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david1300 4th Feb 2013 02:55

7x7 - that made me laugh. Here's an embedded link for those too lazy to click through to Youtube

Ovation 4th Feb 2013 03:32

Another good news day!

Michelle Grattan has announced her resignation as the Age newspaper Political Editor and Bureau Chief. She accepted an academic position in the University of Canberra, no doubt passing her left-wing bias on to the next generation of journalists.

I'm sure that those with liberal/conservative values will give a sigh of relief, although the potential of any replacement to be as overtly biased is more than possible.

There is also an unsubstantiated rumour Michelle spat the dummy after Julia borrowed her glasses for the Press Club address and failed to return them. :)

Buster Hyman 4th Feb 2013 05:05

Abbott is, perhaps, not the Conservative leader we need at the present time, but he's the incumbent so...

Maybe, as 500N says, "Cometh the hour..." but perhaps we just need the chain of this Govt. to be broken & maybe the ALP will sort itself out during a term of Opposition...who knows. Victorias ALP may be in that very scenario, but they haven't endowed themselves to the electorate. It's almost a mirror image of Federal. The Govt. are doing everything to lose the next election & the opposition is doing nothing to earn it... :(

500N 4th Feb 2013 05:15


If I may say, I don't think Ted is doing much to endear him
to the electorate either. He's a bit like Bracks when he got in,
didn't have a vision and didn't do anything for a while - until
I think his deputy gave him a few pushes.

Re the polls, I know the poll today had the Libs well ahead,
it will be interesting to see what happens in the polls over the
next 6 months or so.

RJM 4th Feb 2013 06:56

It seems to me that most of the criticism of Abbott is merely the result of months of highly personal anti-Abbott propaganda.

It's worked well because Abbott is naturally somewhat stiff and awkward in front of a camera, he is competitive and he is slightly unusual - super fit in middle age etc.

But on any analysis, Abbott's record doesn't really fit the image Labor has tried to give him. Example: misogyny. It's easy to agree that the slightly weird religious guy has an (unspecified) 'problem with women'. After all, didn't he punch some woman?

But look closely. Happily married with three daughters, supportive of the women around him... and the woman-punching incident sounds dramatic but there's no reliable evidence for it. The name Mcternan springs to mind.

Meanwhile Gillard (who seems to treat women and men equally badly in her personal life) is protecting for the lowest political reason Peter Slipper who by any standard is far closer to the nasty image Labor tries to project onto Abbott.

Even without the hypocrisy, though, the Labor/Gillard/Mcternan image of Abbott which the swinging voters are expected to accept has very little foundation, to put it mildly.

Captain Sand Dune 4th Feb 2013 07:13

JULIA Gillard has accused her own MPs of trying to destroy her Government from within as she addressed a shattered caucus ahead of the resumption of Parliament tomorrow.
A source inside the caucus told The Daily Telegraph that the PM said she was aware that MPs had been leaking to journalists with the intention of backgrounding against the Government. Backgrounding is where politicians provide sensitive information to journalists under the assumption they will not be named.
In a clear sign that Ms Gillard and her backers are concerned about another challenge being mounted against her leadership, the PM said that marginal seat MPs would be the only ones to suffer from the continuous leaking.
While talk of Kevin Rudd has been revived following today’s disastrous poll results, the former PM was a noticeable absence from the meeting. Mr Rudd was said to be unwell.
The caucus met at 2pm today in Parliament.
Ms Gillard then claimed that the source for her claim of backgrounding MPs was a journalist.
The caucus also elected Communications Minister Stephen Conroy as the new Senate leader to replace Chris Evans, who rocked the Government on Friday night when he stepped down from Cabinet, along with Attorney General Nicola Roxon.
A caucus spokesman said Ms Gillard's remarks had been "implicit" and had not referred to individuals.
"She referred to media that had said to her a range of negative comments, or people with negative comments, were waiting for them when they came back from leave."
Caucus had been shaken by the messy start to the year, which included a row over the selection of Nova Peris as a Senate candidate, a shock announcement of the election date, and two cabinet ministers announcing they would quit at the election.
"We need to make sure we're all united," Ms Gillard was quoted as saying.
In an evaluation of Ms Gillard's remarks today, one unimpressed Labor MP who did want to be named said: "It's everyone else's fault."
Starting to behave like a cornered rat.:hmm:

MTOW 4th Feb 2013 07:24

As I saw on another site: "Ships deserting a sinking rat."

