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Andu 10th Oct 2012 20:26

The youtube version of her diatribe is getting rave reviews overseas. She's seen as passionate, forceful and direct.
Overseas? My guess is that John McTernan has a very busy staff, both here and on (hopefully short term) contract overseas, beavering away writing "rave" reviews of Julia's outburst.

Your tax dollars at work.

Clare Prop 11th Oct 2012 04:50

I wonder how many women living in refuges in fear of their lives from their violent menfolk are able to agree that poor little Julia is suffering so terribly from misogyny that we should all feel sorry for the poor little love... with her cushy job, free house, bodyguards, massive salary and nice smiley boyfriend.

Similarly contrast that with the 14 year old girl shot by the Taliban for campaigning for girls like her to have a chance to go to school.

Get real Julia, accept that you are way out of your depth, this social engineering experiment has gone horribly wrong and let the people speak.

To me it shows she didn't get to the top by competence and hard work like most successful women who can rise above silly comments about their chest size/hair colour etc;looks more she got it by shreiking like a banshee when she didn't get her own way and being a Labor puppet.

Call me a misogynist but women who ply the poor me card or tell lies to get ahead do not get any respect from me.

allan907 11th Oct 2012 06:08

The art of hypocrisy and double-speak; or do as I say not as I do.....

Penny Wong being interviewed by Leigh Sales on the 7.30 report last night where she was castigating the next Prime Minister for his "unacceptable sexist and misogynist" remarks

LEIGH SALES: So, let's be clear here: you are alleging that he is a man who hates women?

PENNY WONG: I think that he is certainly guilty of sexism and I think that there are things which Tony Abbott has done - I mean, he can talk to you about his motivation, but I think to stand up in front of signs that describe the Prime Minister as a man's bitch and a witch, and never acknowledge the fault in that, really betrays a really very poor judgment.

LEIGH SALES: The Prime Minister has obviously been attacked with sexist language, but Labor also uses derogatory language towards Tony Abbott of a masculine nature, words like aggressive and bully and attack dog.

PENNY WONG: I think he is aggressive. I don't think - in fact that's one of the hallmarks of Tony Abbott. He has brought to this parliament to the position of Opposition Leader a single-minded negativity and single-minded aggression and that's partly why he's been politically successful to some extent. I don't think anybody observing politics would think that that's not an accurate assessment of Tony Abbott.

LEIGH SALES: But I guess my point is that the name-calling comes from both sides. For example, when Julia Gillard called Christopher Pyne a "mincing poodle"; I'm sure if a woman were called a mincing poodle she would find it very offensive.

PENNY WONG: Look, Parliament's a robust place and there's a lot of robust debate and, you know, we say a lot of things to each other
7.30 - ABC

Leigh Sales, in the same interview, perhaps let her guard down a little and displayed her loyalties:

LEIGH SALES: Do you think that voters buy this argument that their side's all bad and our side's blameless?
my bolding

RJM 11th Oct 2012 08:15

Typically evasive Wong.

When will this woman give a direct answser to a question?

And when Abbott puts on a bit of pressure in Parliament he's being 'negative' and aggressive. When it comes from Labor, it's only Parliament being a 'robust place'.

allan907 11th Oct 2012 12:19

Hypocrisy #2

They can't help themselves. Apparently the duty comedian at Union dinner today cracked an enormously bad taste sexist joke about Abbott and his senior (female) staffer. How the crowd laughed (including Wayne Goose).

Fortunately for Jooliar she had left the gig before the joke was made and rightly condemned it as soon as the question was put to her (be fair, she IS a slow learner but once she gets it...). Wayne Goose however clapped and laughed along with the crowd and made no comment at the time but admitted that, perhaps, he should have commented/walked out at the time.

Sheesh :ugh:

Buster Hyman 11th Oct 2012 12:47

allan...I've read reports where they stated that the room went silent after he finished the joke....agenda's & spin. Why can't we get decent journalism in this country?

Worrals in the wilds 11th Oct 2012 14:33

Cos no-one decent goes into journalism anymore. :sad:
If Queensland is anything to go by, all the decent journos are rapidly approaching retirement age and looking forward to it.

I wasn't there so I won't pretend to know what happened (footage welcome if anyone has some :suspect:). However, having gone to a union do earlier this year complete with lousy comedian (I guess it's the PC 21st century answer to a stripper jumping out of a cake :bored:) there were a couple of dodgy jokes about the Other Side, to which there was a polarised reaction; shrieks of laughter versus quiet distaste.

