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Worrals in the wilds 21st Mar 2013 02:23

So he's not putting his hand up.
Wonder who is...He must have someone lined up. :8
Edit... He's pushing for Rudd. I might owe a few people a few drinks before the day is out...:\ still don't think it's a good idea though.

SOPS 21st Mar 2013 02:35

Question time is about to start...might be interesting :E

Ovation 21st Mar 2013 02:38

News Limited:

SENIOR Cabinet minister Simon Crean has called for Prime Minister Julia Gillard to call a leadership spill and says he will stand for deputy leader.
Mr Crean said he had spoken to Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Thursday morning about the ongoing leadership speculation surrounding the government.
"Something needs to be done to break this deadlock, to resolve the issue once and for all," he told reporters in Canberra.
"I am asking her to call a spill of all leadership positions."
Mr Crean said he would back Kevin Rudd and would stand for the deputy leader role, currently held by Wayne Swan.
"If the prime minister does not agree to it (a spill), which I expect she won't, then I urge members of caucus to petition in the appropriate way for the calling of such a meeting," he said.
"This is an issue that has to be resolved."

Read more: Crean calls for Labor leadership spill | News.com.au
We live in hope.....

sisemen 21st Mar 2013 02:41


SOPS 21st Mar 2013 02:48

I don't know how to spell his name, but Richard Marls from Victoria just on Sky putting his name to Rudd, and he has been a long term Julia supporter...I think she is gone.

SOPS 21st Mar 2013 03:04

Leadership ballot at 4.30 pm today, just announced by Julia at the start of Question Time.

RJM 21st Mar 2013 03:05

Question time - Gillard babbling at 300wpm - Disability Insurance Scheme, 1,000,000 jobs created, we're governing superbly, families, the rich few, I'm here for good etc.

She is not attempting to answer questions put to her, just ranting on about the benefits of Labor.

Worrals in the wilds 21st Mar 2013 03:13

That's what you do at a funeral...:E
Crean must have the numbers for someone. He's too savvy to call for a vote without them.

Andu 21st Mar 2013 03:35

I hope she wins the vote. I want her and only her to make that concession speech - preferably in about two weeks time after a short official election campaign rather than have to wait until September.

It would be hard to imagine someone worse than Gillard, but Rudd would be one of the very few who might be. The man's a fake - and if he gets back in as leader, I suspect there'll be some who'll find that he's a vindictive fake.

Rudd or Gillard - either way, my mute button will be getting a good workout.

RJM 21st Mar 2013 03:36

Gillard's impressive in reply - superficially. She's delivering a paste-up of speeches past, but ignoring her government's failures. Plus a bit of 'a few who are in the inner circle with the rest somehow in another class...'

Division on Abbott's no confidence move...

500N 21st Mar 2013 03:40

I reckon we will be going to the polls before the 14th of September.

I bloody hope so, sick of it already.

7x7 21st Mar 2013 04:11

If she gets rolled this afternoon, does that mean she will go out (whenever she eventually goes out) on a backbencher's pension, or does she retain the Prime Minister's pension and perks?

I fear I know the answer already.

500N 21st Mar 2013 04:14

PM's perks.

If she leaves Parliament, then for the first time in 20+ years
I might end up with a new local member.

That will be a shock down here as she is like an old
piece of furniture !!!

david1300 21st Mar 2013 04:22

In a masochistic way I hope she wins this afternoon, as I realy, really want to see her concession speech when soundly beaten at the polls. Best outcome for me - she wins but and election is forced now!

500N 21st Mar 2013 04:24

"Best outcome - she wins but and election is forced now!"

Agree :ok:

david1300 21st Mar 2013 04:43

This all just shows again how the Labor Party is not about governing Australia, but just so internally focussed on their own survival.

Some quotes from the news today:

9.30am: Fitzgibbon 'doesn't have the PM's back'
A LABOR MP has called on chief government whip Joel Fitzgibbon to resign if the day ends without a successful leadership challenge against Julia Gillard.
Queensland backbencher Graham Perrett said this morning it was the job of the chief whip to ''have the Prime Minister's back'' and given his comments yesterday he and other Kevin Rudd supporters should ''resign or resign'' come 5pm today.
''If he can't be loyal to the Prime Minister he needs to resign,'' Mr Perrett said.

