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hellsbrink 15th Aug 2012 17:07

I see that the Refugee Action Coalition have been going a bit monkeypoop over the massive U-Turn by the Government.

I guess that the policy they are returning to must have been the right one if it's upsetting these people.

500N 15th Aug 2012 19:50

Agree re Refugee Action Coalition. If they are pissed of, it's the right policy !!!

Thought this video was well done. Even though written for UK Asylum seekers
I think it applies to Australia.

Brand New Leather Jacket - YouTube

Fubaar 16th Aug 2012 03:46

Could the timing for this have been any worse for our "young and naive" PM? (Because politically speaking, I don't think anyone could honestly describe her in any other way).

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

THE Coalition has demanded a criminal investigation into the diversion of a merchant ship to Christmas Island by "very aggressive" asylum-seekers.

The captain of the MV Parsifal had rescued 67 asylum-seekers off Indonesia and was initially going to disembark them in Singapore, but changed course after becoming concerned for the safety of his crew.

Tony Abbott described the turn of events as a "reverse Tampa incident", recalling special forces' boarding of a merchant ship in 2001 to stop it disembarking asylum-seekers.

"John Howard met the Tampa with the SAS," the Opposition Leader said. "This government has met the Parsifal with a welcoming committee.

He said that "something dire" had happened aboard the vessel, and it should have been met on Christmas Island by the Australian Federal Police rather than immigration officials.

"It is unlawful to intimidate the captain of a ship. On the basis of what we were told by (Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare) today an unlawful act has occurred at sea, and that should be dealt with by police."

Mr Clare said the asylum-seekers, who were picked up on Monday off the coast of Java, had objected strongly when they learned they were to be taken to Singapore instead of Christmas Island.

“(The Parsifal) then intended to head to its original destination of Singapore but when the people on the ship heard that they got very aggressive and the master of the ship made the decision not to go to Singapore but to go to Christmas Island instead,” he said.

“It shows you just how dangerous it can be out on the high seas when you've got desperate people doing dangerous things."

In a twist to the saga, the MV Parsifal is the sister ship to the MV Tampa, which was involved in a 2001 standoff with the Howard government that led to the original Pacific Solution.

Then-prime minister John Howard ordered special forces to board the Tampa to stop it unloading 433 asylum-seekers at Christmas Island.

Julia Gillard, who has announced the resumption of key elements of John Howard's Pacific Solution, declined to comment specifically on the incident.

But she said illegal acts would not be tolerated.

“If there is any breach of any relevant laws then of course it's got to be investigated,” the Prime Minister said.

“If anyone engages in unlawful conduct then that should be acted upon.”

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison said what had occurred aboard the MV Parsifal was "an outrageous act of, potentially, piracy”.

“What we have here is the asylum-seekers dictating terms to this government and every time they lean against this government, this government folds like a deck of cards, and I think that is just an indictment on a government who may well want to embrace some of the Coalition's policies,” he said.

The Australian has been told the asylum-seekers appointed a spokesman to speak to the ship's captain.

The spokesman, who “did all the talking”, was pointed out to immigration officials on arrival at Christmas Island.

Mr Clare confirmed a 68th asylum-seeker who had been on the original vessel was presumed dead after falling overboard prior to the rescue.

The MV Parsifal, the world's joint largest roll-on roll-off carrier, was diverted to rescue the asylum-boat after responding to a request from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

The asylum-seekers were less than 50 nautical miles off Indonesia when someone on board called AMSA's rescue co-ordination centre for help.

AMSA used satellite mobile phone tracking technology to locate the ship.

A spokesman for Wallenius Wilhelmsen, the company that owns the Parsifal, told The Australian the rescue took place in international waters.

The spokesman did not respond last night when asked if there was a disagreement between the captain and the asylum-seekers about the ship's destination.
Palestinians who have lived for some years in Iraq, according to other reports - and not until they reached Christmas Island did they announce that one of their number had "fallen overboard" some time before they were picked up by the merchant ship.

These blokes will slide in to life in Sydney's south western suburbs without a ripple. Sadly, thanks to the many, many others of a similar persusion and with a similar outlook on life and to the law having been accepted into Australia by this and earlier governments, that last statement is a fact that cannot be denied.

500N 16th Aug 2012 04:01

Should have been 68 over board, not just 1 !

50 miles off the coast of Java and they get delivered to Christmas Island.
That is a joke.

This Gov't has to go.


Buster Hyman 16th Aug 2012 05:14

“If there is any breach of any relevant laws then of course it's got to be investigated,” the Prime Minister said.

“If anyone engages in unlawful conduct then that should be acted upon.”
Yeah...right! :rolleyes:

Pinky the pilot 16th Aug 2012 05:37

Apparently over 20 Senators listed as speaking on the new bill before the Senate according to a report I heard on ABC radio.

Standing by for the flood of tears, hysteria etc from SHY.:rolleyes:
Of course the Govt could apply the guillotine or move that the Hon Senator 'be no longer heard' after the first display.

