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sisemen 11th Jan 2013 06:19

Maybe he can use some of his time to check back on his bushfire membership records :E

Betcha he comes back as somebody else in the not too distant future :eek:

gassed budgie 11th Jan 2013 07:27

Senior Members of the Liberal Party were up to their ears in a conspiracy to overthrow the properly elected Government of Australia
Fcuk me! Where do I sign up? It can't happen soon enough!

Buster Hyman 11th Jan 2013 08:24

a conspiracy to overthrow the properly elected Government of Australia

Guilty as charged. It's called Electioneering!

Worrals in the wilds 11th Jan 2013 08:47

My guess is that the sheik is yet another public gob who delights in being hateful and controversial. Despite their obvious differences I reckon that a particular shock jock and he would probably get on really well :suspect:. The Christian churches also have a few, but they tend to get pushed off the front page these days by their Muslim equivalents. :bored: I agree with Ciabo, but all too often the local Muslim associations do comment against these lunatics but they don't get quoted in the paper. I know this has happened several times to the Islamic Council of Queensland, because a moderate Muslim saying 'steady on, we don't agree with this' just isn't much of a headline. :hmm:

Ms Cox says she takes the definition of sexism as “a view of gender as the basis for entrenched discriminatory differences” and misogyny as having a deep pathological dislike of women.
“Mr Abbott fits the first, but not the second category, and seems to have a wide range of female friends,” she says. “How he coped with women in power is not clear as he is the boss of his office.”
I'd believe that. Gillard, Roxon and Co have effectively changed the definition of mysoginist (aided and abetted by the Macquarie Dictionary) to suit their own political aims. I don't think anyone except the true believers is really buying it long term.

He He Para!....Maybe!!, but 'town' has been a little 'dead' for a few years, and yet just these last few times I have been in there (And being local, it's not all that often, except for the early morning surf or Ocean swim!!) there's a lot of people crowding restaurants and bars and shops....
True, it's been a good holiday season for the Coast :ok:. The GFC has hit the city very badly (tourism is about the only large industry) and a lot of businesses have been really struggling, so it's great to see people coming back. I don't know whether it's due to more people holidaying in Australia, slightly increased consumer confidence or some other factor, but it couldn't come soon enough for a lot of the little guys. If you want a good Italian joint in Sufers go to Nicolinis, Vapiano is a big hit with the Gen Y poser brigade but a bit overrated, IMO.

RJM 11th Jan 2013 10:03

Gillard naturally has nothing to say before the election about her embarrassingly few policy successes.

Most people see through her taking credit for the wonderful National Disability Insurance Scheme and the Gonski education reforms (neither yet funded or implemented other than some cheap, micromanaged tests).

So Gillard is trying to save her arse from being kicked first by Caucus or, if she can convince Caucus to keep supporting her, then from having it kicked over the horizon by the angry voters of Australia.

In her arsenal of trick shots, learned in undergraduate student politics, is the well-calculated personal smear. Gillard must have been wetting herself as she tallied the variouos targets that would be hit by a smear of misogyny against the hated Abbott.

in accordance no doubt with a schedule approved by Labor's gutter-dweller-in -chief, Mr Mcternan, a few seeds were sown, starting with Abbott's undefined 'Problem with Women', tapped along by the Sexist Wall Punching Incident (for which the lack of evidence is immaterial - Gillard's troupe of banshees in the media don't require evidence before screeching).

Then came Gillard's supposedly impromptu, definitely non sequiturial made-for-YouTube rant in Parliament. A lovely piece of work. Anyone defending Abbott has to quote her best lines. Ever the liar, Gillard ignores claims that the speech was a set piece written by Mcternan. The story tore around the world, minus any background or facts.

Monica Attard's headline on CNN: 'Gillard comes out swinging in sexism row'. What row? Mcternan would be thrilled.

Sexism, or the new, more broadly defined 'misogyny' (thanks to one of the Sisters at the Macquarie dictionary) are difficult charges for Abbott to respond to. Abbott's Christmas cards featured a photo of himself with his wife and two daughters. 'Politically underhanded and a gratuitous knife to the heart of the childless Gillard' cry Gillard's banshees.

They never mention that three times Gillard has destroyed a family by her seduction of the husband. Of course it would be a sexist attack on Gillard to do so.

On and on it's gone, a good story for the media and a lot safer if you want to keep your job than picking up the Gillard fraudster epic. Ask Michael Smith or Glenn Milne. Ask numerous newspaper editors whom Gillard has called and threatened should they publish material damaging to her.

