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7x7 6th May 2013 08:27

I'm trying to put a figure on SHY's outrage meter if Abbott tried that on. The poor thing would definitely burst a whoopee valve (or two). It would at least give her a new cause.

sisemen 6th May 2013 08:36

Well if one country on earth could get away with developing nukes in secret it would have to be Australia
It may well have been done before :eek:

Banjawarn station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

On the night of 28 May 1993 a mysterious seismic disturbance was detected in Western Australia and found to have emanated from south of Banjawarn.

The event sent shock waves through hundreds of miles of desert but was witnessed only by a few long-distance truck drivers and gold prospectors. They reported seeing a fireball in the sky and hearing a protracted low-frequency sound. The cause of the event remained a mystery, however.

A meteor impact would have left a large crater, perhaps 300 yards (270 m) across, none of which was found. mine explosion was unlikely, as it was 170 times more powerful than the largest explosion known in Australia up to that time. The Urban Geoscience Division of the Australian Geological Survey Organisation determined that the seismic traces of the event "showed similar characteristics consistent with typical seismic activity for Western Australia," and that the event was most likely an earthquake.[8]

However a bolide, or air burst, caused by a stony asteroid of up to some tens of meters in diameter, would not have reached the surface but likely would have exploded in the atmosphere, creating a large shock wave but not an impact crater. This option, the possibility of which was diven home by the widely observed February 2013 Russian meteor event, would have led to measurements and observations that are entirely consistent with data and eyewitness reports, far more so than a seismic disturbance, which would be difficult to reconcile with fireball sightings.

Following the revelation that Banjawarn was owned by the Aum there was speculation that this event was the result of a test explosion of a nuclear device they had built. It was known that Aum were interested in developing nuclear as well as chemical weapons, as they had recruited two nuclear engineers from the former Soviet Union and had been mining uranium. This was reported in 1997 in the New York Times. However, the AFP investigation found no evidence of this or of any equipment that might indicate such research.

Andu 6th May 2013 23:34

This may be of interest to some.

Dear xxxxx,

As you may have read in todayís papers, conservative Liberal backbenchers have just launched a campaign to dump the expensive far left paid-parental leave policy.

They are absolutely right. And they need our support.

It is no secret who I want to win the next election: but when it comes to Paid Parental Leave, Tony has been listening to too many left wing advisors and ABC Commentators. This policy is flat out wrong.

I know I wonít be popular for saying this, but this is a scheme that will increase taxes, increase our debt, and hurt every Aussie family. We just canít afford another big-spending initiative like this. To spend another $3 billion every year to pay $150,000 a year in welfare to wealthy mothers is just wrong.

Our corporate tax rate is one of the highest in the world. Itís the reason why businesses are fleeing offshore, and we are losing jobs. As the rest of the world is cutting their corporate tax rate, it is madness for us to increase ours.

Tony needs to dump this policy now Ė before it is too late.

We have a chance to scrap this policy Ė if we act fast.

We have created an online portal for our supporters to contact Coalition MPís to DUMP this policy,

Click HERE to tell Coalition MPís that this policy is bad economics, bad social policy Ė and will lose them votes.

The Australian election will come down to who are the better economic managers. By persisting with this policy thatís to the left of the Australian Greens, the Opposition is putting their claim in danger. Not a single person will vote for the Opposition because of it Ė and many will turn away.

I strongly urge you to contact Coalition MPs today.

david1300 7th May 2013 00:49

Federal budget takes $17 billion hit.

Another broken promise: The Gillard government cancelled a family benefits boost that would have provided up to $600 extra a year to eligible Australian families.
2 weeks ago Swan said the budget deficit would be $7bn; last week Gillard said $12bn; this week Penny Wong says it will be $17bn. All this despite revenue going up by 7% this year. Voting them out in September canít come soon enough.

