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Worrals in the wilds 13th Mar 2013 10:10

You're right to a certain extent parabellum, but several members of our LNP government have taken unqualified delight in shoving it up the 'lefties', even when it doesn't save a cent of government money.

Many people who vote LNP rarely (or did so for the first time at the last state election) have been alienated by this, and it's being reflected in the polls. I think that most sensible people realise that cuts have to happen, but the gloating and pandering to rednecks and Gordon Gecko wannabes doesn't.

Of course it's the LNP's train set, but acting all bewildered when the polls show their public support plummeting is pointless. Personally I think the pandering and gloating has more to do with it than the cuts.

Flying Binghi 13th Mar 2013 10:51

...I'm sure I'm not the only one to be distracted by the reflections of the multiple cameras that appear in her lenses...
Andu, yer not thinkin the glasses are only to hide the worn out haggard bags under the eyes look..;)


Andu 13th Mar 2013 11:21

Flying Binghi, my guess would be that McTernan assembled a focus group (of Mummy bloggers?) who said that glasses would (a) de-accentuate the nose and (b) soften her rather sharp facial features, maybe even make her look more trustworthy - and I have to admit, I think it's worked to a degree.

However, I'm not being flippant in bringing up the flat plate lenses. To me, they are yet another example of how false everything about this woman is. The glasses, with their clearly un-distorted reflections, look false, even to a casual observer like me, and I can't understand why she or her advisors didn't go for the non-reflective coating option.

Hate and detest them - and everything they stand for - I may, but I'm first to admit that these people aren't fools, so I find myself asking why they've made two - what seem to an outsider - errors with JEG's glasses. So am I missing something? Something deep and meaningful that only a deep-thinking (and obviously much more clever than I am) Labor apparatchik could understand?

MTOW 13th Mar 2013 23:32

Interesting wording on the ABC news this morning in relation to the latest "asylum seeker" (sic) boat that was "intercepted"(!) off Ashmore Reef yesterday. The ABC newsreader stated that the people "had been thrown into the water" up to an hour before the arrival of the RAN taxi... sorry... rescue ship and, (one would assume), some time after the boat had been discovered by an Australian Customs aircraft.

It will be interesting to see if anyone in the MSM explains why such an unusual phrase was used by the ABC.

500N 13th Mar 2013 23:47


I read that yesterday.

The phrase was used because that is what happened.
After the Customs plane spotted them, they were all
in the water - 72 of them I think - when the RAN ship
got there.

These AS have us so worked out it is not funny.

MTOW 14th Mar 2013 00:20

Gillard In Western Suburbs Of Sydney | Question Time

Paul Sheehan

Sydney Morning Herald

For the benefit of the democratic process, the broadcast of Parliament in Australia is mandated by law and much of the proceedings are televised. Fortunately for the reputation of Australia's Parliament, few people watch.

For months, the government's primary policy was character assassination. Then the public intervened, via the opinion polls. The industrial-strength smearing appears to have stopped. Prime Minister Julia Gillard now has a new script and a new obsession.

It was evident in the first answer to the first question on the first day of the new session of Parliament, when Opposition Leader Tony Abbott asked the Prime Minister: ''When will her government ever, ever deliver a budget surplus?''

The Prime Minister's reply lasted five minutes. It ran to 500 words and included no less than a dozen references to ''western Sydney'', even though ''western Sydney'' was not mentioned. As for the question itself, it was ignored.

Abbott tried again. The Prime Minister's second answer occupied Parliament for another four minutes and ''western Sydney'' was invoked another three times. The actual question was again ignored.

Gillard's answers were arrogant, her attitude was sneering and her tone was that ghastly drone. Her voice has become a national issue, a liability even with people who do not follow politics. It is a liability that compounds an apparent inability to deliver a straight answer to any question.

At the end of the second evasive answer, someone in the public gallery called out ''liar!'', an interjection that served as a reminder the public rarely abuses the privilege of being in the chamber. It would be abused several times on this day, upstairs and down, leading Speaker Anna Burke to bark: ''Order! The absolute contempt that individuals are showing to question time is breathtaking.''

