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BenThere 21st May 2013 03:31

If you want to support your veterans, you have to do it yourself. Your (and my) left wing government isn't going to do it.

Carefully pick a charity, or better yet, find and adopt a worthy veteran and do your best to help meet his and his family's needs.

Our veterans and their families are the best people we have. Invest in them.

BenThere 21st May 2013 04:02

Does our country deserve to be 'led' by a person like one Tony Abbott?
Yep. Tony's leaps better than what you've got now.

sisemen 21st May 2013 04:05

Does our country deserve to be 'led' by a person like one Tony Abbott?

We ought not to forget this shameful performance

etc etc etc etc etc :yuk::yuk::yuk::yuk::yuk:

Oops! It looks like Ken Borough might have scurried back to his "unreality cave". :}

Worrals in the wilds 21st May 2013 04:33

I do, Ben; on both counts. I wasn't writing from a theoretical standpoint, which is why the issue makes me hot under the collar. Even ex grunts have friends...though I'm not always sure why. ;):}

You make excellent suggestions, but I still think the government should chip in too. Goodness knows they fund enough unimportant crap, they can find some money in the tin for the important stuff too.

Clare Prop 21st May 2013 07:00

No point pork barrelling the vets, they are probably fairly set in their ways when it comes to which way to vote, so no point "investing" in them eh Julia?

Captain Sand Dune 21st May 2013 08:47

No point pork-barrelling Defence either. There's scant few ADF members who vote Labour, and for good reason.

Worrals in the wilds 21st May 2013 08:51

What, not a member of the Stephen Smith Fan Club?
Surely someone is...:E Anyone? Personally I've always thought that an apparent hatred of all things military should preclude a person from becoming Defence Minister, but what would I know about politics...:\

Buster Hyman 21st May 2013 08:55

I think Kevin07's 'epiphany' is more about harming Juliar than Gay rights, IMHO...

sisemen 21st May 2013 09:09

Unless, of course, we are about to learn that Kevvy was spotted coming out of a gay club :E

Worrals in the wilds 21st May 2013 09:42

Nahh. Apart from anything else he wouldn't get an invite. Of all the juicy Queensland rumours (and many of them are juicy :suspect:) that's not one of them.

IMO it's more about stealing thunder than anything else. Word round the campfire is that Griffith is no longer a Safe Seat...

CoodaShooda 21st May 2013 12:07

an apparent hatred of all things military
I thought that was a standard requirement for anyone joining a "progressive , socialist political organisation". :yuk:

It's a no-win situation for Defence when the current iteration of labor is in power.

Ideally, you need to suck up to your Minister to ensure he supports you in Cabinet. A symbiotic relationship, if you like. Keep him in power and he keeps you in funds.

But what can you do when the Minister and his party are implacably opposed to all that you represent?

Call him out and be accused of being a military trying to control the government? In Australia? :eek: How would an incoming and paranoid liberal government view you in this situation? :hmm:

Or maintain the charade and hope to minimise the damage until the next election, when you can again suck up to a more accommodating, conservative Minister?

Best to adopt the Penguin Strategy - "Smile and wave, boys; smile and wave."

Clare Prop 21st May 2013 14:31

Today on Farcebook I was moderating a debate about politics....a contributer said she was going to vote Green and change the world. I tried to explain that some of their "Aims" would require constitutional change and would be unlikely to get the numbers at a referendum, also that her vote would likely end up given to another party in preferences. I was attacked for "Criticising the only party who cares" Um, I didn't give any opinion on their policies...she didn't understand why they don't have 10% of the seats in the House of Reps. Telling her they held a disproportionate amount of power in the Senate didn't register at all.

..so there we have a typical Green voter, no idea how the electoral system works...:ugh::ugh:

BenThere 21st May 2013 18:20

As one interested and personally involved with Australia, I recommend Australia pursue the same strategy as Iran. That is, develop a nuclear weapons deterrent to counter the future threat from China.

The US nuclear umbrella is no longer assured, and the cost of becoming a nuclear power for Australia would be nominal, given that the technology is already in place.

Build a couple hundred nuclear tipped rockets, silo them in WA and you've placed a big 'Don't F with us' sign on the front porch.

That's a strategy that would serve you well in the post-Pax Americana age.

CoodaShooda 21st May 2013 20:29

Giving nukes to WA,Ben, would only hasten their rush to secede from the Commonwealth.

Canberra would then be challenged by Indonesia and china to the north, New Zealand to the east, Sandgropia to the west and Andrew Wilkie to the south.

500N 21st May 2013 20:47

Yes, stick the Silos at Exmouth in WA or on the Cape in Qld.

Close to a port and a big airport.

