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CoodaShooda 10th Apr 2013 06:53

“I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.”
I hadn't realised that was a Thatcher quote. As appropriate now as it was back in the 70's.

What with Islamists stuck in the 6th century, the Catholic Church stuck in the 12th century, Socialists stuck in the 19th century and capitalists not caring which century it is, as long as there's a buck in it, what chance that we'll see out the 21st century?

RJM 10th Apr 2013 11:58

I read today that 104 Labor state and federal parliamentarians have lost their seats since Rudd was elected. It can only be a matter if time...

Worrals in the wilds 10th Apr 2013 12:42

Because the media here is all pervasive.
And no notable Aussies died this week.

Captain Sand Dune 10th Apr 2013 22:00

How would Fairfax react if we popped the Champers & held street parties for Whitlam's death?
You can guarantee I will!
Maybe even the Silver Bodgie himself

GOUGH Whitlam's scandal-plagued government was in such bad shape by mid-1975 that ALP president Bob Hawke confided to US Embassy sources the party was almost broke due to "Whitlam stupidity".
Declassified US cables, released by WikiLeaks, reveal that Mr Hawke told an embassy source named Labatt that Mr Whitlam could not be trusted to run the economy "any place but down".
The cable, from August 12, 1975, reported on Mr Hawke's despondency on the chances of raising funds with a likely election on the way.
"He claims party is in bad financial shape, with slim prospects of 'mining old sources', most of which (were) eroded by 'Whitlam stupidity'," the cable states.
"Hawke pointed especially to Jewish backers, badly bruised by Whitlam Mid-East policy. Other potential backers shaken by 'fiscal clowning'."
It added, in abbreviated cable language: "Hawke claims, however, that Whitlam appraisal of ALP future is 'unreal' and that prime minister does not understand scope of 'parliamentary disaster' which Labor surely faces at next election'."
Labor was being torn apart by the sacking of Brian Harradine, and the Khemlani loans affair, in which the ALP ministers Rex Connor and Jim Cairns sought to loan money from Arab sources.
The Whitlam Government lost in a landslide later that year.
Mr Whitlam denied involvement in the Khemlani affair but in 1976, when he was Opposition Leader, a US Embassy cable noted: "It is now clear that Whitlam was in this affair up to his neck."

Andu 10th Apr 2013 22:08

On this morning's ABC news, a breathless report, (compiled, no doubt, at great expense to the taxpayer), from the Teachers' Union, as they attempt to drum up support for the Gonski scheme, that... wait for it... (gasp!) an increasing number of rich people are sending their children to private schools and - (I can barely hold my emotions in check as I disclose this amazing news) - an increasing number of people from the lower socioeconomic stratas of our society (wouldn't it have been easier, if not as Politically Correct, to just describe them as 'poor'?) people send their children to government schools.

And this is news?

Wasn't it always so? To hear the Teachers' Federation spokesman (sorry, spokesperson) speak, this is earth-shattering, game-changing news.

Oh, and HMAS Maitland assisted yet another boat full of asylum seekers yesterday in their journey to Christmas Island.

Saltie 10th Apr 2013 23:55

Over on the 'Margaret Thatcher is Dead' thread, a contributor calling himself 'Railway Engineer' made the following comment. I thought it worth repeating here, because it applies equally to Australia.

Unfortunately in the UK we seem to breed a really vicious and unpleasant type of Leftie.

They are completely and utterly dedicated to the rise of any form of Socialist (preferably Communist/Marxist) doctrine. They are humourless and spend their time working tirelessly towards that end.

Unable to win or counter any argument through reasoning they quickly resort to violence on an individual or organised scale, and will quickly embed themselves in any group that shows signs of being a convenient vehicle through which they can perpetrate their "class struggle".

Their wish is to keep the working man down so that he remains dependent upon State handouts and welfare payments. They then preach that these individuals are being exploited by Capitalism and that they are only kept in that condition through the wicked pursuit of Capitalism.

They preach that there is no ill that is not the fault of Capitalism and preach that only a truly Socialist (i.e. Communist / Marxist) ideology can save the working man from "exploitation".

Because of a general lack of interest in the UK, the various followers of this culture embed themselves within trade unions and other Political bodies, and through dint of Soviet style techniques they quickly take positions within these organisations from which they ostracise and remove anyone who opposes them and their goals.

