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Saltie 18th Jan 2013 21:25

I found this even more interesting.

Of course, as Croozin says above, it'll never happen here.

Fubaar 19th Jan 2013 08:57

As predicted by others here, Michael Smith now seems to have softened somewhat on his hints of something big about to be revealed in regard to the AWU business.

7x7 19th Jan 2013 21:49

The ABC's John Doyle recently interviewed the Crime Minister, and, if the comments about that interview online are anything to go by, 'soft' would be an overstatement in the way he handled the interview. I haven't listened to it myself. (Like many, I can't endure the woman's voice), but if there is anyone out there with a masochistic streak, here it is.

PM Julia Gillard with John Doyle on RN Summer Breakfast - YouTube

There are some clever people out there in bl*gland. Following is one of the many comments on the Tim Blair site.

(from the transcript… or not… there was a revving car engine during some of it and bits were a little tricky to transcribe… )

-Your negotiating skills could be very useful for President Obama. Is there any advice you could give him?

- Well John that is an excellent question and I am glad you asked. I think Obama needs to realise that deep down Tony Abbott is having a negative effect on the US economy and clearly hates everyone, and, if I can just add a girlish giggle here please John, it helps to think of the people that are close to you as not actually friends, but merely people who may be useful in the future to sacrifice for your own self protection. I have now fully answered that question thank you John and that matter is now closed.

MudCrab of Adelaide (Reply)

sisemen 20th Jan 2013 08:55

John Doyle? The man who is so far up Tim Flannery's arse that he can see Greg Combet's boots? Any surprise it was a 'soft' interview?

Croozin 21st Jan 2013 04:46

'Missing' asylum boat from Indonesia found near Christmas Island
BY: GEMMA JONES From: News Limited Network January 21, 2013 3:10PM
A BOAT carrying asylum seekers which was feared to be missing has been intercepted off Christmas Island this afternoon.

Afghan Hazaras in Australia had raised concerns a boat had vanished in poor weather between Indonesia and Australia.

The vessel was intercepted by Australian authorities near Christmas Island where passengers will be taken for initial health, security and identity checks.

Passengers on the vessel had endured rough monsoonal weather after leaving Indonesia days ago.
4th boat for the year, (in the middle of the monsoon season), almost taking the total for January to Wayne Swan's budgeted monthly total - and in clear contradiction of Jason Clare's assertion that there have been no illegal boat arrivals this year. Is the 'get out' word "illegal", as Labor doesn't consider the country shoppers to be illegal arrivals?

RJM 21st Jan 2013 05:00

Gillard trying to paint herself as a normal female with normal female skills as one might acquire in a normal upbringing:

- Christmas with the family

- cooking the Christmas feast

- knitting! What - bedsocks for Tim on his chilly couch?

And plugs for the environment, the NDIS and a whack for Abbott over the carbon tax...

I don't like Gillardspeak so I stopped listening when she said 'jobs have kept growing'.

I tried again and nearly gave up when Doyle started on 'why are you such a fantastic negotiator?'

Akin to 'Prime Minister. to what do you attribute your magnificence?'

What a suck job.

Soon enough, Gillard got into the Opposition: 'negative blitzkreig', negativity etc... blaming them for the drop in parliamentary standards.

The election will be run on family and education.... education is in the future, 'family' is warm and fuzzy, and both are hard to attack.

She's certainly not standing on her record.


MTOW 22nd Jan 2013 01:03

National Affairs
Julia Gillard 'picks' Nova Peris for Senate seat

by: Ben Packham
From:The Australian
January 22, 201312:16PM

INDIGENOUS Australian and Olympian Nova Peris will stand for Labor preselection for a Senate seat in the Northern Territory ahead of the next election.

Julia Gillard said Ms Peris would stand for preselection in the seat currently held by Senator Trish Crossin.
I don't know the good Ms Perris' sexual orientation, but if she was to favour the same sex persuasion, she'd tick all the boxes for modern day NuLabor political success, wouldn't she?

You'd think that Labor would have learned after the result of the Midnight Oil experiment.

Good luck to you Ms Perris, but I fear you're being sorely misused.

gupta 22nd Jan 2013 01:36

Trish Crossin isn't very amused

CoodaShooda 22nd Jan 2013 04:19

Just picked up on this and immediately wondered whether the CLP might not pick up both Senate seats.

But then thought about the popularity (or lack thereof) of the incumbent CLP government and realised it was unlikely.

Ms Peris is not as popular here as the media and the PM would have you think.

Buster Hyman 22nd Jan 2013 04:25

A bogan from the South telling the Territorians what's good for them, all for an obvious slice of tokenism...what could possibly go wrong? :rolleyes:

CoodaShooda 22nd Jan 2013 04:47

I didn't even realise she still lived here.