The Gillard government will not go ahead with a family benefits boost that would have provided a maximum of $600 extra a year to eligible Australian families, as it signals that the budget faces a $17 billion shortfall in revenue this financial year.
On Tuesday, Finance Minister Penny Wong confirmed that the government was ''not in a position to proceed'' with an increase to Family Tax Benefit Part A that was due to start on July 1.
In last year's budget, Labor pledged about $1.8 billion over four years to increase the rate of Family Tax Benefit Part A, as part of its package to spread ''the benefits of the mining boom''....
Senator Wong added in terms of what Australian families were currently receiving, nobody "loses anything" from the decision.
On Tuesday, shadow treasurer Joe Hockey tweeted that the federal budget, due to be handed down next Tuesday, was in ''chaos''.
''Wong says revenue write downs now $17bn. Last week Gillard said $12bn. Week before Swan said $7bn. Budget in complete chaos !!''
Senator Wong's announcement comes as the the latest Newspoll confirmed the Coalition's convincing election winning lead.

Read more: Federal budget takes $17 billion hit

Buster Hyman 7th May 2013 01:05

Seeing that none of our Left leaning friends are here to explain what this all means, I will play the part of an ALP supporter for the next few minutes...


Well, you see David, Tony Abbott, the misogynist, will bring back Work Choices, raise the GST, and shoot rainbow pooping Unicorns...so clearly, Labour is the better choice.

david1300 7th May 2013 01:34


The real tragedy is that Labor cannot see that this is what is needed on a bigger scale. Do NOT promise stuff that is undeliverable/unaffordable; do NOT keep trying to redistribute wealth by taxing the wealth creators and creating more welfare-dependent people; etc. They are fiscally and morally inept.

500N 7th May 2013 01:55

The Headless chooks !

I hope you all get a good laugh out of this.

It is very good indeed.

The Headless chooks :O


parabellum 7th May 2013 02:25

Tony needs to dump this policy now Ė before it is too late.
Actually I think Tony might be on to something here. By encouraging working women at nearly all levels to have children and return to work he is laying the foundations for a workforce in twenty years time that will be Australians and who's primary loyalty is to Australia and not some far off land.

Labour, on the other hand, would rather encourage welfare dependant families to just carry on breeding.

500N 7th May 2013 02:41

"Labour, on the other hand, would rather encourage welfare dependant families to just carry on breeding."

They don't need any encouragement. They bonk non stop because
in 9 months time a huge cheque pops out and keeps popping out
every month for 18 years :O

david1300 7th May 2013 03:34

A Union Official caught lying to the ICAC. Who would have thought that could happen? :yuk:

Former union boss John Maitland admitted lying within minutes of taking the stand on Tuesday morning during an inquiry into an allegedly corrupt coal deal through which he made millions of dollars in windfall profits.
Mr Maitland said he had abided by a legal order not to discuss the contents of a private examination by the Independent Commission Against Corruption in July last year - but he was then played a secretly recorded phone call in which he did precisely that.
"You have lied about that already this morning?" Peter Braham, counsel assisting the inquiry, asked.
"It appears so," Mr Maitland replied.

Read more: Union boss Maitland admits lying

It's stories like this that make me question if there is any shred of morality in Labor/Unions.

chuboy 7th May 2013 03:46

Wasn't the saviour Tony Abbott quoted as admitting being a bit loose with the truth himself? You're deluded or kidding yourself if you believe dishonesty in politics is limited to one faction.

CoodaShooda 7th May 2013 04:00

Was his claim of being loose with the truth a case of a politician being truthful, or was he telling a lie, which would in turn, make his statement a truth? :confused:

Buster Hyman 7th May 2013 04:19

You're deluded or kidding yourself if you believe dishonesty in politics is limited to one faction.
I think you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who disagrees with you there Chuboy. But at the end of the day, do you trust the one who is honest about his dishonesty, or the one's that only admit it when confronted with overwhelming evidence?

chuboy 7th May 2013 06:21

What's the difference? You never know what you're in for one way or the other :(

david1300 7th May 2013 07:00

Originally Posted by chuboy (Post 7830023)
What's the difference? You never know what you're in for one way or the other :(

I think not, chuboy. Labor came into debt with 'money in the bank' and a recent history of surplusses having being delivered by the incumbent government. Labor immediately ran us into deficit, and into debt which is ever increasing. Even Swan and Gillards 'locked in' surplus has evaporated, because they cannot help themselves - spending more than they get in. Now they lie saying government revenue has fallen (hence the unforeseen deficit)when it has actually increased by 7%. All that has happened is that spending has increased faster than revenue has (I suspect Gillards 'John' has been spending too much time at Thai and other Massage Parlours:=).

