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owen meaney 30th Sep 2012 02:33

@andu - I can find that article only on Pickeringpost, so not convinced of it's veracity

CoodaShooda 30th Sep 2012 04:48


You don't need a reporter to tell you the bleeding obvious.

Just read through the various Oz politics threads on PPrune to see how one side behaves.

They don't need McTiernan to tell them how to smear.

That's not to suggest that the conservatives aren't above playing dirty too. (Although, they have received so many Own Goals from Rudd/Gillard et al that they don't need to invent anything.)

But smearing is more effective if it's done with subtlety. Labor has put down the stilletto and picked up the lump of 4X2.

Didn't work in Qld and its unlikely to generate any support from the swinging voters.

500N 30th Sep 2012 05:35

Going back to Indonesian SAR, see this re the Indonesian Defence
Trimaran that caught fire.

Trimaran Fire for the Indonesian Navy |

So they can't do SAR or find boats with refugees, need Australia's help
to get boats etc for SAR but are quite happy to buy bloody expensive
missile boats.

Our Gov't really is being taken for a ride.

owen meaney 30th Sep 2012 05:36

As an innocent bystander they all seem the same to me.
Still, the Pickering post doesn't quite make it as a "reporter".

500N 30th Sep 2012 05:39

Agree that mud raking does not go down well with voters.

I wish we had one side that actually had a good leader thay
stood out and took the bull by the horns and ran with it.

They would win hands down.

Maybe Jeff Kennett does need to get back into
Politics and stir the pot, regardless of whether you
like his side of Politics.

allan907 30th Sep 2012 05:55

I was going to post an article from the Pickering Post which demonstrates that Abbott has done no, repeat no, personal attacks on Gillard (but plenty of attacks on her policies, or lack of them, and her presentation etc) but that Gillard - under McTernan - has done so and has actively encouraged the rest of the ALP to wade in hard.

As I say, I was going to post a link but it seems that, yet again, the "machine" has stamped on his website and it is "not available". Says a lot about Labor's method of 'governing'.

Buster Hyman 30th Sep 2012 09:33

Kennett polarised this State 500N. You either loved him or hated him.

What we lack in Oz politics is Statesmen! (PC be damned!) People who are there for the good of the country, not their personal wealth.

Worrals in the wilds 30th Sep 2012 11:00

The system no longer supports statesmen. That goes for both sides. :sad:
A statesman (or woman) was a person with ideals and integrity, although not a person who was always right, or even all that clever. They took on an issue, made a decision and ran with it, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.

Who knows what great statesmen said or did in their private time; probably all sorts of embarassing stuff. One of the differences today is that everything is recorded, so only an angel (and probably not even then) could possibly be squeaky clean all the time.

The second difference is that to be a federal and often a state pollie (excepting the odd Independent, and they are mostly odd :uhoh:) is that you have to start young, in your early twenties. Most reasonable people spent their early twenties studying (whether at uni, as an apprentice or working), working a Macjob to pay for the study or working extra hours to learn the job, drinking, travelling, generally whooping it up and learning how the real world functions.

By the time the average person gets interested in politics they're in their early thirties and far too old. :sad: They've already been pipped to the post by the professional politicians who (rather unnaturally) spent their early twenties lobbying, working in politicians' offices and building their political careers. Largely these are people who never had the Macjob, never travelled, never whooped it up and never experienced an iota of Real Life 101. These are the pollies we have, and maybe they're the pollies we deserve. :(

In the good ol' days, people went in to politics after they'd achieved. In the case of the Libs they were often successful businessmen or professionals. In the case of the ALP they were often rank and file workers who'd gotten involved in the union for safety and/or representational reasons. Either way, they'd been there, done that and gained some understanding of the causes and people they championed. Whatever they became, they carried the contacts and friends from their former lives; people who would continue to tell them How It Is, no matter how flash they ended up.

Never more, Miranda, never more. :sad:

While we support a media (both authorised and otherwise) that drags up every story from a pollie's early career, drags up every stupid thing they have ever said and expects them to answer every question with the 'correct' answer every time, we support the system. While we expect every pollie to be a savvy media performer, we support the system. The old school statesmen and women were never expected to live up to that level of scrutiny, and all too often they would have fallen by the wayside. They never would have gotten the chance to be statesmen.

