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chuboy 26th Apr 2013 01:56

In other news Clive Palmer is running for the Fairfax electorate as leader of the United Australia Party. The UAP will sit for 127 seats this election plus every seat in the senate.

Make what you will of his announcement, you can't deny he's quite the character :}

Worrals in the wilds 26th Apr 2013 02:37

Wow. That's a lot of candidates...
Be interesting to see what comes of it.

sisemen 26th Apr 2013 02:44

The transcript for the Walker interview is now up on the site. This is the opener:

TONY JONES, PRESENTER: Joining us now from our Melbourne studio is the highest ranked woman in uniform in the Australian Defence Force, Rear Admiral Robyn Walker. She's also Commander Joint Health and the ADF Surgeon General.

Rear Admiral, thanks for joining us.


TONY JONES: Now, these main ANZAC myths and legends are all about men at war really. I mean, what did you think about all this when you were growing up as a young girl and a young woman?

ROBYN WALKER: Ah, well, Tony, I'll be very pleased to answer that, but I'd first really like to respond to the story last night which you ...


ROBYN WALKER: ... indicated that the ADF may not be treating our men and women with PTSD appropriately. And I'd like to correct that fact. We do follow the National Health Medical Research Council guidelines on the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, we do use the appropriate psychological counselling and we do use drug treatment, not as a first line, and the drugs that you mentioned last night are a second-line treatment for cases that are not responding. And I'd like to just confirm that we do have responsible prescription of those drugs, we do monitor their use and I would suggest that the suggestion that there is an uncontrolled or an out-of-control prescribing of these drugs is not accurate.

TONY JONES: Are you prepared for an independent review to test that because we were getting our information from some serving, some recently-departed servicemen, most of them working in Special Forces and others, so it's not as if the people have no credibility who are making these claims?
No sign yet of Palmer's promised web site for his UAP.

Worrals in the wilds 26th Apr 2013 02:50

With Palmer it's usually a matter of peeling back the hype and figuring out what he's really up to.:suspect:
Sticking it up the Libs is my first bet :E, but there may also be some practical, background reason that's more about business or making money; something he's very good at. I find it hard to believe he suddenly wants to be PM; apart from anything else it would mean taking a massive pay cut.

chuboy 26th Apr 2013 03:19

He did say in his press conference that he has quote 'made enough money in life' and is doing this for the country and not for himself.

Noble words and I suppose a pay cut means nothing to someone with billions at their disposal. Still a curious decision and one which I want to believe is founded on good intentions. Should make for interesting times one way or another.

Andu 26th Apr 2013 03:42

You can't help but feel that Clive is "doing a Ross Perot" on the Libs by splitting the conservative vote. I know this won't have the same effect here as it had in the US with its first past the post system. Thanks to our preference system, any Palmer candidate's primary vote will go on (one would hope) to the Lib or Nat candidate in the electorate.

One part of me says Palmer's providing a protest vote for those not enamoured by Tony Abbott, a protest that will make no difference in the long run; another says that he's providing a distraction that Labor will exploit.

All I can say is, if the Libs blow this election - and they still might - God help us all. I don't think we'll recognise Australia if the "nayshun" has to endure another three years of Julia Gillard's "stewardship".

MTOW 26th Apr 2013 04:29

Heard on the radio this morning, another 61 country shoppers arrived this morning. That takes it to over 38,000 since Rudd relaxed the Howard policy. That's a fair to middling country town, which, after family reunions, will swell to at least four times that number. 150,000 extra mouths, most of them to be on the on the public teat for God only knows how long, is not small potatoes - to say nothing of their voting intentions a few short years down the track.

Worrals in the wilds 26th Apr 2013 04:31

Andu, I think you're probably on the money. Palmer is quite a philanthropist in his own way, but I don't buy the My Country stuff. He may be aiming to shore up the Nats' position in the federal Coalition; prior to being a mining magnate he was a 1980s Gold Coast property developer, and a lot of those guys were more Nat than Joh. :eek: Remarks about grumpy dinosaurs called Jeff aside, I think his recent dust up with the LNP in Qld was more about disagreeing with the Ls than the Ns. Could be wrong though...

He'd have more city appeal than the Nats, which has always been a problem for them.