They are determined to get the country so dependant on the welfare teat, giving away money that our childrens children will still be repaying:eek:

Roll on, Sweet September.

Andu 7th May 2013 08:35

Sydney radio reported this afternoon that four boats arrived today, bringing the total of new arrivals for May (5 days) to over 1000. 3000 children were among the arrivals since the beginning of this financial year, and, because the detention facilities are totally grossed out by the number of new arrivals, families with children under 17 will now be put onto bridging visas and released into the community - where they will not be allowed to work, will have to find their own accommodation and will be eligible only for a small allowance.

How is that going to work?

Is the plan to make life so miserable for those on bridging visas that they'll elect to go back to where they've 'fled' from? If history is anything to go by, they don't do that until they're scored Oz residency. Then they go home for a holiday, magically protected from persecution by that precious piece of paper.

SOPS 7th May 2013 09:22

1000 in just 5 days!!! I say again, we are being invaded. But I don't think anyone is listening to me.:ugh:

500N 7th May 2013 09:27

That's because we are all saying the same thing at the same time :O
and so can't hear you.

And of course the Gov't isn't listening.

Fubaar 7th May 2013 09:46

Tony Abbott seems to be setting himself up for a major problem after he assumes power in setting the maternity leave scheme as a 'core promise', something he is basing his reputation on. It's almost as if he has a death wish, for the left-leaning media wil crucify him over this either way - if he fails to deliver, (a real possibility), or if he delivers, they'll find some filthy rich woman they can say is rorting the system, (there'll be some). Either way, he'll be made look like a fool.

Fliegenmong 7th May 2013 10:34

I find parabellum's idea quaint, would be lovely to believe, and it really only fails insofar that Tony doesn't give a rats about the future of the Country, just about Tony and his cronies, Windsor saw through him like a pain of glass

The paid parental scheme is absurd, especially from the Libs., it is pure middle class welfare, and really in the cases of women earning up to 150k. much more that middle class welfare!!!

Breaking a 'core promise' won't be a problem for Tony,.....it will be 100% pure red witch carbon copy of the 'never ever a carbon tax' ... the deafening silence or embarrassingly lame excuses will hurt the ear drums though :):rolleyes:

Which kind of leads to a rather open ended sort of a question...what sort of 'statute of limitations', for want of a better term, can we reasonably expect for using the term "owing to the previous government"

We know that the boats will stop on the 15th September, as we're aware that illegal immigrants are intimately familiar, indeed ever so much more so than I, of the intricacies of immigration policies of both Labor and the Coalition (Personally I like Katters 'give em a can of fuel and a 180 turn, but apparently the PC people don't like it), so no more boats from the 15th, or if not the 15th,....nominate a date.

Carbon Tax......again, how long??

I could be wrong, Christ knows I have been many many times!!! But surely the parental paid leave goes and the carbon tax stays because 'owing to the previous government'

Just wondering because here in QLD the Lib premier has been a massive disappointment, and having 'Gold is dead' costello audit the books, and reported faithfully by a compliant media...has been as awful as that @rse clown fraser and bligh telling us that we needed to sell assets and we only decided to do it the week after the election....honest!!

But yes, we're now well past 12 months since the QLD election, the 'previous government' excuse continues.

Red Witch and her team of feckwits have been awful, but at what point does an incoming gummint man up and own up??

