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Traffic_Is_Er_Was 8th Jul 2013 11:45

I'm just laughing at the not-even-thinly-disguised attempt to make sure that, if a miracle occurs and he gets them over the line, they don't punt him immediately after. Surely they are not so stupid as to agree to saddle themselves with him for a full term? I also like the way he is pandering to the great-unwashed's belief that they actually vote for the PM. We watch too much American TV.

sisemen 8th Jul 2013 12:01

I can almost hear the rumbles of discontent from within the Labor caucus as they wake up to the fact that it really was Godzilla and not a harmless cuddly toy.

500N 8th Jul 2013 12:08


"Another day another dollar in the provision of emergency services to people who probably don't deserve it and should have been left to Darwin's rule/ random dingo attacks."

"Hopefully it was a Police boot that caused the elbow injury. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ilies/evil.gif"

This will make you laugh.

I found a more accurate article, the mother had hit her head against
the wall (and maybe elbow ?), nothing serious. Ambulance turned up,
two sons questioning Ambos on why it took so long, Ambos felt threatened, pressed the distress call button, got into Ambo and started to drive off, one of the sons dived in front of Ambo and got hit hard on his knee by vehicle :O
Spent 1/2 hr on ground screaming in agony :ok:

End result, when cops came back, both mother and injured son
ended up going to hospital !!!

They were talking about suing, I reckon the cops might just
have a quiet word with them.

Worrals in the wilds 8th Jul 2013 12:14

I also like the way he is pandering to the great-unwashed's belief that they actually vote for the PM. We watch too much American TV.
Agreed, and it's a myth that's handy for both political parties and our respective (not respected :ouch:) TV networks. It's really easy for the media to run a person vs. person campaign, and they still like to believe that they're important when it comes to shaping public opinon, even when they resort to lazy, reality show style journalism.

Maybe they are. If so, Orwell was an optimist. :uhoh:
EDIT: yeah, I laughed. Probably shouldn't have...:}

7x7 8th Jul 2013 12:36

I think we could guarantee that at least one - my guess would be quite a few - Labor Party MPs and apparatchiks will have said tonight (behind closed doors) since hearing Rudd's announcement of his "great reform" -

"Never thought I'd hear myself say this, comrade, but I think I'd rather see Abbott win the election than have Labor win it if the price is a three year sentence of Rudd as the leader."

heated ice detector 8th Jul 2013 14:04

Do you think someone should let Abbott know that there is an election coming up soon, maybe he could suggest sending in the SAS against legal asylum seekers again, Oh he has already done that. :ugh:

500N 8th Jul 2013 14:28

I think Abbott has just pissed off the whole SAS Regiment
with his comment today.

Anyway, at least he is talking the right direction.

500N 8th Jul 2013 23:03

The numbers seem to be holding up for Rudd AT THE MOMENT !!!

Be interesting how they look in 2 - 4 more weeks ?

He really is doing a number on the top job, making sure
he and others can't be shafted in the future !!!

Andu 9th Jul 2013 00:54

How long before the MSM regain their memories of the real Rudd and start taking the piss again, as we see here?

"Rudd is in the Air" - Kevin Rudd (Anthony Ackroyd) sings! - YouTube

heated ice detector 9th Jul 2013 05:14

Interesting that Mr abbs had to pay back $ 10000.00 in lieu of misused expenses. Slippy only misused $1000.00.
Also what's this claiming govt expenses when you are volunteering down at the local fire brigade, is it poo and fan time?

sisemen 9th Jul 2013 05:17

is it poo and fan time?
Nope. It's an old old story. It was dealt with at the time. If anyone is to blame it's his staff.

Just another beat up by the true believers who have recently become emboldened enough to crawl out from under the rock where they've been hiding for the past 4 years or so.

7x7 9th Jul 2013 06:11

Kevin Rudd now goes after Julia Gillard’s “captain’s pick”:

KEVIN Rudd has signalled he will re-examine Julia Gillard’s ‘’captain’s pick’’ of Nova Peris as Labor’s NT Senate candidate and gauge local feelings about the move during his Darwin visit…

‘’I’ll be talking to the local branch about this question when I get up there and I will be talking to locals as well,” Mr Rudd told 104.9FM radio.

If Gillard can appoint, then Rudd can surely unappoint and hand control back to the local members. But note: the Labor Party is very swiftly becoming the Rudd Party, running not just against Tony Abbott but Labor.
Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

KEVIN Rudd has signalled he will re-examine Julia Gillard's ''captain's pick'' of Nova Peris as Labor's NT Senate candidate and gauge local feelings about the move during his Darwin visit.

The Prime Minister's move follows his intention announced yesterday to strip factional powerbrokers of control over the Labor leadership, handing party branch members and MPs equal power to elect the leader and ministry.