Like Buster said; Yeah...right!

500N 16th Aug 2012 05:53

This whole thing has to be one of the biggest back flips by any Gov't
except maybe the introduction of the GST.

And I agree, other AS are hardly prosecuted for the damage they cause
after the initial hooror, we will charge them, then let it slide in the majority of cases.

So yeah right is spot on.

criticalmass 16th Aug 2012 05:54

Personal opinion yet again, but here is a possible scenario:-

1. Federal govt sets up an inquiry to determine if any act of piracy took place.
2. Inquiry finds no such act took place. (Ship's crew and Master not allowed to be interviewed because their testimony would be "biassed".)
3. Another boat-load of criminals - sorry, I mean rusted-on Labor voters - is absorbed into the social fabric of Australia. The boats will keep coming until Australia has been completely re-engineered culturally, socially, politically and religiously. That is the plan.

The best we can hope for after the forthcoming federal election is there is no federal Labor party left to vote for in the future. Tony Abbot intends to try and remove so many Labor politicians they have no leadership material for the next couple of decades. What he should bend his every effort towards is the total destruction of federal Labor; zero seats held after the ballot is counted.

Just eliminating the Labor party as a major party won't do. This treacherous bunch of flunkies, apparatchiks, thieves, spivs, thugs, Chardonnay socialists, closet-communists, fellow-travellers and union goons must be erased from political life in this country. Every last vestige.

This current federal government has all the morals and scruples of a parasite intent on killing its host. The meretriciousness of its leader sets the standard - if it can be called that - for all the others to stoop to.

MTOW 16th Aug 2012 06:17

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

A GROUP of rescued asylum-seekers threatened self-harm unless a merchant ship changed course to take them to Christmas Island, the vessel's owners say.
Pirates... sorry, 'asylum seekers'... "threatened self harm" unless they were taken to Christmas Island. It's about time someone replied to any such "threats" with "fill yer boots, me ole China".

We are the laughing stock of the Arab world, seen as a soft touch to be exploited mercilessly and milked of every kuffur cent we have. I don't think they care about killing the Golden Goose, because their long term plan is indeed to kill it anyway.

500N 16th Aug 2012 06:30


I will say one thing. Labor is actually better than the Greens and the problem with wiping labor out totally is it will probably make the Green vote grow
and better people stand as Greens. I am a shooter / hunter and so prefer the devil I know (Labor) than the devil I don't (Greens).

"A GROUP of rescued asylum-seekers threatened self-harm unless a merchant ship changed course to take them to Christmas Island, the vessel's owners say."

MTOW - Perfect response.

My response. "No need to do self harm, we will do it for you
without charge".

Walk the plank might also change a few minds.

We, as in Australia certainly punch above our weight in a lot of things
but on this issue we are pathetic, going down for the count on the canvas
in all ten rounds.


RJM 16th Aug 2012 08:05

It shouldn't be hard to nail these guys. Presumably their threats continued during the time the Parsifal was in Australian waters. QED.

500N - it has to be said that Howard's backflip on the GST was accompanied by a general election in which his government was re-elected.

Buster Hyman 16th Aug 2012 08:41

Indeed it was a backflip 500N, but as RJM said, we got the opportunity to vote him out before it was implemented.

If it's backflips you're after, there was a more recent one that we didn't get to vote on... ;)

500N 16th Aug 2012 09:03

Valid points re GST, I should have been more expansive in my comment.

RJM 16th Aug 2012 10:39

No worries, 500N. The Left media has moved on anyway. Tonight they were aghast at the possibility that their cowardly hero Julian Assange may be hoiked out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London to Sweden to face charges of sexually assaulting two women.

EffohX 16th Aug 2012 11:17

Coming (or has it already come?) to an Australian suburb near you?

Jobless mother-of-seven insists her family 'deserve' £1.25MILLION taxpayer-funded home they 'trashed' | Mail Online

‘I am entitled to live in a house like this’: Jobless mother-of-seveninsists her family ‘deserve’ £1.25MILLION taxpayer-funded home they 'trashed'

· Manal Mahmoud moved into the Fulham addressfollowing a £76,000 refit

· 'I deserve to live in a nice house and getbenefits,' she said.

· Council says the family's behaviour has been'appalling' and it must improve

· Claims doors are missing, wallpaper has been rippedoff, driveway tiles have been smashed and furniture has been left strewn in thegarden

· Mrs Mahmoud insists she has 'right to live in anice house and claim benefits'.

A family of jobless refugees who allegedly wrecked a £1.25million housepaid for by the taxpayer claim they are ‘entitled’ to live there.

Manal Mahmoud and her seven children moved into the Victorianend-of-terrace home after it was given a £76,000 facelift.

But yesterday the Palestinian immigrants were branded the ‘family fromhell’ by nearby residents as it emerged that they face eviction from thethree-bedroom property in Fulham, West London, for their ‘appalling behaviour’.

