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Ovation 19th Jul 2013 08:19

Any bets on Aug 31st?
While I would like to see it sooner rather than later, there are a lot of voters who've made travel plans to be home on 14/09 - plans made long long ago. If the date is switched to an earlier/later one then a lot of voters will be disenfranchised by being away and unable to organise to vote (absentee or postal).

While I was pissed off with the 33 week out announcement, I specifically rescheduled my travel plans to be in Australia and vote on 14/09. I wanted to have the exquisite pleasure of seeing Gillard's concession speech live.

The other issue is how important is it for the ALP to get their referendum across the line? If it's in the frame, it simply can't happen before 14/09 because of constitutional issues, but with such little discussion so far I think it's a dead issue. It won't get across the line anyway, but that's another story.

Rudd has too many enemies within the ALP to risk a date after than the one Gillard nominated, so I reckon he'll go earlier, on time, but not later.

And there's about to be a huge market for second hand tinnies in Daru - a tinny is all they'll need to get to Thursday Island.
So what if they do grab a tinny and land on Thursday Island? It should be a lot easier to send them back to PNG, but their relatives living here will have a meet and greet service with an underground network to get them to South West Sydney or wherever. The Motels in Karumba will need to provide a Koran in the bedside drawer and an arrow pointing to Mecca.

The one big disadvantage for them will be their lack of access to Centre Link.

sisemen 19th Jul 2013 09:41

On ABC 720 Perth just now a whinging apologist for "refugees" (Rights for Refugees Alliance???) just about crying on the airwaves that they're all 100% guaranteed genuine refugees and we shouldn't be so beastly to them.

There was also a very strong indication that the "human rights" mob won't take this lying down. So stand by for lots of bad publicity for Saint Kevni which ensures that his cock-ups (previous and present) are still in the minds of the electorate.

Maybe Krudd has put a lot of hard-left wet liberals (with a small L) offside and won't be getting their vote

Andu 19th Jul 2013 10:08

Maybe Krudd has put a lot of hard-left wet liberals (with a small L) offside and won't be getting their vote
that's all part of the plan, sise... Rudd's Hard (Howard Lite Mark 2) line will drag back the blue collar traditional Labor voters into the fold. Meanwhile, the Greens/Wets will cry out in despair at Rudd's inhumanity and many of them, true blue Lefties to the core, will not vote Labor in protest. But of course, their second preferences will go to Labor.

Done and dusted. You've got to give it to him. He's damn near doubled the Labor vote by pretending to be a Conservative. 2007 all over again, and there seems to be enough people out there who might fall for it. There certainly seems to be among the MSM commentators.

SOPS 19th Jul 2013 10:14

I agree 100% Andu. As I just said in an earlier post, I am getting worried he is going to pull this off.

Flying Binghi 19th Jul 2013 10:18


Reading the last page or so has me scratching me head here.

As others have often reminded us in this thread, it were rudd and the current labor government that is responsible for over One Thousand refugee drownings.... Thats over one thousand people who's last moments were a drowning struggle.

There is also the fact that Costello handed the current labor government a surplus. We just come out of a major mining boom and now have a huge debt.

rudd intends to bring forward the ETS. That will be a hell of a lot of money ripped out of the Oz economy and pissed against the wall for what ?? If yer going to waste money on idiotic ideas best keep it in country and employing Australians.

Theres a lot more then that to work with so get back to the basics and don't be swayed by the last bit of silly talking head TV news yer seen..;)


1DC 19th Jul 2013 10:22

Watching these politics from afar,with about as much interest as i have for our local stuff I have a question.
If, by chance, Mr Rudd manages to pull off what seemed like a miracle a few weeks ago and wins the Federal election is their likely to be some other ultra leftie waiting in the wings ready to have him out and bring the old policies back into play??

SOPS 19th Jul 2013 10:30

1DC I am pretty sure the answer to that question is, yes. Most of the ALP is on record saying they can't stand Rudd, some even down rite dispise him. He is only there because, for some unknown the reason, the great unwashed love him. Win or lose the next election, I think he will be gone within a week.

500N 19th Jul 2013 11:26

On the drive over, the ABC were all over the new scheme
and said. it was a game changer and Abbott would find it
hard to critique it because you can't go much further to the right
and it was not good policy but it was very good politics.

I will be interested to see the polls in 1 - 2 weeks time to
see if this gives Rudd the jump he needs.

Ovation 19th Jul 2013 11:35

News reports are coming through of violent riots breaking out at the Nauru detention centre, now that the inmates have discovered that instead of filling out a form at CentreLink they'll be required to put a bone through their nose and work for a living.

I'll bet Rudd hadn't thought that one through. What's next? Riots on Christmas and Manus Islands?

SOPS 19th Jul 2013 11:40

Apparently, the camp at Naru is on fire, including the newly built hospital, and 300 have escaped. Round them all up, and fly them all straight to PNG.

500N 19th Jul 2013 11:45

If they riot, automatic return to place of origin, no if's, buts or maybe's.

