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7x7 22nd Feb 2013 21:35

From the Andrew Bolt site today:

Insider Royston Mitchell reports on this deadly and grotesquely expensive farce:

My colleagues advise me that five boatloads of asylum seekers were offloaded on Christmas Island today. As far as I am aware, this is a new record. Not sure what number were on board.

Christmas Island is the biggest money pit in Australian history. Never before has so much money been squandered, wasted, misdirected and lost in such a short period of time. Asylum seekers arrive almost daily, only to be churned through the system in two months or less, and sent to the mainland. The government couldn’t burn through money any faster if it tried. Two navy boats constantly on patrol; RAAF aircraft on patrol; teams of Customs and AFP officers permanently stationed on the island; empty hospitals manned by dozens of health professionals; SERCO spending millions a week; the list goes on. The waste is appalling, and I have certainly never seen anything like it in my life. When Labor says this year’s asylum seeker expenditure will be $2.2 billion, it should be emphasised that this is just the department of immigration’s costs - I would conservatively estimate Customs, Defence, AFP and the other associated departments costing at least $1 billion more, putting this year’s outlay to service the burgeoning asylum seeker industry at more than $3 billion.

The true (economic) cost of Christmas Island may never be known. So Wayne Swan wants a post-election audit of election policies? Good. Let’s start with Labor’s decision to dismantle the Pacific Solution in 2007. Perhaps the Treasurer would like to explain, before September, how Labor’s ‘humane’ policy has led to a $10 - $20 billion black hole in just five years.

Five years Labor have had to fix this festering sore. The boats are now what I like to call a ‘United Nations’ of economic opportunists. Europeans, Africans, Asians; dozens of young men in high spirits, thrilled at the prospect of unlimited welfare. When asked why they have travelled to Christmas Island, the answer is almost universally the same: “I lost my job”; “I heard there were jobs in Australia”; “I’m looking for work”, etc, etc.

Intel in the department has it that there are 30,000+ asylum seekers in Indonesia waiting their turn to travel to Christmas Island, and hundreds of boats are in the pipeline waiting to be launched. My estimate this year is for 35,000 - 40,000 arrivals by the time of the federal election.

Oh, by the way, somebody might like to ask the new immigration minister why, in the last few years alone, thousands of ‘asylum seekers’ have returned to their supposed ‘country of persecution’. This is another big secret the department is hoping does not become public: asylum seekers are granted Protection visas, only to travel back to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan, marry their arranged brides and lodge applications for large groups of ‘family members’. And curiously, many of these asylum seekers, returning to their country of origin, do not have jobs; that is, their travel is funded by welfare payments, which they continue to collect while overseas.
Five boats in one day, some time in the last few days? And not one word of this in the main stream media? (Or at least I didn't see or hear any mention of it.)

Fubaar 23rd Feb 2013 06:21

Just watched Channel 7 evening news. No mention of any boats arriving, let alone five in one day. If the story is true, you have to wonder what else we're no being told.

Captain Sand Dune 23rd Feb 2013 10:03

It's just background noise now. Labor is busy dangling other shiny objects in front of the meedja.

SOPS 23rd Feb 2013 10:38

If 40000 arrive before the election, I think it will be more than background noise!!!

Captain Sand Dune 23rd Feb 2013 19:37

It will if the meedja dont report it! Just highlighting the fact the meedja have the attention span of a gnat.
T.A. needs to be highlighting this every time a new boatload of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS lobs. But then again, he has such a range of failed Labour policies to choose from.:hmm:

Andu 23rd Feb 2013 22:09

I continue to be gobsmacked that the whole of the mainstream media have so willingly, even eagerly, allowed themselves to be totally sidetracked - and for days and days and days - by the football and now the swimming "scandals".

You have to give McTernan 10/10 for this stunt. He understood his audience perfectly this time. Perhaps he's learning?

