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bosnich71 7th Sep 2013 10:39

Went to vote, in Lalor, JEG's old stamping ground, at 10 am and for the first time in 32 years of attending this state imposed purgatory found the queue out to the gate of the school and down the footpath.It took over 15 minutes just to get inside. And why did so many Labour voters feel the need to bring the kids as well? I know there was a sausage sizzle on the go but .....
Mind you the population around here is increasing by the minute and we are still using the same school entrance hall as we did in 1981.Given that Labour spent over 1 million bucks on a spanking new school hall, and did so again after a couple of Neanderthals burnt the first effort down 2 weeks before the opening ceremony, so make that 2 million, one could have been excused for thinking that the authorities could have used the much larger new place.
Given the conversation on this blog about electoral fraud etc. I did note that the roll that the adjudicator ticked me off on was in very tiny print.Whereas in the past I could read my name upside down, and check that I was indeed ticked off, this time I had to ask the young lady to actually turn the page around so that I could read it. Have the authorities started to use a complete roll for the electorate rather than the truncated version used previously for each individual polling station ? I was also not asked if I had voted anywhere else this day either. I know this because in the past I have always taken great delight when asked that question, in replying, " I may look silly but I can assure you that I am not. Once is enough".
One thing worth the effort of turning up was to be offered a 'how to vote 'sheet by the Melons man and being able to inform him that whilst I may look and am quite old I am definitely not senile yet. Even SWAMBO, who is a lot more caring and gentle than I, also gave him a serve. His look of hurt was our topic of conversation on the way to the pub. :}

SOPS 7th Sep 2013 11:11

Ladies and Gentlemen....the Fat Lady is about to sing....very loudly.

Worrals in the wilds 7th Sep 2013 11:22

You betcha! cowboys 40-22; keep it goin' Matty Bowen!! :ok:
I'm sorry, is there some other game on tonight? Denial is a river in North Queensland. :}

Has Rudd fronted yet or is he hiding under the bed? I see Swan's faced up to channel 10 (in between static :*)... Any sign of Da Leader?

Edit: I'm so stealing the term 'Melons Man'. Gold!!:D

500N 7th Sep 2013 11:25

Melbourne Storm won on a Golden Point !!!

Worse for Labor than I thought it would be.

SOPS 7th Sep 2013 11:36

I'm waiting for the Kev meltdown. He won't handle this well. Oh he is on screen as I type....

I think they have told the rusted on to keep screaming his name so he doesn't break down. Where does Kevvie boy go from here, I can't see him on the back bench for long.

FullOppositeRudder 7th Sep 2013 11:48

Well might we ask:

"Does this bloke ever shut up?" :(

Worrals in the wilds 7th Sep 2013 11:53

Concession speech in progress, and not a bad one by Kev standards.
Guess they're not going to unconstitutionally sieze power or fudge the vote. Sorry fellahs! :}

Your ball, Libs. Play it well... :cool:

Andu 7th Sep 2013 11:54

My thoughts exactly. He's carrying on as if he's won, and the MSM will follow that line and create the myth that Kevni saved Labor from a really terrible defeat. The attempts to sound blokey continue to fall as flat as they've always done.

Will this man ever shut up?

7x7 7th Sep 2013 12:02

Kev's concession speech took 24 minutes.

It was time to zip 23 minutes before it came to a long drawn out end.

Worrals in the wilds 7th Sep 2013 12:09

Julie Bishop's suit...OMG WTF...
1985 just called and said 'darl, it's a bit too much...':E
And more kiddies than Kevvy!

Brief speech though, I'll give her that.

CoodaShooda 7th Sep 2013 12:16

That was Kevin starting his bid to be asked to return to the leadership to 'save' labor once again.

Labor retaining as many seats as it has will help Abbott and the Coalition avoid the arrogance over the next term that they would have exhibited had they picked up 40 seats.

If Abbott succeeds in establishing himself as a decent PM and can keep the Libs in line, he can set them up to wipe labor at the next election.

