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Worrals in the wilds 18th Sep 2012 23:16

For sure. However, I still think the whole thing was just an excuse for a brawl, rather than a great stand against immorality. Troublemakers are like that. In fairness, this is by no means the first protest march to turn violent in the history of Australia, or even the history of this year.
Riot police rescue Gillard, Abbott from protesters - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

If a bunch of people had decided to march on the US Consulate with signs, I'd have had no problem whatsoever. I don't agree with them (I don't see how the US government is supposed to moderate every criminal lunatic's access to the internet) but they're entitled to 1. their point of view and 2. an orderly protest.

While I agree with the quote, I wonder if we ourselves have gotten a bit too blase about offensive stuff. Of course the Sydney brawl was inexcusable, but over time the rest of us have been browbeaten into copping a barrage of offensive material and statements from advertisers, artists and the like. Anyone who complains is immediately dismissed as being boring or a dinosaur, so most of the time there's no option but to cop it sweet and not buy the advertised product. :bored:

(which is already being spun by the Leftie MSM darlings as our - the non-Muslims' -fault[!])
Everything's our fault. Always :rolleyes: They've gotten so repetitive on the subject that I don't bother to read their rantings anymore. I'm only suprised the Greens haven't come out with similar tripe, but they've actually been pretty reasonable.

SHY has been missing for a while now. D'ya reckon she's locked in a tower? :uhoh::}

Buster Hyman 18th Sep 2012 23:44

As we have a democratic right to demonstrate, I'd like to know why people feel the need to cover their faces. You have a right to make a stand about what you believe, why hide? What is the ulterior motive that forces you to cover your face? :confused:

Should we be allowed to see who wishes to take part in a demonstration? Lets not forget, most protest marches here are peaceful, but the one's causing trouble (I'm thinking G20 here by the way) hide themselves or wear the stupid V masks!

500N 18th Sep 2012 23:51

That just says to me that the whole point is to cause trouble / riot etc
- as opposed to peacefully demonstrate !

We should be able to see who it is.

High pressure water cannon next time !!!

I did love the photo of the G20 demonstrators, straight after the demo,
they were photographed inside McDonald's having a feed !:O

parabellum 18th Sep 2012 23:54

SHY has been missing for a while now. D'ya reckon she's locked in a tower?
As if on cue SHY showed up on Ch.9 News last night, (could have been SBS, not sure), she wanted to talk about illegals going to Nauru but I got to the mute button first!:E

Andu 19th Sep 2012 22:10

'Our' ABC in damage control this morning for our bearded brothers.... Apparently, the mother of the three year old who held up the sign that has caused so much comment didn't know what 'behead' meant. She did understand 'prophet', and she thought the sign, that she picked up from the ground, was praising the prophet. (Are true believers allowed to throw away a sign that praises the prophet? They stone people to death who damage a page with the prophet's words written on them, don't they?)

That explains why she was snapping away at sonny Jim (should that be Jamal?) with her iPhone. Obviously she wanted a translation.

If there's anyone out there who believes that unlikely yarn, (which took four days to come up with), I have a bridge for sale... One owner...

Worrals in the wilds 20th Sep 2012 00:15

And let me guess; after that, a police dog ate his homework. :rolleyes:

EffohX 20th Sep 2012 02:42

Another 69 Tamils arrived at Cocos Island today - and, Our ABC assures us, that, after they've been transported to Christmas Island for health checks, they will be sternly warned that they risk being processed in a third country.

Heaven help us when the Tamils learn that if they misbehave in the same way that 'guests' from the Middle East do, they won't be sent to a "third country" lest they "misbehave" as well.

Andu 20th Sep 2012 22:52

Surprise, surprise... PNG landowners on Manus Island are demanding A$45 million from the bottomless cash machine (Australia) before they will agree to allowing the construction of the new facility on Manus.

The Cargo Cult, I see, is alive and well in PNG.

Now it's been quite a few years since I visited Manus, but unless something major (and I mean major) has occurred there in the meantime, I'd be hard pressed to value the whole bloody island at one tenth of that price.

How's that budget surplus looking, Wayne? Or are you, as Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, too busy making speeches where you lay shit on one of the major parties of a major foreign ally [the American Republican Party] to be worrying yourself with something so petty as the budget that you, as Treasurer, should be closely monitoring 24 hours a day?

