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CoodaShooda 17th Feb 2013 21:09

Had a by-election on the weekend where a northern Darwin suburb passed comment on the CLP's attempts to sort out the labor mess.

Result: Labor 70%, CLP 30%

The electorate is not necessarily informed or understanding. :E

I doubt this will translate to the federal election but it will give local labor some hope. That said, a former local labor leading light has recently rated Julia's annointment of Nova at -5 out of 10.

sisemen 18th Feb 2013 00:54

Probably the fault of the NT press Cooda. If it ain't got "crocodile" in it then it ain't news :E

CoodaShooda 18th Feb 2013 01:28

Ah, the NT News seems to have decided that its life's work is now to bring down the CLP government and elevate the last dismal labor effort to the pantheon of great governments past and future. :yuk:

They are making the ABC appear to be the bastion of conservative support by comparison.

The NT News........constantly finding newer and deeper depths to plumb.

Worrals in the wilds 18th Feb 2013 02:08

On my PC I can read about 6 or 8 posts after the cartoon, with the last showing it's posted by WiTW, but on my iPad the last post showing is the cartoon. Weird stuff, I tell you.
My PC was doing that the other day. No idea why! :8

Will there be an opposition for anyone to be leader of?
Yeah, there'll be survivors. A lot of voters will swing in the state but never federally. Even Queensland had seven Labor MPs post bloodbath.

Some common sense advice to the ALP from the Fabians... It will be interesting to see if they take it.

It would be foolish to fight the 2015 election with a rehash of the team that was so comprehensively rejected in 2012. The more controversial point will be who those new candidates are, not as individuals, but collectively.
The parliamentary caucus and candidates who fought the last election contained people with real talent, such as those named by Annastacia Palaszczuk, but there was a certain uniformity of background.
Labor should seize the opportunity of these preselections to ensure future MPs have a far greater diversity than the recent diet of union officials and political staffers. After all, the point of a democratic Parliament is that it reflects the wider community.
Opposition needs to widen its net to lure back voters | The Courier-Mail

sisemen 18th Feb 2013 02:46

Like the sinking of the Titanic it started slowly and then, as more water is taken on board, the rate of sink accelerates until it vanishes below the waves.


A Yahoo on-line poll (yeah I know they're rubbish but...) on who is the preferred PM has

Gillard 8%
Rudd 27%
Abbott 39%
Turnbull 26%

500N 18th Feb 2013 02:54


Jesus, that's gutter level.

Great article in the Age today about how Labor have
had such a bad start and the leg up they have given

owen meaney 18th Feb 2013 03:29

Ungrateful, unrealistic or just whinging?
Charity burdens path to recovery | The Courier-Mail

Andu 18th Feb 2013 03:35

8% Gillard

Jesus, that's gutter level.
Who are these people making up this 8%? Her immediate family and a visiting massed Welsh choir?

Reading the many articles on the current state of play in the Weekend Australian, I couldn't help but notice a common thread: a leadership challenge is very much in the wind. The one by Peter Van Alsoran citing Shorten's pivotal role in any such challenge was particularly interesting.

sisemen 18th Feb 2013 03:47

Owen - after the Toodyay fire 2009/10 I saw at first hand the effect of the donations. We opened up the sports pavilions and they were overflowing with stuff. Some of it was useful and relevant but most was pure tat and appeared to be the result of 'cupboard clearing'. Most of it was totally useless and ended up on the tip. For weeks there was a pile of old suitcases (bashed, broken locks, handles missing, holes in them etc) 15 to 20 deep that reached up to the roof level of a one storey building.

The co-ordinators had to put out a plea for donations to stop unless the goods were: tools, nappies and toiletries, clean (preferably new) bedding and linen and other such items. However, the preference was for cash.

Cash can be readily converted into stuff that victims can actually use and will be of direct benefit.

