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Fliegenmong 14th Oct 2012 03:31

Heated Ice Detector........you haven't been here very long have you??

Captain Sand Dune 14th Oct 2012 03:37

...........and look up "racist" while you're at it.

Worrals in the wilds 14th Oct 2012 03:46

So if anyone has a different opinion to the bordering on racist comments that appear in this thread are labelled Trolls.
I dunno, I usually disagree with everyone :} and I've never been called a troll.

You contribute regularly and haven't been called a troll either, IIRC? IMO one of the main differences is that both of us also post in other threads, unlike a couple of other entities. Also, unlike one of those entities (and a few other blow ins) I don't see the need for being horrible or abusive. It's only politics FFS :ugh:, and everyone's entitled to their point of view.

If you can't express it using a pen name on the internet (caveat: without resorting to name calling) then where can you? :suspect:

Charlie Foxtrot India 14th Oct 2012 04:08

The trolls are the ones who just trot out the party line, not answering questions and using strawman arguments, a patronising sense of righteousness etc etc...oops I think I just described some members of the House of Reps!

WITW contributes to robust debate and backs up her POV with good sense and balanced examples and is never inflammatory. Very refreshing!

allan I'll see if I can resurrect your alter ego...

PS as regards "racism" we are all member of the human race so the word is meaningless as far as I am concerned.

hellsbrink 14th Oct 2012 04:22

So if anyone has a different opinion to the bordering on racist comments that appear in this thread are labelled Trolls.
Why are the opinions "bordering on racist", in your opinion?

Is it because people are daring to mention the amount of Illegal immigrants on the regular boat taxi to Aus from various countries, how they CANNOT be classed as "refugees" as they bypass so many other countries to get to Aus, how they don't want to truly integrate but just want the generous benefits they get from the state, etc?

In other words, because most people have a realistic view of what is happening and call it what it is, YOU have deemed they must be "racist" because you have no actual answer to any point made so trot out the old "race card" to try and stifle any sort of discussion of the issue.

That's not very clever............

heated ice detector 14th Oct 2012 04:35

So I am a Troll then, Beauty.

racist - definition of racist by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
I certainly do not worry about issues such as how many refugees are turning up this week and what their beliefs are and how we should hand cuff them and send them back. Nor am upset regarding the money being given to Indonesia for what ever reason etc etc,
But overall I am happier with the current Gov than what I think the opposition are capable off, They probably will get ousted next election but most of you will get your lot for a few terms, historically everyone gets a look in, rich or poor.

hellsbrink 14th Oct 2012 04:39

No, I never said that.

I asked you WHY you made your claim about comments which were "bordering on racist", and gave an example of why I think you did.

You did not, or possibly could not, challenge anything I said, so I guess I am 100% correct in my assumption.

At no point have I even hinted at you being a "troll", although since you have admitted it yourself I wouldn't need to...........

So why are you painting posters here as "racist"?

prospector 14th Oct 2012 04:45

Maybe he/she means the new Racism is defined by political parties supported.

hellsbrink 14th Oct 2012 04:50

Or that "If you don't agree with me, you are a racist"

Or that if you think it was more likely Gillard's dad did more sheep than the NZ Army after he saw his what he and his wife produced, you are a racist.

Or that if you think the ALP is at least as corrupt as every other political party, and probably more corrupt, you are a racist.

Or that if you believe a dead goldfish could do a better job as PM, you are a racist.

Etc, etc, etc

500N 14th Oct 2012 04:51

We are viewed as such as cushy country it is pathetic. At the end of the day, all this mess is going to make this country broke with what we are paying out in welfare unless someone has the balls to say "enough is enough".

As much as I didn't like Howard, at least he had the conviction
to stand up and put a hard policy in place to stop the boats,
even if the soft, lefty do gooders did bleat like a stuck sheep !

heated ice detector 14th Oct 2012 04:54

You guys need to lighten up, as my example when posters suggest handcuffing refugees (I assume they are only talking about the men) and sending them back to Indonesia against the rules of the refugee convention that we are a signatory too, then in my opinion that is bordering on racism

Dark Knight 14th Oct 2012 05:03

Methinks PM Ms Gillard may be in real deep trouble if the comments following Ms Susie O’Briens Sunday column are any indication. The one below is but one of many, there is hardly a good word for the PM, there is a definite tone of anger which will make the next polls very interesting?

`I’m sorry but I totally disagree with your sentiments. There are a lot of women, me included, who found the PM’s rant embarrassing. To me, it displayed a leader not in control and unable to stop blurting out what was in her head.

As the leader of this country she should have been able to control her sissy-outburst. I am ashamed of how she spoke in Parliament.

I don’t believe Julia Gillard is ridiculed as a woman but rather because of the bad decisions she’s made and heri nability to lead and inpsire the nation forward. To me, she is not competent for this top job and hides behind her inability between shrill attacks and vicious sneers.

