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RJM 23rd Apr 2013 12:10

I'm counting the days, WITW.

Flying Binghi 23rd Apr 2013 12:15

Oh yeah, Islam is such fun. Yer get to smack girls around...

"...Girls going to school: offensive to Allah. Hitting the school with poison gas: pleasing to Allah..."

Afghanistan: Islamic supremacists hit girls' school with poison gas, sickening 74 - Jihad Watch


Andu 23rd Apr 2013 20:56

I had a really interesting conversation - ('listen' might be a more accurate description, for the conversation was pretty much a one way affair) - with a 96 year old gent yesterday. He grew up in Latvia and told me he had lived under Stalin and Hitler before moving to Oz in 1949, where he has lived ever since.

One comment he made stuck with me. I can't quote him word perfect, but it was along these lines: "In Australia, we have people who see systems, like socialism, that have been proven not to work elsewhere in the world, but they feel that we can get it right here."

To say he is no fan of socialism would be the understatement of all time. But what, I hear the usual suspects opine, would he know? He's only lived under both extremes of socialism, and even if Joe, Adolph and everyone else who's tried to make socialism in all its many guises work, here in Australia, we'll get it right.

This YouTube clip is short, but well worth watching, as it shows the Britain so many of the Brit socialists who emigrated here felt forced to abandon when Margaret Thatcher took it from them - and that they so badly want to re-create here, for here in Australia, this time, they'll get it right.

The old left's view of Britain... know your place (13Apr13) - YouTube

sisemen 24th Apr 2013 02:35

The comment that the working classes were expected to know their place and stay there resonated with me.

From my autobiog relating to 1962....

At about this time we had a visit at school from the officers of the Youth Selection Service. This was basically a Government/Local Authority organization set up ostensibly to give ‘careers advice’ but in reality it was to recruit school leavers for what was basically a national full employment situation.

In my interview I was asked whether I had thought about what I was going to do when I left school. “I’m going to join the RAF”, I said. “Yes, but have you thought about the mining industry?” the interviewer said. “I’m joining the RAF and report in September”, I replied. “Well, the mining industry is well thought of and you’d make good money” he said. I terminated the interview at that point.

And they probably paid that bloke!

Worrals in the wilds 24th Apr 2013 05:51

Ahh, school careers advice. :rolleyes::ugh:
I got told (not so many years ago, either) that girls 'couldn't' be electricians. Why this was so was not explained; I was directed towards more ladylike pursuits. Didn't work of course :E but I guess they did their best.

owen meaney 24th Apr 2013 23:06

"It started when we gave them the vote"
Now they be electricians, where will it stop

Worrals in the wilds 25th Apr 2013 00:19

Life sucks. ;):}
On another note, watching the ABC coverage of the Brisbane ANZAC Day march and their numskull 'roving reporter' just tried to interview a bloke in uniform while he was saluting the Governor. :ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh:Naturally he ignored the reporter and gave the eyes left command to the guys he was leading.

Where the :mad: do they find their reporters and which moron gives them the briefing? :yuk:

parabellum 25th Apr 2013 00:36

Same the world over Worrals, why would the media bother with qualified, knowledgeable experts, (in this case any serviceman/woman or ex serviceman/woman would do), when they already have so many unqualified, illiterate but garrulous staff employed.

Look at any major accident and the first 'heads' on TV are the empty vessels that make the most noise.

Worrals in the wilds 25th Apr 2013 01:07

In fairness the voice over commentators are good; three Veterans who generally know what they're talking about and say when they don't. :ok:

The roving reporter seems to have been relegated to the background. I don't think they should be interviewing people while they march anyway, it's the ANZAC Day march, not a bloody pagent.

Strike that. The drivelling idiot's back! :rolleyes:

TWT 25th Apr 2013 01:50

I once went to Sir Roden Cutler's house in Sydney with a reporter from Channel 10 to film an interview.At the time,I didn't know anything about the man,other than that he had a building named after him and that he was an ex governor of NSW.I took notice of all the war memoribilia,medals etc on display in obvious positions.

The interview commenced,and Sir Roden made a reference to a war campaign.

The ditzy reporter said "Oh,were you in the war ?"

You could have cut the air with a knife.I was appalled.The most embarrassing moment ever.

Roden Cutler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Andu 25th Apr 2013 02:05

The ABC in Sydney has used John Cornish (ex RAAF Trashie) for the last few years. He has obviously gone to some pains to get a little bit of information on who is leading each formation and a brief history of each unit. He does a far better than some of the so-called professional commentators.

sisemen 25th Apr 2013 15:14

Interesting to see Palmer launch the United Australia Party. The website will, apparently, be up and running tomorrow. Might be worth a go :E

And in other news......

It was interesting to watch Vice Admiral Robyn Walker on Lateline. On ANZAC day this was going to be a nice touchy feely story about our troops. It started off with a very benign question from Tony Jones - "As a woman how did it feel as a little girl to watch the ANZAC parades?" Answer? "Well, before I come to that Tony I would just like to pick you up on your item last night which referred to the prescription of drugs for PTSD"

Lateline - 25/04/2013: Robyn Walker defends use of drugs (transcript still awaited)

The rest of the interview concentrated on that with Walker digging a deeper and deeper hole with every minute.

FFS this is "Dealing with the Media 101", or perhaps nobody thought to put her through that course.

I rather suspect that she might be having a one on one interview tomorrow morning, hat on, no coffee - provided they can find someone senior enough.

500N 25th Apr 2013 17:32


I must have missed that.

Worrals in the wilds 25th Apr 2013 21:07

500N that was from the Brisbane march; you're over the other side aren't you?

I'm surprised that a Vice-Admiral would be cornered like that. Most ADF people perform well in the media, and some are excellent. I assumed they were all trained for it.

500N 25th Apr 2013 21:11


Down, Melbourne but they do show crosses to the other cities.

Re the Rear Admiral, I said in the other thread she should have answered
the first question with a straight bat, down the wicket and left it at that.

Buster Hyman 25th Apr 2013 23:02

45,000, or thereabouts, at the dawn service in Melbourne! :D:D


500N 25th Apr 2013 23:08


It wasn't a bad turn out.

They had 50,000 in Perth alone.

I reckon Melbourne will go over 50 if not 60,000 in 2 year time.

Buster Hyman 26th Apr 2013 01:19

I reckon it's a reflection on our society. The way things are, the problems we are facing, anticipated future events...not sure how to put it in words without sounding melodramatic, or having the PC lefty Luvvies spouting their denial vitriol.

Worrals in the wilds 26th Apr 2013 01:47

The weather was also perfect, at least in SE Qld. Good weather always boosts numbers at outdoor events, even serious ones.
In Bridbsne a bunch of 7 Brigade soldiers were back from Afghanistan too, so the friends and rellos would have swelled the numbers. Maybe other capitals had newly returned vets too?

500N 26th Apr 2013 01:56

Melbourne probably not.

Perth of course because of who is over there but
don't know if 50,000 is normal or extra high for
any reason.

Agree re the weather.

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