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Fliegenmong 3rd Feb 2013 08:35

Exactly Sisey.....and it will continue into October, they'll just be a different set of Hypocrites & Shysters that is all, that is all, and I'll post something like What Hypocrites and shysters this mob are, and you'll post something like not as bad as the previous Government, and I'll post something about "What about the time when (Whatever)" And you'll post, and he'll post, and she'll post and you'll post some more, and I make take a look in, probably post, but may not...and so it goes...and goes and goes and goes, and that's OK, Cos here is the place for it....NOT other threads:hmm: ...take a breath :ok: ..... it's not like you're Jooliars Gyno :\ ....are you..?:ugh:

RJM 3rd Feb 2013 08:41

I'm pretty disgusted with the exits of Evans and Roxon, and I would be if they were Liberal ministers doing the same thing.

It's not so much any duty or loyalty owed to the present government, however shaky, but what they owe to us, the electorate. Being a minister or any member of the federal government is not like being in a game competing for prizes. If it is, then we're all in deep shite. It's about service to the public.

In scooting off for any reason short of impending death, they are ensuring that we will get someone in the job over whom they were probably preferred. More importantly, when they go their staff is likely largely to be replaced by sycophants and friends of the new minister, and there's obviously a settling in period when the performance of the new team is below par. We're paying big money for these 'experts'. If it doesn't really matter that the new lot are on a learning curve (exacerbated by their caretaker status), then what value above the permanent public servants in the ministry are they anyway?

Remember that the outgoing ministers were there in the party for every day of Gillard's reign and Rudd's before her. They were happy enough then. They have a duty to the electorate, imho, to do their best to provide effective, stable government until the election. Nicking off early is not in line with that. They should have their fat indexed retirement salaries severely docked. Selfish bastards. In a military situation, they'd be called deserters.

Fliegenmong 3rd Feb 2013 08:46

What RJM said!:ok:

7x7 3rd Feb 2013 08:52

Sadly, I think there's some truth in what you say, Fleigs. Not that that makes me any less keen to see it come to pass. I really want to see the end of this current lot.

The best result for me would be to see every one of the current Labor front bench consigned to their overly generous pensions and a new lot, who have yet to prove themselves to be as crooked and inept as the current mob, take their place.

I find myself hoping that the predictions of Eileen and Tim's nuptials as an election saver prove to be untrue, because my one true love has a subscription to the Woman's Weekly, and the very thought of the ten page. soft focus, 'Hello' style ubergush that the AWM will fill their front page and the next nine pages has me gagging already.

Some will have seen that the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra has just opened a display of famous Australian women, with a VERY flattering photograph?/painting? of Julia Gillard, supposedly from 2006, with a bright blue shed in the background. I see from comments in the Sunday papers that I'm not the only one who thought that the pic/painting has been seriously Photoshopped to make Ms Gillard look as much like Cate Blanchett as JEG.

sisemen 3rd Feb 2013 09:21

Cos here is the place for it....NOT other threads
Whatever it takes Fliegs....and if, in some small way, it helps to hurry them along to oblivion then......whatever it takes :E

Takan Inchovit 3rd Feb 2013 09:28

Interesting to hear Roxon was minister for Emergency Managment. Didnt hear or see her when the bush fires and floods (still happening) getting her hands dirty. :*

She then resigns without any thought for the disaster victims. It was all about her after all.


Andu 3rd Feb 2013 09:49

Just seen on TV, a senior Labor minister saying that today's debacle was "just business as usual".

Sadly, he's 100% right. The total chaos reigning in Canberra today, for Labor, really is "business as usual".

Who'll be next to go? And how soon?

I agree that Roxon's resignation as Minister of Emergeny Services in the middle of the Bundaberg flood crisis should be first item news on every TV news and five inch headlines in every newspaper in Australia and never forgotten. If she'd been a Lib, you can rest assured it would be. Bust since she's Labor, it'll hardly rate a mention.