Quite a few 'ships', I think, and soon.

SOPS 4th Feb 2013 07:28

I thought if Julia did not like what the people in the media were saying, she just called the editor or whoever, and had the person sacked.

sisemen 4th Feb 2013 07:37

JULIA Gillard has accused her own MPs of trying to destroy her Government from within etc etc
Methinks that Pyne had no need to retract his statement as it appears it was the truth.

Any bets for an earlier than 14 Sep election?

Captain Sand Dune 4th Feb 2013 08:10

Well she has not yet been to visit the GG. I also understand that the earliest she can do that is 58 days prior.

SOPS 4th Feb 2013 08:39

I'm watching the 7.30 report. Even the ALPBC is given Labour a bad rap tonight.
Even talking about a Rudd challenge again. Interesting.

FullOppositeRudder 4th Feb 2013 09:43

From THE AGE (June 24 2010)

Ms Gillard paid tribute to outgoing prime minister Kevin Rudd, but said she believed the Labor Party was "losing its way" under his leadership.
In her first speech since she was annointed Australia’s first female prime minister, Ms Gillard said she had felt a responsibility to "step up and take control and make sure the government got back on track".

Takan Inchovit 4th Feb 2013 09:53

make sure the government got back on track"
Wasnt there a song about a track winding back in the old Dad and Dave radio show?

7x7 4th Feb 2013 10:43

I think it was to that "old fashioned shack" that Christine Milne and her cohorts want us all to live in. With no heating.

RJM 4th Feb 2013 10:49

Or lights.

Worrals in the wilds 4th Feb 2013 11:22

It seems to me that most of the criticism of Abbott is merely the result of months of highly personal anti-Abbott propaganda.
Nah. He's still unlikeable, but I don't think that's a huge problem. Newman's supremely unlikeable and he romped it in. Also, Abbott's been careful to be less unlikeable in recent times. Of course the fangs will out (as they did with Newman and his banjo playing team of white shoe brigaders :ouch:) but I think a lot of people have gotten beyond caring. My dearest comrade friend has declared himself 'supremely unmotivated' by the current federal government campaign. It's like hearing that Peter Garrett had bought shares in the Exxon Mobil Corporation. :eek::}

"We need to make sure we're all united," Ms Gillard was quoted as saying.
That's a last gasp. Caucus must have been really mean. :E Rudd's stupid enough to challenge but I don't know if the Caucus are stupid enough to accept it, and who else would want it? Better to plot and scheme to be Leader of the Opposition by Christmas, and/or run the 'she was out of control, we had no way of stopping her' line that Hockey et al did with great applomb on the post Howard 1930 Report. :hmm:

It's like watching a car accident. You'd like to stop it, you'd do anything to do so, but all you can do is stay out of the way, watch and call 000 when it's all over; maybe haul a few injured people out of the wreckage and direct traffic around the scene.

sisemen 4th Feb 2013 14:33

Al Gore on Lateline saying that we have a Prime Minister that we "can be proud of" and telling us that we ought to vote Labor at the next election.

So, no problems there then. :yuk:

hellsbrink 4th Feb 2013 14:53

Really, sisemen?

If that ain't the final nail in the coffin, I don't know what is........

sisemen 4th Feb 2013 15:32

The actual words....

EMMA ALBERICI: Here in Australia, we have a carbon tax, but our Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, who opinion polls say could well be prime minister by September, he's campaigning on a platform that would scrap the carbon tax on day one of his government. He also has no interest in the emissions trading scheme that was to follow. What's your message to him?

AL GORE: Well, if I were a citizen of your country - I am not, so I don't wish to interfere in your politics - but I would certainly question the conclusion that public opinion polls are going to decide the outcome of an election so far away. I'm very impressed with your current prime minister. I think she's shown a great deal of courage and vision. And I think that Australians may look very carefully at the progress that has taken place and also look at the very powerful evidence that the climate crisis is having a very harsh impact on Australia, as predicted, as your own scientists have eloquently warned over and over again. So I have a great deal of faith and confidence in the people of Australia and will be watching along with others around the world as your election year unfolds.
"I don't wish to interfere in your politics" - and then he does just that :mad:

500N 4th Feb 2013 15:35

"also look at the very powerful evidence that the climate crisis is having a very harsh impact on Australia, as predicted, as your own scientists have eloquently warned over and over again."

No doubt he somewhere mentioned the floods and fires we are having ATM
and puts that down to Global warming as well.

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