CoodaShooda 7th May 2013 11:38

First year will be all the tough decisions and backflips because of "the mess that labor has made of the governance of Australia. "

Second year will be "apologising for the things we promised to do but still can't because of the mess that labor left us. But we will implement them as soon as we can. "

Third year is "spend up as much as we can on populist policies while reminding voters of the mess labor made last time they were in power."

So will you be voting Palmer or Katter?:E

SOPS 7th May 2013 12:17

Everything is just going really well

Government misses $1b in wireless spectrum revenue - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Fliegenmong 7th May 2013 12:19

Cooda!, spent ages replying.....tapped a key the 'puter didn't like and it is all gone!!! What a waste of time!!! :{ the 'Back' key doesn't work either...... I had paragraphs there, that arew all gone..maybe type into 'Word' Document then copy and paste to Pprune??

Buster Hyman 7th May 2013 12:22

so no more boats from the 15th, or if not the 15th,....nominate a date.
Hmmm...hard to say. We know roughly how long it takes for the Coalition to fix an ALP Governments cluster f**k approach to fiscal policy, but their ham fisted shredding of the Pacific Solution, only to reinstate a half arsed version of it, is in another league altogether...lets just hope it's as quick as Rudd was in destroying our border sovereignty. :rolleyes:

Anyway, on a brighter note. Here's the Victorian Coalitions' surplus forecast from the Budget today. What's the bet it's a lot more accurate than ol' Swanee rivers one eh?

Surplus Projections:
2012-13 - $177 million 2013-14 - $225 million
2014-15 - $399 million
2015-16 -- $1.9 billion
2016 Ė17 - $2.5 billion

Okay...I'll wait here whilst you go & get "the facts" from your preferred Fairfax outlet. ;):p:ok:

Andu 7th May 2013 13:23

We know that the boats will stop on the 15th September
I'm assuming you forgot to put the <<sarc>> icon after that paragraph, Fleigs. If you didn't forget, I'll bite and say I wish it would be so, but fear that the people smugglers will keep 'em coming until the well of potential clients dries up. The only way that well will dry up is after the third or fourth boat is turned back immediately by the Navy - and frankly, I don't know if an Abbott government will have the balls to do what that will involve.

I've spoken to a friend who was closely involved in turning back those eight boats that broke the back of the people smuggling 'business plan' in the Howard days. Suffice to say it wasn't pretty. I think it would be safe to say that turning a boat back in 2013 is going to involve a LOT more of 'not pretty' than the Navy had to indulge in back in 2000-wheneveritwas. The smugglers will certainly sabotage their boats - my guess is they'll burn them, even ensure that there are a lot of injuries and burns that will demand immediate medical attention.

If a Abbott government turns injured or burned 'survivors' back, you can guarantee there'll be camera crews from the ALPBC and every Australian commercial network lined up at the Indonesian port to film and interview them in heart-wrenching detail. (Attractive, doe-eyed female children will be in the forefront.)

Whatever happens, it will certainly not be pretty, and if Tony Abbott has the balls to stare down the truly horrible media coverage any tightening of the asylum seeker policy will create, I'll be surprised. Pleasantly, but still surprised.

CoodaShooda 7th May 2013 20:37

That's a bugger, Fliegs. I always enjoy your contributions.

It's happened to me a few times in the past but I've never been sure whether to blame Conroy for mishandling the Internet or AbbottAbbottAbbott because he's the current harbinger of everything that goes wrong. :E

david1300 8th May 2013 01:22

Originally Posted by Fliegenmong (Post 7830343)
...We know that the boats will stop on the 15th September, as we're aware that illegal immigrants are intimately familiar, indeed ever so much more so than I, of the intricacies of immigration policies of both Labor and the Coalition (Personally I like Katters 'give em a can of fuel and a 180 turn, but apparently the PC people don't like it), so no more boats from the 15th, or if not the 15th,....nominate a date.

I don't know if you are being ironic, sarcastic, or real in the above, but to help you, here is the official government chart of boat arrivals since 1976 (note: this excludes crew. In 2012 there were 278 boats):
Boat arrivals in Australia since 1976 ? Parliament of Australia

Of course it doesn't yet show this year, which is trending to be right off this graph.

