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Clare Prop 15th Jan 2013 12:50

Couple of things about the IMF...firstly Swan gave them 7 billion of our hard-earned to help bail outall those naughty profligately spending socialist countries in Europe. So of course they love him.

Also, when all this profligate spending was going on there were wall to wall Labor state governments and this report didn't differentiate between the types of government, just who the PM was at the time.

Don't get me wrong, I am no fan of Howard, the things that happened in GA under his watch destroyed a huge chunk of the industry. Baby bonuses, first home buyer grants, all sorts of stupid vote buying wastage that peoplequickly took for granted. Welfare should be based on need not on whether or not people have decided to have kids or identifiy with a certain ethnic group. Yet today I hear the "Schoolkids' bonus" being advertised on the radio. :ugh:

They are just as bad as each other.

Fliegenmong 15th Jan 2013 13:01

No worries Sise....I'll await you to find it.....it will be in the so called 'MSM', murdoch (Australian) press of course! They know better than to sh!t in their own nest :ok: howard ensured that!

I'm somwhat surprised none of the (Coalition) 'true believers' posted it here already!!!

If ya can't find it though, tell me how wrong the IMF are, and then promise me you'll never use them to defend your personal point of view as a voter:ok:

Buster Hyman 15th Jan 2013 19:47

As you have already indicated that you don't believe the source, it's probably a moot point, but this is what I could find...

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

As you will note, it is clearly an Opinion piece. Unlike most of the stories on the True Believers Gazette, opinions wrapped up as facts. Little things like the fact that it was a "Working Paper" from four IMF employees & not the organisation as a whole tends to get lost in the rush to deflect attention away from this current rabbles ineptitude.

Andu 15th Jan 2013 21:36

Fleigs, Buster got the right link. It was an article by Henry Ergas, hardly a rabid right winger. It's worth reading in full, as Ergas points out that page 2 of the source document clearly states that its conclusions do not represent the opinions of the IMF, a small factoid overlooked by the "journalist" giving Wayne Swan's management of our economy a glowing report.

I'll repeat here what I've said before. Howard's so-called "middle class welfare" (an unusually accurate tag, in my opinion) was wrong in so many ways, not least in building in an expectation of entitlement in far too many of the electorate who should NOT expect government handouts, and Tony Abbott is showing disturbing signs of following that trend if he gets back into power.

Croozin 15th Jan 2013 21:59

There'll be many who won't like Piers Ackerman's comments below.

Piers Akerman
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 (6:36am)

THE warring Aboriginal and Pacific Islander families of Douglas Street, Woodridge, have again demonstrated the failure of the nation’s insane multicultural policy.

Instead of identifying as Australian, the combatants are resorting to the symbols of their race.

In the case of the Aboriginals, the flag Cathy Freeman made momentarily famous, is being given a thorough workout.

The Islanders say they are being discriminated against as foreigners in the education system, among other gripes.

The violence, fortunately, is local and, by international standards, minimal.

One Aboriginal family, the Briggs, has already said it will move from the state housing dominated area.

State Labor MP Desley Scott has blamed cuts to welfare for the problem – as a Labor MP would.

It was unhelpful of federal LNP MP Andrew Laming, to tweet on Monday: “Mobs tearing up Logan. Did any of them do a day’s work today, or was it business as usual and welfare on tap?”

The Opposition’s spokesman on indigenous health later tweeted: “To clarify: Working together to resolve these riots the priority. Training and a chance for jobs are key.”

But the genesis of the bitter feelings in the Logan community lies beyond the orbit of welfare – around Australia groups which have been encouraged to hang onto the national identities of their former homelands are finding it harder to blend into the mainstream.

The melting pot isn’t a Mixmaster.

Under multiculturalism, some groups have formed ghettos within Australian cities.

Despite the millions thrown at SBS, many of these more recent arrivals can’t speak English and make no attempt to learn the language.

Instead, the government just spends more money providing translations of important documents and translators to assist them retain the languages of their former home nations.

The success of the migration program of the post-WWII period which saw Australia absorb millions of displaced people (as refugees were once called) is being overshadowed by the dysfunctionalism of multiculturalism.

As Australia Day approaches, with its reminder of the racial disharmony promoted from within the Prime Minister’s office last year, the ugly reality of this failed policy is yet again on display.

parabellum 15th Jan 2013 22:28

An excellent piece, apart from one small point, Australia does not practice multi-culturism, very few of the new arrivals make any effort to integrate and absorb any of Australian culture. What Ackerman is actually talking about is multi-racialism.

Buster Hyman 15th Jan 2013 22:36

It was unhelpful of federal LNP MP Andrew Laming, to PPRuNe on Monday:
??? :confused: ???

Croozin...I've always thought that part of the problem for the Aboriginals is that they & we, don't tend to associate them with the word "Australians". First Australians aside, it really never comes in as a descriptor. In providing them with the extra support and benefits, even where forms ask if you are an Aboriginal or TSI, the Govt. (and I'm not singling out any Govt. They've all done it) is actually stigmatising them IMHO.

I have no problem with multi culturalism, and I have no problem with people who reminisce & support their homeland but I tend to like the American way where they identify as American Italians, or American whatevers.

Captain Sand Dune 16th Jan 2013 05:46

How about identifying as Australians? This whole Australian-(insert desired ethnicity here) thing sounds like people want a foot in both camps. My parents both came from Germany and always referred to themselves as Australians. Why do some Aboriginals feel the need to refer to themselves as Aboriginal rather than Australians? Why do our governments perpetuate this?