Send the message loud and clear once and for all.

And send a few dead bodies back, that always gets some good media

sisemen 19th Jul 2013 11:51

7.30 Report had a longish piece about the history of Krudd and Gillard and their respective stances on the "refugee" problem. Some very pointed comments about the previous stance of Krudd. Quite strange and maybe bears out the whisper that I heard about the Labor dispossessed calling in favours from the MSM.

Andu 19th Jul 2013 12:02

If Rudd doesn't maintain his new "hard man" (yeah, right) stance over the riot, even the ALPBC will be forced to say the hard man stance is fake and all his promises about PNG are fake as well.

SOPS 19th Jul 2013 12:09

As I am O/S at the moment Sisemen, what was strange about 7.30 towards Rudd? We're they for or against him and his plans?

And this is interesting

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's fresh asylum seeker deal to 'shock' Papua New Guineans - Australia Network News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

7x7 19th Jul 2013 12:13

From the Herald Sun

THE detention centre on Nauru is on fire as hundreds of people riot in an apparent act of anger against Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's PNG asylum solution.

Witnesses are tweeting reports of violent confrontations between Iranian asylum seekers and there are claims that 15 guards and a police officer have been injured. There were also reports that detention centre staff had temporarily been taken hostage.

Around around 300 of the 500 are said to have escaped.

A Nauruan MP took to state television to call for big, strong men to head to the processing camp as Nauruan riot police were overwhelmed by the the number of rioting asylum seekers.

About 300 Nauruans responded to their leaders' call and there have been reports that a bus carrying setention inmates away had been attacked.

Three interpreters and three medical staff were held for an hour before being released but it was unclear if they had been injured.

There was confusion over the motivation for the riot, with some reports from Nauru suggesting it was linked to the Mr Rudd's hardline announcement. This has not been confirmed, but chants of "freedom" were heard from inside the centre as the riot ignited.

Freelance photographer Clint Deidenang said the chants could be heard coming from inside the detention centre from about 6pm.

Mr Deidenang said he heard up to eight explosions before the flood lights outside the detention centre were smashed.

He tweeted: "Massive fire broke out from with the camp. I can see flames and smokes over the tree tops from my position.''

Witness Daisy Lewis reports on twitter that "two districts'' had been evacuated after the explosions.

She said all Nauruan males had been called in to help bring the riot under control.

"Escaped asylum seekers heading for tank farm. Rumours of planned explosion at far. Locals and police trying to block off.''

Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department spokesman Sandi Logan tweeted: "Transferees at #Nauru RPC were agitating on/off this week about their situation. Today's non-compliance part of that.''

500N 19th Jul 2013 12:18

Maybe it shows that Rudd's policy is on the right track if it pisses them off.

I really want to see if it stops boats coming because they had a people smuggler
on the ABC the other day and he was saying everything ip to that point would NOT stops people getting on boats.

I wonder what his view is now ?

7x7 19th Jul 2013 12:19

I think this lady from the Pickering Post might be on the money.

Sandra Elmington
I have been thinking about this Rudd move re PNG. So as a boat smuggler I have already broken through his move.
Here is what I am going to do. IT has been broadcast already that NO CHILDREN OR WOMEN will be sent to PNG in this deal. So only single men. Also that its been leaked that its about 3,000 that they can take. (that has been said, i saw it on the news tonight, and Rudd pretty much said Shhhhh dont say it so loud but admitted it.)

So this is what Im going to do. I am going to put ONLY women and children on my boats from Indonesia. I will tell the husbands and men to wait there. The women will get through and then call upon the family reunion function on offer.

It will take the govt ages to fill up the 3,000 on PNG because we wont be sending any 'eligibles'. No skin off our noses... our trade continues. The husbands will get to fly to Aust to join their wives and children. Thats fine by us. Easier to control the bitches on the boat, must more passive.

So... the trade goes on, undisturbed as usual.

So...now you see...his solution has been dashed. Its over. And now (says I), thousands of women and children will now be floating in the sea, their bodies bloated and rotting, and there will be ONE MAN TO BLAME. Kevin RUDD will have been responsible for what is to come. Mark my words, cut and paste this, because this is what is coming. Women and children in boats sinking en masse.

Buster Hyman 19th Jul 2013 12:45

Hmmm...no response from the True Believers...odd. Oh, they must be looking up on the internet for evidence of that Tony Abbott chap giving incorrect change when he worked at the Baker as a lad! :rolleyes:

CoodaShooda 19th Jul 2013 13:19

And there you have modern labor in a nutshell.

Good politics for short term gain followed by piss poor policies and implementation for long term pain.

Nothing's changed since 2007. :yuk:

heated ice detector 19th Jul 2013 14:22

If only tony had worked at the bakers as a lad then at least he would have some business experience.
Get used to Kevin being a politician, it is after all what those people do.
Now someone mention to Tony he should move on from the fire truck posing and produce replies with a bit of substance, maybe whilst riding a cycle

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