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probes 6th Sep 2013 07:03

being educated: :)
BBC News - Australian election: Ten things

Worrals in the wilds 6th Sep 2013 09:03

The Courier Mail is the only daily paper for Brisbane, although you can of course get copies of the SMH, Australian, et al from interstate. So I suppose it is the major paper by default?
Or the Cairns Post, which IMO is a much better paper. The Sunday Mail isn't bad, but these days the Courier's largely a pale imitation of the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

Tens of thousands of magnifying glasses have been ordered for voting booths in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland to help voters when they are confronted with a metre-long senate ballot paper.
(From Probes' article) Ahh, the ol' toilet roll ballot paper :E. Trying to fit it into the booth counter is an uphill battle (I voted early). I ended up putting it against the wall. :ouch: I could feel the :rolleyes::rolleyes: from the electoral staff behind me and the muttered 'Jeez, she's filling out the whole thing' commentary. :E

SOPS 6th Sep 2013 11:46

Well team, in a few hours we will finally be off and running. I look forward to meeting you all here around 7.30 EST time tomorrow. I think it's going to be fun. Goodnight all and see you in the morning.:ok:

Andu 6th Sep 2013 12:13

How long a honeymoon will we give Tony?

What do you reckon? Monday? That should be when we all start complaining that he's not getting it right.

CoodaShooda 6th Sep 2013 12:40

Why wait that long?:E

500N 6th Sep 2013 12:44

I wonder what time someone will call it ?

About 9.30pm ?

Andu 6th Sep 2013 12:47

I can't help but feel the result will be in by 9.00. Maybe even earlier.

I really don't think we'll have to wait for the Sandgropers.

500N 6th Sep 2013 12:52

Agree, I don't think we'll need the Sandgropers,
I think you might be right though.

I am not sure when other elections have been called
as don't take a huge amount of notice so 9.30pm was
a bit of a guess from me.

SOPS 6th Sep 2013 13:11

Having flown home, to WA, ready for the election, you are correct . Our votes here never count. So I am relying on all of you, in those largely unexplored parts east of us to deliver the goods.:ok:

7x7 6th Sep 2013 13:12

Oh.. my.. God.

I just saw KRudd's polar bear speech. I really think if a psych were to study that, he'd come to the conclusion that the man purporting to be a Prime Minister talking to a polar bear is stark raving bonkers.

Or to put it another way, certifiably insane.

SOPS 6th Sep 2013 13:15

Link please

500N 6th Sep 2013 13:16

OK, I missed this.

WTF is the Polar bear speech ?

A link if possible ?

(I have a degree in Psych :O)

Flying Binghi 6th Sep 2013 13:36

Polar bear speech..:rolleyes:

Meanwhile, Bill Glasson and co do a bit of singing...:cool:

One Day More - Griffith Volunteers - YouTube


RJM 6th Sep 2013 13:42

Thank you to the Griffith Campaign Volunteers - YouTube

This is the 'Polar bear speech'.

I prefer the thank you video of Rudd's opponent, above. It doesn't make me feel queasy.

500N 6th Sep 2013 20:55

And we are off and racing.

Rudd's mouth is going flat out and it's not even 7.00am

Abbott has his budgie smugglers on and is trying not to
put his foot in it.

The Greens are trying not to look dull, bring and, well Green.

Palmer is rolling down the hill to the both, Katter is providing
shade under his 10 gallon hat and all the minor parties are
trying to keep up.

God today is going to be boring !!!

7x7 6th Sep 2013 22:10

Hmmmmm... I see that the Pickering site is having 'technical difficulties', preventing log on or the reading of posts.

On election day.... Who'd'vethunkit?

Obviously a coincidence.

Nothing to see here, FOLKS, move along.

Andu 6th Sep 2013 22:25

Like quite a few others, I've always suspected that Kevin Rudd's endgame (for want of a better word) has been for many years, to get himself appointed to the top job (Secretary General) at the UN.

However, after viewing the thank you video with Ted the Polar Bear, (which reporter Latita Burke says on her blog was filmed back in May[!!!!]), I'd have to say that surely, even an organisation as dysfunctional as the UN would baulk at employing the man as a bloody janitor.

Some are saying the 'Ted the Polar Bear' lines were included at the suggestion of his expert advisors, possibly the imported Americans. Surely that couldn't be true. I find myself wondering if the American 'experts' brought in from Team Obama will actually put their time in Australia in 2013 on their CVs. Somehow, I think not. It would read better to most potential employers if they lied and said they were serving in the chemical warfare division of the Al Nursa Brigade in Syria in August-September 2013.

Andu 6th Sep 2013 22:29

I saw this on the Piers Ackerman site. It reflects my own concerns exactly.

What deeply concerns me, and what the betting agencies and pollsters don’t take into consideration, is the old Labor war cry: “Vote early and vote often”. How can this be possible, that we have such an antiquated system of voting in a highly advanced IT environment?

I suspect that in the weeks following the election, we will see marginal electorates retained by Labor, but with a high number of multiple votes. Let’s not be naive and dismiss multiple voting. Labor has conducted a ruthless, dirty campaign. Rudd lies with absolute conviction. He brought in US ‘attack dogs’ from Obama’s campaign. Labor and the unions will stop at nothing to win this and they will have an army of people voting more than once.

And what will the AEC do to prevent this from happening? There’s bugger all they can do to prevent it. How many people have you heard of, who have voted more than once and they don’t even get fined? Labor and the unions have spent millions of dollars in advertising in this campaign, so a minor fine is not going to deter them.

When Mrs Mackie and I were voting, at an early voting centre, the AEC representative asked us if we had already voted in this election. Mrs Mackie quipped, “Not so far”. We all laughed - but it is not at all funny.

When the Coalition is elected on Saturday night, one of their priorities should be to put the cleaners and IT experts through the AEC to prevent multiple voting from ever happen again.

Some democracy we have in Australia, where one person’s vote can be negated by another person’s multiple votes.

Worrals in the wilds 6th Sep 2013 22:58

Don't stress, Andu. When the run's on, the run's on, and it's on.

“Vote early and vote often”. How can this be possible, that we have such an antiquated system of voting in a highly advanced IT environment?
Let me guess; Piers Ackerman comes from a big city, and his idea of travelling to a remote place involves a weekend retreat to Port Douglas.

The voting system has to work everywhere. That includes remote places, desert communities, places where the ballot box comes around on a dinghy (as I believe they do in the Torres Strait)... it has to work even when the internet is down (or hasn't made it to the area yet), when the phones are intermittent and there's an unseasonal flood in progress.

There's a reason servos on Cape York still use the old fashioned bowsers, where you have to read the amount off the front. It's not because they're backward (well,not entirely :E) but because the bloody things don't break down. In a sandy environment that frequently floods and is two days drive from the nearest petrol bowser repair man, reliability is what you need, particularly when you run the only servo in a three hundred km radius. Not fancy gadgets that work great in the middle of Melbourne but fall down dead the first time some idiot nudges them with his new off road camper trailer. :ugh:

Likewise voting methods. While the paper and pencil method is prone to rorting (although they take steps against it as parabellum posted a few days ago) it works, every time and for everyone.

There's an easy question for Ackerman if he wants some fancy new method; will it work in Aurukun in the wet season? If it won't (or if no-one can figure out how to use it when it arrives in a box complete with instructions devised by a government department :ooh:) then it's back to the IT drawing board, ol' son.

heated ice detector 6th Sep 2013 23:08

I suspect the independants will do well as I think no one really wants to vote for either major party
today's the day the polar bears have their picnics

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