The noisy laughers all raved loudly about how hilarious it was. The quiet distaste people either didn't mention it or discussed the state of the movement with each other, later; with veiled references to the state of political debate in this country. :sad:

Never overtly though. It must be remembered that the Labour movement does not tolerate dissent. In some ways this is a great strength because traditionally it avoids the sort of public bickering that kept the Qld Libs/Nats in opposition for a long time. Of course Kevvy's broken the mould a bit, but that's Kevvy. So has Richo, but my impression is that he doesn't give a toss. :ok:

The weakness is that it is very difficult for rank and file to speak against the status quo for fear of being branded an heretic, even if the jokes are dodgy, the insults were unnecessary and the policy seems to be missing in action. Even if a whole bunch of smart people seem to be feeling the same way. :(

If (theoretically :E) the leadership starts drifting away from what the rank and file think is important, it is almost impossible for the rank and file to convey their concerns to the leadership, because that is dissent and dissent can not be tolerated. The true believers will join with the leadership to castigate the dissenter and cast them out.

This leaves the rank and file with one option only; the ballot box. IMO this is what happened in Queensland and barring extraordinary circumstances I think this will happen federally.

There is plenty of intelligent debate within the labour movement (where intelligent is defined as people I agree with; the same definition we all use more or less :O) but most of that debate is being done fairly privately. To do otherwise is to be disloyal, and there is no greater sin.

From what I see, that debate is not reaching the upper echelon of the party. It's reaching the upper echelons of many of the unions (much as they'd publically deny it :suspect:) but it's not crossing the gap to the government, because they don't want to hear bad news. They think they're doing great and all those misguided swinging voters just don't understand them.

I think the old school Labor pollies used to listen to this debate, either because they wanted to or because they had to (thanks to the aforementioned alliances with their old workmates). The difference with these guys is, they don't have any old workmates. These days the old school heavies who educated Hawke and Co are either dead or playing bingo at the nursing home, so the current Labor pollies are left with no-one who'll give them a real opinion.

BenThere 11th Oct 2012 14:53

There are journalists in Australia. IMHO, The Australian is one of the finest, best edited, most erudite newspapers in the world. It manages to provide depth while competing in the mass market, something only a few great newspapers still manage to do.

Before I'm shouted down, I think The Guardian falls in the same vaunted category, though I'm at odds with its editorial stance. The New York Times, once our great newspaper, has fallen from this company and, I'm sorry to say, become a rag.

allan907 11th Oct 2012 15:22

Like Ben I read The Oz. The journalism is top notch and gives a range of views. And, like the letters page, I may not agree with the point of view but I do respect and may even take on the point. Occasionally you do get the myopic rusted on supporter of one party or another (bit like here really) but most write intelligently and thoughtfully.

If only the likes of Red/Matt/Lobey/Seven had the nous to have done likewise then we would have had world class thread instead of just a fascinating one. Still, it's apparent from recent happenings that Sussex St isn't gifted with the best of brains.

500N 11th Oct 2012 15:32

Re The Australian

Agree, IMHO, it is the only newspaper in Australia that hasn't descended into trash. The Age / SMH / Brisbane Times which IMHO has become a bigger version of The Herald Sun.

The Financial Review is still good but it's focus is on Finance !

500N 11th Oct 2012 21:19

Was just listening to the ABC on the radio and they were
talking about some offensive comments / joke made at a CFMEU
Union / Labor function to Abbots Chief of Staff - and you guessed
it, the Chief of Staff is female !!!

Some people walked out of the function because of the comments
and it was being said that Labor failed the test they had set
for Abbott, a bit like the Pot calling the Kettle black !

It will be interesting to see if this gets much traction but
it could be the type of thing that blunts Labors attack.

Did anyone else hear it ?


Andu 11th Oct 2012 21:50

I agree that the SMH had fallen so far to the Left that much of its commentary is unreadable to all except the True Believers, but it still retains a few very good journos. One who stands out (to me, at least), is Kate McClymont. I've seen her on Paul Murray Live a few times and she always comes across as one very smart lady.

Croozin 11th Oct 2012 22:25

And as the whole of the Austraian media remains transfixed on Julia's rant/triumph (take your choice on the last word there) -

Asylum seeker boat found with 70 aboard

12:28 AEST Thu Oct 11 2012

An asylum seeker boat carrying 70 people has been found off the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

The boat was intercepted by Australian customs vessel Hervey Bay north of the Indian Ocean islands on Wednesday after initially being sighted by a RAAF maritime patrol aircraft, the federal government said on Thursday.

It's the fourth boat arrival in two days, taking the total number of people who have been picked up since Tuesday to 334.

