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500N 16th Sep 2012 03:40

Very good example of what I was talking about re Police liaison.

PukinDog 16th Sep 2012 03:59


So does hard core Catholicism, but they've (we've http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/wibble.gif) learned to behave.
Catholicism learned to behave over time because of the disparity between what it had become vs the fundamental tenets of Jesus' teachings, on which Christianity is based. Nobody could read the bible for themselves, they had to rely on someone else to tell them what was in it. Revealing this disparity to the masses through translation and dissemination of the actual bible untimately resulted in the Reformation and war as the Catholic church tried to maintain it's political power.

There has been no like Reformation in Islam, and there never will be because the fundamental tenets sanction violence in "defense" of Islam and set it up as a political entity as well. Government and politics is intrinsic to it's formula. This is unlike New Testament-based Christianity, the fact that the Catholic church as an entity at one time tried to establish itself as a political power notwithstanding.

Jesus never advocated overthrowing the Romans and said "turn the other cheek". Mhmd advocated armed resistance and domination, and provided the template to control a defeated populace afterwards through government and law under the trappings of "religion".

onetrack 16th Sep 2012 04:02

From the bleeding hearts own webpage (the AHRC) ...

The Anti-Terrorism Act 2005 (No 2) (Cth) introduced new offences of sedition and repealed the old sedition offences contained in the Crimes Act. The sedition offences provoked public debate about how freedom of expression should be protected.
Under the (previous) laws a person could be charged with sedition for rhetorical statements, parody, artistic expression or other communications that the person does not intend anyone to act upon.
The Australian Law Reform Commission recommended changes to the sedition laws, including that speech should be criminalised as ‘sedition’ only when it is intended to provoke violence.
The changes were recommended in order to draw ‘a bright line between freedom of expression – even when exercised in a challenging or unpopular manner – and the reach of the criminal law’ (Australian Law Reform Commission, Fighting Words: A Review of Sedition Laws in Australia (2006) p 10).

The federal government has accepted these recommendations.
So - what is the classification of the behaviour of these Muslim protesters in Sydney, if it isn't "sedition" under the Anti-Terrorism Act 2005?

They are promoting and promising murder, in exchange for simple offensive behaviour. If this isn't "intent to provoke violent acts", then I don't what is.

SOPS 16th Sep 2012 04:45

Meanwhile....back at the ranch....another 2 boats with 130 irregular maratime type people onboard have arrived...no doubt extremley worried that there is a risk they might go to Naru:ugh::ugh::ugh:

Captain Sand Dune 16th Sep 2012 06:21

Well said, One Track!
Watched a representative from the Islamic community on the ABC this morning commenting on the events of yesterday. Said the usual stuff about those responsible not representing the true values and opinions of the greater Islamic community in Australia. Now if she had stopped there, it would have been quite good, however she just couldn’t help herself. She then went on to say how unfair it was that every time something like this happens, non-Islamic Australians take this behaviour as representative of the entire Islamic community.
Upon reflection I noted that it appears to me that every time someone from the Islamic community comments on such events, they just cannot make an apology without qualifying it somehow. It’s as if they consider it beneath them to admit blame.
Once again the Islamic community in Australia kicks an own goal. Religion of peace? I think not.

500N 16th Sep 2012 06:24

"She then went on to say how unfair it was that every time something like this happens, non-Islamic Australians take this behaviour as representative of the entire Islamic community."

Well they seem to take it that the Video is representative of every western person.

Isn't that the point someone else made so well in an earlier post,
that the Video they are all rioting and killing about is NOT
representative of the whole of western society.

It seems that they want one set of thoughts applied to them but not
vice versa :ugh:

Andu 16th Sep 2012 07:37

I think Tony Abbott kicked an own goal today in coming out with a squirming politically correct statement saying that he was sure the actions of "a small number" of Muslims in the Sydney CBD did not represent the feelings of the majority of people of the Islamic faith in Australia. (How many were there really? - a ***ing lot!!)

I think he would have gained a lot more credibility with the vast majority of Australians had he said either nothing or told it like it is - there were three year old kids, too young to know what the signs meant, holding up signs clearly advocating murder. BUT THEIR PARENTS, OR WHOEVER GAVE THEM THE SIGNS, CLEARLY DID. Clearly there are many Muslims in Australia who do not consider what happened on Saturday to be in any way offensive.

For so many "peace lovers" to have turned out "spontaneously" in Martin Place on Saturday, I'd love to read a transcript of the Imam's sermon at Lakemba's Friday prayers. Clearly there must have been a strong "love thy neighbour" theme...

Like This - Do That 16th Sep 2012 09:46

There has been no like Reformation in Islam ...
Oh yes there has ... the latest of which is Al Qaeda.