It follows complaints to police about anti-social behaviour at theproperty, where the driveway has been smashed up, doors are hanging off andrubbish and furniture have been dumped in the garden.

Although the family claim they do not have the money to maintain thehouse, they drive a Mercedes and the house is fitted with expensive electronicgoods including a widescreen plasma television and a laptop computer.

Yesterday Mrs Mahmoud, who came to Britain in 2000 with her husbandbefore they split up, said she was living with six of her children aged betweenfive and 17.

Her 19-year-old son Ossama is in prison for drug dealing.

She added: ‘I am entitled to live in a house like this, even if I don’tpay for it and get benefits.

‘It is fair that the Government houses us.

Clare Prop 16th Aug 2012 11:40

Amazing as it seems she is correct, under their legislation it seems she IS entitled to it.

Let's hope we don't go down that road here.

Captain Sand Dune 16th Aug 2012 12:11

But we are........................

Buster Hyman 16th Aug 2012 12:29

TheAge now reporting that the illegal immigrants on that ship were threatening self harm, not the crew.

"While the survivors' demeanour was agitated and the master was concerned that they could pose a security threat to the Parsifal's crew and vessel, there was no physical aggression," the shipping line said in a statement.

The Australian Federal Police said officers had spoken to the ship's captain, who said he "did not wish to pursue this matter at this time".
Hmmm, that's big of him.

– Amendments to the SOLAS and SAR Conventions 3 4aim at
maintaining the integrity of the SAR services, by ensuring that people
in distress at sea are assisted while minimizing the inconvenience for
the assisting ship. They require the Contracting States/Parties to
co-ordinate and co-operate to ensure that masters of ships
providing assistance by embarking persons in distress at sea are
released from their obligations with minimum further deviation
fromthe ship’s intended voyage
; and
arrange disembarkation as soon as reasonably practicable.
They also oblige masters who have embarked persons in distress at
sea, to treat them with humanity,within the capabilities of the ship.
were developed in order to provide guidance to governments and to
shipmasters in implementing these amendments. They contain the
following provisions:
The government responsible for the SAR region in which
survivors were recovered is responsible for providing a place
of safety or ensuring that such a place of safety is provided.

(para. 2.5).
A place of safety is a location where rescue operations are
considered to terminate, and where:
the survivors’ safety or life is no longer threatened;
basic human needs (such as food, shelter and medical needs)
can be met; and transportation arrangements can be made for the survivors’
next or final destination. (para. 6.12)

EffohX 16th Aug 2012 12:34

Part V of Pickering's ramblings about Julia's "lost 6 months" is now on the net.

Larry Pickering

Julia wandered aimlessly around her Abbottsford home. She had been unemployed for almost six months since she was sacked from Slater & Gordon. Her money had run out and her boyfriend, Bruce Wilson, had run off. Those lost six months were to mysteriously disappear from her CV.
If only things could have been different. She now knew she could never practise law again and anyway her Practising Certificate was soon to expire.
Julia had put her neck on the line for that bastard Wilson. He had promised her the world and she got peanuts from their clever scam. He was safe back in Perth with his wife, Francine, and the boys. She was left alone and with nothing.
The truth was Julia had knowingly help set up the infrastructure for Wilson’s money laundering. With the help of another Slater & Gordon Partner, Bernard Murphy, she had drawn up the documents that allowed Wilson to open a fraudulent account through which the extorted funds were to be laundered.

MattGray 16th Aug 2012 13:45

I blame the smacking.

Or rather the conspicuous lack thereof, in the children of the misguided Dr Benjamin Spock years.

How else to explain, the persistent infantile inability to recognize (as posted here before) that actions inevitably have consequences. Like kindy kids forever blaming others, forever disclaiming responsibilty.

The unstoppable international flow of refugees, the fiendish invasion is always someone elses fault.

Like their hero, The Man of Steel, totally in denial and oblivious of their own personal responsibility for the inevitable and predictable consequences of an ill-considered war which was opposed by all right-thinking Australians.

As posted on The Drum

If Afghanistan and Iraq hadn't been invaded and plunged into war (30 years of war in Afghanistan's case) we wouldn't have all the refugees. Anyone who denies that has got their head buried firmly in the sand.

Actions have consequences and our actions have been foolish and inhumane. All the more nauseating that people like Scott and Tony who cheerleadered until they were hoarse for both wars -and continue to do so- then turn around and blame the victims of those wars for daring to escape an intolerable situation.

These people are not on a Club Med package tour that went awry. They are victims of appalling decisions made by people in other countries over which they have no control. They are fleeing war and persecution and should not be treated like criminals. I wonder how well Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison would handle the horror and tragedy of the countries these people are fleeing. Not well at all, I'm guessing but I'm sure they would force their way to the front of the queue and get themselves on a boat out of there too, however much they would deny it if asked the question.

They are hypocrites who will use anyone else's misfortune to score political points and try to get their hands on power and frankly they disgust me.

Me too! :yuk:

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