Then try and make sense of this would-be Mother Theresa's support for Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper. Look at the people around her. 'Chemical Ali' Swann, 'Nanny Roxon', the idiot Flannery; look at Gillard's refusal to answer in Parliament allegations about the AWU-WRA affair. It makes sense only if you consider that Gillard is prepared to do anything to hang on to power, regardless of the damage done to her party or to Parliament by her desperate efforts, or even to the Australian community.

It's sickening. Gillard reminds me of Maximilien Robespierre, a zealous, power-hungry lawyer steeped in proto-socialism of Rousseau. During the French Revolution Robespierre advocated a 'republic of virtue'. He became the director of the 'Committee of Public Safety' which denounced and eliminated 'conspirators', and instigated the Reign of Terror, beheading political opponents on increasingly flimsy evidence,

Eventually, people began to question the rationality of Robespierre's judgements, turned against him and guillotined him. There's no statue to Robespierre in France or anywhere else.

I'm not suggesting execution for Gillard, just the defeat she has earned for her party and which she deserves, so that we can get back to good government in the common interest.

Fliegenmong 11th Jan 2013 10:43

Pulls pin....lobs....waits with fingers in the ears......:E

Howard rejects IMF's 'profligate spender' tag - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Not something that would ever likely be published in the 'MSM'

How come you all seem to know who BG was? You all PM each other or something? A like minded little private club? :hmm::suspect:

Anyway, in all the years that Ciobo has been around this is the only time I have EVER heard anything from or about him....about bloody time, and frankly I'm surprised he possessed the intestinal fortitude to say anything at all

Gets somewhat frustrating living in an electorate where the result is a forgone conclusion everytime it comes around at State or Federal level, Ciobo only has to print a self congratulatory brochure once every election year.....and knows that an awful lot of 'Old Melbourne Money' retired here will keep him in office

Buster Hyman 11th Jan 2013 11:47

Not something that would ever likely be published in the 'MSM'
Indeed...only in the ALP biased media like the Age & ABC. Just proves that bias is alive & well in Oz journalism.

All I ask is that reporters report! Don't give me your opinion, that's called an editorial. Leave that to the Editor & let me make up my own mind!

sisemen 11th Jan 2013 12:15

As far as I am concerned Fliegs there have been no PMs flashing about at all. I guess that we all came to the same (possibly wrong) conclusion about BG because of the style of writing and the outrageous "defy reality" sense of his/her posts which reflected the same stuff written by posters of a different name. That seems to be what CFI was alluding to.

On the other hand, your posts, I think, represent a reasonable portrayal of the leftish side of this debate and, whilst I/we may not totally agree with you, at least there is some sense in there and genuine matters of debate. BG was just a prat. :E

Fliegenmong 11th Jan 2013 12:40

Yes buster :rolleyes: Bolt, Albrechtson, Jones & Akermans equally just prove that bias is alive and well in Oz Journalism by stuffing their opinion in my face rather than reporting.....you know that... I know that...move along now..

So....that was a report of the IMF's report..........or an editorial on the IMF's report if you wish :) In any case a presentation of the IMF's own findings

So, who is/are the IMF exactly then??.......I'll never pretend to know too much about economics, like Abbott, they bore me....

It occurs to me that the IMF appointees are selected by the so called faceless men of the ALP hunched around a lazy Susan in a seedy western Sydney Chinese restaurant cracking fortune cookies to see who is the next appointee?? Is that how the IMF works?

Or are the members of the IMF intellectuals with real world experiences?

I would have thought (Assumed at least) the IMF might know something about fiscal policies.....If anything I would have thought they were a right wing / conservative bunch!

I'm sure someone here can enlighten me how Jooliar the Red Bogan is behind a conspiracy plan to blackmail the IMF into REPORTING something distasteful about howard and the liberal party....'cos she slept with members of the IMF or some such????..........:rolleyes:

Surely someone knows a guy at a BBQ, who's Sisters boyfriends brother in law's cousin knew a bloke who filmed Dominique Strauss Kahn and Jooliar in bed together and sent the footage to the IMF??

Fliegenmong 11th Jan 2013 12:48

Hey Siseman! Thanks for your kind and Gentlemenly words!....:)

Yes mate, leftish on some things, almost right of Ghengis Khan on others....

Regrettably, forever misrepresented in Canberra.....but to varying degrees aren't we all! :*

'Ave a good weekend! :ok:

Buster Hyman 11th Jan 2013 13:58

I wonder what Wayne has signed us up to, to get that report?

Oh well, this will jolly well fix Howard up at the next election eh Comrades?....

Clare Prop 11th Jan 2013 14:23

If you are missing the entertainment value of BG and his/her alter egos, head over to La Gillard's face book page, you'll see similar stuff there from the spin machines but the other stuff that gets posted on there can be hilarious! :D

Croozin 11th Jan 2013 20:51

(With apologies to Fleigs) I loved this:


Dark Knight 11th Jan 2013 22:24

I did not realize it was so bad or imminent!