I’d like her to stop her nasty remarks and get on with leading her party and governing Australia for all Australians’

An interesting illuminating read: Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

500N 14th Oct 2012 05:24

heated ice

A fair few people in this country believe we shouldn't
sign every damn UN treaty that comes up but we should do
what is right for this country. Refugees, mines, cluster bombs,
children etc etc - we don't need the UN to tell us what is right.

And by the way, they only reason they are hand cuffed is so they
can't swim when thrown overboard for the sharks.

oh, sorry, we aren't allowed to do that yet are we .............

Dark Knight 14th Oct 2012 05:26

You guys need to lighten up
It is not a matter of `lightening up', it is about many of us deeply concerned for the future of OUR (YOUR COUNTRY?) currently governed by a totally dishonest, incompetent, inept, devious, deceptive, untrustworthy, untruthful government lead by a Prime Minister with equally similar qualities.

A country which cannot protect it's borders will lose it's country.

It has absolutely noting to do with racism!

Said illegal entrants to OUR country are highly unlikely to leave of their own free will; deporting them will most likely have to be done, as it has in the past, in handcuffs and chains. If this offends ones sensiblities, then my friend, I suggest one should venture into the real world and see how it is done there, daily.

If we are unable to say who may enter OUR country; and the manner in which they may come then we are in deep trouble.

As I understood when I ventured overseas wherever I went I was granted a privilege to enter another country, given permission to enter; such privlege and permission incumbent on me to follow, obey the customs and laws of that country.

Should we expect anything less of those we grant the privilege to; give permission to?

To those who abuse, disrespect, dispbey our laws should they not be treated as criminals?

500N 14th Oct 2012 05:54

heated ice

I don't have a problem with letting people into this country,
after all I and my family are originally from the UK.

But, their are procedures that have to be followed and they
do not include coming by leaky boat having paid some skipper
to get them as close as possible and then telephone for a Navy
boat to pick them up.

A fair bit of the infrastructure of this country was built by
immigrants who were probably in a far worse state when they
came post WWII (and integrated well) so it's not like we don't
accept people but they can't just go onto welfare and suck
this country dry.

That is one of the reasons why a fair few people object to what is going on.


allan907 14th Oct 2012 05:58

That and the fact that it appears that most of them, particularly the Sri Lankans, are coming here for economic reasons rather than reasons of safety.

The ones that come by air and overstay their visa? At least we know WHO they are even if we don't know WHERE they are :eek:

hellsbrink 14th Oct 2012 05:59

You guys need to lighten up, as my example when posters suggest handcuffing refugees (I assume they are only talking about the men) and sending them back to Indonesia against the rules of the refugee convention that we are a signatory too, then in my opinion that is bordering on racism
Then if people are talking only about the men, it's SEXISM and not racism.

And since these illegals have travelled through and/or bypassed many countries to get to the land of milk and honey, paying a hell of a lot of money in the process, then they are not "refugees" by any standard as they have not claimed refugee status in a country nearer to their origin.

They are nothing more than benefit shoppers, for if they were true "refugees" they would be claiming that status much closer to home, and that is before we consider how many of them actually qualify as "refugee" under Article 1A of the 1951 Geneva Convention.

500N 14th Oct 2012 06:05

I was going to mention the Sri Lankans.

It's not until the war is over that they all seem to have decided
to get on a boat and come to Australia.

heated ice detector 14th Oct 2012 08:05

What a pearler, you have now labelled asylum seekers benefit shoppers, and very honourably singled out the Sri Lankans as the worst culprits. I never thought that the arrival of (for arguments sake) 10000 law abiding, hardworking and future Australians would spell the end of the Australian Empire as we know it. To quote the Castle" get yer hand off it Darryll "

Clare Prop 14th Oct 2012 08:06

All these people flinging accusations of various "-isms" at each other...can't you see it's just another brick in the wall between us and free speech?

So much of that hysterical shrieking we had to endure last week was there purely to stifle debate. It had f-all to do with TAs attitude towards women and everything to do with JG's hypocrisy and her defence of the indefensible.

She is quite welcome to call me a misogynistic nutjob, if that means "someone who criticises the performance of a person who has found thier way into a position way beyond thier capabilities" in fact I'll take it as a compliment. She clearly doesn't have the faintest idea what misogynist means, especially as she is welcoming with open arms boatloads of people coming from cultures where real, brutal, fatal misogyny is a way of life. More hypocrisy. :mad:

I never heard Benazir Bhutto whining that the mean nasty men were being horrid to her...and if only some REAL misogynists hadn't shot her dead she might have been able to teach JG a thing or two about leadership. BB was a lot better educated though...there is the difference..

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