The problem for him (assuming he's serious) will be if the Coalition win enough seats to govern outright, which is also an issue for Katter. That's how the polls are shaping up, which begs the question Why Bother. In which case, maybe it is philanthropic, and maybe Clive sees annoying the Libs as a gracious act of philanthropy. :E Of course if they don't win outright that's a different story and it's three way Coalition time. Fun and games...

Buster Hyman 26th Apr 2013 05:01

Katter is happy to stay out of Government. His whole platform is based on being an independent backbencher.

He's like a barking Chiwawa...annoyingly noisy, but amounts to nothing.

7x7 26th Apr 2013 11:13


26 April 2013

Border Protection Command intercepts vessel

HMAS Glenelg, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel west of Christmas Island this morning.

Initial indications suggest there were 86 people on board.

The vessel was initially detected on the Christmas Island radar, operating under the control of Border Protection Command.

Border Protection Command has transferred the passengers to Australian Government authorities on Christmas Island, where they will undergo initial security, health and identity checks and their reasons for travel will be established.

People arriving by boat without a visa after 13 August 2012 run the risk of transfer to a regional processing country.

Media Adviser: Ryan Hamilton – 0414 599 468

Ryan Hamilton

Press Secretary

Office of the Hon Jason Clare MP

Cabinet Secretary | Minister for Home Affairs | Minister for Justice | Federal Member for Blaxland

' (02) 6277 7290- CBR | ' (02) 9251 1336- SYD | ( 0414 599 468 | : [email protected]

SOPS 26th Apr 2013 13:05

38000 shoppers cannot be defined as anything else but an all out invasion. This government should be charged with treason IMO.

RJM 26th Apr 2013 17:33

We should all ring Ryan Hamilton, and chew his ears off. Futile, but satisfying. :E

500N 27th Apr 2013 23:26

Had to laugh at this.

Imagine if major companies from all around the world
started producing or sponsoring condoms.
They would become fashionable and companies would probably
advertise more openly.

* Nike Condoms :::: Just do it

* Toyota Condoms :::: Oh what a feeling

* Ford Condoms :::: The ride of your life

* Optus Condoms :::: Yes!

* Duracell Condoms :::: Keep going & going &going

* Pringles Condoms :::: Once you pop you can't stop

* Hyundai Condoms :::: All day, every day

* Tip Top Condoms :::: Good onya mum
(available in Tasmania only)

* Panasonic Condoms :::: Even more than you expected

* VB Condoms :::: As a matter of fact, I've got one now

* Swan Lager Condoms :::: They said you'd never make it

* Vegemite Condoms :::: Puts a rose in every cheek

* Levi Condoms :::: Do you fit the legend?

* Nescafe Condoms :::: It brings you together.

The following brands wouldn't sell so well.....

* Goodyear Condoms :::: If it only saves you once a year.

* RTA Condoms :::: Speed kills

* Nobby's Condoms :::: Nibble Nobby's Nuts

* Bolle Condoms :::: Put them on your face

* Aussie Homeloans Condoms :::: We'll save you

* "Gillard" Condom::::
Sorry it's too late you' v e already been screwed

sisemen 28th Apr 2013 12:33

According to The Oz it would appear Dullard needs to get fitted for her prison greens.

The paper confirms that she is under police investigation following a radio interview in March where, instead of her usual political obfuscation she categorically stated that she was physically present when she witnessed Blewitt's signature. It is suggested that the cops have definitive proof that she was elsewhere.

david1300 28th Apr 2013 12:44

Here's the link
Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

And an extract:
He told his audience: "So, let me make this perfectly clear. The Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, is under investigation by police. This is fact. I hadn't planned to add to what I said yesterday out of respect for the detectives on the case. But if the Prime Minister's office wants to deny she's being investigated, as has been reported last night and today, then I will once again correct that record. Now it needs to be pointed out that the Prime Minister and her office mightn't know she's being investigated. But I know it. And others do too. The detectives are investigating three individuals and one of them is Julia Gillard. Prime Minister, you may not know this, but you are currently being investigated by the Fraud and Extortion Squad of the Victoria Police Force."