Worrals in the wilds 11th Oct 2012 22:37

The Financial Review is still good but it's focus is on Finance !
I've always quite liked the AFR. Slightly to the right of Atilla the Hun :eek: but still a good read about the mysterious voodoo that is Finanace.

Agreed that the Australian is a decent paper. However, that's one paper versus how many trashy ones running front page Man Eats Croc stories and dopey 'campaigns'? :sad: The Gold Coast Bulletin used to be a good paper but these days it's practically unreadable. Likewise the Courier Mail, and I threw away the last Sydney Telegraph I bought after only getting to page 4.

500N 11th Oct 2012 22:45


You mention a couple of other newspapers.

I travel a bit hunting and of course if out bush fresh news
is often a long way away and normally a few days old.
So when in a town, we always grab a newspaper BUT of course
quite often the Age, SMH or whatever has either sold out or they
just don't get it.

So, it's a case of grab whatever.

You get to read a broad cross section of stuff over the years from
different states and it is interesting to see the slant on each of them.

I might have to subscribe to the Australian on line !!!

"many trashy ones running front page Man Eats Croc stories"
Have you been reading the NT News :O:O

allan907 12th Oct 2012 02:17

Did anyone else hear it ?
See post #3008.

Wayne Goose's defence of his actions when being interviewed on Lateline last night was appalling. It really showed him up to be the political lightweight that he is.

However, I suspect that the luvvies in the media will ensure that it doesn't get much more than a brief run unlike the Jones affair.

Andu 12th Oct 2012 03:14

And Craig Emerson is being clever and a bit coy in his replies to when he actually left the function. He's attempting to give the impression that he walked out in disgust, but is carefully not quite saying that, instead saying that he left "a short time after the joke was told" (as did, when to come down to it, every other person in the audience, including Goos..Swan - eventually). Define 'short'.

When he actually left might be a point worth chasing up for BoltA or Piers Ackerman. I suspect it will turn out to be not immediately after the joke was told.

Worrals in the wilds 12th Oct 2012 03:38

Having just sledged the Courier Mail :O, I thought Dennis Atkins made a good point this morning.

You can be sure Gillard and Abbott will check themselves more rigorously following the events in Parliament this week - and they'll have staffers on the lookout for any transgressions.

A better move might be for the politicians, when they return to their electorates today, to ask people what they thought of all this "my moral ground is higher than yours" nonsense.
It's a fair bet the answer would be they would rather hear about our MPs talking about jobs, the economy and the future of the country.
Job losses ignored amid morality nonsense, writes Dennis Atkins | The Courier-Mail

Goes for both sides; otherwise all we'll get bombarded with between now and Christmas is dodgy dinner party stories. :zzz:

When he actually left might be a point worth chasing up for BoltA or Piers Ackerman. I suspect it will turn out to be not immediately after the joke was told.
To actually confirm what was said, who laughed and when people left would require someone sending them footage from the event, which I doubt would happen. From what I can see with a quick google, even the actual joke hasn't made it out in public, and all the reports conflict with each other. :suspect:

The main difference between this and the AJ speech is that someone had a recording of that speech and sent it to the press. No doubt there will be recordings of this speech too, but whether they make it out is the question. Personally I'd be surprised, but I've been surprised before. :}

Croozin 12th Oct 2012 07:48

*** cold day today, so I spent a few hours this afternoon indoors by the fire. Trolled through Michael Smith News and quickly came to the conclusion that I bet Julia Gillard is REALLY wishing she didn't have him sacked from 2UE.

If he'd had a job to go to, he wouldn't have had time (nor maybe even the inclination) to dredge up all those embarrassing details about her extraordinary ability to witness signatures from 1800 miles away.

To say nothing of her ability to time travel...

I wonder how long the MSM (to say nothing of the police, the Law Society and ASIC) will studiously avoid this story?

Croozin 12th Oct 2012 07:53

One of the comments on Michael Smith News is worth cutting and pasting here:

The inescapable question for every Australian:

Is our Prime Minister a crook?

To those who say No I would ask:

1. Have you read any of the evidence? Y/N
2. Do you intend to read any of the evidence? Y/N
3. Do you care about any of the evidence? Y/N
4. Have you made a conscious decision not to read the evidence? Y/N
5. Will you always believe what you believe regardless of any evidence? Y/N
6. Will you still be 100% behind our Prime Minister even if she ends up in prison? Y/N
7. Are you in some sort of denial? Y/N

Here's the link: For the public record please Prime Minister - Michael Smith News

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