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probes 6th Nov 2012 18:43

Gangnam style? :)


And you thought Ascot was a bit racy! Aussies' big day out at the Melbourne Cup | Mail Online

500N 6th Nov 2012 19:02

Flemington, Melbourne Cup day.

Yes, well, enough said !!!

The photos say it all !

Clare Prop 6th Nov 2012 22:15

Does Wayne Swan think none of us stupid Australians know what the role of Treasury is? Or does hethink all public servants are just part of McTurd's spin department??

And is JG hiding from Prince Charles?

I think we should be told.

tony draper 6th Nov 2012 22:18

Some big fine lassies there,bit of meat on their bones,that's the way I likes em.

Worrals in the wilds 6th Nov 2012 23:10

Remember too that Melboune is allegedly the style capital of Australia, so you can imagine what some of the other meets were like (pun not intended ). :E
I see Warnie's back on the durries again; at least there's a small part of his personality hanging on inside that celebuBorg body/face he's inhabiting these days. :ouch:
And since when has Darren Lyons been a 'businessman'? :eek: Isn't 'paparazzi leech' considered a profession any more? :hmm:

parabellum 7th Nov 2012 00:52

Cap'n D - If you walk out on the streets of any town in Australia but particularly the large country towns where unemployment is high you will soon realise that those ladies in the above picture are the thin ones!


allan907 7th Nov 2012 01:02

Be fair. The lassies in Melbourne need the layer of blubber on account of the weather.

parabellum 7th Nov 2012 01:33

Did you know that Melbourne gets more sunshine hours per year than Sydney, (we had 27C yesterday!).

500N 7th Nov 2012 01:37

It felt hotter - well, before the other 3 seasons came !!! LOL :O

Sydney siders always seem to forget Melb gets more
sunshine and less rain than they do.

500N 7th Nov 2012 01:40

Got to love the coverage in the media (newspapers)
re the behaviour.

Worrals in the wilds 7th Nov 2012 11:02

Behaviour? Amateurs. ;)
Birdsville Races, 2010...
Classy. :ok:

You can't get chucked out! :E

Hemlines aren't really an issue. :ouch:
Birdsville Races 2010 | Birdsville races washout | The Courier-Mail
And guaranteed no pooncey PAYG celebutards complaining on camera about boob sweat (Soph darls, we're looking at you. Remember, Melbourne = style :E). What's to lose? :}

allan907 7th Nov 2012 14:09

Meantime, back to the job in hand......

Hopefully Swanee will experience a great deal of heat for his injudicious commissioning and then leaking the costings on some Coalition proposals.

The man is a cowardly, snivelling little shit really.

And they're ramping up the attack on Gillard vis a vis the tawdry little affair (pun intended) she was involved in with the slush fund.

500N 7th Nov 2012 17:54

Re Birdsville, well, what can you say, Birdsville is Birdsville
and always will be - one pub (nice one !), a few houses,
sand, dust and flies !!! LOL

Once played a cricket match there. On Holidays with the family,
drove into town, went to pub, being English, they mentioned a
cricket match and with a drilling crew to fill the numbers, it was on !

Re Politics / Boats
Well, just heard on the 5.30am news - last 7 days, 14 boats arrived
with over 700 people on them !!!


Takan Inchovit 8th Nov 2012 05:05

Re Politics / Boats
Well, just heard on the 5.30am news - last 7 days, 14 boats arrived
with over 700 people on them !!!
Yer obviously dont think they're coming to see the eclipse then?

parabellum 8th Nov 2012 07:40

It has just happened in the USA, Florida a particular example, but there are others, the immigrant vote has become very significant, a lesson to all of us and an explanation as to why the ALP really don't give a stuff how many arrive.

probes 8th Nov 2012 07:51

Impressive! Did you really do all this? :)

BBC News - Wi-fi, dual-flush loos and eight more Australian inventions

Australians are perhaps more famed for their sporting feats than for their technological innovation. But a new children's book, Australia's Greatest Inventions and Innovations, by Christopher Cheng and Lindsay Knight, aims to change that.

allan907 8th Nov 2012 08:02

They forgot the discovery that stomach ulcers are caused by a virus therefore treatable by antibiotics.

Oh, and that curse of the western world - Fosters Lager

dat581 8th Nov 2012 08:16

Still can't work out why Fosters is on tap in every pub in Britain? The Poms know we all think it's worse that bat p*#s. Never got a straight answer.:confused:

Worrals in the wilds 8th Nov 2012 08:42

Does anyone know an Aussie who admits to drinking the stuff? I don't.

Captain Dart 8th Nov 2012 08:55

Foster's Lager got lots of free advertising as a result of the film 'The Adventures of Barry McKenzie', which led to its rise from well-warranted obscurity.

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