Neither the Police Commissioner of Victoria, Ken Lay, nor the Prime Minister's office has sought to dispute any of Fordham's assertions. Nor is the PM's office now suggesting, as it did in March, that the Victoria Police investigation has nothing to do with Gillard. The reality is that Gillard's office cannot know the details of the probe.

Lay, who has had the opportunity to correct the record if he decided that Fordham had jumped to a wrong conclusion in naming Gillard, let it stand. Lay added: "The AWU matter is under investigation. That's still current."

my oleo is extended 28th Apr 2013 12:53

Oh no, surely not, the red haired freak has lied?
Please don't let it be true? Here I was thinking her moral compass was as straight as my morning boner! Politicians have integrity, display transparency, are servants of the people and are champions of fairness and equity. Please don't tell me that the woman whose earlobes are larger than her labia has lied?

This is a travesty, first of all you bastards try to hang poor innocent Craig Thomson out to dry, and now the Carbon Queen? Shame on you all. Swanny will not approve of such antics, he will mortified at such tomfoolery. He needs his hand to be held, he needs that human touch, that emotional reassurance, Kev was taken away from him, he adapted and found solace beneath the Carbon Queens wings and giant ass, and now there is talk that she could be ripped away from his needy arms? Tsk tsk tsk.

david1300 28th Apr 2013 12:57

And for once I agree with what L Pickering says, pretty much word for word:
Clive Palmer’s antics prove you don’t need to be smart to be rich. Australia’s mining boom fortuitously threw up some odd characters and Palmer is by far the oddest, so what’s behind his ill-fated new political party?*Actually a severe case of frustration.
There are certain things money can’t buy, one is humility, another is a brain in good working order. Palmer is bereft of both.
Chucking copious amounts of lucre at major political parties may work for union bosses but apparently not for Palmer and his lost benefactor, the Coalition.
They, understandably, have had a gutful of him and now he wants revenge.
He is not politically naive enough to actually believe he can get his “United Australia Party” to the blocks and contesting Federal seats before September.
He could strike it lucky and flum a Qld Senate seat, but any bastard can do that. Just look at who warms the red benches now.
This latest stunt from the spoilt dinosaur boy is all about having donated millions to the conservatives without receiving anything but a condescending grin in return.
Palmer’s intention is to split the conservative vote and fragment preferences out of spite. That’s about the most he can achieve, even Clive should know that.
The media is content to waste time feeding a grossly inflated ego rather than report on a small matter of an Australian Prime minister seeking re-election while under investigation by a major fraud squad.
Oh well, them’s media priorities.
Anyway Clive, for Christ’s sake get over it! You present as a grossly overweight knob with a small dick complex who craves attention.
Want to prove otherwise, Clive?

sisemen 28th Apr 2013 17:02

Betcha that the ABC are the very last, by a very long chalk, to pick up on this story.

(Dullard's investigation that is)

Andu 28th Apr 2013 22:23

Nose-picking could be good for you, says Saskatchewan professor If the same benefits could be proven to apply to ear wax, Kevin Rudd's supporters will be ecstatic.

Clive Palmer's antics (is there any other word to describe them?) are confirmation that a week is a long time in politics. The Abbott team must be shaking their collective heads in disbelief that, despite all the careful planning to avoid mistakes, Clive comes steaming in out of left field at the helm of RMS Titanic Mk 2 hellbent on finding another iceberg to tear the keel out of RMS Coalition.

Julia Gillard announces this morning that revenue is down 12 billion on what was planned for in the mid term budget but that she'll still go ahead with all the grand schemes like Goski and NDIS without having the money to pay for them. Didn't all the pundits say that the predicted income they said they'd be receiving then was totally unrealistic?

my oleo is extended, your comment in your last post comparing ear lobes to other parts of the female anatomy is a clear case of TMI - too much information. My brekkie milk almost curdled on my wheaties at the very thought of the word picture your comment brought to mind. Errrk.

7x7 28th Apr 2013 22:32


Pages - Media Releases

media room - media releases

41 boats and 3023 country shoppers so far for April... and the month’s not over yet. We'll definitely crack the 40,000 since Rudd opened the gates by the end of May. The only question is: by how many will we exceed 40,000?

