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Buster Hyman 10th Feb 2013 07:05

I've given up on ABC News 24 Worrals. It's like all the work experience kids are running it. Amateur, error ridden, wrong video to stories, and some self indulgent presenters who, again, have forgotten the main reason for journalism.

parabellum 10th Feb 2013 07:29

Anybody else see Julia Bishop on Sky Agenda programme today? She fought her corner quite well, I thought, despite the 'chair' trying to cut her off just as she is making her point, she slapped him down a couple of times.

Interesting also to hear what she actually said about 'Women not being able to have it all', very badly presented by at least three stations, suggesting that Bishop was saying that women could not expect equality, and implying this was just an adjunct to Abbott's 'misogyny' - what she actually said was that when a women makes a lifestyle choice she must understand that in so doing it may preclude other options, which is basic common sense and applies to both, (should that be 'all?) genders. For the LNP to win this election will be a bit like boxing in Chicago, you have to win to get a draw!

7x7 10th Feb 2013 07:32

News 24... It's like all the work experience kids are running it.
A perfect description, Buster.

I find it... the only word that comes to mind is 'annoying'. The few times I've ever watched it, I've very quickly switched to Sky News. For all Sky News' faults, (and there are many), when compared with ABC News 24, it's stellar.

And an extra 10 mill isn't going to go anywhere near fixing it. I think Julia's wasting OUR money, because I don't think many people watch it. Koch is a brain dead Labor luvvie who should have been sent out to pasture years ago, but somehow, he continues to pull Bruce and Sheila, far moreso than ABC24 will ever do . Julia, if she wants to swing the election her way - (duh!) - would do better to spend the money on a network that people watch.

Worrals in the wilds 10th Feb 2013 08:20

Kochie is fun and entertaining. Since he turned into Qantas Management's Man In Havana I haven't really watched Sunrise :yuk: , but the show is light and watchable; it's the Macca's breakfast of current affairs (cheap and fatty, but gets you through 0600 with a minimum effort :\). Likewise Nine's Today.

In contrast, much of the ABC's political commentary is as heavy as lead, full of student union style tub thumping and socialist rhetoric. I enjoy socialist rhetoric as much as the next comrade :}, but they don't present it well. It's all very grim and low rent. I think The Project is actually much better at leftie commentary (and they're smart enough to have a token right wing commentator), though I believe their ratings have slipped recently.

The working mum thing is tokenism at its worst; there's no substance to the plan. IMO it's also discriminatory. For once in a while I agreed with the Greens, because this is nothing more than a media soundbite. It's not a real policy or a real step forward for anyone, just leftie froth and bubble. I think more people are seeing through it than the spin doctors would like to believe.

I think Julia Gillard can win. It is not likely, mind, and I suspect she is only a 30 per cent chance, but I maintain a True Believers II election is at least a possibility.
If wishes were horses beggars would ride. :}

Clare Prop 10th Feb 2013 08:43

Maybe the ABC could do something like this? Meryl Streep as Julia, Al Pacino as Bruce Wilson.....

Andu 10th Feb 2013 20:20

Not unexpectedly, the doctor at the centre of the sports doping scandal is suing unnamed media outlets for defamation. His barrister cited shortcomings in the way the matter has been handled to date along very similar lines to the comments already posted here.

I'm just a little surprised that he's directing his case against the media. Surely all they've done is report what two government ministers (Clare and Lundy) - and three if you include the Crime Minister - have alleged in so far unsubstantiated comments they made at press conferences.

Question: if the charges against Dr Danks turn out to be unsubstantiated and he sues Clare and Lundy (and Gillard?) and wins, who pays the damages and the court costs? The government, (a.k.a. the long-suffering taxpayer)? Which by the time anything comes to court, will almost certainly be a Coalition government. Is this just another financial time bomb Labor are leaving for the Coalition?

Surely there's a case in this instance that either the Labor Pardee or the ministers who made the sweeping allegations (outside parliament) if those allegations prove to have been premature.

CoodaShooda 10th Feb 2013 21:30

I don't recall the pollies specifically naming Danks in their statements.

His name came up in the ensuing media frenzy. So the journo's and publishers are in the frame.

Buster Hyman 10th Feb 2013 22:07

Agree with Cooda here Andu...I don't think they named him. I do know that they provided the link between the Bombers' statement & his departure from the club.

