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Worrals in the wilds 3rd Dec 2012 06:48

I'm glad to see from your comments that I'm not the only one who was outraged at Carr's comments that the taxpayer should be happy to fork out the $100,000+ his wife's travels have cost said taxpayer since Carr became FM because, (to paraphrase Carr's comments), she's Asian, and therefore demonstrates how wonderfully politically correct Australia is to have a senior politician married to an Asian.
I was totally p'd off with this too. It displayed what a dinosaur he is.

Andu 3rd Dec 2012 07:15

Yup. Me too. I found myself asking: "Does that mean, by extending Carr's twisted argument to its logical conclusion, that if his wife had been Caucasian, the taxpayer should not have been expected to pay for her first class world travels?

They are so deeply into the trough, and have been at it so long, they've lost all idea of commonsense. Pigs at the trough or kids in a candy store. Take your pick of a description. Slipper is so visible because he is a bit more outrageous than average, but they're all at it. Whatever you choose to call them, one thing remains the same - you and I are the bunnies bankrolling the mongrels. On both sides of the House. I get particularly steamed when I hear of the travel rorts they continue to pull post retirement. Why in the world should the taxpayer continue to bankroll their travel (and other expenses) on top of their over generous pensions after they've retired?

SOPS 3rd Dec 2012 07:29

And meanwhile, everything is going along really well in the rest of Australia, with news that the iconic Australian brand, Rosella, is in receivership.

But that's all ok, we will just keep spending 13 million a boat, and handing out money willy nilly to our "new arrivals"

I hope SHY and co have a happy clappy christmas.:ugh:

sisemen 3rd Dec 2012 09:45

I guess that a lot of people are thinking....

she'd have to be courtesy of Australia Post to hook up with 'radio voice' like that
I guess that the problem actually lies with Carr who still doesn't see his wife as "Australian" - and that's more racist than anything that anyone on here can dream up.

Clare Prop 3rd Dec 2012 09:50

I got the impression he was saying she was multicultural therefore somehow MORE Australian than an Anglo, or presumably aboriginal, lady. I would love to hear what Bess Price thought of that remark.

Radio voice :D

Fliegenmong 3rd Dec 2012 10:06

Can anyone post what this $13M per boat consists of? Someone said it was without factoring all the free stuff my taxes provide post interception....so how is the 13 mill arrived at?

Does it include the costs of training all the RAN crew that intercept them? The depreciation value of the Naval assets? Just curious as to how each illegal leaky boat carrying 50 odd towel heads, or Sri Lankans, or whatever war torn nation they come from, how it amounts to 13 Mill. per boat....not including (in the 13 mill) the money spent housing them in detention centers, slaughterhouses, or whatever the hell they refer to them as....

Just curious...

Fliegenmong 3rd Dec 2012 12:36

Just doesn't seem to pass the 'reasonable test' ....that's all

Worrals in the wilds 3rd Dec 2012 14:51

Hadn't heard about Rosella. :sad:

They are so deeply into the trough, and have been at it so long, they've lost all idea of commonsense. Pigs at the trough or kids in a candy store.
Spot on the money. This is the problem with professional pollies; they see privileges as rights. There was something incredibly offensive about the way he justified his expense claims because his wife talks to women. Can't he do that? Or does he think it's outside his job description? :confused: Does his wife have an existence outside being Mrs Carr, or is she just some sort of appendage?

Fliegs, I also thought it sounded expensive. Maybe it's the ALP PR budget per boat as they try to counter the bad publicity :\:}. If so, a word to the wise; gonna need a lot more than 13 million...:ouch:

CoodaShooda 3rd Dec 2012 20:03

he justified his expense claims because his wife talks to women. Can't he do that?
There's probably a fear that his innate pomposity might lead to him being accused of being condescending if he talks to a woman and thus lay him open to allegations of misogyny. As far as labor's concerned, there's only room for one misogynist in Parliament.

Buster Hyman 3rd Dec 2012 20:44

Illegal boat arrivals, what it really costs

Boat arrivals in Australia since 1976 – Parliament of Australia

Not seeing the $13 mill per boat anywhere but, according to this, Howard spent over $1 billion in the 5 years between 02-07. This Government has spent that in this year alone!!! That makes it around $200k per person by my reckoning.


