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Worrals in the wilds 29th Jan 2013 05:24

Worrals, you may not have had this delightfull procedure carried out.
No, I'm one of the duck billed platypus brigade. ;)

I don't find the remark all that offensive, but when you're the partner of the PM who is 1. a Labor leftie and 2. has been on a rampage about 'misogyny' and the Attorney General is on a crusade to ban being offensive (at least offensive to the Labor left, anyway :hmm:) then it was probably better to stay with some strictly G rated commentary.

The 'Would you tell that joke to old Sister Theresa' rule seems to apply here, and the answer would surely be no. At the Surf Lifesaving Club Chistmas party or the Union Delegates annual grog-on? Sure, but TBQH usually no-one gives a toss what gets said at those sort of events anyway (and usually everyone was too smashed to remember). :bored:

When you're speaking in public with media present and you're the partner of the Prime Minister? Not smart.

I think it would be a safe bet that Rueben the poodle will get some lines before Tim does.

Ovation 29th Jan 2013 05:28

When you're speaking in public with media present and you're the partner of the Prime Minister? Not smart.
But then our Tim wasn't all that smart to begin with....

david1300 29th Jan 2013 09:38

I think he is fortunate that he managed to stop himself before he delivered the usuall punch line - probably felt the steel of the glare from behind.

Asian female doctor: "Don't worry, its not unusual to get an erection during this procedure"
Patient: "It's OK, I don't have one"
AFD: "Well I do"

They are pathetic. At least the poodle is quite smart.

Andu 29th Jan 2013 10:12

The conspiracy theorists are in full fine on the Piers Ackerman site. Their theory is that the small female Asian doctor quip was no mistake, but a carefully-scripted ploy, engineered by McTurdan (sic) to tempt Tony Abbott into making some exploitable comment in reply.

Capable Campbell Newman seems to handling himself well. The Labor strategists must be seething, fearing he'll turn the floods into his own Hurricane Sandy and not Julia's. (I hope so.) However, he's not being helped by the too many Bogans appearing on the news all likkered up making inane comments to the cameras from crowded bars or gushing about the thrill of getting themselves a ride in a Blackhawk - when they could have saved themselves and the long suffering rescuers (and the taxpayer) a lot of trouble and expense if they'd evacuated when they were told to. (No apologies for this last rant - I have personal experience of dealing with such people from being involved in rescuing them in the big floods not far from the current floods almost 30 years ago.)

Clare Prop 29th Jan 2013 10:53

Having just seen on the news the slightly out of focus but thunderous face on the missus when he came out with that, I think it was ad libbed...

Still, we'd better get all the bad jokes over with before Toxin's law sees all but the Labor party (who are exempt of course) off to the gulags...Imagine if a liberal had said that! :eek:

According to Bob Carr the perfect representative of Australian woman is small and asian as well.

500N 29th Jan 2013 11:06

"According to Bob Carr the perfect representative of Australian
woman is small and asian as well."

Jesus, the cats claws are out tonight, aren't they ?:O

But it is very true !

Fliegenmong 29th Jan 2013 13:07

"fearing he'll turn the floods into his own Hurricane Sandy and not Julia's."

Nup, silly fecker allowed himself to be photographed inside a gummint jet circling bundy, A la Bush Jnr and Katrina......circling Bundy in the Gummint jet whilst those on the ground were going through what they were going through!!....Aware their taxes were paying for him to do that!! :confused::confused:

He was lucky to get his hands on it, given that Seeney considers it his own personal transport !:=:=:ugh::ugh:

7x7 29th Jan 2013 21:12

Trolling through the Bolt blog this morning, I found this comment, which I think says it all in one short sentence. (The thread on Bolt is discussing JEG's plans today to "make savings" to fund her extravagant promises, with most thinking that self-funded retirees will be the main target.)

If you vote ALP you are either a gullible fool or think you can gain over your fellow citizens in some way.

MattR of Melbourne

MTOW 29th Jan 2013 23:38

Another boat arrived at Christmas Island today, bringing the total (so far) for January to 483, compared with 312(?) for January last year.

Yep, those new tough policies are working a treat, Jools.

Clare Prop 30th Jan 2013 00:32

Not cat's claws 500N, his own justification for all the taxpayers money spent on her jaunts around the world.

Going back briefly to Timmy, apparently the last bit of the punchline that was cut out of the reports was "...doctor who hasn't got Parkinson's Disease"
Hilarious, making jokes about Parkinson's Disease. :ugh:

gupta 30th Jan 2013 01:16

And they're under Starter's Orders...

Gates open Sept 14

adsyj 30th Jan 2013 01:56

Christmas comes early to all Australians, long bloody campaign but at least the battle For Australia has started.

Can't come fast enough, can't wait to see her and her cronies gone.

500N 30th Jan 2013 02:22


I did put a :O after it and I was joking.

I actually thought it was quite good. Not sure 3/4 of Australia
would have got it as most wouldn't know he has an Asian wife.

500N 30th Jan 2013 02:42

Don't bet in it, Abbott isn't in yet and quite a few people
out there think Julia might just pull it off.

500N 30th Jan 2013 02:44

Isn't the 14th September AFL Grand Final day ?

I have just been told it is on 28th Sept this year.

Anyway, here is the real reason for the election date

"before the final budget outcome is revealed for the current year"

ie We are stuffed and she knows it with no taxes from mining etc.

Andu 30th Jan 2013 04:42

Generic Calendar/Clock - Countdown to Sep 14, 2013 8:00 PM in Perth

Buster Hyman 30th Jan 2013 05:10

So, why go early?

Get Tim off the front page? Sneak something through Parliament? Or maybe, hope Abbott shows his hand early to allow the back room people time to counter it? Or even do a KRudd and let the Libs release policies that you can copy?

Either way, she gives the Libs time to see how Abbott goes and if necessary, put in a new leader to ride the honeymoon period home, a la The Silver Bodgie.

sisemen 30th Jan 2013 05:51

Light, glorious blinding light at the end of what has been a very long and dark tunnel.

Howard Hughes 30th Jan 2013 06:58

Isn't the 14th September AFL Grand Final day ?

I have just been told it is on 28th Sept this year.
Either way the Bulldogs will be history by then, so what has she got to lose? ;)

parabellum 30th Jan 2013 07:25

It is the Jews most sacred day in their religious calendar, it is Yom Kippur, the day of atonement,(spl?), any of the Jewish faith out there who can comment on the likely effect of this on the Jewish vote and who will benefit the most, LNP or LP?

(Non Jewish also asked to comment!:ok:).

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