What can we do?

Where can we hide?

Will Bob (Christine) & Julia save Us?

Please, please Julia; Save Us :confused:

FullOppositeRudder 11th Jan 2013 23:52

Thanks FOR. You time volunteering makes my time pale to insignificance. As you will have seen, some people on here have commented on Abbott getting press time for his volunteering. I'd be interested in your take on the matter.
Apologies, I’ve been elsewhere for a couple of days. Regarding Abbott's volunteering in the fire service (or elsewhere), he is inevitably going to be the focus of attention in whatever he does or says. There will always be a reporter ready to shove a microphone in his face and ask an inflammatory question to get the scoop (whoops, I nearly wrote poop - perhaps I should have left it as is was) they are after . Good upon him for still putting his shoulder to the wheel wherever he is able, despite these predictable and malicious distractions.

That his stint on the fire ground has been assigned a negative motive from some quarters disappoints me, but I am not altogether surprised given the overall thrust and direction of the anti Abbott machinery. I find this whole campaign disgusting and beneath contempt. Along with the unbelievably shameful 'misogynist' speech, it fills me with absolute loathing for those people who are taking this line. I said it before and I say again: I really worry about the future of our country when its 'leaders' stoop to this level of gutter behavior.

That's as much as I had better say on this (I have my reasons for not letting it all hang out), other than that I resonate strongly the sentiments expressed by many of the writers here and elsewhere who see this debacle for what it is and say so in powerful and eloquent terms.

As for my time in the EFS/CFS it needs to be noted that I am but one member of a small rural brigade composed mostly of farmers which fills a small but crucial role in it's local community. Others of you will almost certainly have seen more heat and smoke in your time than I have. I did get the second shift on the Ash Wednesday event all those years ago, but the first crew saw the real horror of the day. We have our moments; the road accidents are the call-outs I most dread. Thankfully we don’t seem to have to ‘rescue’ many cats up trees - unlike our near city brigades. :rolleyes:

I digress. Back then to the purpose of the meeting .... :ok:

Croozin 12th Jan 2013 00:13

An interesting angle from an aboriginal female (that's two 'threatened'... 'minorities' in one package) on Nicola Roxoff's proposed anti-discrimination law:


This is an excerpt from “The Final Insult” by an aboriginal lady, Kerryn Pholi. She is talking about the new tongue clamp laws Gillard and Roxon want.

“This law would oblige those around me to anticipate my feelings and limit their behaviour accordingly; it is based on an assumption that I am so enfeebled by my attributes that I would be unable to handle my own feelings in the face of obnoxious conduct. So psychologically fragile are Aboriginal people, ethnic people, brown people, female people, queer people and all manner of other ‘protected’ people that the state must ensure that our delicate sensibilities are shielded from the nastiness of the world. As an autonomous adult, I cannot think of a single human being whom I would ever trust to decide on my behalf what I could and could not bear to hear about myself — and I deeply resent anyone who presumes to do so. This proposed law strips me of my dignity in a way that another’s malicious remark could never do; it reduces me to the status of a child.

Where is the outrage from feminist academics and media professionals, whose job it is to critically analyse a proposal such as this, casting a sceptical eye over the state’s chivalrous intent to prevent our dainty ears from hearing dirty words and oafish commentary? Perhaps today’s professional feminists are too busy Slutwalking, blogging about Fifty Shades of Grey and hating on Tony Abbott.”

John Jay.

Buster Hyman 12th Jan 2013 00:52

Thanks again FOR. I guess if he did all that for the press, had a cuppa with the troops, and then drove back with the pack of journalistic hacks, then I might take a different line.

Perhaps this did happen, but seeing the media arm of the ALP hasn't jumped on it, it probably didn't go down this way & he stuck around & did a shift or two on the fireground or wherever he was needed. Lets hope this little episode of mud slinging is not forgotten.

Buster Hyman 12th Jan 2013 00:54

Croozin. Thanks for posting that. I'd never looked at this from that angle...very insightful!

Andu 12th Jan 2013 01:02

Is it just me, or have others noticed a refreshing number of very sensible comments surfacing in the media from aboriginal females? With the solitary exception of Noel Pearson, sensible comments from males of that persuasion are rather light on the ground. (I acknowledge that that comment, probably inaccurate if I took the time to research the matter) is a generalisation likely to have me prosecuted under Nicola's Law.)

Based upon the utterances of Bess Price and the lady quoted above, I live in hope that more female aborigines make the move into leadership roles.

Fliegenmong 12th Jan 2013 01:04

Thank you Buster, I didn't know that signing up to some program or other with the IMF ensured a favourable report, you learn something new everyday :ok:

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