your own government, but your rejection of the left wing inspires us all. Thanks for that, and to Tony and the Libs, Godspeed!

Andu 7th Sep 2013 22:07

I've come to the conclusion that the reason Rudd's (non) concession speech was so.... well, 'curious' is the only word that comes to mind... is that he's so unbelievably arrogant and out of touch that he'd prepared only a victory speech, so he went with that and just ad-libbed in a few areas where he acknowledged he'd lost.

I find myself screaming at the radio when I hear Michelle Rowlands crowing about how fantastic she and team are to have increased the Labor vote by 3% in her electorate. Michelle... face it... it had nothing to do with how fantastic you or your team are, but instead, EVERYTHING to do with the hapless idiot the Libs put in against you. When I saw last night that Mr Diaz has lost, I (and I strongly suspect, every man and woman at Liberal Party HQ), was releived. He would have been a huge embarrassment had he got in -a bit like Edward Heath Mark 2, a.k.a. Kevin Rudd, who will be like the ghost of Christmas Past (or a far better analogy, like dead prawns left in the curtain rods by the outgoing tenants) if he remains on the Labor back benches.

What's the bet he'll soon develop a medical condition that will 'require' him to 'unwillingly' retire due to pressing health reasons? I'll bet there are a lot of people in the Labor heirachy hoping against hope that that is true.

Was I the only one who thought Kevni was bunging on his Gough Whitlam voice a few times during that curious speech? You can bet the Labor Luvvies among our MSM will already be re-writing the history of the last six years as they try to turn him into another Gough-like Labor hero.

Sarah TwoDads. Did she survive?

500N 7th Sep 2013 22:09


In one (another) elec where the Labour person won, I think it was Eden Monaro
- Mike Kelly, he admitted that it was more to do with the person he was against was just NOT the right person and over 15 months, people realised that.

Takan Inchovit 7th Sep 2013 22:16

FAO Australia
Check your PMs. :)

FullOppositeRudder 7th Sep 2013 22:31

Sarah TwoDads. Did she survive?
At 0745 this morning, the story seem to be that she won't. We can but hope that this continues to be the case. :E

Nick Xenephon has again received enormous support, and may even get his running mate into the senate. Labor looks like loosing one senator from SA, unfortunately it's not the previous minister for finance who has the #1 spot.

Senate counting is tricky - it will probably take a few days for the picture to sharpen. We had 73 to choose from :bored: - I know other states had even more.

500N 7th Sep 2013 22:51

What about Kneebone, the "Captains Pick" ?

Did she get in ?

I see the Greens have lost a bit of their influence
although I'll admit, Brandt did very well, better than

I think you have the makings of a future Greens leader in him.

7x7 7th Sep 2013 23:19

Alfred E Neumann would be an improvement on Milne or TwoDads.

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