But I guess if not having party membership is not an issue, nor is residency.

Pity the CLP is so unpopular - otherwise labor would have been in real danger of losing a safe Senate seat.

Buster Hyman 22nd Jan 2013 07:54

Still, not being a Party member has its upside...no faction issues. :rolleyes:

Worrals in the wilds 22nd Jan 2013 08:14

I'd have thought that having the Gillard Stamp of Approval would be like selling a diet program that has the Matt Preston Stamp of Approval, but that's just me...:ooh:

Perris just appeared on The Project and I thought she seemed very unsure of herself. Having the incumbent publicly sledging the decision and crying foul all over the press can't be helpful; what happened to Labor solidarity? I guess Crossin is a Rudd supporter...:}

Andu 22nd Jan 2013 09:13

I guess Crossin is a Rudd supporter.
That's why she's been shafted, Worrals. Revenge is a cup best sipped cold is a phrase that comes to mind.

I'll be interested to see how (or more to the point, if) the MSM handles this. Andrew Bolt and Steve Price on 2GB tonight - not the MSM, I'll accept - were pretty outspoken about it.

Labor are going to have to appoint a miracle worker media coach for poor Ms Peris to get that rabbit caught in the spotlight look off her face and to teach her how to speak on camera. To date, she reminds myself uncomfortably of myself on camera, which is not a look any aspiring politician would ever want to show to the voting public.

Worrals in the wilds 22nd Jan 2013 09:46

Revenge is also best served subtly :suspect:.

This was not subtle. Even people living in small mine shafts near Sapphire could spot the shafting, particularly when the shaftee is shouting it from the rooftops. Both Ten and Seven were quick to point out that Crossin had backed Rudd, and both ran her speech. I don't think those two networks are throwing the government any favours with this one. The ABC will, but who cares? They're the ABC. :bored:

I thought Perris lacked passion on The Project interview. She seemed unsure of why she was standing for the Senate, except because 'she was asked.' Of course she may have a huge number of reasons why she wants to stand, but she didn't manage to articulate them.

It's like the standard job interview question 'why do you want to work here'?You expect the applicant to have two or three well rehearsed reasons that sound plausible. 'Why have you decided to run for the Senate' was hardly left-of-field, but she gave the impression that she hadn't really considered the question before.

I don't expect a new candidate to be the world's best press performer (and I think we're all sick of trite, practised soundbites) but while being raw and/or nervous is not a problem, I'd expect a new candidate for the Senate to be able to clearly say in a determined manner why they are standing, even if they stumble a bit and wear the Wrong Shoes :}. She didn't do that, and the government now have yet another wronged, disgruntled Labor pollie complaining at the top of her voice.

I don't think they need that.

CoodaShooda 22nd Jan 2013 11:27

Not just Crossin. Local labor (other than our Leader of the Opposition) seems to have gone ballistic.

One caller to ABC radio claimed to have been a 'labor activist' for 37 years and she was disgusted by the PM's action. Sounds tame when written down but visualise it said by a mature, well spoken lady who was literally in tears of anger, disappointment, rage. You name it, it was there.

I have little time for Ms Perris but I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up like Mal Maninga. Seems she will be getting little electioneering support from the local pardy, the way the commentary is going. But, as it's the Senate, she only needs her name on the ballot paper.

Clare Prop 22nd Jan 2013 12:04

Some great comments here Nova for politics - and Trish isn't happy | News | NT News | Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia | ntnews.com.au

but this one

Who next jules????.....Warney could do with some work ........

has me spraying coffee all over the keyboard :D :D

Flying Binghi 22nd Jan 2013 12:15

.....Warney could do with some work ........
Haffta drag him away from the poker table first..:)


Clare Prop 22nd Jan 2013 12:27

With La Hurley by his side to handle the media what could possibly go wrong?

sisemen 22nd Jan 2013 12:39

Even allowing for "first night nerves" Peris looked less like a politician than a kindy teacher.

Gillard has surely opened up a nasty bag of tricks that she doesn't need. There will be some blood letting - and in public too. And just before an election :ooh:

I'll bet McTernan is beside himself right now.

In the West, just before the last State election in 2008 the then Labor leader, Alan Carpenter, did exactly the same thing. He got bounced big time in an election that he "couldn't lose". It was mainly put down to his arrogance - particularly with regard to parachuting in candidates of his own choosing.

Soooo.......it looks like, yet again, Gillard has thrown in the wild card and made yet another off the cuff decision that is going to blow up in her face. Luvverly :ok:

It remains to be seen whether the rest of the party rounds on her.

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