It will be very difficult for whoever takes the reins as Opposition Leader to gain traction for the forseeable future, given the amount of baggage labor is carrying.

In two years time, when labor is wallowing, who are they going to turn to to mount the challenge? :E

So Kevvie can keep his promise not to 'contest' the leadership. He wants to be begged to take over by party acclaim.

Abbott's biggest problem now is Mr 68%, Malcolm Turnbull.

Worrals in the wilds 7th Sep 2013 12:27

That was Kevin starting his bid to be asked to return to the leadership to 'save' labor once again.
Yeah,and I want a pony. Ain't gonna happen either. He ran, he lost. Goodbye, it's been a displeasure.
So Abbott's thanking the Coalition premiers. Hope he reserves a special thanks for Newman and the Qld LNP who (IMO) secured the remaining Labor vote in Queensland, including Griffith.

It will be very difficult for whoever takes the reins as Opposition Leader to gain traction for the forseeable future, given the amount of baggage labor is carrying.
Not if it's Shorten. If they go with anyone else then you're probably correct. Time that the heavies started getting heavy again (none of this huggy Green stuff), hounded out the rorters and got on with the job of being the political arm of the legitimate Union movement. They've tried the alternative, and we've just seen the result. Show ponies, megalomaniacs and more spin than a record player.

Time to get back to basics, fellahs... and realize that in the age of the internet every racket gets reported somewhere, so don't even :mad:ing bother. :bored:

SOPS 7th Sep 2013 12:35

WITW, I think you are referring to Browyn Bishop's suit...but I could be wrong.

Andu 7th Sep 2013 12:42

I think that curious (to put it mildly) concession speech was phase one of his campaign for the UN job.

The big, no... earth-shattering question will be: if he gets that job,will he take Ted the polar bear with him to Foggy Bottom?

Buster Hyman 7th Sep 2013 12:48

Well, our work here is done!

Now, we hand over to the Lefties so they can whine about when the boats will stop, Workchoices, etc, etc.... Play nice everyone.


Worrals in the wilds 7th Sep 2013 12:48

Nah, I'm sure it was Julie Bishop... on The Project prior to Kevvy's Neverending Story, wearing blue satin with Shoulder Padsand kiddies on each arm. :ouch: It was certainly a Bronwyn moment (honest question; are they related?? :confused:) but I can't find an internet reference off-hand.

I think that curious (to put it mildly) concession speech...
The Tory mate just made the point (albeit blearily via mobile phone and rather a lot of champagne...) that he never actually conceded. He also referred to himself as PM, which while technically correct is still a bit of a worry... bits of 2x4 may be required. :uhoh:

SOPS 7th Sep 2013 12:48

Does Teds fish get to go as well.?

Charlie Foxtrot India 7th Sep 2013 12:51

Thanks guys :O It's been fun!

Just got back from an after party for my local member who won his seat by 60%. He's a legend who has helped me out during two very tricky aviation related matters, the proposed closure of Jandakot Airport and an incident during CHOGM which took 19 months to get people from Albanese's department to admit they totally ****ed it up when they sent an FA/18 skygod who didn't know ADIZ procedures after me!

He knows I'll be making sure they stick to this, especially the third bullet point.

The Coalition?s plan for Aviation | Liberal Party of Australia

Now, time to get back to work! :D

Kodachrome 7th Sep 2013 12:52

Well I, for one, am looking forward to our third world infrastructure, 19th century social policies and a departure from proven, effective economic principals. Should be good for a laugh.

Of course the real winner tonight was Rupert Murdoch, who bought himself a Prime Minister.


sisemen 7th Sep 2013 13:00

Of course the real winner tonight was Rupert Murdoch, who bought himself a Prime Minister.
It didn't take long for them to come creeping out of the woodwork. :(

It's bit like marsh gas. Sits on the bottom putrifying for a while and then belches to surface poisoning the atmosphere at inappropriate moments.

But who really cares......Australia is now rid of the most dysfunctional mob of shysters that (apart from Whitlam's trend setting attempt) has ever been this country's misfortune to have.

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