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Croozin 8th Oct 2012 03:39

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

A BOAT carrying 98 suspected asylum seekers has been intercepted by Australian authorities.

HMAS Larrakia intercepted the boat northwest of Ashmore Islands on Sunday night (AEDT).

The 98 passengers and three crew will be transferred to Christmas Island for health and security checks.
Risk of offshore processing or no, five will get you ten this bunch will be in Darwin by week's end.

Clare Prop 8th Oct 2012 03:43

Meanwhile, at the Ecuadorian embassy:

Assange bids to sue Gillard for defamation

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

Whether or not Assange is your cup of tea, the Gillard government's treatment of him is disgraceful and it would be wonderful if he was the one to finally to finally bring her to account in court for her actions.

It also gives GetUp! an opportunity to prove they are not Labor stooges. Not holding my breath on that one though.

Flying Binghi 8th Oct 2012 04:58


Oh, Dear..:hmm:

"...How despicable is Mercedes-Benz?

Days before Alan Jones made his nasty crack at the Prime Ministerís father, Mercedes-Benz decided to cancel its advertising contract with Jonesí station:..." Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

Methinks "corporate communications manager David McCarthy" may just have got himself some employment problems..:hmm:


Buster Hyman 8th Oct 2012 05:07

Mercedes-Benz has given Jones until October 31 to return the vehicle, Mr McCarthy said.
Road trip anyone??? :E

Sven Langolier 8th Oct 2012 05:39

Worrals in the wilds 8th Oct 2012 05:44

Oh, Dear..:hmm:
...How despicable is Mercedes-Benz?

Sven Langolier 8th Oct 2012 06:05

"the truth is that the radio station has, for the time being, suspended ALL advertising".

Yes, exactly as I posted this afternoon.

Err...............Not quite,


Seventy major companies withdrawing their advertising...

Quite a difference, I'm sure you will agree?http://www.pprune.org/index.php?q=aH...xsLmdpZg%3D%3D
Oh deary me. Missed the link did we parabellum in our indecent haste to call " PURE BULLSHIT"? :}

Especially as it was displayed larger and bolded in anticipation of those with a limited attention span.

And people wonder why I sometimes have to post things twice.http://www.pprune.org/index.php?q=aH...ZXllcy5naWY%3D:rolleyes:

So here it is again - and it still works.Q.E.D.

Dark Knight 8th Oct 2012 06:16

And, Please Obey the Signs

allan907 8th Oct 2012 06:30

In the meantime, moving away from the troll inhabited la-la land it would appear that Gillard has adopted another Blair crashing failure courtesy of McTernan.

The "Who's Your Favourite Teacher" is, apparently, a direct crib of a failed Blair initiative in the UK in 1997.

It appears that she can add plagiarism to her CV as well as world-class lying and husband stealing.

Oh, an it also appears that the AWU didn't want the carbon tax either but they buried their principles in order not to rock the boat. :ugh:

Andu 8th Oct 2012 06:31

Hey Sven, here's a question I'll bet you've never heard, even once, before :) : Sven, please list the things the Rudd/Gillard has done since 2007 to warrant your support.

Not holding my breath waiting for a straight -or any - answer.

Sven Langolier 8th Oct 2012 06:42

Gee, Sven, you don't get it.

AJ made some comments which were INTENDED to stir up some sort of controversy and publicity, and it worked. There's now going to be more people listening to the station, many sitting there waiting for the slightest hint of something the can go all indignant over and "write a letter of complaint" about, and that leads to the market share of 2GB rising above the almost 20% share AJ had in 2011. And you people fall for it every time, these stations go out to target people like you who will be "offended" by something you haven't even heard, same as the muslims did over a certain movie clip they never even watched, something that MUST be offensive to you since it targets someone in the ALP no matter what it's about. And you sheep fall for it every time, it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

You don't get it, the best thing you do about something like that is ignore it. No publicity from "Disgruntled of Dover Heights" means no more AJ on the radio. But y'all just can't help yourselves, you just have to give him what he craves.
Interesting hypothesis Hellsbrink. Unfortunately one which falls at the first hurdle.

As does this subsequent claim

Doesn't mean he didn't intend to stir things up, knowing there was a chance that a lot of tickets would be sold for a day trip on the Outrage Bus.
There was absolutely no way Jones intended his vitriol to be released for public consumption as he made clear by his palpable outrage when the story first broke plus his claim that the evening was under Chatham House Rules.

A claim that was later forensically demonstrated by the Daily Telegraph to be an outright lie.

Yes - there is indeed someone here who clearly "doesn't get it". And it's not me.

As Jones himself said, at the beginning of his now infamous press conference - ''There are days when you just have to concede.''

Andu 8th Oct 2012 06:54

Sven.... post #2953. It's for you.

allan907 8th Oct 2012 07:15

You don't honestly expect Seven/Matt/Lobe/Parsnip/Red et al to answer that do you Andu?