Unfortunately we have an element of society who are unable to rationalise or understand this and get taken in by the various propaganda these people spout and who become willing followers and servants.

The Lefities work on the Goebbels theory that if a lie is repeated often enough it becomes established fact.

The success of this can be seen in the number of ill informed comments made by a number of people on here, and who continue to refuse to accept other than what they have been brainwashed with.

As I said earlier it is totally impossible to rationalise with these people because their aim in absolute communist/marxist doctrine and rule and there is no room for compromise.
Some of his earlier posts on the same thread are worth reading as well.

sisemen 11th Apr 2013 00:57

Aha! That could be a reason why we haven't heard from Red or the others of late - they've all buggered off to their much hated Pom Land :E

MTOW 11th Apr 2013 07:09

This is a bit like a broken record.


11 April 2013

Border Protection Command intercepts vessel

HMAS Ararat, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel north-west of Darwin on Tuesday night.

Initial indications suggest there are 73 passengers and two crew on board.

The vessel was initially detected by a Customs and Border Protection Dash-8 surveillance aircraft, operating under the control of Border Protection Command.

Border Protection Command will now make arrangements for the passengers to be transferred to Australian Government authorities on Christmas Island, where they will undergo initial security, health and identity checks and their reasons for travel will be established.

People arriving by boat without a visa after 13 August 2012 run the risk of transfer to a regional processing country.

MTOW 11th Apr 2013 07:15

Larry Pickering's latest two editorials



It was 4pm on a Friday late last month. Alex (we will call him that) sat in his car at the gate of a property north of Yarra Glen on the outskirts of Melbourne.
It was drizzling in rain and he was waiting for a Tamil businessman he knew as Tirku who had insisted he meet a Hindu High Priest from Sri Lanka... Alex had no idea why.
A silver Prado pulled up and Alex followed it up a dirt path to a modest weatherboard house.
Tirku assisted a small tubby bloke in orange robes from the car. Alex went to greet him but the “priest” ignored him and his outstretched hand.
Another man who appeared to be Indian alighted from the car and was introduced to Alex as a builder.
Tirku owned many Melbourne rural properties and he was keen to show them around the 10 hectare Yarra Glen property.
Alex was confused because Tirku was not a close friend. They had briefly exchanged phone numbers at a council function where he had shown some interest in Alex’s Croyden assembly plant.
It was an eerie one hour visit to the property as they appeared to speak Hindi while completely ignoring Alex.
The following morning Tirku phoned Alex. “That Hindu priest is the equivalent of a Tamil pope you know, mate.” Alex still expressed total confusion so, after Tirku was assured of Alex’s confidentiality, he proceeded to explain.
It was after Tirku had explained to Alex why he was needed that Alex decided to contact The Pickering Post... “You won’t believe this”, he said to me.
I was told by Alex that apparently only a fraction of Tamils arriving here illegally are sent home. The rest are given bridging visas and let loose in the community and ordered not to work while they are being processed.
As I reported in a previous article it would take about a week for these blokes to find jobs and on this occasion Alex’s assembly plant was Tirku’s target.
Tirku was the go-to man. He was well-known in Sri Lanka and fleeced only 20% from each wage.
Alex was told he would only have to pay them half the basic wage and Tirku would arrange to transport them to and from work.
He was told not to worry about the low wage because all bridging visa immigrants are entitled to an array of benefits including 89% of the unemployment benefit through ASAS (the Asylum Seeker Assistance Scheme) the Red Cross and SAS (Community Assistance Support).
Tirku had said that hundreds were already employed in landscaping, cleaning and gardening and that he had accommodation for them in Port Melbourne, Glen Waverley and Blackburn.
Others had been settled in the south eastern suburbs and Mill Park in the north.
“I thought I'd test him out”, Alex told me. “I told him I had connections with a company that provides cleaning services to a string of shopping centres in Victoria.
“He was excited at the suggestion and said if we could get together for a chat, he would pay me a brokerage fee.”
Alex continued relaying his story to me but by now he was angry, “Why should these kingpin guys be making a killing ******* with our immigration system”, he said.
“The whole damn thing is so well organised and the government is falling for it at the expense of the Aussie workers they say they are protecting!
“There’s no way one of these blokes will be working for me. You have to let people know about this, Larry, Gillard and Abbott haven’t got a ******* clue what’s going on.”
Perhaps Labor luminaries rue the day they dismantled our border protection policy... or do they even care?