BTW...is he a Doctor?

Andu 10th Feb 2013 22:42

No, apparently not. The title they're giving him is 'sports scientist'. I got that wrong. I'm afraid I just assumed that a professional athlete (and his club) would have a doctor give him something like a supplement.

I'm still bemused over Clare and Lundy's "We know who you are, so 'fess up now" line. It's about as professional as everything else this notagovernment has done since 2007. Are they trying to destroy professional sport in this country?

CoodaShooda 10th Feb 2013 23:06

Are they trying to destroy professional sport in this country?
Why not. They seem to be trying to do it to everything else that has made Australia what it is.

Ovation 11th Feb 2013 00:02

A Galaxy Poll in News Ltd confirming what we already knew- just how unpopular Madam Gillard is. link

Uncommitted is more popular than Kevin Rudd (20% vs 16%), with Keating less unpopular than Gillard (9% vs 5%)


Worrals in the wilds 11th Feb 2013 00:25

There's not much variation across gender or age groups; so much for Gillard and Co winning over the women! :\ I guess Rudd+Hawke+Keating = number of Labor voters participating in the survey; their combined total is about that of Howard's. Says a lot for the current administration, doesn't it...:hmm: Big uncommitted figures, too.

Interesting that Bob Hawke can still pull 10% of the Gen Y brigade, even though they couldn't really remember much about him. I think it shows that to a certain degree people still follow their parents' politics and nostalgia.

7x7 11th Feb 2013 00:42

The ALPBC lunch time programme announced today that latest polling figures suggest that, come the election, Sarah Hansenhypen looks to be in danger of not keeping her Senate seat. Followed, of course, by a laughing SHY quick to tell her voters that if she goes, (shock, horror) Tony Abbott will gain control of the Senate.

Interesting that she doesn't think that Labor might pick up her seat.

With the solitary exception of Julia Eileen Gillard, I can't think of anyone I'd be happier to see 'devolve' from public life than (sigh!) 'SHY' - although, with Nicola Roxon going, going, gone, her leader, Mz Milne, comes a very close third, followed closely by Tanya Pibersek. I don't agree with Penny's politics, but at least she can string a sentence together and mount a cogent, if usually flawed, argument.

500N 11th Feb 2013 00:47

I hope Sarah Hansenhypen, one less Green whacko to deal with !

The whole election will be all over the place for a good few months yet,
until at least the last 60 days if not 45 days.

Worrals in the wilds 11th Feb 2013 01:05

The ALPBC lunch time programme announced today that latest polling figures suggest that, come the election, Sarah Hansenhypen looks to be in danger of not keeping her Senate seat.
Dear Santa, I know it's early but for Christmas I want...:}
Actually I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people who normally vote Labor vote Coalition in the Reps but still vote Labor in the Senate.

sisemen 11th Feb 2013 01:10

Those poll results certainly expose the lie that Howard was the most hated man on the planet which has been expounded upon in this thread.

Worrals in the wilds 11th Feb 2013 01:12

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...:}
Also, there is only one conservative candidate to choose from. However, I agree that Howard retained a higher level of support than the media likes to acknowledge.

sisemen 11th Feb 2013 01:32

AHA !!

An investigation has been launched into the use of the parliamentary computer network to post pro-Labor messages online, using fake names.

The Department of Parliamentary Services investigation was sparked by a story in the Colac Herald last week.

The Victorian newspaper reported a computer user in Parliament House had pretended to be at least nine different people while making pro-Labor comments online.
Investigation into fake pro-Labor posts - The West Australian

Worrals in the wilds 11th Feb 2013 01:36

I assume the 'breach of Commonwealth Law' refers to the Public Service Act. Everything's a breach of the Public Service Act. :bored:

FullOppositeRudder 11th Feb 2013 01:50

....... come the election, Sarah Hansenhypen looks to be in danger of not keeping her Senate seat.
One is overwhelmed by a profound sense of serendipity at this news. :)

How wonderful that would be .... Dare we hope that this could happen? Of course we must, for without such hope we are almost certainly destined to eat grass and live in caves again if this sad group continues to be empowered in the manner we have witnessed since the debacle of the last election.

Come September ...... (quickly please).

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