Andu 23rd Feb 2013 22:20

2,500 Hazara families offered asylum | Newspaper | DAWN.COM

ISLAMABAD: The Australian government has offered asylum to over 2,500 Hazara families of Balochistan and urged the United Nations refugee agency in Pakistan to facilitate migration of the community facing sectarian violence, Australian embassy sources said.

Jim O’Callaghan, assistant secretary of the humanitarian branch of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Australia, had held a meeting with UNHCR officials last week and discussed the asylum offer with them, First Secretary Australian High Commission Sherief Andrawos told Dawn on Wednesday.

The UNHCR was informed that Australia was willing to accommodate 2,500 families or 7,000 individuals of the Hazara community, keeping in view attacks on them.

“Yes we have started work on facilitating members of Shia minority and other people prone to sectarian violence for giving them refuge in Australia. The Australian government wants our assistance in this regard,” Maya Ameratunga, deputy representative of United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Pakistan, confirmed to Dawn.

On Saturday, over 100 members of the Shia Hazara community were killed in a bomb attack in Quetta. The dead included 33 registered Afghan refugees, triggering condemnation from the UNHCR that asked authorities to protect the lives of refugees in this hour of sadness.

Official sources told Dawn that the Ministry of States and Frontier Regions (Safron) had been informed about Australia’s offer.

The resettlement process would be taken up after the return of UNHCR’s Country Representative Neil Wright to Pakistan from Geneva.

“The resettlement process is a complicated issue as we have to identify the most vulnerable and affected families of Hazara Shia community in Balochistan,” Ms Ameratunga said, adding that they would soon give a list of 2,500 families to the Australian government.
That's 2500 families, not people. Yet another time bomb being left by Labor to go off in the face of the Coalition after the election?

For those not familiar with 'The Dawn', it's the Pakistani English language daily tabloid.

Edited to add that in the comments below this article, (which I hadn't seen before posting), a number of people say that the Australian High Commission had said this is a false report.

This story is completely untrue. I don’t know how a reputable news site could publish something like this without checking its validity before publication! The Australian High Commission has issued a denial and has said that the story is incorrect – all of it! It is a cruel hoax perpetrated on a vulnerable people. Have they not suffered enough?

Fantome 24th Feb 2013 18:51

"Cheer up" they said to him . . .. "things could be worse".

So he cheered up.. .. . and sure enough, they got worse.

But on the other hand . . . .

. .. everyone needs respite from doom-sayers, the negative, the hypercritical.

While the country might not be in the very best of hands, we
nevertheless need to be, for at least some of the time, of good cheer,
d'ya hear?

Andu 24th Feb 2013 21:21

What a novelty last night on '60 Minutes'... an (ex-)Prime Minister actually answering the questions put to him by an interviewer, and answering them lucidly. Not something we've seen in five years.

Jools, you're assured of a place in the history books by being the first of your gender to become Prime Minister of this nation, so you're going to be long remembered.

However, it will be for all the wrong reasons.

Buster Hyman 24th Feb 2013 22:36

I know some people have issues with John Howard, that's why we have different opinions, but it was nice to hear a Politician that could enunciate a coherent thought. :cool:

7x7 25th Feb 2013 01:44

...and correctly pronounce the words he chose.

I agree it was unusual to hear a politician actually answer the questions put to him rather than launch into a series of prepared sound bites that have nothing at all to do with the questions the interviewer asked.

I see that the Labor Pardee in WA is saying that Howard said that Turnbull should replace Abbott. I watched the whole programme and he certainly didn't say that.

At the lower right of this page is a survey showing how 4BC voters say they'll vote come the election. I think few would say these aren't interesting numbers.

Who will you vote for on September 14?
Minor Party

Worrals in the wilds 25th Feb 2013 01:53

Very true, though I'd imagine 4BC's listenership is fairly conservative at the best of times.
Presumably a survery of JJJ listeners would be a bit more ALP friendly, though even then I don't think they'd romp it in at the moment. :eek:

MTOW 25th Feb 2013 03:43

I can't believe that the hubris is so thick in Labor HQ that they can even think they can go to the election with Gillard as leader. So it remains to be seen how they'll stage manage the ascension of whomever gets the nod from the faceless men. Will it involve a face-saving, life-threatening medical problem for Julia? Maybe - shades of the Olympics and Australian sport - they'll find she's been inadvertently taking performance reducing drugs? It would be a very hard sell to say she'd been taking performance enhancing drugs!