And what will be the number by September?

david1300 29th Apr 2013 08:21

From Dec 15 2012:
Labor has created the cult of the surplus. It did this to win economic and political virtue. It invited the world to judge its performance by the surplus pledge. Indeed, Julia Gillard told business leaders a few weeks ago the Australian budget was "one of the seven economic wonders of the modern world"....
"Failure is not an option," Gillard said back in 2010 of the return to surplus. Mark those words. Gillard put her reputation on the line. The return to surplus was guaranteed, she said, "no ifs, no buts: it will happen". She was re-elected in August 2010 with the surplus pledge in her kitbag.
Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

And from 29 April 2013:
PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has declared that decisions about the nation's finances are so "grave" and "urgent" every option is on the table at the Budget - even those previously off the table.
Confirming newspaper reports today, Ms Gillard told a forum in Canberra the government’s revenue had slid $12 billion since the last budget update in October.
But the PM went further, saying that "everyone" had to cover their share of the burden although she insisted would not “cut to the bone".
"As a Labor Prime Minister, I find these decisions both urgent and grave,” Ms Gillard said.
Coalition slams Julia Gillard who faces $12 billion Budget blow out after 'fiscal gap' | The Courier-Mail

Oh how I wish we could be free of this incompetence. Wayne Swan is so far out of his depth he doesn't even appear to know anything about reality. Julia Gillard is such a committed liar that reality is irrelevant to her. The Labor Party is so bereft of moral compass that it doesn't even have the will or the power to reign these two in. Any remaining supporters of the ALP must themselves live in some parallel unreality.

Please, please allow us an opportunity to have our say now, and not wait until Sept. I know that I am wailing in vain, but my goodness, it cannot come soon enough!

sisemen 29th Apr 2013 08:44

The trouble is that with every day that this incompetent and criminal shower of scheissen is in power the debt clock keeps ticking over at an ever increasing rate.

View and be frightened

Australian Debt Clock

chuboy 29th Apr 2013 10:28

I'm not sure how valid the stats on that website are, but if you go onto the history tab and select 'GDP', 'total government debt', and 'total private debt', the results are much scarier in my view! :eek:

Private debt has exceeded our GDP since 2004.

Cactusjack 29th Apr 2013 10:48

Siseman, thanks for that depressing link! It further proves that this present Government is one of the most disastrous, pathetic, incompetent and farcical groups of dipshi#s to ever be gathered under one roof. As much as I loathe Abbott I will be applauding loudly when the Carbon Queen and her overpaid dross get booted out at the end of the year. It will be an embarrassing thrashing and a fitting end to the group responsible for fu#king the present for us and the future for this countries kids.

Maybe a countdown clock until they get voted out is more soothing?

Andu 29th Apr 2013 12:31

Oh... my.. God. I've just heard Eileen spouting the 'John' analogy.

What scares me - really scare me - is that she really seems to think it makes sense. In Julia's world, and only in Julia's world, it does.

If she was the CEO of a company who ran that company into so much debt, she'd be taken to court and forced to repay much if not all of the salary she made while ruining the company's fortunes. She certainly would not receive a fully-indexed pension plus overly generous perks for life, paid for by the long-suffering taxpayer - the same taxpayer whose money she squandered with her imbecilic, pie in the sky schemes.

Ovation 30th Apr 2013 00:30

Paul Murray on Sky News demolishes Gillard and puts the latest ALP cash grab into perspective. He makes an excellent point that for this year, instead of an 11% increase in revenue income it's only increased by 7%, and they want to tax you and me to make up the shortfall.

Here is a link to the video (with references to Gillard's imaginary friend John) - a must watch. Gillard gets a Spray

Buster Hyman 30th Apr 2013 00:40

I think it's time for Windsor & Oakshott to wake up & make a stand for Australia. They have the power....

7x7 30th Apr 2013 01:09

If a Liberal politician made a comment as utterly ridiculous and imbecilic as Gillard's 'John analogy', we'd be treated to repeats of it ad nauseam by the ABC ad the Fairfax press until it became as well known as "There will be no carbon tax under a guvvimint eye lead".

Gillard's economic credibility (or should that be 'credibilidy'?) - if she ever had any - should be shot to sh1t after the John analogy, and even the ALPBC should hound her day and night to shove into the faces of the most rusted-on Labor stalwart that the woman is so far out of her depth she simply cannot continue in her current role.