She wasn't even aware at this point of the gutless contributions from Labor MP Steve Gibbons who was busy writing on Twitter: ''Looks like @TonyAbbottMHR has contracted out his nasty side to interjector's in the public gallery. A new low even for the Libs!''

parabellum 14th Mar 2013 00:33

Isn't wearing dark rimmed glasses supposed to make a woman look mature, studious and learned? :E

sisemen 14th Mar 2013 00:45

The full grift:

Mr ABBOTT (Warringah—Leader of the Opposition) (14:20): My question is to the Prime Minister. I remind her that electricity prices in Sydney have risen 96 per cent since Labor came to power, water and sewerage prices have risen 50 per cent and insurance costs have risen 45 per cent. Given that the Prime Minister said that getting back to surplus is 'the best thing we can do to help families with cost-of-living pressures', I ask: when will her government ever, ever deliver a budget surplus?

Ms GILLARD (Lalor—Prime Minister) (14:21): I thank the Leader of the Opposition for his question, though I am a bit surprised that he would raise in this parliament cost-of-living pressures for the people of Western Sydney when the Leader of the Opposition has a plan to ensure that more than half a million people in Western Sydney pay more tax, that 115,000 families in Western Sydney lose their schoolkids bonus, that 240,000 pensioners lose pension increases, that 1.1 million people in Western Sydney lose their low-income superannuation contribution. And then, of course, the cuts go on because of what the Leader of the Opposition has planned for schools and for hospitals and also the attacks that he has got planned on small businesses, with 120,000 small businesses—

Mr Pyne: Madam Speaker, in the absence of you calling the Prime Minister to order, I raise the point of order: how can this answer be in the least bit relevant to a question about when the government will deliver a surplus?

The SPEAKER: There was a rather large preamble to the question. The question is the entire question. Unless you want to narrow down the question posed, relevance goes to all the words in the question.

Ms GILLARD: I was asked a lengthy question including references to cost-of-living pressures in Western Sydney, and I am addressing that part of the question. Important for families in Western Sydney is the flow-through of lower interest rates to the burden that paying the household mortgage is for families in Western Sydney, with the average mortgage now costing them $5,000 less per year than it did when the Leader of the Opposition was a minister in government. So, for cost-of-living pressures for people in Western Sydney, we are very concerned.

We understand that, though our nation has a resilient economy, for many families it can be very difficult to make ends meet, which is why we will keep working with families in Western Sydney and indeed around the nation: working to provide benefits like the schoolkids bonus; working to better support their childcare costs than they have ever been supported before; working to ensure that they continue to enjoy the benefit of tax cuts, with more than half a million people in Western Sydney having their tax cuts at risk as a result of the policies of the Leader of the Opposition; making sure that we help them at the time that a new baby is born, through paid parental leave both for mums and for dads, making sure that that special support is available; and, for those older citizens in Western Sydney, continuing to provide pensions at an increased level—indeed, having delivered a historic increase and then adding to it. So cost-of-living pressures for people in Western Sydney and around the nation are at the forefront of the government's policies and plans to work with modern families as they work their way through the stresses and strains of modern living.

On government budget matters: the budget will be unveiled in May. I trust that, on the Thursday when the Leader of the Opposition replies, he will stop running for cover and hiding—

The SPEAKER: The Prime Minister will return to the question.

Ms GILLARD: and produce a complete set of figures.

The SPEAKER: Does the Leader of the Opposition have a supplementary question?

Mr ABBOTT (Warringah—Leader of the Opposition) (14:24): Well, yes, Madam Speaker; let me try again. Given the Prime Minister's statement that getting back to surplus is the best thing we can do to help families with cost-of-living pressures, I ask: when will her government ever deliver a budget surplus?

Ms GILLARD (Lalor—Prime Minister) (14:25): There are a number of things we can do to help people with cost-of-living pressures. We can continue to provide the schoolkids bonus. We will; the Leader of the Opposition will not. We can continue to provide the tax-free threshold at $18,200. We will; the Leader of the Opposition will not. We can continue to provide a Paid Parental Leave scheme that meets the needs of families. We will; the Leader of the Opposition wants to put their grocery bills up. We will continue to bring pressure on the Barry O'Farrell government—

Opposition members interjecting—

Mr Dutton interjecting—

Ms GILLARD: the O'Farrell government in New South Wales—

The SPEAKER: The Prime Minister will return to the question. The member for Dickson will desist from interjecting.

