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Buster Hyman 12th Dec 2012 11:43

...and people still defend this clown of a PM!

Cookies must be enabled | Herald Sun


BenThere 12th Dec 2012 12:10

Not to worry. Only Australia's decreasing proportion of male citizens of European origin will ever be brought up on charges for causing offense by their speech.

prospector 12th Dec 2012 20:53

I blame America, that was the birthplace of ardent feminism.

FullOppositeRudder 12th Dec 2012 22:20

Pickering is back :ok:

sisemen 13th Dec 2012 00:21

Pickering's take on the Slipper affair (no pun intended) is the most erudite summing up of the situation that I've seen so far

The odd part is Rares' ruling. There is no excuse for a Federal Court judge to throw a case out on the basis of political implications or suspected "motivations" dressed up as abuse of process.

It appears the Federal Court has become politicised... and look no further than Gillard for a culprit.

Dark Knight 13th Dec 2012 04:49


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Croozin 13th Dec 2012 09:18

From the Kangaroo Court of Australia website:

H. W. S. October 7, 2012 at 9:26 pm #
I recommend to all, especially lawyers, search: ‘lawyers and the third Reich’ and learn. Particularly, with respect that the first law officer of the Commonwealth and her staff take note. Our democracy and the Westminster system is being brought into disrespect and our democracy is under threat……it seems. Lawyers, better pull their fingers out! The fourth estate is history, the internet now is the bastion of democracy and due process. (and hopefully, justice)
I'm just back from neighbourhood Christmas drinks. Everyone there, without exception, expressed grave misgivings about where this country is headed.

AG Nicola Roxon gives instructions to her subordinate Justice Steven Rares in the Peter Slipper / James Ashby case | Kangaroo Court of Australia

Lon More 13th Dec 2012 15:47

Wow I hope all people stick to this one – what a wonderful place Australia would be

Dear friends,

There are less than 18 months until election day when the people will decide who will be the next prime minister of Australia.
The person elected will be the prime minister of all Australians, not just the Liberals or Labor. It's time that we all need to come together, Liberals and Laborites alike, in a bi-partisan effort for Australia.
If you will support Tony Abbot, please drive with your headlights ON during the day.
If you support Julia Gillard, please drive with your headlights OFF at night.
Together, we can make it happen.

glad rag 13th Dec 2012 17:25

NSW north coast health workers cannot call colleagues or patients terms such as "mate", after a memo stated it was inappropriate.

fight fire with fire.. etam!

Solid Rust Twotter 13th Dec 2012 19:07

There's always the old Saffer standby of Boet and Swaer. Should be enough of us around your neck of the woods to make it work. Drive the ones who came up with the "mate" ban crazy too, just as a bonus.

Funny Castrol Oil Ad - YouTube

CASTROL Boet & Swaer Drag - YouTube

Andu 13th Dec 2012 21:03

Just finished hearing Prime Minister Julia Gillard's "last interview for the year" (one of the small mercies of the Silly Season) on the ALPBC where she made one statement that might come back to haunt her. "Iyn the 2010 electshun, the peepol of Awstraya got it right - the peepol of Awastraya always get in roight at electshuns".

Unless there is some fearful vote rigging - something we cannot guarantee will not happen - the "right honourable" JEG might come to regret those words.

I loved the way, 24 hours after a worldwide survey found that Australia has by far the poorest education levels of any English-speaking country IN THE WORLD, she was allowed to crow of about her "educashun revolushun" and her UNFUNDED "disabilidy" insurance.

Mal Brough should be flattered as hell when he sees the efforts they're going to to blacken his name. It's some indication of what a threat they see him to represent.

Elineen, enjoy your last (totally secular) "Holiday Season" in the Lodge. If you're still in situ for next CHRISTMAS, it will only be because this country has suffered a coup by you and your criminal gang, and people like me will not, by then, be permitted to write dissenting opinions online.

Andu 13th Dec 2012 22:27

Two more boats with 115 country shoppers announced as having arrived on Wednesday night. That takes the total for this month to over 500 - and we aren't halfway into the month yet.

And Wayne and Eileen (Eileen as late as on the ALPBC this morning) tell us they're still going to deliver a surplus, even after Joel Fitzgibbon says maybe they shouldn't.

Reports on the radio yesterday of busloads of people on bridging visas turning up at an old old people's home in Ryde, and standing out in the street (why?) late at night using their mobile phones, (which every one of them has) to make long calls overseas. When asked by a neighbour how they could afford to make long calls overseas, they replied "no bills". Apparently, you and I are paying for the calls they make to tell the rellies back home how to follow them.

parabellum 13th Dec 2012 22:36

Regarding the Slipper affair, if it is the subject of an appeal should Roxon and others even be discussing it? Isn't it sub-judice?

CoodaShooda 14th Dec 2012 00:55


My understanding is that no appeal has been lodged yet, so Roxon et al claim they are free to comment.

Not really surprising, as they have repeatedly demonstrated their contempt for social conventions and the spirit of our laws. However, they do have a point.

The libs are using the "appeal" as grounds to avoid comment.

While Ashby has said he wants to appeal, he still has to find grounds in the judgement on which to proceed.

parabellum 14th Dec 2012 02:16

Thanks Cooda, don't see the opposition bothering to respond very much, it will just be a tit for tat, you want a Slipper inquiry and we want a Gillard inquiry, stalemate?

CoodaShooda 14th Dec 2012 05:32

you want a Slipper inquiry and we want a Gillard inquiry, stalemate
The rest of us just want an election. :E:ugh:

heated ice detector 14th Dec 2012 07:47

we do not want an election, there is a possibility that Abbot, Bishop and Pine would then be leading this country, I supposed if it coincided with the 21st then all would make sense after all

sisemen 14th Dec 2012 07:53

You are in a distinct minority hid. Without exception, the supporters of the right want an election and we want it NOW and some of the left want an election in order to clear the air.

It would appear that the only people who don't want an election are certain independents who can clearly see the end of the gravy train; those too frightened to face the electorate at all; the mindless rusted on Jooliar fan club; those who need more planning time to get the electoral rorts in place and you.

Worrals in the wilds 14th Dec 2012 08:10

Would the Libs want a Slipper inquiry ? He's been in both the Liberal and the National Party. I think an inquiry could uncover more dancing skeletons on all fronts than the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. :suspect:

My hunch is that both sides wish he'd just go away.

Croozin 14th Dec 2012 10:07

Reports appearing online - as yet unconfirmed - that Judge Rares, (the man who handed down the report that coincided almost to the word with Nicola Roxon's earlier public comments about the case), has just been appointed to the High Court.

Surely this will turn out to be untrue? Surely this sorry mob aren't so blinded by hubris as to do something so incredibly, blatantly, in your face CORRUPT as this?

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