Note that in the last years of the Howard govt, when they had developed, refined and communicated their policies, these were the numbers of boats that arrived:
2002 - 1
2003 - 1
2004 - 1
2005 - 4
2006 - 6
2007 - 5
2008 - 7

Now we have so many arrivals that they are sent into the community with no ability to work, minimal security checks, and Australian taxpayers support. I would certainly not like to see genuine refugees turned away, but I am against 'country shoppers, crooks and thieves' being given safe haven in our community at our expense.

david1300 8th May 2013 06:08

Another day, another broken Labor promise
HOUSEHOLDS will miss out on tax breaks pledged as part of the government's carbon tax compensation package, in another broken promise by Labor in the lead-up to next week's budget.
Climate Change Minister Greg Combet this morning announced the forecast price on carbon when Australia moved to a floating price emissions trading scheme in 2015 would be revised down.
As a result, slated tax cuts promised from that year will be shelved.
"This is a sensible measure that we will be announcing in the budget," he said.
"They will be deferred until such time the carbon price exceeded $25.40, whenever that will be."
It is the latest in a string of broken promises from Labor. Yesterday the government confirmed it would cut a flagged $600 boost to Family Tax Benefit part A because of worsening economic conditions.

Read it here (and weep). How incompetent are these people?

Labor abandons promised carbon price tax cuts

One can only hope that come September even the rusted-on laborites will come to realise that you cannot live on promises from incompetents.

parabellum 8th May 2013 07:48

If the boats are really to be physically turned back before they stop altogether, once word gets around, then the RAN and the Marines are going to have to perfect a procedure of getting immediate control of the boat before it can be sabotaged, no easy task but possible and may include a bit of subterfuge.

Ideally they will be intercepted whilst still within Indonesian coastal waters, they are probably already being detected there but the 'Governments' news black out and control of naval signals traffic means we just don't know. One assumes they will only set fire to or try to scuttle their boat if they can see a bigger alternative standing by, so small, fast boats will be the order of the day. I believe the Australian forces are up to it, now all we need is the political will.

Captain Sand Dune 8th May 2013 07:54

I believe the Australian forces are up to it, now all we need is the political will.
They most certainly are, but we rarely do.:sad:

Andu 8th May 2013 08:39

then the RAN and the Marines are going to have to perfect a procedure of getting immediate control of the boat before it can be sabotaged
para, I believe the only option that will work is to have another boat (a refurbished earlier arrival) on immediate standby to transfer the asylum seekers to (if/after they've sabotaged their own boat). That boat will then be towed north and released with a course to steer and just enough fuel to RTB.

However, I can see the Greens (and Labor) insisting that any such boat should provide individual cabins with steward service, ensuite and hot and cold running water for each and every passenger, no matter how many were crammed aboard the original boat.

Oh, and we don't have any Marines in the ADF. Nor do we, I believe, on either side of politics, have the political will.

Fliegenmong 8th May 2013 08:42

I had a little bit of sarc. ironic and real in my post....:)


"but fear that the people smugglers will keep 'em coming until the well of potential clients dries up. The only way that well will dry up is after the third or fourth boat is turned back immediately by the Navy - and frankly, I don't know if an Abbott government will have the balls to do what that will involve. "

I think it has been made abundantly clear (here) that these boat arrivals are the result of this gummints woeful ineptitude (setting aside the events of the last decade or so in Iraq and Afghanistan, Sri Lanka etc., which would be the why they started coming.

I suspect that (and I don't know the intricacies of it), the Malaysia solution, if backed by the Opposition would start to stem the flow of boat arrivals, but stopping boat arrivals is most certainly NOT something the Opp is interested in right now!:ugh::ugh:....still an arguement for another day.