Worrals in the wilds 21st May 2013 23:44

The Australian Government would immediately outsource nuke management to the subcontractor who presented the lowest tender (probably Serco) and we'd later find out that all the nukes had been trucked over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and into the tunnel during peak hour due to said subcontractor cutting transport costs to the bone and not planning the route properly :ugh:.I wouldn't trust any of our governments to run a match factory safely, let alone a nuclear weapons program.

I thought that was a standard requirement for anyone joining a "progressive , socialist political organisation". http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/pukey.gif
Beazely wasn't like that when he was Defence Minister. I'd always heard that he really enjoyed spending time with the ADF.

Today on Farcebook I was moderating a debate about politics.
That's why I don't do Facebook politics. It always turns into a massive bun fight between a bunch of ignorant, ranty people from both ends of the spectrum. :eek:

500N 21st May 2013 23:49

"Beazely wasn't like that when he was Defence Minister.
I'd always heard that he really enjoyed spending time with the ADF."

He did and the ADF liked him.

parabellum 22nd May 2013 01:17

Here you go 500N!

Ovation 22nd May 2013 01:54

Gillard admits she can't sing. I can't sing

That's a step in the right direction. She now needs to admit she's the worst PM Australia has ever had.

She couldn't be conned into singing the lyrics "I'm bad, I'm bad, you know I'm bad" or "Like a virgin" in an on-air game. Ms Gillard said she wasn't trying to be a spoilsport but didn't want to subject the Australian people to her terrible singing. "This is a deep-seated Gillard family fear, singing in public," she joked.

Pinky the pilot 22nd May 2013 03:15

She now needs to admit she's the worst PM Australia has ever had.
Of course she won't but it really doesn't matter as a large number of the Australian People heave already reached that conclusion.

Never thought that someone could ever be worse than 'Goofy' though.:hmm:

BenThere; An interesting thought!

Captain Sand Dune 22nd May 2013 09:31

I'd always heard that he really enjoyed spending time with the ADF." He did and the ADF liked him.
So much so that he transferred all the RAAF's helicopters to the Army. Something that the Army still regrets if they're honest with themselves.

Worrals in the wilds 22nd May 2013 09:41

Was that him? I thought it had happened earlier. :8 Is that when the Navy got flying machines too, or did they always have them?

dat581 22nd May 2013 10:12

No, the Navy has had flying machines far longer than the Army ( standing buy to be corrected ). Due to the silver buggie they lost there fixed wing aircraft and aircraft carrier capability. If Tony Abbott suggested buying some F35Bs and an extra LHD to fly them from Labour would go into meltdown.

sisemen 22nd May 2013 15:22

Is this a conspiracy theory?

Hollowmen started a repeat run on ABC tonight. It was written and presented when Kevvy07 was on the throne. It was accurate and funny. Since then we all know what has happened and it would have been a gift from whatever god you choose for the writers of that programme. It would have been a ratings winner. But have we seen a follow up series? Nope.

And now we're in the run up to an election and Kevvy has/is creating waves against the Dear Leader and the ALPBC decide to run Hollowmen again. WTF???

owen meaney 22nd May 2013 19:49

Capt sand dune, let it go mate, that was in 1987ish.

500N 22nd May 2013 20:11

Captain Sand Dune

That was a long time ago and way above my pay grade !

I was Army, we often flew in RAAF aircraft and quite often went on Navy ships. IMHO both the RAAF and the Navy did excellent jobs and we had excellent relationships with and were very well looked after by the various Squadrons
and ships companies.

sisemen 23rd May 2013 09:44

So Gillard and her crew chuck lots of money at the car industry who then turn round and say "sorry, we're off" and Gillard then says "don't make political capital out of this"


And there's another 113 days of this superb management :yuk:

Flying Binghi 23rd May 2013 09:47


Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian



Ovation 24th May 2013 03:44

Ms Gillard said such comments showed a lack of respect for voters.

"I think this arrogance we are seeing from the Liberal party is getting increasingly out of control," she told reporters on the NSW Central Coast on Friday.
"What they've forgotten here is this is a choice for the Australian people and in these arrogant statements they are showing a lack of respect to the Australian people whose decision it is on the 14th of September."
Gillard has a short memory - I recall she was the one that introduced a carbon tax in spite of telling the Australian people it wouldn't happen. Now that's a lack of respect for voters if there ever was.

Full Story

Ovation 24th May 2013 05:50

Then there's this from the Editorial of the Australian 22/05

So much was promised but so little delivered.

With the audacity of a general who delivers the victory speech before the battle has commenced, Gillard presumes to announce educational reform will be the centrepiece of her legacy. No wonder she wants to focus on the future,when Labor's record since 2007 is so dismal.

Labor's education revolution has not been felt in classrooms

The true saga of education under 5 1/2 years of Labor is one of extravagant promises, lost opportunities, overblown rhetoric, dispirited utilitarian thinking and wasted billions. Never in the history of public education has so much been spent for such little benefit.
In Gillard's legacy there will be nothing for her to be proud of - it will be one of dishonesty, incompetence and failure.

sisemen 24th May 2013 06:46

I'm looking forward to 15 September when the chickens that are the Gillard AWU scandal start flying home to roost.

