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FullOppositeRudder 1st Sep 2013 06:20

Professor who??

What does the University of Adelaide stand for? - Michael Smith News

bosnich71 1st Sep 2013 08:10

Sise ... the problem in the near future will be the arrival of those who don't measure up to the honesty of the present 'Joe Blows'. and I always take my own pen.

parabellum 1st Sep 2013 10:11

sisemen 1st Sep 2013 10:38

It's probably about now that a youtube "Downfall" clip will appear which will demonstrate the ranting and raving of Krudd after the Treasury officials queered his pitch.

I don't think that I would have liked to be anywhere near when he blew his top over that one. And one wonders whether Bowen and Wong suddenly had an epiphany when they saw him in full flight.

Takan Inchovit 1st Sep 2013 10:46

Loved 'Unco' Garretts solo. :}

Worrals in the wilds 1st Sep 2013 12:08

An article in Saturday's Courier suggested that Wong was always against the costing debacle, fearing that it would go horribly wrong. The impression they gave was that Bowen overrode her and went with the big sting, only to have the wasp turn back and bite him. :ouch:

There are three possibilities here, and they're all intertwined.
1. Treasury aren't as Labor biassed as has been suggested,
2. Treasury know damned well that they'll be Under New Management come next week and
3. Many decent senior public servants hate being used as political pawns, even if they're personally aligned to a particular side. It's not their role, and shame on Rudd for trying to drag them into a political advertising campaign. Apart from any ethical considerations it would have been both smart and courteous to word them up first. That obviously didn't happen.

7x7 1st Sep 2013 13:09

From the Catallaxy Files

Therese, you should have warned us six years ago!

Posted on 9:02 pm, September 1, 2013 by Poor Old Rafe

Therese Rein introducing her husband at the Labor launch this morning:

I want to introduce a husband who when sent to Bunnings for a mozzie candle, one mozzie candle, comes back with Roman flares, blu-tac, an extension cord, potting mix, a step ladder, secateurs, but no mozzie candle.

This was the man who was “sent out” to be a fiscal conservative and put an end to reckless spending, to address climate change as the greatest moral challenge of our time, and to deliver an educational revolution.

So now we have hundreds of billions of dollars wasted, climate change has practically disappeared from the political agenda, and the educational revolution…?

If only Therese had told us in 2007 how he does the shopping!

RJM 1st Sep 2013 15:22

Rudd has to go. Here is his response on ABC Lateline when confronted with the deliberate fiction of Labor's accusation of a 'fraud on the public' by the Coalition.

TOM IGGULDEN: Mr Rudd says he had good reason to accuse the Opposition of committing a $10 billion fraud on voters.

KEVIN RUDD: Our responsibility as the government in the context of the contest of this election is to make sure that the spotlight is on that quantum and therefore the elements contained within it and in the absence of them providing full details what therefore constitute logical conclusions based on the basis.

What on earth goes on in that guy's head?

500N 1st Sep 2013 15:55


I heard the reason for the $10 billion and what Treasury based it's costings on,
which were figures provided by Labor that were in the public domain. The Libs then provided figures to Treasury which made Treasury release details to the media that contradicted Labor. No wonder Rudd / Labor is pissed off.

But he will keep repeating the $10 bil figure even if it isn't true,
just because Rudd is Rudd and gets him media coverage.

RJM 1st Sep 2013 16:03

What Labor did that was so wrong, afaik, was to announce that Treasury and the other two offices had 'analysed and costed the Opposition's policy' when as you say Labor had given Treasury etc only their best guess at the Coalition policy, based on available information. Understandably, both the Coalition and Treasury etc are pissed off. Rudd stood between two nodding (if worried looking) ministers and lied to the people of Australia. That's the problem, not the accuracy of what Labor gave Treasury.

Rudd's gobbledygook in blue above is his attempt at an excuse for the lie. He says it's the Opposition's fault for not releasing details of its policies. However, he is wrong there too. There is no requirement for the Opposition to provide Rudd or anyone else with details of its policies at any particular time. For the last two elections, Labor, for example, has released details of its policies only at 5pm on the eve of the election. None of this stops Rudd, of course.

500N 1st Sep 2013 16:07


Yes, I didn't express myself well.

I could tell Treasury were pissed off because they were damn quick
to come out once they had the real figures :O

Payback !!!

RJM 1st Sep 2013 16:18

They were used, badly. Rudd is shameless.

Plus Treasury is probably doing its best to make sure they don't have another three years of Rudd.

SOPS 1st Sep 2013 21:40

I will be back in Australia for Election Day, can't wait! And I am predicting Rudd will have a melt down at about 9.00 pm EST. It will a joy to watch:ok:

500N 1st Sep 2013 21:52

Here is a question for all.

Will he be magnanimous in defeat (like others have been) or will he utter the words along the lines of:-

The Electorate is wrong in electing Abbott (if he can bear to use his name)
and they will come to regret it. We were / are the better party to lead Australia.

Andu 1st Sep 2013 22:01

If the polls are even halfway accurate, we won't have to wait for the Sandgropers to wind up their polling.

I suspect though, that there'll be quite a few who'll fall into the trap of voting Labor "so the Libs don't win by too much".

I heard a local Greens candidate spruiking her lines on the ALPBC this morning. She was almost a parody of a Greens candidate, ticking damn near every box, and when asked to give her opinions on any other issue than climate change - sorry, CLIMATE CHANGE - struggled to string three words together.

Sadly, there'll also be a large number of disgruntled Labor voters who'l vote Greens "as a protest", which could be likened to amputating your leg at the knee to fix an ingrown toenail.

500N 1st Sep 2013 22:06

It's a pity some of these Greens weren't planted so as to fertilize the earth.
Enough Shyte in them to grow a forest.

Worrals in the wilds 1st Sep 2013 22:08

I suspect though, that there'll be quite a few who'll fall into the trap of voting Labor "so the Libs don't win by too much".
I hope they don't win by too much. Every time either party wins by a landslide (particularly in the states) they get a 'born to rule' complex and make dicks of themselves for the next three years. :ugh:

The ALP need to work towards bringing back some of these Green voters. Most of them are disaffected Labor anyway, and it's a sad indictment on the current party when they can alienate both their left and right wing supporters at the same time.:rolleyes:

SOPS 1st Sep 2013 22:08

When the election is over, I predict Rudd will be gone within a week.

500N 1st Sep 2013 22:13

He should resign on the night !

RJM 1st Sep 2013 22:43

And pay for the bye election that will follow. :*

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