Worrals in the wilds 16th Jan 2013 07:08

It was unhelpful of federal LNP MP Andrew Laming, to tweet on Monday: “Mobs tearing up Logan. Did any of them do a day’s work today, or was it business as usual and welfare on tap?”
It would have been sensible to check whether the people concerned actually worked first :mad::rolleyes:, instead of assuming they're bludgers just because they are Indigenous / Islander, living at Logan and having a feud. Note to Mr Laming; lots of brown people work. Maybe if he stuck his head out of the frigging Qantas Club once in a while he'd see how many Islanders (and some Indigenous guys) are working their butts off every day on the airport ramps, as just one example. :*

Logan has a relatively high unemployment rate (about 8%) but that means that over 90% of people there do work, often in low paying jobs. We've all been beefing about the cost of living, and when people are not earning a lot to start with, it gets even harder to stay above water. Many people who live in Logan would probably rather live somewhere else, but it's cheap, hence (in part) the high multicultural mix. Many new Australians work in pretty basic jobs due to poor English and a lack of skills (or bits of paper listing those skills) so they're not going to be earning enough for a riverside condo at New Farm any time soon.

Angry at Mr Laming's comments on Twitter, they said they would have been at work if not for fears for their families.
Soane Palau has been a disability carer for eight years and works five nights a week.
"Because of this I've taken some days off," said Mr Palau, who needed eight stitches after being struck in the head with a bar on Sunday night.
His three eldest sons are visiting for the New Year holidays from Sydney.
"We're hard-working Islander men who provide for our families," his son, Sione Palau, said.
A resident staying at the Aboriginal household, who asked for his name to be withheld, works for contractors who maintain Logan parks.
Anyway, according to the Courier Mail it's all been sorted out and everyone's put down the lumps of wood. Apparently these guys were friends until there was a falling out; it sounds like the racial thing only became important after there was a fight about some other issues. And of course, it makes for a good media story. :hmm:

Flying Binghi 16th Jan 2013 07:26

...And of course, it makes for a good media story.
...and helps to divert from the Green created fire issue..:hmm:


Worrals in the wilds 16th Jan 2013 07:27

..and helps to divert from the Green created fire issue..http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/yeees.gif
For sure. We're lucky up here that no-one ever listened to them much.

Takan Inchovit 16th Jan 2013 08:00

For sure. We're lucky up here that no-one ever listened to them much.
... except the Bligh, Beattie, Goss, Keating and Hawke Governments. Qld does continue further north than the Sunshine coast. :suspect:

Worrals in the wilds 16th Jan 2013 08:17

Noted, but did the Greens ever impact on fire policy? I know they did on land clearing and fisheries management, but I didn't think burn bans ever made it past the border.

Takan Inchovit 16th Jan 2013 09:12

Not sure on that one in particular, but we blame them anyway. :)

Worrals in the wilds 16th Jan 2013 09:14

Always a safe position in Queensland politics. :cool:
Wonder if the Birdsville Hotel still sells their 'save trees, burn a greenie' stickers?

Fliegenmong 16th Jan 2013 09:41

Thanks Buster & Andu posts 4037 4038, I can't afford to susbscribe to Mr Murdoch, even though I did used to enjoy reading the Australian...awfully biased editorial, but there was some intelligent contribution from readers of both persuasions...I'll take your word, and assume the truth, as so very often happens, lie somewhere in between.....

Yes Andu Big Tone will continue howard's middle class welfare.....(and profligate spending :O :p) It's not about what's best for the Country with either side It's about who will 'do anything' to get in the Lodge.....Country run just fine the whole time we were waiting to see who Windsor Oakeshott etc would support.....country run just fine through all of Oakeshott's mindless waffling for that matter :rolleyes:

Andu 16th Jan 2013 10:04

... but it didn't continue to run just fine after that cretin Oakeshott finally made his decision.

I wonder, was it his four year old or his six year old who advised him to go with Gillard? Probably best for everyone concerned if we never get to know the answer to that particular question.

Flying Binghi 16th Jan 2013 10:10

via Worrals in the wilds:
...no-one ever listened to them much...
Except that there were a whole lot of new national park areas made to get the green vote.

via Worrals in the wilds:

Noted, but did the Greens ever impact on fire policy?...
All that acreage of new national park areas delivered by labore to get the green vote and no thought given to how the QLD government were going to pay to manage the new areas... Unsustainable is a good descriptor.

New QLD government finding the kitty empty did the only prudent thing...
Queensland Health takes brunt of redundancies


Buster Hyman 16th Jan 2013 10:56

Well, therein lies the problem...again...Fliegs. We all know numbers can easily be manipulated and in one interpretation, they are probably correct. Another will show them way off I'd imagine but, as usual, we don't get the plain facts from any of the mainstream media. It means we cannot evaluate & come to our own conclusion as we have to battle through the murky garbage of political bias.

Fliegenmong 16th Jan 2013 11:31

Yeah Buster I know....a politically keen watcher for many a year, and now.....well, I find it more and more tiresome, as it becomes a never ending round-a-bout of he said she said manipulated number Bullsh!t with an ever diminishing differentiation between the two....

I guess also living where I live, in a Blue Ribbon Liberal Heartland, I see FA work done for us with the sitting member 'cos he knows he is safe as houses! I even have electoral pamphlets here from the sitting Federal Liberal member claiming credit for (The not so many) Labor State government achievements........but nonetheless) he and his team know that no one here will question that!!

Outright lies that are foisted upon the local unquestioning Liberal 'Pardee faithful' and increasingly they comprise of wealthy children who live off Mum and Dads money whilst they strut around acting out American gangster ambitions....as in "I'm a hard @rsed mothf%&ker from the 'hood', (cruising around in M&D's Black Audi 4wd, having never done a days work in their lives, but seen standing around on election day handing out 'How To' flyers......

Edited to Add: (Not so many ) Labor State

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