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Pinky the pilot 11th Apr 2012 04:00

And Bob Brown is off the planet.:ugh:

sisemen 11th Apr 2012 10:33

Bloody good news for Zorro and his ilk - the latest polls for Western Australia show the ALP moving up by 2 points!

And that means they move from "totally annihilated" to "mortally wounded and unlikely to get back up".

Mind you, the pundits are saying that it's merely the "honeymoon" effect of a new ALP leader, Mark McGowan. Never heard of him? Not really surprising.

Worrals in the wilds 11th Apr 2012 21:07

Has Gina been waxing lyrical about industrial relations again? :ouch: :}

Pinky the pilot 12th Apr 2012 04:51

Did anyone else see the piccy of Juliar in, I think, Tuesday's Australian?:hmm:

Did not look a happy person at all I thought. Would have been a good 'What would be a suitable caption?' opportunity.:}

Slasher would probably have come up with something suitably ribald of course.:D

tinpis 12th Apr 2012 05:19

Please remember who replaced Gough :(

Lex Talionis 12th Apr 2012 06:57

Please remember who replaced Gough
That is exactly the question a lot of Australians are asking themselves this time.The thought of Abbott as Prime Minister is so unpalatable as to be nauseating.
I doubt you would find a bookie who would be willing to take a bet on the next Federal election.Abbott would have to do far worse than Hewson to lose the next election but anything is possible in politics especially with Abbott.It is very easy to sit back doing nothing and look good when the incumbent leader is shooting herself in the foot continually.
The problem is that I don't believe Labor deserves another term but neither does the opposition as they have done nothing except reminisce about the glory days of the Howard government.
I sincerely wish there was a third credible alternative but it would take a very brave person to say that Dr NO will not be our next PM.
If we could have a system where we pick the politician of the winning party for the position of PM.
The one positive aspect to come out of the Queensland election for the next Federal election is that hopefully the Greens will be sent into exile if not extinction and that Brown will move into Tasmanian state politics and those of us on the mainline will not have to listen to him.

Buster Hyman 12th Apr 2012 07:51

Quick out of the blocks at the first opportunity...:rolleyes:

Anyway, for your sake Lex, I hope tinpis didn't mean Bill Hayden! http://www.hogstrough.com/forums/pub...fault/rofl.gif

sisemen 12th Apr 2012 09:00

It takes a very brave person to call Tony Abbott

when the truth of the matter is that the Opposition has given the tick to more legislation than you can shake a big stick at.

The Opposition are doing what they should be doing - saying NO to those pieces of bad legislation that will not be any good for the country.

Or perhaps your definition of "opposition" goes something along these lines Lex:

"A system designed to not embarrass or point out the failings or shine a spotlight on incompetence but merely to acquiesce to an administration that thinks they have a mandate from the people to sit on the Treasury benches"

CoodaShooda 12th Apr 2012 23:59

The thought of Abbott as Prime Minister is so unpalatable as to be nauseating.
But apparently to a decreasing number of Australians, if the polls are to be believed.

Shortly after the 2007 election, I opined that Abbott's presence on the opposition front bench demonstrated the dearth of talent remaining to the coalition.

Since then, labor has done a mighty job of building its own frankenstein's monster.

Labor's constant carping against him, given that they are now firmly established as a government that cannot be believed, simply gives him oxygen.

Bligh's failed attempts to personalise the debate against Newman should be a clear demonstration to labor's strategists that this approach does not work.

I agree with you, Lex, that I would prefer a more palatable choice for next PM....but to be honest, I can't think of any of the current crop on either side that really appeals. Smith was my last hope but destroyed any regard I had for him with his mishandling of the Skype affair.

In any event, it will be difficult for a coalition government, regardless of who leads it, to be any worse than what we currently have.

As for whether Abbott might be a worse PM than Fraser.....at least he's unlikely to place the future of a prosperous African nation into the hands of a murderous, despotic thug.

tinpis 13th Apr 2012 01:59

Not such a Black Friday...

Bob Brown resigns as Greens leader | News.com.au

Christine Milne will take over Bob Brown's position as leader. :eek:

Dark Knight 13th Apr 2012 02:02

`I doubt you would find abookie who would be willing to take a bet on the next Federal election’
Hmmmm? Another gross assumption under scrutiny revealing serious discrepiancies

The one I particularly care for is the `Anyone But Julia’ odds; might just have some of that.

Historically the punters generally get it right when it comes to elections so at the present time I suggest Julia is toast and Tony is preparing the Marmalaide!

NextElection Result:
Australian Labor Party $4.10
Coalition $1.24

ALPLeader Next Election:
GILLARD, Julia (ALP) $1.24
SHORTEN, Bill (ALP) $5.005.00
SMITH, Stephen (ALP) $5.50
RUDD, Kevin (ALP) $6.00
COMBET, Greg (ALP) $17.00
SWAN, Wayne (ALP) $41.00
ALBANESE, Anthony (ALP $51.00
BOWEN, Chris (ALP) $51.00
ELLIS, Kate (ALP) $161.00
ROXON, Nicola (ALP) $161.00

ALP Leader - Next FederalElection: Win
1.GILLARD, Julia (ALP) $1.50

Coalition Leader - NextElection Win
ABBOTT,Tony $1.34
TURNBULL,Malcolm $3.25
HOCKEY,Joe $8.00
MORRISON,Scott $26.00
PYNE,Christopher $41.00
ROBB,Andrew $51.00
BISHOP,Julie $101.00
ROY,Wyatt $251.00

eagle 86 13th Apr 2012 02:13

At last after 16 years he has done something decent for the country!!

Buster Hyman 13th Apr 2012 02:15


"Factory closures, bankruptcies, unemployment...my work here is done."

CoodaShooda 13th Apr 2012 02:29

So how long until Rhiannon makes her run for leadership?

sisemen 13th Apr 2012 02:39

He can see the writing on the wall.

If he stays and, as expected, the Greens bomb at next election then he will get the blame and his exit, under a cloud, is assured.

He'd rather leave now on a high as Saint Bob and leave all the hassle to Milne who, I suspect, will turn the Greens into an even harder left party than it is now.

Maybe he's got HIV - he is looking a bit thin and gaunt. :ok:

Worrals in the wilds 13th Apr 2012 02:40

Wow. :E
Did anyone see that coming? (be honest, now ;))!

Warm Ballast 13th Apr 2012 03:03

After his 'Earthians' speech I reckon he's got the onset of dementia happening ...

Pinky the pilot 13th Apr 2012 03:27

There was an article in the Australian over a year ago by one of the political commentators who wrote of this exact scenario ie, where to for the 'Watermelon' party after Bob Brown.

As I remember the article, it stated that Brown was not of the hard left and was a moderating force that kept the really radical section of the greens under control.

The article went on to say that the party will lurch even further to the left and in doing so, hopefully will demonstrate to the so called 'inner city, latte sipping elite' whom are their alleged main supporters, just how much of an extreme left party they really are.

However,when the Greens are hopefully wiped out at the next election it won't particularly worry Bob. He'll have his obscenely generous parliamentary pension to keep him warm.:mad:

tinpis 13th Apr 2012 03:35

What if....

Julia dumped the carbon tax, then resigned?

Dark Knight 13th Apr 2012 04:04

Tinny, care for a small wager on that?

Or perhaps we can find a bookie (CentreBet?) to get some odds and take our bets?

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