CoodaShooda 9th Jul 2013 23:49

Ah well, Rudd's spoken to "some locals" and is endorsing Peris.

This will come as a disappointment to a lot more, labor-leaning locals; so interesting days ahead.

It's also interesting to see some respected media commentators assuming that Rudd's reform proposals are a fait accompli.

Unless they are formally adopted before the election, I would expect them to be modified or shelved afterwards; along with a lot of other Rudd promises.

When I observe the public reaction to Rudd's return, I am reminded of the character of Foxy Loxy in the story of Chicken Little; herding a bunch of flapping chooks for his own benefit. :ugh::yuk:

Abbott is not helping things along either - but is Turnbull really the answer?

500N 9th Jul 2013 23:57

"Ah well, Rudd's spoken to "some locals" and is endorsing Peris."

Did you expect anything less ?

As soon as I saw the comment that he was going to talk to
the locals I knew what the outcome would be !

Black trumps form, function and track record up there.

It's just the way it is, racism prevails, blacks before whitey's ! :O

CoodaShooda 10th Jul 2013 01:24

Ah yes but the party has three aboriginal former local Ministers who could have done a better job than Nova.

Marion Scrimegour, for example, is in the history books as the first female, Aboriginal Deputy (and acting) Chief Minister.

Nova has spent most of the past couple of decades out of the Territory, hobnobbing with the Emily's Listers.

The southern interference will work against her at the polls - but probably not enough to influence the outcome as the Great One himself has now spoken.
Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

500N 10th Jul 2013 01:34


Agree absolutely. Plenty of NT Blacks who could have stood for the job,
no two ways about it.

I just could never see why Julia needed to parachute someone
from down south into the job. The only thing she has going
for her is name recognition (and being black) !

7x7 10th Jul 2013 07:10

Three more boat arrivals announced today. (Earlier, it was announced that the average of arrivals has reached three boats every two days.)

Also announced that the cost of illegal immigration has 'blown out' by ANOTHER one billion dollars.

Also announced that the asylum seekers who jumped into the water - some 280km from Christmas Island (therefore, not very far at all from Java) have been brought today to Christmas Island.

You couldn't put this into a fantasy novel - you'd be laughed out of the editor's office.

500N 10th Jul 2013 07:19

"Also announced that the asylum seekers who jumped into the water - some 280km from Christmas Island (therefore, not very far at all from Java)"

A bit of blood and guts as berley off the back of the boat
would have worked wonders :O

priapism 10th Jul 2013 08:05

500n and Worrals,

With regard to the attacks on the paramedics in Melbourne. I have a very close personal interest in this case (check my profile and you will see how).

I will PM you with the exact details.

I can tell you for certain that the offenders were from a culture that has little respect for anyone in uniform and one, who via our generous welfare system, had an overblown sense of self entitlement . Ambulance in Victoria is free to pensioners, low income earners and refugees. The mother of the aggressors had a laceration to her elbow , not her head as reported, was ambulant and perfectly capable of being driven to a nearby hospital by the same thugs who managed to pile out of a vehicle and threaten the paramedics concerned.

Trust me , there are certain ethnicities, who figure very highly in the number of asylum seekers, that I am very wary of dealing with in the emotionally charged setting of a medical "emergency".

It is a very bad direction that this country is taking and it has come to us thanks to K'rudds dismantling of a very effective policy that kept these socially dysfunctional people from jumping the queue and settling here.

From someone at the coalface it is a national disgrace.

7x7 10th Jul 2013 08:36

priapism, further to your post, I think the huge - and I mean HUGE - mistake made by the Sarah Hanson-hyphens (and the Kevin Rudds) of this world is that the people, particularly the males, from that culture we all steer so carefully from naming here will be grateful for the support given them (and let's call it what it is - appeasement ) - to their every demand.

Nothing could be further from the truth. They look upon any leeway given them as weakness, weakness to be exploited to the fullest.

In short, they despise us. "Aussie" is a term that to them, equates to what, in the days before Political Correctness, 'spic' or 'wog' did with many if not most in mainstream Australia.

They enter the country by blatantly breaking our laws. How can we expect them to have any respect for - or to obey - any other law of the land?

And it's not just those who have arrived here by boat over the last few years. Read Tim Priest's book about the criminal families who came here as 'refugees' back in the Fraser years. They arrived here openly flouting the law and screaming discrimination the moment any action was attempted against them. Attempted being the operative word, because the PC bunnies, even then, hobbled the police to such a degree that they were unable to do a damned thing about these criminal families.

And the sons and grandsons of these people, all Australian citizens BY BIRTH, are every bit as bad as their parents and grandparents, some of them now running the so-called 'Nike' bikie gangs of south west Sydney and Melbourne.

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