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500N 17th Jul 2013 15:40

I see Joolia is moving back to Adelaide !

sisemen 17th Jul 2013 16:09

Pity it's not Wales.

Not that I've got anything against the Welsh.

Fliegenmong 17th Jul 2013 20:12


It is sweet isn't it WITW!!!

500N 17th Jul 2013 20:51


Agree, we lived in Hereford for a while, loved going to Wales.

sisemen 18th Jul 2013 02:17

Spent a delightful 18 months in Hereford doing my RAF training waaaaay back.

Having the 50th reunion of the 50th Entry this September.

500N 18th Jul 2013 02:27


Sorry, I deleted my question while you were typing.

7x7 18th Jul 2013 06:56

A complete and utter fraud » The Spectator

The Spectator Australia 4 July 2013
In a perfect world, Kevin Rudd would not be campaigning for election but visiting an analyst. Therapy is the treatment of our age for those the ancient Greeks saw as tragic heroes, personalities at once sparkling and deeply dysfunctional. But an election campaign it is, with the Australian people as the judge and jury, and it is important to keep in mind a key issue at stake: just who is Kevin Rudd?

Much has been made of the shambolic nature of Mr Rudd’s first term as prime minister. But it remains unclear why the 55-year-old former diplomat is such a dysfunctional figure. Most people don’t expect political leaders to have well-adjusted personalities. As Matthew Parris has argued in these pages, most politicians are ‘dreamers, attention-seekers and risk-takers with a dollop of narcissism in their natures’. But even by this standard, Mr Rudd’s character
is really weird.

The centre of the dysfunction is not simply his ruthless political ambition — and the treachery, betrayal and frantic 24-7 mindset that go with it — although that trait certainly explains why so many of his colleagues have resigned from the cabinet ministry and/or parliament (see below).

Nor is the root of his problem his longing to be all things to all people. Most of what depresses and even disgusts people about Mr Rudd now was visible in 2007 when he ran against John Howard. His salient characteristics were trickery and fakery, the chameleon appeal to all sides at once, which helped him persuade the so-called Howard Battlers to come home to Labor without being embarrassed to tell their mates they were doing so.

From the outset, however, his leadership was an exercise in bad faith. From border protection and carbon pricing to economic reform and fiscal policy, Mr Rudd was always trying to say too many things to too many different people, to square circles and reconcile the irreconcilable. Given his recent flip-flops on gay marriage and 457 visas, nothing has changed.

But there is another explanation for the Rudd dysfunction: self-gratification taken to an extreme, an obsession with always being the centre of attention — like a spoiled child — and an addiction to being in the media spotlight. In our therapeutic age, perhaps we could call this pattern of behaviour megalomaniac or sociopathic, but perhaps these words go too far in pretending medical precision. To describe the same phenomenon, the ancient Greeks coined the word hubris.

When we write about Kevin Rudd, we feel like the pub bore. ‘Haven’t we said this before? Or maybe you knew that already.’ Alas, there are none so blind as those who will not see. This magazine has long maintained that Mr Rudd has only ever taken the Australian people for a ride, yet too many voters — how many remains to be seen — continue to be deceived or live in false hope. Despite the risk of appearing too negative, Tony Abbott is obliged to alert the electorate to what many Labor people already know: this bloke is a complete and utter fraud.
How is it that the Brit press can see it so clearly but the Australian MSM remain steadfastly, wilfully blind to it?

sisemen 18th Jul 2013 07:21

The bastard has probably had something put into the water. How else can you explain a collective madness of a fair percentage of Australians who want him back in charge.

chuboy 18th Jul 2013 08:14

I suppose it might have a lot to do with the perceived alternative, like it or not.

Ovation 18th Jul 2013 10:41

I suppose it might have a lot to do with the perceived alternative, like it or not.
Let me see if I understand this correctly - my choices are:

Rudd, a vain conceited megolomaniac who will say or do anything to be PM, but was conspicuously deemed so unsuitable by his own party (the ALP if you need reminding) that back in 2010 they unceremoniously dumped him, only to resurrect him 6-8 weeks out from an election when they realised that Gillard was leading them into oblivion.

Rudd, the PM that will be dumped a week after the 2013 election (whenever that might be) win lose or draw, because everbody in the ALP can't stand him and are on the public record as saying exactly that.

Rudd, the reason why about half of Gillard's cabinet resigned or refused to accept appointments because they hate his guts. The reason why so many senior ALP politicians are not contesting their seat come the next election.

Rudd, who has made an art form of policy on the run then and now - the latest being the attack of FBT without an iota of public consultation.