That would explain a lot, but if so, the whole bloody Cabinet - and every Labor backbencher - have been scoffing the same drugs by the tablespoonful.

Or will they just knife her? There's no way she'll go willingly, so it will be interesting to see how they manage the transition.

Please Lord... not Shorten.

Come to think of it... please Lord, not any of them, especially KevinO'Lemon. Let hubris rule and give us the pleasure of voting she herself out - hopefully, into a very long political oblivion.

Dark Knight 25th Feb 2013 04:16

Or she could marry Tim!

Not that this would be a marriage of convenience but I guess we have all observed how TV marriages increase the ratings.

Somehow though I think at this stage it will not matter what JEG or Labor does as no one is listening.

One could suggest watching what is happening the realisation is there is no way Labor can win; it will be a decimation which a leadership change will not fix therefore, one will not occur.

Many, many Labor parliamentarians will be sacrificed.

What I think is happening and we will witness is every single major or slanted piece of Legislation will be rammed through changing as much of Australian life as possible with many, many time bombs for the new government.

Regardless of the recent `divorce' the Greens will be complicit in this provided they get their way with their nasty pieces of legislation.

One can only hope they trip up and the Australian people revolt as they did in the Whitless days!

500N 25th Feb 2013 04:33

Supposed to be a new poll out Tuesday that is very bad for Joolia.

Could be the final nail in the coffin.

Re the Greens, I really do hope that they get wiped out
or close to at the next election. They have had far too
much influence for years.

Hopefully what Vic Libs did at the last election will
occur again across the nation and stump them.

7x7 25th Feb 2013 04:38

Here's the Greens' 2013 election ad.

The World Without Metals - YouTube

Sarah Hansontwodads and Christin Milne, I'd love to see your comments on this.

500N 25th Feb 2013 04:56


I remember talking to a Greenie once when we had all moved into
our respective new houses. They were discussing Green issues like
Rain forest timber et al and I pointed out that the windows of the house
they lived in were Meranti Timber.

Not happy Jan !

LowNSlow 25th Feb 2013 07:26

Why does Gillard always look so smug?

In the last two years and eight months she has increased the base salary for an Australian Prime Minister from $340,704 when she was appointed on 24 June 2010, to $495,430, an increase of $154,726 or 45.41%. And by the terms of employment for Australian politicians she will be paid this as a Superannuation Entitlement for the rest of her life.

Her base salary is higher than that of the President of USA (US $400,000 / AUS $ 388,666) by 20%, more than double that of the UK Prime Minister (£142,500 / AUS $ 209,828) and significantly higher than the leaders of Germany (Euro 194,000 / AUS $ 249,164), France (Euro 240,000 / AUS 308,525) and Canada (Can $318,000 / AUS $302,273).

And this at the expense of pensioners and single mothers.
And you think the “dole bludgers” are the main ones bleeding you.

So why shouldn’t she look smug?

THe B1tch from Barry is laughing all the way to the Bank.

Edited cos I got the Canadian exchange rate wrong!!

Captain Sand Dune 25th Feb 2013 08:09

The section of the ALP spin machine responsible for keeping us recalcitrant PPRuNERs under control have been rather quiet of late.:E
Got bigger fish to fry, comrades?

sisemen 25th Feb 2013 08:15

I think that is mainly due to a good moderator (CFI) who, unlike the last "close 'em down and flog 'em" set, actually can smell a bad fish when it is wafted under our noses.

I suspect that we probably have seen the last of them unless they creep in under the door with a different name from a different domain/provider. And even then we'd spot 'em a mile off :E

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