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500N 30th Jul 2013 15:13

I saw her on TV the other day ranting about this, that and the other.

God she comes across as a wet one if ever such a thing existed.

She is the classic "don't do this, don't do that, can't do this, can't do that,
must protect everybody".

500N 30th Jul 2013 20:47

Rudd is going all out.

"US President's 'digital attack dog' among the big guns called in for PM's campaign."

I haven't read the article in the Age.

FullOppositeRudder 30th Jul 2013 23:58

I saw her on TV the other day ranting about this, that and the other.

God she comes across as a wet one if ever such a thing existed.

She is the classic "don't do this, don't do that, can't do this, can't do that,
must protect everybody".
I am consumed with shame and embarrassment to think that she actually was put in power by the people of my state. :{

The hope the rest of them have learnt from this mistake, and don't repeat it next time around. :=

500N 31st Jul 2013 00:01

Well it is going to be really interesting to live without her as my rep.

That is for sure.

sisemen 31st Jul 2013 01:51


Ovation 31st Jul 2013 05:22

From the front page of the Australian newspaper today (31/07), an article relating to the transfer of illegal immigrants from Christmas Island to Manus Island PNG .

"AFP ready for transfer unrest" along with picture of .50 cal ammo boxes and other boxes with the label "ammunition incendiary". Does that mean the AFP are going to shoot them if/when they get out of hand, or is this strictly for home consumption because there's an election coming up and Rudd wants us to know he's tough?

500N 31st Jul 2013 05:48


It doesn't show on line but would love to see it.

The AFP with 50 cals scares the hell out of me !!!

Andu 31st Jul 2013 06:48

With this current government, it's almost a given that any .50 cal weapon issued to the AFP would be a bloody paint gun. (Shades of the poor Israelis who were sent in to intercept the Turkish 'relief' boat off Gaza armed with paint guns.)

The meedja today are all saying "no boats in three days", trumpeting this as a victory of sorts for Krudd. However, Michael Smith News has HMAS Maryborough unloading people at Christmas Island and another boat in difficulties close to the Java coast and its occupants rescued by a passing cargo ship. Initial reports suggest that the survivors have been returned to Java, but not yet confirmed.

If the weather has been too bad for the flight to Manus to miss out on landing at Christmas Island, this might also help explain the reduced flow of boats - but if Micheal Smith is to be believed, despite what the ALPBC says, the flow hasn't stopped.

Getting a little bit serious for one moment: in what circumstances would the AFP use a .50 cal? Or even a belt fed 7.62? Sarah Hanson-two-dads would have an attack of the vapours at the very thought of it - that's if she had any idea what a .50 cal was, which I very much doubt, except that it must be a "very bad thing". I heard her making a statement on the radio this morning and had to resist throwing something at the radio. The woman has no idea.

500N 31st Jul 2013 07:01


The AFP have built up a nice little army, well equipped, I think they have served in quite a few places - Timor for one, Solomons for another.

Just like every police force, they like to build their own private armies.

Where would they use one or a belt fed MG ?

Don't know, maybe overseas but Christ I wouldn't want them letting loose
in Australia or suburbia, you would have bullets going through 5 houses in
a row. Agree, why do they need a belt fed 7.62 ?

Re the photo with "ammunition incendiary", WTF do they need incendary
ammo for anyway, (or did the media just pluck a file photo from the internet ????).

Here is a story for you. Exercise in Victoria, Terrorist situation,
Vic Pol surround, prepare for Assault, Army AT Team (be it SAS
or other) arrive, Police say they will do it, word comes down
from above, no you won't, Army in command !!!

Anyway, trying to see a photo so will wait for it to come on line.

sisemen 31st Jul 2013 07:06

It doesn't show on line but would love to see it.
Here ya go!


500N 31st Jul 2013 07:13

50 cal on Xmas Island ?????????

Jesus, fire it, it would go through all the houses, off the end
of the island and a few kms out to sea.

Can someone honestly tell me why they need a 50 cal on Xmas island ?
Hell, if you have a riot, you have the SAS boys just down the road
(or across the sea !!!) who could be called on.

parabellum 31st Jul 2013 07:19

The whole Manus thing is a 'crock' anyway. The PNG locals are not happy and as soon as the first illegal is murdered the entire programme will come to a stop, permanently. Rudd is bluffing and will delay anyone going to Manus for as long as possible.

7x7 31st Jul 2013 08:01

The whole Manus thing is a 'crock' anyway
I can't help but agree with you, parabellum, but I think it will unravel even before someone gets killed.

The election (Sept 7th?) is the 'end game' of the PNG scheme.

If Labor wins, it will be shelved, (probably quietly, without ever being officially acknowledged). If the Libs win, they will have inherited a total cluste***k, which Labor will exploit to the fullest, totally ignoring the fact that they are totally responsible to the alien monster growing in Australia's collective womb. (Multiple analogies there for Sigourney Weaver fans.)

The first raskol to murder an asylum seeker in PNG will become a celebrity, if only in the PNG calaboose system. (Do they still call it 'the calaboose'?) I've lived in the place, if quite some years ago, and I'm told it's even worse today than it was when I was there. Even if it is exactly as it was when I was there, I really can't see how any Australian politician - let alone KRudd!!!! - would have the gonads to actually go ahead with putting foreigners into that community without a very high level (read: extraordinarily expensive) of security. (And guess who'd be paying for that security? AND all the high level of compensation for life for all the survivors - who would without doubt be evacuated to.... Australia, where else?. A familiar phrase comes to mind: "Circumstances will have changed.")

There would be killings within 24 hours of the first arrivals, and that's a fact.

500N 31st Jul 2013 08:07



I haven't been there but a couple of the WO's who trained me
had served there and I think one was there when the Army Major
was killed - I think it was an Army Major.

So yes, the rascals will just look at them as unprotected people
to have a go at.

sisemen 31st Jul 2013 08:20

The election (Sept 7th?) is the 'end game' of the PNG scheme
I'll put money on 5 or 12 Oct.

- - - - - -

Perhaps the .50 cal is resupply for the Navy patrol boats?

500N 31st Jul 2013 08:25

Since when have the Navy been firing off heaps of ammo ?

And since when have the AFP become lackies for the Navy ?

Just my HO.

Worrals in the wilds 31st Jul 2013 10:15

The woman has no idea.
She's a bank teller with a law degree who did a short stint with Amnesty before going into politics. While there's nothing intrinsically wrong with any of that, we're talking about a person who has as much real-world life experience as a Sea World penguin. :hmm:

galdian 31st Jul 2013 10:50

Bit unfair on Sea World penguins WITW (IMHO) :p

Worrals in the wilds 31st Jul 2013 10:58

True ;). At least they took a flight from NZ to the Gold Coast once, albiet in crates. Also, unlike our pollies (from both sides of the House) they regularly mix with average Australians.

Sorry, little waddly guys! :}
Sounds very political. Maybe we've missed something here...:suspect:

500N 31st Jul 2013 11:02

Had SHY and the other greenie bitch standing side by side
speaking on the Green's AS policy.

They sounded and looked like Tweedle dee and Tweedle dumb !!!

And of course it was all fluffy soft and cuddly lefty stuff.

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