Worrals in the wilds 20th Sep 2012 23:24

Don't worry about the surplus. He'll just make a few thousand more public servants redundant. Not the ones at the top, either; they're all too matey for that. :yuk:

Surprise, surprise... PNG landowners on Manus Island are demanding A$45 million from the bottomless cash machine (Australia) before they will agree to allowing the construction of the new facility on Manus.
Full marks for trying...:E I wonder how much they'll pocket in the end? Probably not $45 mil, but I bet it'll be tidy.

onetrack 21st Sep 2012 01:17

Andu - You've obviously never done any bargaining with native tribes, have you? Wayne only needs to send in men of the calibre of SASless, Slasher, Buster Hymen, et al - and they'd be able to come back with the transfer of ownership of the entire island to Australia, successfully concluded for a price of half a dozen new Toyotas, a few cartons of Fourex, a couple of hundred new flat screen TV's, and the same number of new smartphones! :E

500N 21st Sep 2012 02:12


Fourex ?????

That would scupper the deal, at least put in a slab of decent beer :O

Worrals in the wilds 21st Sep 2012 02:31

Good point, onetrack. IIRC Viagra is a very effective dealmaker too, ages ago I read an article about the CIA buying the stuff by the carton for negotiations with warlords.

Buster Hyman 21st Sep 2012 03:09

Hmmm...we're a chance I reckon, but some cheap Chinese Ceiling insulation should seal the deal!

Pinky the pilot 21st Sep 2012 05:33

I wonder how much they'll pocket in the end? Probably not $45 mil, but I bet it'll be tidy.
Dunno about that Worrals, but I suspect that if the Islanders were offered the free use of a backhoe for a couple of days to dig their veggie gardens, that any 'compensation claims' would rapidly disappear!:}:E

Captain Sand Dune 21st Sep 2012 08:07

The world’s greatest treasurer had a go at the US Republican Party today, stating it had been infiltrated by “cranks and crazies” and poses a threat to the world economy.:eek: Of course Juliar backed him. Well, to be expected really, as Wayne has previously backed Juliar on nation-wide media without hearing what it was she had said yet!:rolleyes:

I doubt Americans give a flying fcuk what the world’s greatest treasurer thinks of one of their political parties. Therefore what was the purpose of this outburst other than egotistical grand-standing? Perhaps another diversionary tactic? How about getting on with the job of managing the Australian economy rather that fcuking it up, Wayne?!:mad:
I think the rest of the world already knows what a joke our government is without Wayne confirming it further.

Captain Sand Dune 21st Sep 2012 08:52

And while I’m in rant mode, how about the mother of the child carrying the sign that said “behead all those who insult the prophet” (where was she from again?). Turned herself in to police, then claimed she was unaware of what the word “behead” meant and that she was “not a bad mum”.
Now I have no doubt that she is a good mother. But unaware of what the word “behead” means? Oh come on!:rolleyes: Bet she knows what the words “Centrelink payment” mean.:ugh:
But then again, that tactic could work for me too. I could parade a sign saying "deport religious terrorists”, then say I didn't know what "religious" meant.....................:E

Andu 21st Sep 2012 08:56

Craig Thomson.

What's become of him? He's gone off the radar - and with the seeming co-operation of the MSM, being very much kept off the radar by Labor.

Is it a case of "if he's not on page 1, the problem has gone away"?

Andu 21st Sep 2012 08:59

Capt Sand Dune. Re your last rant: see my post 2668.

Captain Sand Dune 21st Sep 2012 09:20

Ah, I see we're in vehement agreement then!
As for our mate Craig, has he been re-admitted to the Liarbour party?

EffohX 22nd Sep 2012 04:26

Another boat arrives today. That 'risk' of being processed in a third country seems to have really destroyed the people smuglers' business plan, doesn't it? On the same day, six - (six!) Iraqis join 24 Tamils on another charter flight to Nauru.

Thirty 'guests' per trip seems to be the standard load from Christmas Island to Nauru. Even if they had two guards per 'guest', that would leave a few spare seats on an A319, wouldn't it? At least someone - and in aviation! - other than than the human rights lawyers is making some money out of this.

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