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Mach Turtle 27th Aug 2012 08:04

Am I the only one who thinks individual employment contracts are all right? If you're good, you'll do better than average. I can't believe Australia still has books of standard pay rates.

Buster Hyman 27th Aug 2012 08:56

500N...I'd like to see an Australia, where the Aborigines call themselves Australian. Where they walk under the same flag as the rest of us, and we don't need a tick box where they need identify themselves if they'd like a leg up.

But I'm not blind to the fact that their culture is very different from the European one's that have arrived, and that the solution is something that I simply do not have but, it's something I'd really like to see in my lifetime.

Personally, I think saying sorry was a check box that some doo-gooding bureaucrat in Canberra thought would give everyone a warm & fuzzy feeling & all our problems would melt away. Sadly, the reality is far, far different & whilst it may alleviate some issues within the Aboriginal community, it really solved diddly squat!

SOPS 27th Aug 2012 09:26

Every time you think the Libs are looking good and they have their act together, someone opens their mouth and puts their foot firmly in it!!!

EffohX 27th Aug 2012 11:22


Cookies must be enabled | Herald Sun

THE navy has intercepted another suspected asylum seeker boat carrying 77 passengers.
Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare said the customs vessel Hervey Bay "detected'' the people on North Keeling Island overnight.
They will be transferred to Christmas Island for security, health and identity checks.
August 26: Asylum seekers send "SOS" to Navy
August 25: Asylum seeker boat with 80 on board intercepted
August 23: Nauru to house 500 asylum seekers

The government says they are at risk of transfer to Nauru or Papua New Guinea's Manus Island under its new offshore processing regime, which is expected to start operating by the end of next month.

500N 27th Aug 2012 12:37


Agree re Australian but other vices have got in that won't let that happen.

I'll give you an idea re culture which someone pointed out to me. Now I deliver food and other things to remote town camps, houses etc. As you may well have seen, Aboriginal communities have a lot of rubbish everywhere which has always disappointed me. Then someone pointed out that in Aboriginal life, often Nomadic, if they threw something away, more often than not it was organic (animal bone etc) and therefore it would rot and get buried and disappear for good.
They now do the same with Coke cans and Chip packets but of course they are not organic so it doesn't rot and disappear but how do you get them to change years of culture.

Also, we build these basic houses for them in the middle of no where. On one side they build a car port (car type garage with no sides, just a tin roof). In the majority of cases, the people live sitting in the dirt in the car port with a fire in the middle. On the way back to a remote town once, we dropped off parts of a Buffalo to them in this very very remote community. They said just to drop it at the front of the car port on the hard ground. To them this was normal.

Anyway, over the years I have learn't that their normal is different from ours,
some things change for the better, some are not going to change.

Buster Hyman 27th Aug 2012 12:54

I saw some of those types of homes in Port Hedland back in the early 80's 500N. Unfortunately, they were all burnt out. Whilst they were fairly new, the people who designed them clearly didn't understand (or probably asked) what the community required in a fixed dwelling.

We were told they all burnt down because they wanted a fire in their "longe room" area.

500N 27th Aug 2012 13:04

Yep, that was one of the first mistakes we (as in white man) made because fire is how they cook whereas we thought they would go with gas or Electricity. As Clare said so well, "Just sit down and take your welfare and let use city people decide what's good for you" attitude was the cause of it.

A fair few are now made of metal frames and metal sides as plaster
and wood just don't last but they are still a mess.

They solved one problem by making the Sink, sideboard and bench top out of one piece of Stainless steel, it's still dirty but it is functional and hard to break !

MTOW 27th Aug 2012 22:29

On the news today - (and as predicted here, as I recall) - Nauru, not due to be opened for another month, is already over capacity with the number of country-shoppers... sorry, asylum seekers who have arrived here since Chris Bowen's big announcement.

You know, the one that sent shivers of fear up the spines of both the country-shoppers and the people smugglers. The one that said that "new arrivals RISKED being sent to Nauru". Pretty frightening stuff, that, right up alongside the stern letter the UN plans to send to President Assad after it learned about yet another massacre by government forces in Syria.