The magic word is 'should'. I suspect we won't hear a squeak from the ABC or Fairfax beyond a report of the speech and no further comment.

I'm glad to see that someone's already made the point that they've received 7% more than they received in taxes last year, but budgeted - and have already spent - for 11% more.

sisemen 30th Apr 2013 01:33

Be honest - what did we really expect from Dullard and the "world's best treasurer"?

Oakshitt and Whingesor are too concerned about their salaries, which they hope to draw until September, to rock the boat. But they'll pontificate about what they're doing as being "for the sake of Australia".

It really is getting like the last days in the Fuhrer's bunker with it's incredible air of unreality and the hope that something will turn up to stave off the inevitable.

Cactusjack 30th Apr 2013 02:36

I am wondering if 'imaginary John' is the same as her speaking 'imaginary truth' or the same as her 'imaginary policies'?
Then again, 'imaginary John' could be her pet nickname for dare i say, Tims penis! Or is it a code name for her dildo??

Clare Prop 30th Apr 2013 02:38

If I was "John" I'd be looking for a boss who actually knew what they were doing.

MTOW 30th Apr 2013 02:50

and the hope that something will turn up to stave off the inevitable.
Clive *** Palmer might be what they've been waiting for.

Let's just say there was merit in his suggestion about would-be refugees being allowed to lob in at their airport of choice in Australia and be processed immediately. (We'll forget the medical checks, the imagine for one moment that endless appeals that a whole tribe of ambulance-chasing lawyers will put on for each and every would-be refugee could be magically done within 24 hours - or, as Clive seems to think, 90 minutes - of their arrival.) Could you imagine the chaos of 'bumping' any number outgoing passengers - passengers who had paid their fares - to fit those deemed to be not refugees onto the outgoing flights?

I've been in this situation more than once as captain of the outgoing flight, and I'm here to tell anyone who hasn't that it can get extremely 'not pretty'. You can't get immigration clearance to depart unless you take the deportees, and you simply don't have seats available without telling some poor schumck that he isn't going on his dream holiday.

There's also the expense for the airline of the deportee's fare, for, they don't always turn up with a return ticket - and I can assure Clive, under his system, some will wriggle through somehow without a return ticket, no matter what the requirements may be for passengers arriving here without a visa.

Some of his other ideas may sound good to some, but my guess would be that experts in each area will find as many holes in all his ideas as we, as aviation professionals, have found in his immigration policy.

I found his (non)answer to why doesn't he build the Titanic in Australia proves that he's just another politician. It was such a rambling, nonsense, totally off the subject response that it was worthy of Julia Gillard.

chuboy 30th Apr 2013 03:34

I didn't think there were any facilities in Australia able to build a cruise ship? I thought the reason he didn't have it made by Harland and Wolff in Belfast, where the original Titanic was built, in the first place is because they stopped building ships long ago...

Dark Knight 30th Apr 2013 03:49

Classic Truth...
Julia's Imaginary Friend called John.....

John is a Labor Voter.....


Paul Zanetti @ Pickering Post

Fubaar 30th Apr 2013 05:31

I didn't think there were any facilities in Australia able to build a cruise ship?
There aren't, and that's all Clive had to say. But instead he launched into a Gillardesque rambling that was worthy of the very worst professional pollie. He'll do well if he gets in. Fit right in.

Fubaar 30th Apr 2013 05:31

... but not before he's buggered the Liberal vote like Joh did a few years ago.

RJM 30th Apr 2013 08:08

I didn't think there were any facilities in Australia able to build a cruise ship?
We've got evrything but the dry dock, and that's no big deal. What we haven't got is the low wages and an industrial environment free of union interference.

7x7 30th Apr 2013 09:42

This is quite short, but worth the read.

A PREJUDICIAL PRESS - The Pickering Post

Worrals in the wilds 30th Apr 2013 10:14

...and an industrial environment free of union interference.
And basic Occ Health and Safety provisions. Australians get shirty when people get squashed at work, which isn't conductive to low cost ship building.
GALLERY: Protest brings city to a standstill | Newcastle Herald

Clare Prop 30th Apr 2013 10:27

Could we put all the returnees onto Clive's ship?

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