I apologise in advance for the “f” word but there is no way to adequately describe the latest Gillard immigration “initiative” as anything other than one, huge, stupid ****up!

Since today's previous article, “BEHIND THE TAMIL INVASION”, instances of the rort have arrived on my desk like leaves in an autumn cyclone.

As at June last year there were an estimated 60,000 people living illegally in Australia.

Those 60,000 are exclusively “overstays” and Immigration has no ability, and apparently no will, to round them up anyway.

In no way does this figure account for illegal immigrants, particularly those disappearing on “E” Bridging Visas that Labor is handing out like how-to-vote cards in a marginal seat.

Labor’s “E” Bridging Visas have been in vogue since July 13, 2012 and are used to soak up a cascading deluge of unprocessed illegal maritime arrivals they have no hope of ever processing or even housing in detention.

The $7 billion spent on illegal arrivals so far is a drop in the bucket of the borrowed money needed to address this expanding disaster.

Labor is now subsidising the biggest immigration fraud in Australia’s history... and they seem blithely unaware of it.

Many employers, beleaguered with crippling red tape and FWA impositions, are turning to saving their businesses by illegally employing cheap labour.

And why wouldn’t they when there is a Government inducement to do so?

What is happening is this:
Corrupt foreign labour head hunters are here in Oz organising work for unprocessed, illegal, maritime immigrants who are not permitted to work.
These “workers” are in demand in the backstreets because the Government is, in effect, subsidising this illegal employment with an array of payments of up to $400 per week for each illegal worker.

The beleaguered employer is easily convinced to engage them at $400 less than the applicable wage because the “worker” is earning the appropriate wage anyway, via Government assistance. The “worker” is happy, the employer is happy and the corrupt head hunter is happy getting a percentage of every wage paid and he is now working furiously to ensure the flow continues.

As these workers aren’t registered, unemployment is certain to rise with Aussies who now can’t fairly compete for a job.

As I said in a previous article if Gillard thinks her “E” Bridging Visas are an answer to Australia’s lack of borders then she lacks the common dogf**k to even begin to deal with it. (sorry about that)

It seems that everyone else can see the problem except those nongs in this Government.

Most of the “E” Bridging Visa holders are either Afghan Army deserters or defeated Tamil Tigers fearful of being charged with war crimes and we are not legally permitted to know who they are or where they are!

And if the Government ever needs to find a few of these blokes, too late, they will be lost in the 100,000 or more they have no intention to find anyway!

This exclusive Tamil story was offered to the mainstream Press. No interest. The facts were offered to the Dept of Immigration & Citizenship. Again no interest.

The Government appears more interested in tomorrow’s new airy fairy multi billion dollar “initiative”.

Today’s “initiative” of a $140 billion high-speed North to South rail service to be completed in 25 years has already been lost in howls of laughter.

Oh crumbs, I’ve seen fewer fools in a funny farm... find me a stiff Scotch will you?

SOPS 11th Apr 2013 07:20

Why is no one listening???:mad::mad::mad:

Captain Sand Dune 11th Apr 2013 08:17

Coz the regular arrival of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS is by now white noise to the masses, and therefore deemed not newsworthy by the meedja when compared to Earth-shattering events such as Kim Kardashian's expanding ass, Julya's completely pointless trip to China and what AFL player has been busted for taking performance enhancing drugs this week.

Saltie 11th Apr 2013 09:04

Two very conflicting opinions here:

(a) IMMIGRATION Minister Brendan O’Connor believes an asylum-seeker vessel that made it to the mainland is an exception, and does not herald a new strategy by people-smugglers.

(b) The Sri Lankan Navy has warned the vessel’s arrival in the West Australian port of Geraldton will encourage more people to take the dangerous voyage, believing they can evade Australia’s maritime surveillance patrols.
Which opinion would you believe?

Quite a few comments online questioning the impossible logistics of 67 people making the journey unassisted from Sri Lanka to Geraldton for 44 days on a boat of that size. There simply isn't enough space on a boat of that size to hold the fuel, water and food that 67 people would require for 44 days.

