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Buster Hyman 7th Apr 2012 03:05

You just never know who's hiding in the wings siseman...


Andu 8th Apr 2012 01:23

And so it begins... the Labor Party's master plan for winning the next election. The scary thing is that they have done their homework and polls have told them that there are still people out there who'll fall for this.

Cookies must be enabled | Herald Sun

CASH bonuses for families of up to $100 per child and $250 for pensioners will be deposited in voters' bank accounts within weeks as the Gillard Government fights a public backlash over the carbon tax.

But taxpayers will be forced to pick up the tab for a public education campaign with a multi-million-dollar advertising blitz in the pipeline.
Loved one comment on the Andrew Both blog that follows the article:

The real way to react to all govt “largesse” is to consider how you’d feel if a mate shouted you beers or a meal or whatever and then announced that he had nicked your Credit Card and had been “shouting you” on it all afternoon! Some mate eh?

rh200 8th Apr 2012 03:16

Will do stuff all for votes, most people will just go give me the money and still vote coalition. Why, like every thing else in life its the continued death by a thousand cuts they will remember, not the one off set of stiches.

Worrals in the wilds 8th Apr 2012 05:41

As usual, as far as the pollies are concerned if you don't have kids you don't exist. Don't worry, we get it; single people and childless couples don't pay taxes or contribute anything to society. Just chuck them into landfill! :rolleyes:
No million dollar bail outs for small business, either despite increased costs hitting them too. :ugh:

RJM 8th Apr 2012 10:02

But the good thing is that Aussies aren't being taken in by this and we have the chance here to turn the tide against this relentless global Fabian crusade to make us all equally miserable.
Clare, it may be dignifying things to think that there's any organised effort behind Gillard's hopeless administration:

'Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence' - Bonaparte.

Pinky the pilot 9th Apr 2012 05:00

Yep, I have never felt so much pure hostility towards a government.

Nor me. The hatred is visceral.
Likewise around the parts I inhabit.

A somewhat strange yet chilling incident occurred recently when I overheard a conversation where one person remarked that if someone ever 'disposed' of Julia Gillard that he would ''dance naked in the street whilst swigging from a bottle of champagne and singing 'Ding dong, the witch is dead..' in the loudest, most off-key voice I could make!'':eek:

Has it really descended to this?:confused::(

And no, I wouldn't recognise the speaker if I ever saw him again.

sisemen 9th Apr 2012 08:42

According to the latest polls she's got a 60% disapproval rating in Queensland.

Krudd is still lurking in the bushes. Wonder what they'll bring up to try and dispose of him at his next attempt?

RJM 9th Apr 2012 11:04

Garlic. ?

nomorecatering 9th Apr 2012 11:34

Labour Cant fund carbon Tax Compensation package.
Carbon tax bites Labor | Daily Telegraph Piers Akerman Blog

Worrals in the wilds 9th Apr 2012 11:50

Krudd's territory (the seat of Bulimba) has just gone to the LNP in the state, albeit by about 75 votes. Not too flash for a 'safe' Labor seat, once a working class area and now a tofu latte left wing Labor bastion (with a few old ex wharfies remaining, complaining about how the pub's gone yuppie :ouch:). Wonder how Griffith will go. Note to Kevvy; Must Try Harder...:E

Re the curent mob and their alleged dedication to the Working Man.. what Richo said. :ok:

'Foul Stench from snouts in HSU trough', The Australian.

sisemen 9th Apr 2012 14:13

What a bind they're in.

Bring in a carbon tax to appease the Greens in order to keep power. Promise to pay oodles of compensation to "working families" because if you don't then you're going to be crucified by those same "working families" at the polls.

Then commit to a budget surplus in order to 'prove' that you're better economic managers than the Coalition and have changed your spots.

Then find that you can't afford the compensation for the carbon tax and, if you abandon the commitment to a budget surplus, you're going to be crucified in the media - and subsequently by the "working families".

The house of cards collapse is gaining momentum.

In the words of Krudd: "And guess what?" - those working families are still going to crucify you at the polls Jooliar.

Note to Contributors: If you're linking to The Australia could you please cut and paste the article. Apart from the first few lines you can't read further unless you've paid Murdoch your tithe.

Buster Hyman 9th Apr 2012 14:50

In the words of Krudd: "And guess what?" - those working families are still going to crucify you at the polls Jooliar.

Worrals in the wilds 9th Apr 2012 21:59

Note to Contributors: If you're linking to The Australia could you please cut and paste the article. Apart from the first few lines you can't read further unless you've paid Murdoch your tithe.
That's new. What a bunch of spivs. I already buy the paper edition, I'm not paying for pixels too.

If you google the title and select the entry by that name under 'results for news for...' it brings up the full article on a different page. :confused:
For scientific purposes, let me know if this method doesn't work and I'll post the whole article, but it's a bit long. :8

RJM 9th Apr 2012 22:34

I feel a bit like the late Alan Coren, when he edited Punch. His wife said that he'd wake up happy and amiable, but after reading the morning paper, he'd stalk off to his office, 'incandescent with rage'.

My present issue is the reaction of some refugee advocacy groups to the news that a yacht crewed by Chinese asylum seekers on their way to New Zealand has turned up in Darwin. The 10 Chinese don't want asylum in Australia, just some extra provisions and repairs for which they've been granted temporary access to Darwin, after which they want to sail on to New Zealand.

The advocacy group is upset that we're not doing enough to encourage the Chinese to stay in Australia, adding lamely that there had to be something wrong when asylum seekers preferred New Zealand to us.

I'm not quite incandescent with rage, but you have to ask whether these advocacy groups are actually spruikers, and what they are telling people in the countries where they might have influence.

To top that off, Gillard's dulcet tones wafted from the radio advising that the tough cuts in government programs did not indicate any weakness in our economy - quite the opposite: our economy is in superb condition thanks to Labor's management. So why are the cuts happening? Not explained, but guess 1: Labor is desperate to honour their mad budget surplus promise to 'prove' they are good economic managers. Guess 2: Gillard's lying and we do need to cut the programs. Take your pick. :*

RJM 9th Apr 2012 22:48

...and how was your last business meeting?

sisemen 10th Apr 2012 01:38

Union corruption and manipulation at its best.

And this is the mob that keeps Gillard in power.

RJM 10th Apr 2012 15:25

Essential Media (Labor pollsters) latest poll puts Labor two party preferred vote at 43% and Liberals at 57% - Labor down 2% and the Libs up 2%. The Liberals' primary vote is 50%. Labor's primary vote is about 26%, so outside government employees, teachers and nurses, there aren't too many Labor voters left.

It looks as though Gillard is killing Labor as the price for her hunger for power.

With Australia feeling uncertain and shocked by Labor's decline and the government's behaviour, Abbott just by standing by is looking like a stable alternative. Labor's mantra of Abbott, Abbott, Abbott is sounding more like cheering than jeering.

Something will give way, in my humble opinion. Labor must either call an election or get rid of Gillard. Anything less is to put the party before the country.

sisemen 10th Apr 2012 15:42

But she's living in that rarified pollie land. She sincerely believes that, once the proles get their buy off for the carbon tax they'll come round and love her to bits.

Even though she can see the baseball bat coming she reckons it will get deflected at the last minute. It will be a total surprise to her and her close confidants when it hits.

Reckon that Tim has already got his bags packed 'cos the sham relationship will be publicly called off once she's dumped.

RJM 10th Apr 2012 15:52

Maybe, as Niki Savva semi-jokingly suggests, she's insane. :uhoh:

sisemen 10th Apr 2012 16:08

Yep. That would explain it. We already know that Down the Swanny is delusional.

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