Rudd, the fool who changed our border security simply to differentiate himself from the LNP, but as a result has seen 46,000 living illegal immigrants and 1,300 dead wannabees, and he's so vain he won't do anything to avoid being held accountable for this disaster of epic proportions.

Abbott: an honest man who may have some shortcomings but has the scalps of two serving PM's and odds on for a third scalp. I reckon I'd rather take poison than vote for another 3 years of Rudd and the ALP.

heated ice detector 18th Jul 2013 12:09

Abbott an honest man?
Only tried to Rort the Australian tax payer out of nearly $10000 dollars and then pays it back quickly blaming the mistake on his staff. Says a lot for his team.
Allegedly Every time he is posing in his local volunteer fire truck he is claiming expenses for that as well. That's right we are paying for his electioneering.
A least slipper only tried to get away with $1000.
All tarred with the same brush.

Buster Hyman 18th Jul 2013 12:37

Well, I look forward to those paragons of virtue in the ALP to pay us back the billions they have wasted in taxpayers money during this absolute train wreck of a Government. But no, I suppose ethics don't apply there.

CoodaShooda 18th Jul 2013 12:38


Have you ever worked in a Ministerial or Opposition Leader's Office?

If you have, you'd know that the claim that Abbott personally makes those expenses claims is either mistaken or duplicitous.

On the other hand, Slipper personally issued the taxi vouchers.

But if this is the direction that you want the discussion to go, let's start talking about the soon to be retired MPs and Senators rushing off for their international Parliamentary fact finding tours. Not sure there's going to be much benefit to the taxpayer in relation to the expenses incurred.

I wonder there are any implications for the former Secretary to Cabinet in the mooted police investigation into the Heiner Affair. It would be almost too surreal to have consecutive PMs made persons of interest in criminal investigations into matters two decades old.

Fliegenmong 18th Jul 2013 12:40

Abbott: an honest man who may have some shortcomings

I know I shouldn't feed trolls, and it's really hard to do.....but......Aaaaargh...Don't do it......OK I'll hit reply now without being sucked in......

AGGHHH!!!! NOOOOoooo....I can't do it @[email protected]#@EJWQEQPWE

Abbott an honest man!!!!!!!!!!, by his own admission doesn't always tell the Gospel truth.....no don't feed the troll Fliegs..Don't feed the troll...walk away walk away..... no amount of balanced mind, common sense reasoning could ever equate TA with honesty......

I shall nibble no more form your bait evil troll 'Ovation', you well know the lies you peddle...just as 'honest tony' does'.....actually how did you gather the gall to suggest such BS???

Is it exclusively an LNP thing to blindly believe self-confessed liars such as Abbott??....

I'm wasting my time here really,....am I not?? Replying to someone who refers to TA as an 'honest man':rolleyes::rolleyes:.....take my own advice perhaps and stop feeding the troll......

Say Gidday to Cinderella for me Ovation :ok:

Fliegenmong 18th Jul 2013 12:45

:E Yeah yeah I know I shouldn't feed 'em....

"Pssst Ovation!.... I have a bridge to sell you buddy" :E:E

Fliegenmong 18th Jul 2013 12:52

I'm terrible am I not, biting at such banal [email protected]

but anyways..

Non Gospel Truth, ex Catholic priest AND quitter TA, believes he has some integrity??

And I thought giving a ministry to a goose such as Peter ,Garret was dumb!!

Buster Hyman 18th Jul 2013 13:49

Is it exclusively an ALP thing to blindly believe liars such as Gillard??....
Fixed another one for ya! :ok:

Andu 19th Jul 2013 01:19

Kevin Rudd's latest 'fix' to stop the boats not getting a favourable reaction from most bloggers on the Bolt/Blair/Ackermann sites.

Although I suppose it's a given that it is being hailed as 'visionary' on the ALPBC and in the Fairfax media.

"Resettling" Arabs in PNG? Riiiiight. The man really is delusional.

sisemen 19th Jul 2013 01:27

I kind of get a feeling though that some of the pro-left media are now tempering their enthusiasm a bit.

Could it be that those who have decided that it would be impossible to work with Krudd are calling in some favours and are upsetting his apple cart just enough to screw him but not enough that the baseball bat is applied too roughly. Of course they do this behind the scenes while at the same time professing their support in public.

As someone has said - win or lose at the next election he's probably gone within the week. :E

parabellum 19th Jul 2013 01:37

Fliegs - You should have stopped posting three drinks earlier and gone to bed!:)

Andu - I think the idea is the residents of PNG will eat them! Part of the aid package.

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