The clean and tidy state of the 67 people also was not what you'd expect of 67 people who had spent 44 days in standing room only conditions in a boat at sea. The simplest explanation was that two or more boats had set out in company and that all but the last boat had, for one reason or another, been abandoned only days, if not hours before the last boat arriving at Geraldton. Other explanations being offered include a stopover somewhere in Indonesia or a larger 'mother ship'.

I wonder if we'll ever get to hear the real story of that journey?

Probably the smartest thing the government could do is to get the pregnant women among the "asylum seekers" (not!) back onto an aeroplane without delay to nip in the bud ant attempt to establish a precedent for future boats with "anchor babies" born in Australia.

Worrals in the wilds 11th Apr 2013 10:40

That's an interesting point, Saltie.
Re anchor babies, unless the Migration Act has changed in recent times, the child of a foreign citizen is not automatically an Australian just because it is born here. I believe it's a different story in the US and UK.

Andu 11th Apr 2013 11:09

Are you sure of that Worrals? It seems unlikely to me. Our immigration policies, (at least for those coming in by the back door) are as weak as hen's urine in every other area. (I accept that for people trying to come here by the up and up route, we make it unbelievably difficult. I have a friend who's just finished the process to get residency. His initial application was refused because his photographs were the wrong size. This involved a complete re-submission, which involved much delay and additional expense.)

But given the way we're so incredibly soft on anyone who presents themselves at our borders with no paperwork, I can't believe we don't immediately grant citizenship to a baby born here.

SOPS 11th Apr 2013 11:18

Andu, your mate should just forget photos, and hop on a boat.

Worrals in the wilds 11th Apr 2013 11:42

That was the way of it in the mid 2000s. As a general rule a child got the same visa as its parent/s.
If I get a chance I'll look it up but so far it's one of those nights...:{

Andu 11th Apr 2013 12:02

You may be right, Worrals.

Birthright Citizenship for the Children of Visitors: A National Security Problem in the Making? | Center for Immigration Studies

Paragraph 3 of ‘Background’

He found, among other things, that “the overwhelming majority of the world’s countries do not offer automatic citizenship to everyone born within their borders. Over the past few decades, many countries that once did so — including Australia, Ireland, India, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Malta, and the Dominican Republic — have repealed those policies. Other countries are considering changes.”
I still feel that Saint Julian Burside of church of the bleeding heart would insure that he found a magistrate who’d overturn that particular law to keep mother, father and new baby in country.

Worrals in the wilds 11th Apr 2013 12:12

Of course, and none of those mean ASIO checks, either. Surely no potential migrant could be a nasty kwiminal! :bored::}

Here we go:
Australian Citizenship – Current citizens under Australian by birth. You have to hang in for ten years. I assume that 1. The processing times haven't gotten that bad yet and 2. There will be a change of government before then. :}

RJM 11th Apr 2013 13:39

(a) IMMIGRATION Minister Brendan O’Connor believes an asylum-seeker vessel that made it to the mainland is an exception, and does not herald a new strategy by people-smugglers.
If this arrival off Geraldton was a shock to O'Connor, the navy, airforce and the coast protection authority, then on what possible basis can Brendan O'Connor 'believe' that there are no more planned?

I've bought and lovingly varnished a big wooden baseball bat, which I intend to take with me when I vote in September. Just as a prop to cheer up the miserable sods who are bothering to hand out how to vote cards for Julia.

RJM 11th Apr 2013 20:19

(a) IMMIGRATION Minister Brendan O’Connor believes an asylum-seeker vessel that made it to the mainland is an exception, and does not herald a new strategy by people-smugglers.
Well, bugger me...

A NEW asylum boat found north of Darwin is the sixth to have attempted to reach mainland Australia in the past six weeks as people smugglers seek to take advantage of a legal loophole.

The latest vessel, carrying 75 people was intercepted off the NT on Wednesday night, a day after a boat carrying 66 Sri Lankans cruised into Geraldton Harbour, just 425km north of Perth.
So not only does another boat promptly turn up in Darwin, but apparently four others reahave reached the mainland in the last six weeks.

So not only is O'Connor's 'belief' wrong, but he spoke (as he must have) knowing about four previous similar arrivals.

As usual, this government and the truth are far apart.

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