The Salafist movement in Sunni Islam has been kicking off for almost a century, and it is diametrically opposed to Western post-enlightenment thinking.

allan907 16th Sep 2012 10:16

TPVs at least give the authorities a chance of sending them (or their parents) back from whence they came.

I suspect that, as in the Cronulla riots, the perps were Lebanese trouble makers and/or the Oz born offspring of same.

I guess that the immediate effect will be to polarise even more the average opinion of unrestricted illegal entry and any attempt by the Chief Witch, Bowen or any of her dysfunctional crowd to excuse or mollify the effect will be reflected in the reverse pedal being applied to the polls. SHY may well hide in a corner for a while as well.

EffohX 16th Sep 2012 10:29

Yes, I'm sure there are many awaiting with bated breath SHY's spi... sorry, response to yesterday's unpleasantness. It will quite obviously all be Tony Abbott's fault.

Worrals in the wilds 16th Sep 2012 11:09

Milne was doing the talking for the Greens; I'd say they've got SHY tied up and gagged in a cupboard somewhere. :E

Andu 16th Sep 2012 11:22

Would, for the good of us all, that they would make that a permanent arrangement.

SOPS 16th Sep 2012 14:04

Just intercepted another one!!!!

Takan Inchovit 16th Sep 2012 20:24

Gillards poll boost.
The Libs might have to seriously think about Abbots position. If he cant beat Gillard in the popularity polls from the opposition seat she will walk all over him in an election.

I suspect the Newman policys in Qld will come home to roost with the Conservatives at the next election as the "vote swingers" look at their own personal situations.

Big boost for Gillard in latest Newspoll - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

500N 16th Sep 2012 20:37

I just came on to post the same thing.

I can't believe Gillard has got a boost. Maybe the Abbott saga from 30 or so years ago is having an effect on the voters.

Re the Riots, I actually got round to watching the video after reading
that State Police in all capitals have been put on high alert.

Having seen the video, The Commander was mighty pissed off and rightly so.
If they try anything like that again the Police will go in even harder and more than just Police in uniform, Police on horseback and in Riot gear.

I can't wait for the Bleeding heart / Police violence stories in the newspaper this morning !!! Should provide a bit of a chuckle as I really don't think they will get much traction.

parabellum 16th Sep 2012 21:29

Wouldn't get too excited about the latest poll results. A big sympathy swing to wards Gillard combined with a deliberate and slanderous smear campaign against Abbott makes it all look very temporary given that there is no major change in the underlying dissatisfaction with the ALP governments miserable performance to date and no forecast of an improvement any time soon.

CoodaShooda 16th Sep 2012 22:53

And not forgetting the impact of the conservative state government actions to get their budgets under control.

The biggest danger for the libs is that this result will encourage the inevitable malcontents within the ranks to break party solidarity and agitate for change.

onetrack 17th Sep 2012 00:07

500N - Re the high alert - the worrying thing is that these violent Muslims are just the type to start planning the bombing of a police station, in retribution for the "repression" of Muslims.

500N 17th Sep 2012 00:16

Yep, agreed.

It doesn't take much planning either, high speed pass on a motorcycle,
car parked outside ?

I was close to Russell St when the bomb went off so it's not difficult.
(for those that don't know Russell St Police Station was bombed by
some crims in the 80's).

If they do it or anything like it, we'll have more than just the raids like occurred in Melbourne the other week. The other thing is, I think the Police intel network is a damn sight better now than it was so hopefully will be able to nip it in the bud !!!

Worrals in the wilds 17th Sep 2012 02:27

The other thing is, I think the Police intel network is a damn sight better now than it was so hopefully will be able to nip it in the bud !!!
Not to mention the CCTV resources, phone surveillance options, people helping out law enforcement by gobbing off all over the internet and so on.

That's not to say the system is foolproof (far from it :sad:) but there are certainly a lot more tools in the secret squirrels' bag of nuts these days, particularly for any activity that falls into the terrorism basket.

IMO a lot of quiet little government employees will be very busy at the moment. :8:suspect:

Liberal frontbencher Christopher Pyne says the poll results are a direct result of Labor's campaign to "demonise" Mr Abbott.
Oh perlease :rolleyes:. Both sides of the house have been doing this to the two leaders (and any other MP they can drag some muck up on) since about the second day of this government.

Both sets of MPs have regularly behaved like a posse of 'popular' grade ten bitchy girls with personal attacks, hair pulling and jibes about big ears, big butts, religion and lifestyle choices being the political tools of the day.

I think it's one of the reasons everyone's thoroughly jacked off with federal politicians at the moment. :ugh:

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