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Andu 13th Aug 2012 11:12

Customs intercepts asylum seeker boat

A customs vessel has intercepted an asylum seeker boat off the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, the first to arrive since the government promised a tough new line on asylum seekers.
Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare said the Australian Customs Vessel Hervey Bay, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, intercepted the suspected irregular entry vessel north of Cocos (Keeling) Islands at about 1pm (AEST) on Monday.
Initial indications suggest there are 87 people on board.
Mr Clare said the vessel was initially detected by a RAAF maritime patrol aircraft.

bob johns 13th Aug 2012 13:55

bob johns
If we cant defend this country better than this we will lose it ! I have ancestors that arrived with the First Fleet four died in WW1 two in WW2 .This excrecence of an excuse for a government must go! And soon SOONEST!!!

500N 13th Aug 2012 13:58

Nice to see that the RAAF get a mention and that they
initially found the vessel.

The next couple of weeks should be really interesting
in seeing what Abbott and Jules do and the game that
get played.

owen meaney 13th Aug 2012 21:10

Chris Bowen wanted this several months ago, he has always impressed.

Andu 13th Aug 2012 21:50

The media (ABC) are reporting that one of the Committee of Three's recommendations was that family reunions be blocked for people arriving by boat. However, as I heard Angus Houston put it, after said boat arrivee is granted refugee status, he/she gets all the rights, (including family reunion), of any refugee. So all it will achieve is a longer delay.

In my opinion, if I've got it wrong and boat arrivees are blocked for family reunion, all AH and his committee have achieved is yet another money making bonanza for the lawyers, for they'll have a long string of appeals before the courts in a matter of minutes after each "refugee" becomes official, if not sooner.

Meanwhile, Jason Clare has just announced that the guvvimunt holds grave fears for 67 asylum seekers who seem to have gone missing between Java and Christmas Island four weeks ago. (Reported earlier on this thread.) And in the same news, the Coalition seem ready to vote with the government to get the legislation past the Greens. Watch JG try to slip a few stings in the tail of any such legislation, (probably involving Malaysia), and possibly enough to make it unpalatable to the Libs. Business as usual in Canberra.

500N 13th Aug 2012 21:55

I see Joolia mentioned that compromise on the basis of saving lives.

So she is appealing to the Lefties / Greens on the one hand,
however I notice that the Greens don't like that else is in the


500N 14th Aug 2012 12:20

By god Julia is moving fast to get this thing going
and Abbott was crowing about the Gov't back flipping
on it's position.

I wonder if Jules realised just how much of a possible winner
it was for Abbott and needed to negate the effect before the
next election ?

RJM 14th Aug 2012 13:28

See ya, bob.

It's interestring to see the barely contained fury of the ABC at 'their' policy (ie the Greens' open borders/open arms policy) being sidelined. Lateline wheeled in Prof Pat McGorry, a mental health expert with a known position on asylum seekers, whom the interviewer led through a series of questions intended to discredit the latest policy. Naturally no opposing view was presented.

500N 14th Aug 2012 14:15

The public servants must be as dumb as all xxxx because I see
that she has had to enlist Defence to do the initial work.

"Following a meeting with Defence Chief David Hurley, Ms Gillard said the Defence force was preparing to send reconnaissance teams to Nauru and Papua New Guinea on Friday. General Hurley had told her that subject to what the teams found, ''it would then be possible for Defence to facilitate the construction of temporary facilities in both locations''.

Also liked this bit in the paper.
"Embarrassingly, a document obtained by the Seven Network under freedom of information showed that after the 2010 election, General Hurley, then Defence vice-chief, advised against using Defence in the re-establishment of Nauru. In the document, titled ''Incoming Government Brief'', he set out how Defence might approach the task if directed but said: ''Our strong advice is that it is not appropriate to use Defence resources in this role,
given that this will impact on the ADF's capacity to conduct operations, and there is likely to be lower-cost, non-Defence options available to recommission Nauru.''

crippen 14th Aug 2012 14:23

Don't know what you lot are worrying about! To get to the U.K. they just get on the train or a lorry.:E

MagnusP 14th Aug 2012 14:29

And the train is clearly marked "GRAVY".

vulcanised 14th Aug 2012 14:34

Must confess I have little knowledge of Oz politics but I used to enjoy postings from Ms Worrals which were also informative.

She doesn't seem active in here any more though http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...s/confused.gif

dat581 14th Aug 2012 14:50

On a similar note, I'll miss bob's posts, they were always good for a laugh. That last one must have broken the record with the amount of venom spat at the mods!