Selective sight as well as selective brain filter :}

SOPS 8th Oct 2012 07:24

Looking at it from another angle, it seems to me this whole crazy Alan Jones thing could a be a sign of just how scared the whole Labor "machine" is of him. It is nothing but an organised push to get him off air, and I bet you any money it is being led and whipped up by the likes of Change.org and the likes.

allan907 8th Oct 2012 09:56

Got it in one SOPS. One only has to look at the mock outrage of some recent blow-ins on here to see that.

Jones screwed up. The maggot who taped it ought to be sacked. Gillard should have been gracious enough to accept the apology. Advertisers can do what they want - they'll be back in a few weeks anyway. And everyone should have moved on.

Apparently, change.org has more than its fair share of M. Mouse's, famous dead people and even Jonesy himself!!

Worrals in the wilds 8th Oct 2012 10:01

Third law: When a first body exerts a force F1 on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force F2 = −F1 on the first body. This means that F1 and F2 are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.
(Newton, via wiki).
A large reaction will generate an equally large opposite reaction. This has already been alluded to by Flying Binghi. Of course Newton was referring to the physical world, but the same thing can be observed in the field of public emotion/opinion. For every person who reacted to AJ's comments, it seems there is an equal person who feels that he's being picked on; whether as part of a government conspiracy, because he's popular or because he's non-PC (which for better or for worse is seen as a good thing by many Australians)...

Either way, it appears that the more vehement the criticism, the more vehement the opposition to that criticism, even from people who when individually challenged will concede that they didn't like his comments.

I think this is valuable for anyone considering an internet campaign against something or someone. No matter how dreadful they may consider their foe, it pays to be restrained in the criticism; to do otherwise simply mobilises an opposing force of people who suspect their motives, feel the initial response was over the top or simply disagree with the concept that bile is best countered with more bile.

I didn't think Gillard's response was bad. I thought she was dignified and did the right thing by largely ingoring it. It's the cheerleaders iin the Cabinet and the ABC who have been carrying on like unregistered dogs, not Gillard herself. I tell you now, if he'd said that about my Dad he'd have more than the advertisers to worry about. That's probably one of the many reasons I'm not a pollie. :E

Fliegenmong 8th Oct 2012 10:10

SOPS., You give the Red Bogan and her bunch of @***clown incompetents far more organisational credit than they deserve!!

That said, from a commercial perspective, who, media wise, helps out the whole labor 'Machine' actually? (I know what your answer will be, mindfully ignoring the difficult interviews that Labor Pollies are subjected to, but pointing out how hard done by poor Bully Boy Abbot was by Leigh Sales.....no wonder he hates women :rolleyes:)

Certainly none in the mainstream media, they know there are heaps & heaps & heaps of brain dead morons, who'll believe whatever they're told, they just get a soundbite out, and rely on the populace thinking get me back to X Factor, or Big Brother, or similar minded [email protected] pop the News on, talk about boats, listen to what the Commercial channels want you to hear (Well, hey, they did all benefit from the previous gummints relaxed media laws right?).

They should really stand alone the coalition, but lack the fortitude to do so because they know they represent a minority.....but they do have commercial Australia on side, and that garners a lot of support from the Big Brother, Biggest Loser, X Factor 2 GB audience types......

And I know what your thinking....

2GB Target Demographic don't watch that sort of mindless crap on commercial TV.......but the 2GB future audience are.....they get told what to think...by the time AJ gets to them, they're brainwashed with it....

Worrals in the wilds 8th Oct 2012 10:32

2GB Target Demographic don't watch that sort of mindless crap on commercial TV.......but the 2GB future audience are.....they get told what to think...by the time AJ gets to them, they're brainwashed with it....
We all listen to what we want to hear.
Some of us watch The Project and nod along sagely. Some of us watch the Bolt Report and figure that it's the last word in politics. Some of us listen to 2GB and agree with everything AJ has to say. Some of us were subjected to the John Laws show daily because we were training and the workshop owner chose the station cos it was his radio... :bored:

Either way, in the Age of Communication we all get to choose what we listen to. Very few of us seek out media streams that disagree with our world view, for after all; media is entertainment. :ooh: There is so much information available that it would be pointless to watch/listen to something we don't agree with. After all, we wouldn't enjoy it.

After flicking between the 7.30 Report, The Project, Top Gear and The Simpsons I can retire to bed happy in the knowledge that the world works how I want it to.

Why challenge that? :\ I'm sure everyone else here has their own personal list of shows that affirm their world view and have provided their nightly fix of 'information', for a given value of information.

Maybe we should all spend a night watching each others' shows...Then maybe we'd all learn something. :}

heated ice detector 8th Oct 2012 13:13

Initial part of AJ's speech
To the business of tonight, let me just say that I feel a very strong obligation to make comments in a room of people who are conspicuously intelligent and who are dedicated to the well being of the party.
Then its blah blah liar liar blah liar blah liars etc etc.
Now allegedly some of the conspicuous intelligentsia are recalling that a statement for reporters to show themselves before proceedings was announced, Records prove otherwise.
I think they must of had trouble hearing what with the Budgie smugglers on their head.

CoodaShooda 8th Oct 2012 13:21

Who supplied the tape of proceedings that contradicts the recollections of those present?

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