As Blind Freddie could see, (and has been able to see for years now), without the re-introduction of TPVs and (and a very important 'and' it is) a crystal clear message to all concerned that NO ONE bypassing the normal channels and arriving by boat, no matter how good their story is, will EVER be granted Australian residency, the system will continue to be overwhelmed by sheer force of numbers, to the point where no number of Naurus or Manus Islands will have any effect except to make the process even more expensive for the Australian taxpayer.

On the same news bulletin, reports that there is some local opposition to the establishment of the holding facility at Manus Island. Translation: the 'Cargo Cult' mentality is alive and well in PNG - they're holding out until the Australians promise them enough goodies. (I believe high speed broad band internet for the island is towards the top of their wish list.)

500N 27th Aug 2012 22:38

"they're holding out until the Australians promise them enough goodies. (I believe high speed broad band internet for the island is towards the top of their wish list.)"

Why wouldn't you, you know the Aust Gov't will bend over backwards and take one just to get it through so they are working along similar lines to the A/S.

Fubaar 28th Aug 2012 00:55

Just heard on the radio that four (!) boats arrived over the weekend, bringing to over 1000 the number of uninvitees who have arrived since Chris Bowen's oh so stern speech. As already cited above, that speech and the tough new measures that the new arrivals suffer the RISK(!) of being used against them (give me strength!) have really proven to be a major deterrant to the people smugglers and their undocumented clients. - NOT!

But wait... "SHY" assuress us that deterrants don't work. [sarc] This proves that she must be right.[/sarc]

Ovation 28th Aug 2012 01:07

Without Temporary Protection Visas there is a snowballs chance in hell of stopping the tide of country shoppers illegally entering Australia. Gillard and Bowen don't want them so that when Nauru and Manus Island are overcrowded they can point the finger at Tony Abbott and say, "we told you offshore processing wouldn't work".

The Visa system in place at the moment has a provision for "family reunion" so for every one that arrives, count on 4 or 5 coming here afterwards, but with only a TPV that won't happen.

The family reunion provisions are less onerous if the illegal immigrant is a minor, which is why we see what appears to be 30 year olds claiming they are 17 years and 11 months old.

I'm all for compassion and humanitarian outcomes when refugees are genuine, but we are being played for suckers here, and we all know it. :ugh:

gupta 28th Aug 2012 02:16

And now Bill Shorten proves he doesn't know how to live in the real world
Bill Shorten is doing it tough on $330,000 | thetelegraph.com.au


allan907 28th Aug 2012 02:27

Mr Shorten admitted the unemployment benefit was tough to live on - adding that so was his wage.

"I think it would be very difficult to live on $249 (a week)," he said. "I've got a young family, I find it hard enough to make ends meet currently and I've got a job."
Just the sort of thing that a compassionate and caring lefty pollie would say really.

500N 28th Aug 2012 02:40

What a dead set w a n k e r.

Sorry, but if he can't live on 330, plus all the other perks he gets,
then god help him.

Buster Hyman 28th Aug 2012 03:30

Sorry, but if he can't live on 330, plus all the other perks he gets,
then god help him.
God help us because he's the Minister for Financial Services, Superannuation, Employment, and Workplace Relations!!! :ugh::ugh::ugh:

500N 28th Aug 2012 03:52


Good point.

I saw him capping on on TV this morning,
he has changed so much since he took control
at the mine disaster in Tasmania and kept the
media under control with some stern words.

Now he is all Pollie gobbledegook !

Clare Prop 28th Aug 2012 04:26

He has an ex-wife that he dumped for the GG's daughter, doesn't he? Maybe he has to support two households??

Must say all the bed hopping that goes on with that lot it could make quite a good soapie in years to come.

500N 28th Aug 2012 04:42

And a lot of people support two households on a lot less than $330.


priapism 28th Aug 2012 05:10

and so it goes - what a mess they are creating.

Government to scrap carbon floor price

500N 28th Aug 2012 05:13

Talk about chopping and changing.

The Gov't is determined to hang on, hence the change ?

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