All we are left with is grey little people who decided in their late teens that they wanted to be Pollies and would cheefully sell their souls to the Devil to achieve that outcome. Not people who have been there, done that, worn the hard hat or run the business and decided to have a crack at running the joint, because no-one else seemed capable. Not people who understand how the real world works.

These are the pollies we have, on both sides. We must support them, because they are there. If we don't support them, then what are they doing in power/ opposition? Who are these people? Why are they claiming to speak for us? :confused:

Andu 30th Sep 2012 11:55

Send that in to Piers Ackerman, Worrals. It deserves wider circulation than it will get here.

500N 30th Sep 2012 14:11


"Kennett polarised this State 500N. You either loved him or hated him."

Absolutely, but no one can deny he set Victoria up for a hell of a long term of prosperity - especially compared to NSW ! Even those who voted him out realised afterwards that the voter back lash went too far and most wished he had stayed.

Re boats - I was just driving into my driveway at midnight and on the ABC news you had a summary of the situation for Sept and I think they said 35 boats arrived with 3350 (approx) people !.

So much for stopping them !:ugh:

Clare Prop 30th Sep 2012 14:18

Great post, WITW.

Way back over 100 years ago when my G-G- Grandfather was a Liberal MP in the UK, they would go to "The House" after a day's work. He spent 22 years in the same seat as an MP until he retired but made his money in a real job.

This lot wouldn't last five minutes in a real workplace.

Clare Prop 30th Sep 2012 14:19

Of course the boats won't stop, there is no deterrent until we get TPVs and give them access to the same welfare as legal migrants, ie none.

500N 30th Sep 2012 14:29


Does Malcolm Turnbill fit the bill ?

Worrals in the wilds 30th Sep 2012 20:21

Personally I've always liked Turnbull. Of course, a lot of Labor people do :\.

parabellum 1st Oct 2012 00:57

The ALP are really behaving like grubs now, Roxon has been on TV blaming Jone's outburst on Tony Abbott! Every opportunity to demonise Abbott, they must be really scared of him!

allan907 1st Oct 2012 01:32

And Jones is a threat to them as well which is why they have to silence him before the next election.

Sponsors walk away from under-fire Jones - The West Australian

The remarks have prompted senior government ministers to say Sydney radio station 2GB should be reconsidering Jones's employment.
To link the comments to Abbott is a very, very wrong move which may well backfire.

But at least we know that our dearly departed are still in employment and co-ordinating things ....:}

However, about 11,000 people have signed up to an online campaign targeting companies such as Harvey Norman, Virgin Australia, Big W and Mercedes-Benz, urging them to boycott 2GB and Jones

Buster Hyman 1st Oct 2012 01:43

Personally, I don't rate Jones, and this latest bout of verbal diarrhea just confirms it for me. A low comment that has no place in Oz politics. :=

Having said that, he's been demonised & is losing sponsors...in other words, he is paying for his idiocy. Where then does the ALP draw the line in milking this? If the comments were hurtful to the PM, which I believe they were, then flogging the dead horse & linking all manner of ALP opponents to it must be like rubbing salt into the PM's wounds...wouldn't it be?

500N 1st Oct 2012 01:44

Abbott is a threat to them, even if he is not that good himself,
he makes Labor look like ...........

If Labor concentrated on getting some good policies out there
instead of JUST attacking Abbott the person, they would negate his effect.

Alan Jones - has always had a high position in Australia and needs to
temper his mouth occasionally as all he does is give fodder to those
he wants to bring down.

Not only did he make a big gaff when he said what he said but he
added to the foot in mouth problem by stuffing up the apology as well.

Talk about the compounding the effect !

Flying Binghi 1st Oct 2012 01:48

Personally I've always liked Turnbull. Of course, a lot of Labor people do.

Heh, 'banker boy' is the best thing labors got..:hmm:


Worrals in the wilds 1st Oct 2012 01:51

Agreed, they should let it go. However I don't think all those petitioners are patsies; the local rag has a letter from one of their regular big L Lib contributors, and even he's sledging Jones. :eek:

As for Roxon, when it comes to public statements, sniping seems to be all she knows how to do. That and playing the gender card, of course...:zzz:

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