Ms GILLARD: to adopt our plan, which of course is about stopping electricity prices continuing to skyrocket because of gold-plating of the network and other factors.

Again, to the Leader of the Opposition: we will always work with families around the nation, including in Western Sydney—

Mr Pyne: Madam Speaker, I rise on a point of order. Madam Speaker, you asked the Prime Minister to return to the question about when the government would deliver a surplus and she has completely ignored you. I would ask you to bring her back to the question.

The SPEAKER: I again state that the entire question is for the relevance rule, but I had pulled up the Prime Minister when she was straying into state matters. I think that is going off what this government has to do or what the Prime Minister's responsibility has to do.

Ms GILLARD: On budget matters: of course the budget will be produced in May, and my challenge to the Leader of the Opposition is to make sure that, on budget reply night, he details how many families in Western Sydney will be worse off under his plan.

Opposition members interjecting—

The SPEAKER: The Prime Minister will return to the question.

Ms GILLARD: How many families will be worse off because—

The SPEAKER: The Prime Minister will return to the question.

Ms GILLARD: he will take away their tax cuts, their schoolkids bonus, their childcare support—and the list goes on—the low-income superannuation contribution and the pension increase? The people of Western Sydney are entitled to know that.

An incident having occurred in the gallery—

The SPEAKER: That word is not acceptable from anybody in this place. If anybody in the gallery or anybody on the floor utters that word again, they will be removed from the chamber.

CoodaShooda 14th Mar 2013 01:51

I'm wondering whether the election of the first Jesuit Pope will make it harder for labor to maintain the "Abbott is a mad monk" smear.

The media seems to be falling all over itself to paint Jesuit training in a good light and are making Francis I an icon of discipline, humility and thoughtfullness.

Wasn't Abbott a Jesuit seminarian?

SOPS 14th Mar 2013 02:14

Does Julia even realise she has left Western Sydney ?

RJM 14th Mar 2013 02:23

She doesn't even realise she's left the planet.

RJM 14th Mar 2013 02:28

Thanks sisemen.

Abbott made an error. In his question he mentioned 'Sydney' and gave the bespectacled one an opportunity to rant on about Western Sydney.

What a woman. Can you imagine being married to her? No wonder no-one's tried.

Buster Hyman 14th Mar 2013 03:04

With irrelevant answers like that, I'm surprised we haven't seen her on this thread....or have we???? :suspect:

Worrals in the wilds 14th Mar 2013 03:24

At least the Speaker was trying to keep her on track. It's just so frigging obvious (even to casual observers) that she can't give a straight answer to any question. :ugh:

MTOW 14th Mar 2013 04:48

2GB is reporting that Liberal sources have dropped the word that 'something's happening' in Canberra, causing media companies to instruct journalists to drop everything and get themselves to Parliament House. The Liberals are saying that Gillard is about to be given a 'tap on the shoulder'.

It's probably a beat up, but the date is really interesting - tomorrow is the 15th of March, in the old Roman calendar, the Ides of March.

With apologies to Spike Jones, perhaps tomorrow morning someone should say to JEG: "I said to her, 'Don't go to the Forum, Big Julie, don't go!'" That we should be so lucky that the knives do at least come out of their sheaths tomorrow. The best result would be for Gillard to refuse to go (highly likely) and then, to stave off any further leadership challenges, to have her go straight to Short Bill's Mum in Law and name the date - (HIGHLY unlikely).

500N 14th Mar 2013 04:51

Nothing yet in the papers on line.

Should only take 30 minutes for something to hit the headlines.

sisemen 14th Mar 2013 05:00


Please, please, please........

Worrals in the wilds 14th Mar 2013 05:23

In the meantime the rumour is making news...:suspect::}
Has PM been tapped on the shoulder? | News.com.au

500N 14th Mar 2013 05:29

The age, 4.23

Rudd put out a press release saying nothing we need to know,
nothing is going on !:O

Andu 14th Mar 2013 05:34

Oh yessss... "Beware the Ides of March" has a very "noice" ring to it - but I'd rather she leads Labor into the election for reasons I've stated already.

However, if a spill brings the election forward by even 24 hours, it would be a plus.

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