FullOppositeRudder 3rd Feb 2013 10:09

Thank you RJM :ok:

RJM 3rd Feb 2013 11:57

Glad to oblige.

CoodaShooda 3rd Feb 2013 20:32

Oops. Latest newspoll realigns itself with the other pollsters.

Labor back down to 32 percent of the primary.

A challenge for the leadership has moved that much closer.

7x7 3rd Feb 2013 20:39

Here's the first effort (by the Young Liberals?) at the Hitler Bunker scene. I particularly liked the "Everyone planning to resign before the election... leave the room now" bit, leaving just three very uncomfortable people facing Eileen/Adolf. The dialogue that follows is priceless. "Slipper and Thomson, you're not even in the bloody ALP!"

500N 3rd Feb 2013 20:41


I saw that poll.

The second paragraph of the article which I read made me laugh.

Alomg the lines of "Abbott ahead of Julia by 5 points - but both remain deeply unpopular with the electorate :O"

Might be 5 points ahead but not much to crow about IMHO.

I reckon both parties should draft a drover's dog and let them
sort it out, they would get a higher population rating than the
current two leaders.

7x7 3rd Feb 2013 20:48

MP wakes filled with a sense of foreboding
SIMON BENSON The Daily Telegraph February 03, 2013 10:42PM

THE private confession of one Labor MP over the weekend could sum up the mood of the caucus as it meets today.

"I am now to be known as the man who is afraid to wake up," the MP said. "I live in constant fear of what new disaster tomorrow will bring."

He will not be alone in waking up this morning to another sobering piece of news that Labor's primary vote is stuck in a bog and aims to stay there despite the PM's best efforts.

While it could have been worse, considering the calamities of the past week, 35 per cent it is still a crisis number for the ALP.

MTOW 3rd Feb 2013 22:26

Just heard David Bradbury interviewed on Sydney radio.

Embarrassing. There's no other word required.

There's one individual who won't resign, but I'd be guessing that many Labor people really wish he would. We can only hope the voters in his electorate will put him out of his (or should that be 'our') misery.

500N 3rd Feb 2013 22:36

You have to love the spin being put on the last weeks event's,
including the reshuffle.

Have a read of this.


Gillard Reshuffles Ministry

sisemen 4th Feb 2013 00:23

I reckon that Chris Pyne was on the money with his remarks about 'Downfall'. The video is hilarious and will probably go viral now.

This is like watching a train heading for the buffers with brakes screaming but you know, you just know, that there's going to be one almighty smash shortly.

500N 4th Feb 2013 00:27


the problem is, the alternative "to the rescue" - ie Abbott -
is not much of an alternative !

sisemen 4th Feb 2013 00:41

How do you know?

Don't forget that Abbott's supposed deficiencies are the only target that the ALP has and they deem it to be OK to demonise him - fairly or, more likely, unfairly.

"Cometh the hour, cometh the man"

For someone to grip the Liberals as he has done and sustain a deeply damaging opposition to the government over such a long period of time gets my tick :ok:

Captain Dart 4th Feb 2013 00:57

Yes, the Abbott-bashing bears more than a passing resemblance to the Nazi Party demonising of a certain group of humanity for their own ends.

Now that Tony has got rid of the budgie smugglers (although the ALPBC News showed some file footage of him in them recently), all he needs to do is modify the aggressive 'walk up', maybe grow a grey hair or two to look a little more statesman-like, and keep his mouth under control.

And you can't say he's not a hard worker. An election victory for him should be a lay-down misere.

500N 4th Feb 2013 01:07

Not disputing he's a hard worker, needs to come across less agressive
and mouth under control.

yes, he might have kept control of the Libs under sustained attack
and in attacking Labour but I don't think he has grown that well as
a leader or policy setter or communicator.

Just my HO,

Hopefully, if he wins "Cometh the hour, cometh the man"
will come true.

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