Worrals in the wilds 18th Feb 2013 04:21

IIRC, some years ago a well meaning French charity sent a container of warm blankets to a village in PNG that had been flattened by a cyclone. PNG isn't really blanket country. :}

Apparently the locals looked at the blankets scratching their heads, wondering if they were some sort of roofing material. :\

I know what you're saying Owen (it sounds really ungrateful), but I agree with Sisemen; it's better to send cash. Post 2011 flood, all sorts of weird stuff turned up in Brisbane that was donated, but not very useful. However, if the local authorities can list what they need (e.g. like tools etc) then that's an option too.

CoodaShooda 18th Feb 2013 05:42

Now let me get this straight.

The government is going to help blue collar jobs by:
  • increasing taxes on the major innovators and employers; and
  • making it more bureacratically burdensome for industry to do any project over $500 million, further adding to the costs of the proponent.
I can just see the international big boys rushing all over themselves in their haste to sign up for this one and provide employment in Australia. :ugh:

SOPS 18th Feb 2013 05:51

Today's Nielson poll not good news for Julia or the Labor pardy in general, no matter which way you look at it. My vote is on a leadership challenge in the near future .

owen meaney 18th Feb 2013 06:04

Chris Bowen for PM
Heffernan - minister for aviation

Andu 18th Feb 2013 06:23

Chris Bowen for PM
Well, he couldn't screw that job up anywhere nearly as badly as he did the Immigration portfolio while he held it.

...could he?

Labor could see an up side to putting Bowen in the top job - by the 2016 elections, he should have quite a few thousand new, first time, very grateful voters who'd be certain to vote for him.

To be fair to Bowen, I don't think he was allowed by his Pardee leadership to succeed in his Immigration portfolio.

Worrals in the wilds 18th Feb 2013 06:33

My vote is on a leadership challenge in the near future .
Dunno. The AWU (via Paul Howes) has come out in favour of Jools. That won't help an iota come election day, but it may scare off any would-be challengers from within the party.
Gillard has full support of AWU as PM: Howes | News | Business Spectator

Clare Prop 18th Feb 2013 06:38

That could be interesting, Heffernan is a Liberal.

I did enjoy the spray he gave to Jandakot Aiport Holdings back in 06 when they were trying to close the airport down. "Carpetbaggers" he called them.

I cant think of a single Labor person I would like to see as PM or even sitting in the house of "representatives" at all. I expect they will parachute Carr in somewhere safe and he will end up with the leader's job, seeing as they seem to think he is the best that they can do.

Shorten is up to his eyeballs in the AWU scandal, just another union hack who has never got his hands dirty doing an actual "job" and of course a member of the ALP Swinger's party.

Edited to add Howes rhetoric reminds me of Arthur Scargill without the comedy combover, the difference of course being that Scargill actually worked in a mine.

RJM 18th Feb 2013 08:00

Ho ho. Carr did nothing in his ten years running NSW 1995 - 2005 but increase public service numbers, increase debt and taxes and tolerate rorting. Oh Bob carr's a good choice for anything, yer...

FullOppositeRudder 18th Feb 2013 10:16

Carr did nothing in his ten years running NSW 1995 - 2005 but increase public service numbers, increase debt and taxes and tolerate rorting.
Pretty well all the essential qualifications for an ALP prime minister by the look of it ......:suspect:

parabellum 18th Feb 2013 10:25

Apparently the locals looked at the blankets scratching their heads,
wondering if they were some sort of roofing material.
I can remember some years ago now, in London, a very vociferous group of students and rent-a-mob got together to protest the surplus of butter in the EU and screaming about how it should all be sent to starving Africa, they were getting on quite well until it was pointed out to them that Africa had no cold storage facilities big enough to store even a fraction of the butter mountain so sending it to Africa wasn't such a good idea. Students departed to pub and rent-a-mob got paid and left.

CoodaShooda 18th Feb 2013 11:17

Warning - aviation content

After watching 4 Corners tonight, I suggest Australia will be pulling out of the JSF program before the next election.

More money to throw at the unions. :E

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