Charlie Foxtrot India 14th Aug 2012 15:28

It sure did! :ouch:

Clare Prop 14th Aug 2012 15:41

All seems a bit pointless without TPVs, just a kind of face saving exercise for the woman who is "a little bit in love" with Houston, and the smugglers will now be telling them all to pretend they are children to get around the family reunion thing. (Another reason to ditch their documents)

At least if the ADF are doing the rebuilding it hopefully wont turn into another BER (Builders Early Retirement) fiasco and we are paying their wages anyway...but I still don't trust this government not to stuff this up deliberately.

allan907 14th Aug 2012 16:21

Yep. That last one by Bob Johns was a corker. Fortunately I happened upon it before the wrath of the mods descended upon it and I fortuitously made a copy (for historical reasons :E)


From what I've seen so far Tony Abbott is playing an absolute blinder. His measured and accurately targetted comments in the House contrast with the obvious discomfort and pointless spin that Jooliar and the front bench are displaying. Reminds me of a boxer that has just floored his opponent and the ref is counting ...7....8......

All he has to do is to sign up, without any further amendment, to the plan and then re-introduce TPVs in a few short months (might be earlier).

Interesting that comment from Canada/Sussex St has been somewhat muted of late. Perhaps the current situation has negated the "Dr No" diatribes and they've nothing left in the armoury. :E

MTOW 14th Aug 2012 20:56

Interesting that comment from Canada/Sussex St has been somewhat muted of late.
Along with all the other staff at Sussex St, the poor bugger has probably spent the night ringing around the Usual Suspects' "focus groups" trying to come up with a spin that will work, at least on the Truly rusted-on Believers.

I have to agree with the comments above about Gillard and Co. not being able to resist "badmintoning" the Houston plan. Politically, despite whatever they may say now, they can't afford under any circumstances to have Nauru work, so they'll see it fail one way or another. Without TPVs and a clearly-stated policy of "come by boat, no family reunion EVER" (or, even better, "come by boat, a TPV but no permanent residence ever, even for you"), the Houston plan has simply lengthened the process for the queue jumpers, and with the current rate of arrivals, it's quite possible for the people smugglers' to swamp the new facilities within weeks.

Getting housed, fed, treated medically and dentally for free, surfing the WWW and not being asked to work - but getting paid (to them a VERY generous allowance), and knowing, thanks to well-meaning Australian refugee advocates, that you can claim handouts for life, perhaps even HUGE lump sum payouts in compensation for the psychological "damage" this extended holiday is doing to you, it a small price to pay for many wanting the good life in Australia. They'll keep coming while these pull factors are still on the table, even if the door leading to the full benefits is a bit further away.

They'll also know that, as history has clearly shown, the Australian taxpayer-funded Australian legal system will allow each and every one of them three years of appeals against any unfavourable finding regarding their asylum claim, (or any refusal to allow family reunions), and that the majority of such appeals have to date been in favour of the appellant.

500N 14th Aug 2012 21:11


"At least if the ADF are doing the rebuilding it hopefully wont turn into another BER"

But the ADF is not there to provide a building service to the Gov't - or act as a Taxi service like it is (although patrolling the waters is one of it's tasks).

It's like asking the British Services to provide security at the Olympics.

The only reason the ADF is being used is because she can rely on them to take orders and get it done - and she probably hasn't got any money to pay others to do it.

criticalmass 14th Aug 2012 22:04

Personal opinion:-

The flow of illegal immigrants to our Northern shores constitutes an invasion. Instead of repelling the invaders. our defence forces are actively assisting them, at the behest of our federal government. This federal government has deliberately created a problem which it cannot solve.

For its own political purposes, the federal Labor government has compromised our national security, and deliberately and wilfully lost control of our northern borders. It has placed its own self-interest ahead of the interests of the nation as a whole. That is purest treachery.

The strength of a nation lies in the strength of the families that comprise its population, the robustness of its political system and the cultural, religious and linguistic cohesiveness of its population. Under multiculturalism, the Australian population has been almost "Balkanised", purely for political gain.

The invaders arriving on our shores at the moment lack political, cultural and religious compatability. They also lack any real commitment to the future of this nation, and are being sent by on the orders of wizened old Muslim clerics in the Middle East whose long-term plan is power-after-oil. The people-smugglers are simply the tiny wheels grinding away inside a huge machine which is part of a far greater plan.

There is traditionally only one punishment for treachery. It was meted out to Vidkun Quisling in Norway after World War Two, a reward for his betrayal of the Norwegian people. The historical parallel may be tenuous, but nonetheless there is a precedent. All it requires is for a federal government to amend the statutes to re-introduce the death-penalty (retrospectively if necessary) for the crime of treachery against our nation. It has to be done with the full force of law. It can be done if the federal government of the future has the intestinal fortitude.

A large wooden block and an axe. You could buy both at Bunnings Hardware and still have change from a hundred dollars. How hard can it be?

500N 14th Aug 2012 23:46

Got to love the Age article this morning and confirms my thoughts
that Julia wanted to negate the Liberals coming up to the election
even if it meant changing her policy.

The ALP's long struggle with the asylum seeker issue has ended in capitulation. The Coalition has won the argument.

HOW long did it take for the asylum seeker argument to be settled: 11 months or 11 years? For the foreseeable future, how the major parties approach this issue will be contested, at the most, on the margins. The 22 recommendations of the Houston panel, and the Gillard government's swift adoption of them, have brought to an end the contest between Labor and the Coalition parties on asylum seeker policy.

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