Hopefully her "legacy" will be a spell in a nick.

parabellum 25th May 2013 06:24

She'll be OK there though Siseman, she'll have her 'bitches', be like university all over again!:E

sisemen 26th May 2013 02:24

The federal government will "move hard" on bookmakers spruiking betting odds during live sports matches, senior Labor MP Craig Emerson says.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Sunday is expected to call on TV, radio and internet broadcasters to end the promotion of betting odds during live sports matches.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott earlier this month said a coalition government would legislate a ban on broadcasting live betting odds during sports coverage, unless the industry took action first.
Catch up Eilean, pure bloody catch up. You must be getting really desperate if you're having to stoop this low. End it now while you've still got a semblance of dignity left (maybe too late 'cos it's all gone).

And if the latest reports are to be believed and your staff are monitoring the internet and web discussions to get a feel for how your government is doing then take note of this.........110 days. We're waiting Eilean, we're waiting.

Captain Sand Dune 27th May 2013 02:20

I see the ABC has started airing "Whitlam: The Power and the Passion". No guesses as to what bias the ABC will put on that. How about the timing though?:hmm:
Also noted this morning that Juliar would not be drawn on her political future post election. May I suggest the Australian ambassador to Saudi Arabia?
Roll on September 14!!

david1300 27th May 2013 02:28

asylum smugglers have earned $400 million
GOVERNMENT figures have exposed a people smuggling industry worth up to $400 million amid revelations at least ten asylum seekers released into the community have been charged, including with a mugging at knifepoint.
The government has also revealed it believes debt collectors for people smugglers have arrived by boat and been sent to Nauru where they are allegedly threatening other asylum seekers for money they owe for their journey.
In Australia, 71 asylum seekers have had their community release revoked by the government, including ten who were charged with criminal offences, eight who were found to be national security threats by ASIO and 12 who absconded.
Another 18 had their residence determination cancelled on behavioural grounds between October 2010 and December last year.
The revelations have emerged in answers to hundreds of questions from a parliamentary committee released on Friday night ahead of Budget Estimates hearings this morning.

Answers show asylum seekers have told immigration officials in their entry interviews they paid people smugglers between $US3000-$US10,000 for individuals and between $US10,000-$US20,000 for families.
Almost 42,000 people have arrived since Labor was elected, delivering a windfall to people smugglers of between $125 million and $400 million.
"Julia Gillard and Labor are the best friends people smugglers have ever had. Under Labor's failed border protection policies criminal people smugglers have made hundred of millions of dollars in profits from their evil trade, while at least 1,000 people have died at sea," Opposition Immigration spokesman Scott Morrison said.

Read the full story here: Budget Estimates committee told that asylum smugglers have earned $400 million in past six years | The Courier-Mail

SOPS 27th May 2013 05:58

Reports coming in of life jackets washing up on Christmas Island, some containing Iranian cash, looks like another boat may have sunk.

parabellum 27th May 2013 08:27

Another example of the tunnel vision of the current 'government', from today's The Australian:

"Yesterday the government denied there was any connection between the September poll and the spike in boat arrivals, with a spokesman for Immigration Minister Brendan O'Connor saying there was "no evidence globally" that elections affected the behaviour of smugglers. "There's no reason to believe that people smugglers think the Coalition's policies will be bad for business".

With deduction and foresight like that what could possibly go wrong?:rolleyes:

criticalmass 27th May 2013 09:23

Apparently a statement has been issued from the Prime Minister's Office to the effect that Julia Gillard will "serve a full term" after the election.

I'm sure she will...and I for one am hoping it will be a full term of imprisonment after she is charged with fraud, tried for it and found guilty by "twelve good men and true".

If Labor is prepared to try and rig the forthcoming Federal Election, does it also have plans to suborn a jury in the trial of J. Gillard, if it should come to that?

Andu 28th May 2013 00:39

ABC news this morning reports that hackers, believed to be based in China, have downloaded the plans of the new ASIO headquarters. On 'A.M.' this morning, Minister Mark Doofus suggests that it might be best if we didn't discuss this in public for fear that any such discussion might offer some advantage to "our opponents".

Worrals in the wilds 28th May 2013 00:44

Why, is knowing the size of their tea-room a threat to national security? :}
If the info's out there it's out there, and no amount of discussion will change that. He really is a Doofus. :bored:

I do remember some years ago ASIO were investigating bikies (for whatever reason) and were very miffed when the bikies put some observers over the street from the ASIO headquaters carpark to record their private vehicle registrations. The spooks got quite huffy about it; didn't seem to think it was fair at all. :E

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