9.40am: Crean-Rudd plot to topple Gillard
Simon Crean is believed to be in discussions with key backers of Kevin Rudd to serve as his deputy on a joint leadership ticket.
Sources in the Rudd camp confirmed a deal was being brokered which could see Mr Crean back Mr Rudd to take back the leadership and serve as deputy prime minister.

9.46am: 'End the stalemate', Crean tells Labor
Simon Crean has ripped into the government's leadership, called on Labor to ''end the stalemate'' and refused to guarantee support for Julia Gillard if a leadership ballot was called.
The respected Labor elder statesman says leadership speculation is ''tearing at us from inside'' and called on Ms Gillard to call an end to the class warfare politics she has waged.

10.25am: Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is holding a media conference
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has told reporters there's no leadership spill.
''There's not going to be a leadership spill,'' he said.
''Julia Gillard has the overwhelming support and will continue to have the overwhelming support of the caucus.''
''Julia Gillard is much tougher than she is given credit for.''

12.35pm: Strategy time
IT IS understood the decision was made to drop the remaining media bills at a parliamentary strategy meeting this morning.
Communications Minister Stephen Conroy earlier told reporters negotiations on the bills, which include a measure to establish a public interest media advocate, were continuing with crossbenchers.

1.03pm: Crean calls for Labor spill
SIMON Crean has asked Julia Gillard to call a leadership spill. He said he will not be standing as leader, but will put up his hand as deputy leader .
''It seems to me the party through the government is in a stalemate position, something needs to be done . . . to resolve this issue once and for all . .
''I am asking her to call a spill of all leadership positions in the party."

1.42pm: Marles backs Rudd
LABOR MP Richard Marles has thrown his support behind Kevin Rudd to become the Labor leader.

2.20pm: Bookies aren't backing Gillard
BETTING agencies have hopped onto the political chaos in Canberra and have given current Prime Minister Julia Gillard an outside chance at $6.00 to retain the top job, while Kevin Rudd is the re-hot favourite at $1.10.

david1300 21st Mar 2013 04:51

This is like watching a building implode.
Labor burning up the history books HAVING rewritten Labor history by ousting a Prime Minister in his first term the party is now set to inscribe another fresh page by dumping the first woman to be Prime Minister.

There could be no starker pointers to the internal calamity which has blighted the ALP for five years. It couldn't get much crazier than that could it? Well, yes.
In February last year Simon Crean, the man who today is inviting Kevin Rudd to return as leader and Prime Minister, was damning him with vigour and enthusiasm. He now says he is a changed man and in office Constable Crean would keep an eye on him.
At the core of this latest confrontation is a mass of personal recriminations and a legacy of fractured loyalties and historic grudges.
Simon Crean mentored Julia Gillard's advance through the ranks to the top role in Parliament. Today he undid all that by detonating a ballot which could cost her that job.

Just hours after telling reporters he backed Prime Minister Gillard, Mr Crean switched to Kevin Rudd and offered himself as deputy leader.
That's just one of the personal histories which will shape the outcome of the leadership vote and define the shape of the government which emerges from it.
If Mr Rudd becomes Prime Minister he will inherit an executive in which most ministers have fought him and backed Ms Gillard.
Wayne Swan would lose the position of Deputy Prime Minister and he might even quit as Treasurer just seven weeks before he is scheduled to deliver a Budget.
Other front bench members who would be uncomfortable in their jobs are Penny Wong, Brendan O'Connor, David Bradbury and Tony Burke. And of course Julia Gillard.
Perhaps the most powerful personal factor is Mr Crean's assumed role as party elder statesman, a man with the corporate memory and experience which qualifies him to speak out.
If Julia Gillard wins the ballot, Mr Crean will be speaking out from the back bench.
Labor burning up the history books | The Courier-Mail

500N 21st Mar 2013 05:01

"If Mr Rudd becomes Prime Minister he will inherit an executive in which most ministers have fought him and backed Ms Gillard."

Well if Rudd wins, he needs to put that behind him, blame himself
and unite the party and get on with it.

Buster Hyman 21st Mar 2013 05:05

I wonder if she'll take the Greens, Oakshitt, Windsor, and the other bloke in to the meeting? Get some numbers....

Arm out the window 21st Mar 2013 05:19

I'll admit I've got a cynical view of most politicians, but having seen this debacle in their formative years I think my kids will surely grow up far more so, sadly.

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