Andu 3rd Dec 2012 22:08

The figure actually quoted was an average of $12.8 million per boat. Given that we've had boats with six pax and boats with 200+ pax, I suspect they're very elastic figures, and whoever it was who published them would have done better to have quoted a "per individual asylum seeker" figure.

Whatever the figure, there would be few who say it was insignificant. Just one of the hidden costs won't show up for a few years - the patrol boats' actual versus planned life cycle. The Navy would have planned for those boats to have been at sea for 'n' days a year over a period of 'x' years, with major re-fits planned and costed years ahead of time. If reports I've read about major unserviceabilities and just straightout cases of 'buggered/worn out' across the fleet are even halfway true, the long-suffering taxpayer is going to be forking out for a new fleet of patrol boats many years earlier than expected.

Or, much more likely, we'll be too broke to replace them and we'll do without and the next crop of 'refugees' will have to get themselves to Christmas Island unassisted by HMAS MaxiTaxi.

sisemen 4th Dec 2012 00:06

It's going to be the one issue which will ensure that the ALP are sunk at the next election.

Most of the 'traditional' labor voters tend to be blue collar workers and they have decidedly fixed views on unfettered immigration whether it be legal or illegal. Unfortunately this view tends to be the complete opposite of the chardonnay intelligentsia of Sussex St and the universities.

Worrals in the wilds 4th Dec 2012 00:20

This has long been Labor's dichotomy, and I think a lot of the bogan voters feel that the uniwankers and huggies have had the upper hand for far too long. Of course the conservatives have to find common ground between the Libs and the Nats, so it's not all plain sailing for them, either.

Saltie 4th Dec 2012 03:14

I agree with you, Worrals. but unfortunatealy, too many of the disaffected working class can never bring themselves to vote for "the Tories", no matter how badly Labor performs. So they "punish" Labor by voting for the Watermelons a.k.a. the Greens.

God help us, if only they could see that that's like purposely going out to get yourself a fullblown dose of AIDS to punish yourself for catching a mild case of the clap off a toilet seat.

Sarah HansenHypenTwoDads might have been put on this earth for some purpose. However, to date, it seems to me that all she's done is deprive some unknown and hopefully far distant village of an idiot and to deplete, as yet for no purpose at all, Gaia's precious oxygen stocks. The same oxygen stocks she so jealously wants to protect from the rest of us. How old is she now? Sixteen? To think, if the crazies of South Australia give her three terms in the Senate, we, the poor bloody taxpayers, will be supporting her with her fully-indexed pension plus perks for upwards of sixty or seventy years. That's unless the end-of-the-world-she-so-often-predicts-unless-we-change-our-ways occurs in the meantime.

Clare Prop 4th Dec 2012 03:31

Apparently some of the cost of flying these people back is coming from the defence budget.

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

Meanwhile if you want a laugh go to Gillard's Farcebook page, it seems her moderators have been part of budget cuts as well :E

That Miss Piggy outfit really was a fashion faux pas, is her stylist a misogynistic nut-job? please, no more pictures of it!!!! :bored: :yuk:

sisemen 4th Dec 2012 04:50

Meanwhile if you want a laugh go to Gillard's Farcebook page,
Go on Clare post a link - you know you want to :E

gupta 4th Dec 2012 05:08

Craig Thomson: It's too late so drop the case | thetelegraph.com.au

Mr Thomson has told the court that he denies being issued with two credit cards
I thought he said that someone came into his house and took them, used them and then put them back.

Now he says he didn't have them in the first place.

And he expects someone to believe him:ugh:

SOPS 4th Dec 2012 05:14

I am sure this guy lives in some sort of parallel universe:ugh:

CoodaShooda 4th Dec 2012 05:26

I guess it would save the taxpayer some money if they suspended these proceedings and just waited for him to be picked up in the eventual Royal Commission trawl net.

Politically, he's dead in the water, the allegations against him will continue to taint labor while he remains and there's no chance of the HSU membership getting their money back.

More interesting are the charges laid against his former boss.

Takan Inchovit 4th Dec 2012 05:29

This has long been Labor's dichotomy, ...
... also the Slipper dichotomy?


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