So back to Andus 'Well that dries up', taking into account how the idea (implied) the current governments policies are directly understood by non English speaking foreigners in far off lands...it stands then to reason the these same non English speaking foreigners of far off lands will similarly comprehend coalition policy, and the well will indeed dry up....so my question was when, as a result of a coalition government immigration policy can we start to expect to see a similar decrease, as in David's graph???

Obviously not the next day after election, that was a sarcastic part :p.......'the previous government' excuse really can't last for long on this...'cos if it does it suggests something other than policy is driving the boats here

No Abbott wouldn't have the Balls, the Man in the Hat would!!!

Sorry so long to reply, been at work, slaving away to help keep the economy moving forward!!...and paying taxes to the loathsome red witch so the country shoppers can live more comfortably than Australian retirees who have been paying taxes all their working lives :yuk::yuk:

Captain Dart 8th May 2013 13:21

Out of the mouths of babes...

Queensland student denies throwing sandwich at PM

Buster Hyman 8th May 2013 14:37


Julia Gillard narrowly averts disaster as sandwich comes within inches of ruining Tims latest triumph. Eagle eyed security detail took charge when rumours spread that there was a Chiko roll missing from the tuck shop oven!


sisemen 8th May 2013 15:31

Poetic justice......a drongo suspended for chucking a sanger at a drongo.

hellsbrink 8th May 2013 17:05

Could there be a remix of a song coming along?

"She just smiled, so I threw a Vegemite Sandwich....."

500N 8th May 2013 19:47

"......a drongo suspended for chucking a sanger at a drongo."

Only in Logan !

Re that photo, I think that Fed copper is never going to live
that incident down, a bit like Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon
and the photo of him in his underwear.

Worrals in the wilds 8th May 2013 21:21

Asked why someone would want to throw something at the prime minister he said, "Maybe because no one likes her."
From the mouths of babes...or Logan bogans, but the kid has a point.

Buster, I'd classify a chiko roll as a potentially lethal weapon. If it didn't knock you out cold, even worse could happen and you could get some in your mouth! :eek::}

500N 8th May 2013 21:36


+ 1

One of the worst examples of food I have ever tried.
(You have to "sample" everything when you first come
to Australia :O).

david1300 8th May 2013 22:57

Betting opens on Gillards next career move
THE hot election bet is not who the country's next leader will be, but whether the PM will become a hairdresser if she loses office.
Betting agency Sportsbet is putting a twist on the usual Federal Election fodder by offering punters odds on what comes next for Prime Minister Julia Gillard if Labor is trounced as pundits predict.
Eleven possible career moves have been listed and writing her biography comes in with the shortest odds at $1.60.
Other odds for slightly more inconceivable roles for the PM include starting her own political party ($9), emigrating to another country ($21), become a contestant on Dancing with the Stars ($41) and becoming an official Kevin Rudd spokeswoman ($81).
But the biggest potential money makers are odds for Ms Gillard launching a singing career ($151) or becoming a hairdresser ($501) like her boyfriend, Tim Mathieson.

Ms Gillard, who is visiting Logan today, has suffered heavy losses in recent polls with Liberal leader Tony Abbott leading yesterday's poll for preferred Prime Minister with 42 per cent against Ms Gillard's 37 per cent.
The betting coincides with odds for the next Labor and Liberal leaders. The highest odds out of both parties are for political youngster Wyatt Roy, who is sitting at $5001 to lead the Libs in to the next election.

What's next for Julia Gillard:
Write her biography - $1.60
Marry Tim Mathieson - $2.50
Start her own political party - $9.00
Host her own political affairs programme - $10.00
Join the board of Slater & Gordon - $13.00
Emigrate to another country - $21.00
Suit jacket model for Versace - $34.00
Become a contestant on Dancing with the Stars - $41.00
Official Kevin Rudd spokeswoman - $81.00
Launch a singing career - $151.00
Become a hairdresser - $501.00
To win, the options must happen in 2013 after the election and be confirmed publicly by Ms Gillard.

Betting agency offers lucrative odds for what current Prime Minister Julia Gillard will do next in her career | News, events and sport for Logan | The Courier-Mail

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